Rain Threat: Jays @ Pirates


The Jays and the Pirates spent much of the morning bizarrely going through all the motions like they actually were going to play baseball today, but… uh… everyone at the park seemed to have other ideas — especially Mother Nature (see what I did there?). Florida weather can change quickly, but based on the damn six hour rain delay I sat through at the Daytona 500 the other week, that’s not always exactly the case, and as of 12:15 PM the game has indeed been cancelled.

Suffice it to say, the players are about as happy about the whole pointless dog and pony show as the media:

Now starts have been moved back — Scott MacArthur tweets that Mark Buehrle goes tomorrow, Drew Hutchison is on Saturday, and R.A. Dickey will go Sunday — and other schedule juggling has commenced, with Mike Wilner tweeting that Marcus Stroman and Ricky Romero, both scheduled for today, will go tomorrow (and Stroman will have to be mighty fine if he wants to keep up with Aaron Sanchez in the competition between the two that exists only in my head, following the two stellar innings the club’s 1A prospect put in yesterday).

The inability to play baseball during a downpour mit tornado warning should have been obvious to anyone, yet there were lineups posted, and all the standard pre-game stuff was happening. I decided early on that writing them out, and figuring out which side of the plate the various Pirates scrubs I’m only barely aware of the existence of hit from — because all those lineups you see here are manually made, hand-crafted, artisanal lineups — just seems like a wasted effort, and fortunately I was right. Well, “fortunately” except for the part where we don’t have a baseball game to watch (or listen to– whatever the case was going to be).

Still, though, I thought, I can put this space to good use… with some shameless self promotion! I mean, you need something to watch now that the game’s off, right?

Well, maybe you caught it on Twitter the other day, but some extremely talented and creative people had a brief mental lapse and asked me to be a part of a web series they’re producing — I’m even slated to act in it, apparently (which will no doubt will be a quiet triumph). Lofty goals here, but think The League meets It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, meets Toronto sports — as you can see in the demo below, which Pat Smith and the guys at 83 Pictures put together as a part of a package to secure funding to get this passion project of theirs made. I’m not entirely convinced Pat isn’t just doing this in an attempt to meet Robbie Alomar (by getting him to guest star and writing him into an episode getting cock blocked at Opera Bob’s by the character Pat plays), which… actually seems reason enough to do anything, if you ask me.

Anyway, it’s going to be really Toronto sports-centric, and specifically the downtown-centred subculture many of the readers of this blog likely feel a part of (not to mention rather Jays-focussed, as well), so it just might find itself in a lot of your wheelhouses and we hope you like it as much as we do.

We also hope to make a whole bunch more — full episodes, even! — and you can help us with that by showing there’s an audience and following @SportsBarHeroes on Twitter, and from there we’ll keep you updated on how the project is going.

So… for your between raindrops [note: ugh] viewing pleasure, have at it:


Image via @ScottMacArthur.

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  1. What. The. Fuck.

  2. Hahaha I love the creepy whispering at the end.

  3. Yeah sure, why the fuck not. Good casting despite having your name attached to it.

    • That’s how I feel about it!

      • I’ve watched it more than a few times and I still don’t get the connection to Stoeten and DJF,except the maniacal thing at the end ( RBI’s?).
        Nothing wrong with the conection It’s just that I’m afraid that my advanced years probably missed something here and I’m curious.
        A lot of this subtle stuff goes over my head,so I apologize in advance.

        • It’s a demo. It’s teasing the character I play, which is going to be a fictionalized version of myself. Or the version many probably think is real: weirdo blogger/asshole. I think.

          • Type casted again?
            As the song goes “all I gotta do is act naturally”.
            Was wondering if it was a generational thing I was missing, sorta like The Simpson’s.

  4. Seems like a quality production. I’ll watch again.

  5. Patrick McKenna! Please tell me you guys will get Mr. Red Green himself as well!

  6. Lmao stoeten is that you rambling like a madman at the end about rbi’s and home runs.

    • Obviously an actor as we know how you feel about those stats

    • I wasn’t around for the demo, so that’s not actually me, but that’s the character I’ll play. And I use the term loosely. I have no idea what to expect out of my own attempts at acting, though these guys are obviously pro and will know how to get the best out of it, I’m very sure.

  7. Bonus points for the WAMCO shirt.

    • Nevermind the biscuit theme (btw my dad called it that), that was REALLY well done. Nothing amateur about that at all.

      So when do you guys go full on Hollywood with the limos and publicists?

  8. Whom do I have to kill to get one of those WAMCO shirts?

  9. I will definitely watch ….hope it goes well.

  10. I bet that won’t happen.

  11. Please don’t respond to Sober Jays Fan, folks. Just gives me more comments to delete.

  12. 1. Aledmys Diaz was supposed to sign 2 weeks ago. Been very quiet since.

    I realize he “probably” isn’t the answer at second, but very odd that he was in such a rush to sign and now it is all quiet.

    2. Happ’s next start is unknown.

    • A few teams put him through the motions and were none too impressed. Bat isn’t what they thought it was and defence is average. I was keen on him too but there’s a reason he hasn’t signed, he’s just not that good.

  13. ‘competition between the two that exists only in my head’

    Love it. It’s in my head as well.

  14. Here’s our righty platoon partner for Adam Lind! *nyuk nyuk*


  15. Interesting confirmation that Argos will move to bmo, potentially as early as 2016.

    On wakingthered.

    Maybe the techies can hurry the fuck up on that irrigation shit.

  16. 1:46 – my backyard makes a cameo.

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