Mother effer! Here’s a little clip that showed up on Melky Cabrera’s Instagram page last night, and if you weren’t inclined to believe the reports or the live game footage that’s suggested he’s in much better shape this spring than the broken down, tumour-ridden carcass we saw last season — which… actually isn’t funny: Melky and his family feared for his life when he first heard the diagnosis, as John Lott told us in the National Post last week — maybe you will now.

I mean, the need to throw a medicine ball through a tire from thirty-odd feet comes up only rarely in game situations, but this is still a pretty damn impressive display — and one that 2013 Melky wouldn’t have had a prayer of pulling off, I suspect.

Mother effer!


Crotch grab in the direction of @AnthaV for the link!

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  1. I bet it comes up more than you think…

  2. God I hope tabby doesn’t see this. Otherwise wer’re gonna have hear about how schtrong he is in every damn AB

  3. big deal

  4. I hope the two Joses, Melky, and EE destroy opposing pitching this year. Who knows, maybe they make our pitching situation irrelevant.

    • Especially if 2013 Cletus returns and second half Canadian Jesus returns/continues to improve. If a platoon partner with Lind emerges than they have a really strong one through seven.
      Slug it out early and let the bullpen keep it clean late.

  5. That video would be vastly improved if someone were pointing at a goat.

  6. neato!
    Melky is pretty important this. Seezin.

  7. Pre-season stories of players coming into camp in great shape are so lame – but in Melky’s case its actually the best story given how serious his health concerns got while we all watched him hobble around last year. With all the innuendo about PEDs and the team’s struggles – to watch him come back and hit, move around and impress early on – its fantastic. People forget how much of a coup it was for AA to land the NL MVP last off season. This team has some legit players who have a lot more than we’ve seen from them.

  8. Wow, really impressive!

    And, as someone else said: “Biiig, strooong…!”

  9. I see him having a big year at the plate

  10. Holy shit balls he threw that far. Mother effer!

  11. HOLY SH*T.

    The grey medicine balls, at least at the gym I use are 20lbs. That is insane.

  12. Does anyone think that partnering Cecil and Happ for 3 inn each would be a good idea? I think if they each threw three innings they might combine for a decent era. It’s a little unconventional, but I think it might work out pretty good. We already have a stellar bullpen, I think Cecil could handle being stretched out again.

    • Or how about partnering Cecil and Happ for a 2B?

    • @mark boxhill, you can’t really pair them like that. Being a bullpen pitcher you never know when you are going to be needed. What if Cecil is needed to put out a fire the game before Happ pitches? Who is going to fill in the three innings needed that Happ, as a starter, should be able to do. This is why I have problems with Happ in the rotation and on this team. Averaging 100 pitches per 5 innings is crap.

      • Well, I was under the assumption that the team was going with 8 relievers this year, as they did for part of last season. Maybe if Happ is throwing less innings he can pour more into a shorter outing. Having a combo start, happens in the playoffs, might work out different long-term, but I think that it could be a viable option. Cecil does have a history as a starter, so maybe he could help offset the shittyness that Happ will probably provide.

        • @Boxhill, they will never do that and it is a waste of a roster spot. Don’t forget playoffs are short series, a sprint race. Regular season is 162 games, a marathon.

    • Why would they do that? Nobody does it. That would kinda waste a roster spot.The Jays bp was strong in 2013 because Cecil was in it.

  13. maybe it was really a beach ball

  14. Whatever, let’s see if he can point at a donkey from 30 feet.

  15. Sober up soul sister!

  16. do yourself a favour and get drunk

  17. Sir Melklington will have a monster year.

    I fully expect him to be the bottom layer of a Cabrera batting title sandwich.

    Miggy Cabrera .345
    Michael Trout .330
    Melky Cabrera .320

  18. I’m going to guess you have never watched a spring training game in person.

  19. You must not know much about bases or balls.

  20. Well after such a shitty season and now that everyone says they all suck, maybe we’ve stirred up some healthy anger and desire to prove themselves (all of them or most of them).


    • As much as Happ is a fairly low quality option, I’d still much rather have him than not. If he goes down the depth takes a pretty big hit.

      A couple other things of interest from that article:
      - the Jays aren’t budging on their valuations of free agents (read: Santana and Drew) but would happily reopen discussions if they cave
      - a team recently called to gauge interest on a player who is not going to make their big league team. that could be Nick Franklin you would think. The Mariners are probably making the rounds with every team that looks like it might need a 2B or SS (Jays, Yanks, O’s, Rays, Mets of the top of my head).

  21. I’m far from qualified to comment on it, but I found this to be an interesting read:
    It deals with possible flaws on how the organization is teaching pitching.
    Anybody know enough about this to offer an opinion?

  22. Is the game off?

    • Last I heard ( from twitter), the players have made the trip but most of Florida has been under a tornado watch.

  23. Do you think medicine balls are really filled with medicine?

  24. Negativity reigns supreme in the clear and sober. Get foggy man…

  25. Santana and drew would sure solidify this team!!! Exactly what the teams needs and both must be heavily discounted, sign both on one year deals for about 20m total and take a run at the playoffs

  26. Contract year, let’s hope he mashes the crap out of each pitch this year.

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