Rather than spend a few extra seconds working on today’s game threat, shamelessly self-promoting @SportsBarHeroes, venting about Ervin Santana, or… I dunno… walking to get a burrito maybe? I’m going to mail in a post and share this delightful little slice of nostalgic awesome with you all, because… holy lord this is all so the best.

I mean… if this isn’t the new line of Blue Jays hats, shirts, jackets, jeans, and moustaches within six months, then you know something with this organization is especially fucked. Because… I mean… obviously.


Crotch grab in the direction of @ToddRadom for the pic!

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  1. Yes.
    Yes to all of it.

  2. I wanna take that visor for 9 holes right now

  3. Creepiest dad I’ve seen since Bruce Jenner did plastic.


    Never trust a man who wears a sun visor.

    • holy fuckin pedophiles batman!!! that uncle creepy there is just screamin’ “i love me some bald wieners”. hes is probably wearin’ them daisy dukes shorts to boot! uncle fuckin creepy……where did me and your mother goes wrong?!

  4. Gilligan finally found his way off the Island but got stranded in Exhibition Stadium with Mr Filthy McMustache.

  5. On the left, Sean Penn somehow smoked his way off the set of Fast Times At Ridgemont High and right into a Rick Leach at bat on farrrrr right field at Exhibition.

  6. Does Dave Steib know that someone stole his moustache?

  7. All hail the original Blue Jays logo and original font!! I also love the 70′s-style slim fit here too.

    • I agree. The old logo is far superior than the current design. Hope they go back one day.

  8. a fine family indeed

  9. The kid on the left is Dustin Parkes.

  10. Those are some high quality zippers. They just don’t make them like that anymore.

  11. I’d rock one of those bucket hats in a heartbeat.
    Wear it to Dominion to pick up some cheap outfield bleacher seats.

  12. Hey HJ biridie: fuck off

  13. Where’s the djf podcast stoeten?

  14. That’s Rod Black right?

  15. I would pay an embarrassing amount of money for that bucket hat

  16. Did you create a entirely new email address just to comment on this blog and get a rise out of bashing the team?

  17. Buehrle looked good in the 1st

  18. Nice throw by gose for the out. Today would be a good day to start hitting.

  19. People, don’t reply to troll shitstains, please. It just makes for more comments I have to delete. And especially don’t commend them like an idiot, Paolo.

    • Stoeten.
      Any idea if that’s the same paolo from years ago?
      The one who used to call Cito during games?
      Not neccessry to respond if you don’t want to,just curious.

    • But I kind of love having a front row seat to someone in need of a spittle bib and a mirror. When banning, please consider curating the dumb from the exceptionally dumb.

      • I will take this into consideration. But it’s just too tempting to think about these poor sad fuckers with steam coming out of their ears when their comments don’t get through. Poor babies.

  20. I think that was the hardest I’ve seen Melky hit the ball as a member of the Jays.

  21. I may end up regretting this statement, but I think Goins may be able to hit .250 this year and provide PLUS-PLUS defense, which aint that bad dudes.


    • IF… (if if if) he put up 250/310/??? and provided elite defense, then I would be satisfied individual.
      I just don’t think it’s gonna happen.

    • And that defence will bring him up to about replacement level. Stephen Drew could be like three wins over.

  22. Bye bye Birdie

  23. Kittenface needs to shave Garfield off of his chin.

  24. holy fuck where can I get that Blue Jays bucket hat?

  25. Hi, yeah this article is truly pleasant and I have learned lot of things from it on the topic of blogging. thanks.

  26. I would sell my soul for that 3/4 sleeve T.

    Flanders, are you there? I’m waiting.

  27. Re: Ryan Goins. Ozzie Smith was a defensive genius with no bat; Ryan Goins has a rep of being better than average defensively but also has no bat. The Wizard is probably the best of this type of player that MLB has ever seen. A simple linear comparison is fair to neither player but it’s not irresponsible.

    Whitey Herzog HAD TO HAVE Ozzie, and he gave up a pretty good SS to get him (Garry Templeton; 18.7 bWAR in 6 years with STL). When the deal was made, the Wizard was a .231/.295/.278 hitter in a poor hitter’s park with an elite+ glove (10 bWAR in 4 years with SD). The Cards went to and won the WS in his first year in STL. The Cards were a very good offensive team who made the plsyoffs regularly after the trade. Ozzie was a marginal offensive contributor: he had a slew of high(er) WAR seasons, based largely on his fielding and base running.

    It’s difficult to justify or rationalize putting Goins at 2B on a contender, especially when there are alternatives (Drew, Stephen). Goins makes all the plays he should (thanks Blue Jays Plus), and some he shouldn’t. His offense sucks, but he’s improved every time he’s advanced to the next level to this point in his career.

    Anyways, it wouldn’t be the first time a contender used a middle infielder who was sub-par offensively. The Jays used Manuel Lee and Dick Schofield when they were successful. If it works out like the Wizard, great. If he’s more like Lee or Schofield, then make a deal.

    I want to see how it plays out. If Goins is as bad as most think he will be, I’ll be disappointed but I’ll also give AA props for giving it a try.

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