OK, Blue Jays. Let’s play ball with Ervin Santana already, for fuck sakes. Here’s the latest from Kenny Ken Ken:


Buster Olney wrote about Santana’s predicament earlier today at (Insider Olney), suggesting that it was the medicals on him that were really scaring teams off, but on a one year deal? That surely mitigates the concern.

Still, it doesn’t sound great:

Whatever is in Santana’s medical history about his right elbow ligament scares the heck out of teams. The fact that Santana is tied to draft-pick compensation has hurt him, but the bigger problem for him — and the reason why the $100 million-plus request on his behalf had absolutely no chance of happening — is that teams are scared of his elbow blowing out soon. Some team evaluators have said there’s no way they’d invest significant money in a player who appears to be that close to a major blowout.

Those fears are exacerbated by the fact that Santana threw highest percentage of sliders in 2013 of any pitcher in the majors, a pitch that is notoriously tough on elbows.

I’d absolutely take him, though. Obviously. There’s no such thing as a bad one year deal, and knocking a bunch of guys one spot down the Jays’ rotational pecking order — even if it was only for however long he stays health, assuming his arm really is some kind of ticking time bomb — would be slightly fantastic, and… well, we all know the reasons why it would be dumb as shit for the Jays to let this opportunity pass them by — especially if Santana goes to Baltimore.

There could be other teams that jump in at this price, though Max Wildstein of Outside Pitch tweets that it is indeed between just the Jays and Orioles, apparently.

Ugh. I don’t want to even think about him going to damn Baltimore– and neither should Rogers or the Jays’ front office. Just fucking sign him already!

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  1. I was just going to tweet I smell a djf post lol this has gotta be a deal the jays can get done


  3. How many more teams would be interested if it all it takes is a one yr deal though?

    • Should be many. Many are set in the rotation, and in the budget department, though, too.

      • I worry about the budget for the Jays though…..

        • Still be cheaper to the club overall compared to trading prospects in desperation later on in the season if they need help but you never know with Rogers.

          • Didn’t KC just lose Hochevar to TJ? I would think they’d be interested, no? Not to mention there’s no comp attached for them.

            • Hochevar was just one of several guys contending for a rotation spot for KC, and most figured he’d end up back in the bullpen. That said, the Royals make sense.

              • Ok I should check MLBTR 1st obviously…Here’s the latest:

                6:46pm: The Royals are “moving forward” without Santana even if he is available on a one-year pact, GM Dayton Moore tells Andy McCullough of the Kansas City Star (via Twitter). “The candidates for our rotation are in-house,” said Moore.

                • Yep the Royals have 2 or 3 fireballers that should be ready for the rotation by May or so, plus they are pretty tapped out financially from what I’ve heard.

    • Sounds like it’s just down to Jays and Orioles. That said, with all of AA’s take of value and having to overpay guys like Navarro i’m not counting on the Jays to outbid anyone. I would love for them to get him but I’m not holding my breath.

      Also before anyone starts spouting off about him being a flyball pitcher go read the article about Flyball Pitchers at FanGraphs first so you can see just how “horrible” it actually is for flyball pitchers over the course of a season.

      • With Harrison and Holland both hurt,
        don’t be surprised if the Rangers get interested.
        They’d be attractive to Santana: obvious contender
        with a good hitting lineup albeit in a hitters’ park.

  4. If the Jays at one point were ready to pick up Johnson’s option which I believe was 8 million, and he signs with the O’s for something like that, I’ll be pissed.

  5. No excuse now

    • Yup. I understand not wanting to give a long term commitment to Santana but one year? Sign the guy.

  6. “Santana wants to sign with a strong offensive club.”

    Someone knows he’s going to give up a lot of runs and will need wins to inflate his price next offseason.

    • Doesn’t fill me with confidence.

      • Ya, because everyone knows general managers only look at wins when deciding on a pitchers value. If I had to infer, I’d assume he would like to win and go to a good team, possibly winning a championship. That’s s my guess anyway

  7. There would be NO excuse if he signs a one year elsewhere. At least spend the $14M you had ear marked for Johnson. There’s no bad one year deals

  8. fingers crossed

  9. If the jays don’t sign this guy I’m gonna flip out and watch anyways lol

    • i should have read the whole article first. if his elbow is hanging on by a thread, i’d rather not have a plan that counts on him staying healthy.

      • If his arm falls off, so be it. If it doesn’t, gravy. It’s a 1 year contract, and Jays need SP badly.

      • There is insurance to cover the downside especially if he is out for a significant portion of the season. I posted an article about the Cardinals CEO talking about it a while back. Insurance on the one year deal makes even more sense because your long-term risk is nothing if his elbow explodes.

        • ok i’m sold. thanks guy. SIGN HIM

          hes dominican too, and I think he’s cool with Edwin and Melky

          we can not have too many dominicans. just like in the glory years.

        • Doubtful that they could get insurance to cover a pre-existing condition.

          • Obamacare baby! Besides, you can get insured for anything if the premium is right these days.

            • Yes and no. No such thing as a pre-existing condition anymore. But that’s a little different than having to pay Santana if his elbow goes…

    • lol

    • sadly.. so will i

  10. Sign him up, with a team/player option. it’s only money and we need the pitching.

    • If he’ll take a one year deal, the Jays should just do that… No need to get greedy by also seeking an option

  11. Whatever value AA had put on Santana should be out the fucking window now. Its a 1 year deal. Short of his arm falling off on his 1st pitch of his 1st outing, you can’t really lose on a 1 year deal. Shit, he might even be decent! GASP! Can you imagine? Plus on a 1 year deal, he’ll be wanting to showcase himself for a contract next year, even if not with the Jays.

  12. I echo everyone.

    LITERALLY no excuse here guys, unless someone’s giving him 20 million.

    If Baltimore adds Jiminez and Santana, when the Jays are the ones with the protected picks, I’ll barf.

  13. Fuck it. There’s no bad one year deals. Give him 1 year/$75 million and get it done.

  14. Without having seen the medical reports on Santana (and not having any medical expertise even if I did) we might quickly have an idea how much truth there was to AA’s statements about value. If Santana gets locked up by another team for something in the $10-15 million / year range, it would suggest to me that value isn’t the issue and the dollars just aren’t there for Alex to spend.

  15. For fuck sakes….I was taking a nap on the off season and then this….Stoeten , please declare this the most fucked up off season ever and hand out the awards.

  16. Do it AA!

  17. So if the Jays lose their 2nd round pick does Drew become more affordable to the Jays?

  18. Baby Jesus would do a one year deal @ 16 so why can’t they. Let us pray.

  19. I doubt the Jays do anything. Ervin will likely sign with an NL team, maybe Pittsburgh.

    • of course you’re right, this is just the 3-4 hours where we get to pretend there’s a chance.

  20. The hills are alive with the sound of…….

  21. Unfortunately, Santana will be a Mariner or Yankee by the end of the weekend. Book it.

    • Doubt the Yankees will spend anymore on their rotation, and it is pretty full with Kuroda, Tanaka, CC, Nova and then Phelps/Pineda.

  22. Huh and if he does well then we can QO him and get a better pick than we lose.

  23. Hopefully the Dominican prescense helps persuade him to Toronto!

  24. I find it strange how we are treating him like David fucking Price though. Shit I feel the same way but every now and again I give my head a shake and think. Naaaa just kidding sign the fucker!

    • Well …. Santana would essentially be replacing the *second* best of Happ/Drabek/Stroman/Redmond/Hutchinson. And if someone else gets injured (Hi, Morrow) he’d be replacing the third best of those guys.

      Even though Santana isn’t great, it could totally be a significant upgrade. If he gives 200IP and a 4 ERA or so, could make a huge difference to the team.

  25. would a player want to sign just so he can have surgery? and the team knows he needs a new elbow so they say forget it?

  26. Gig-iddy, gig-iddy!

  27. Forget Ervin, Check this tweet out:

    #BlueJays sign RHP Radhames Liz to minor league deal. He led Korean majors with 188 strikeouts last year, according to @MyKBO

    • Bottom feeding, praying for a winning lottery ticket.

      Never change, AA

      • Whats wrong with that signing? He’s getting paid minor league money – there is no downside. This is the kind of shit we want AA to be doing.

        • Nothings “wrong” with it per se if AA were ALSO signing pieces that help the team. But when his ONLY signings are these kind if shot in the dark, lightning in a bottle moves that are done to compensate for never signing ANYINE at other then rock bottom prices, it becomes a problem.

          Not saying it has to be Santana or it had to be Ubaldo, but it should have been SOMEone in the last 5 years. I get that you can’t buy a championship. But I can’t think of any teams who didn’t sign at least a FEW high end free agents. Not even the best development teams out there can survive solely on home grown talent.

          Seeking value is a good trait in a GM, but being literally obsessed with it to the point where you simply cannot sign anyone at above market (or even market) prices is definitely not. You need to pick and choose when to overpay to get the right guy, but it has to be done. A team like Toronto can’t build a winner by only waiting for guys to come crawling back to accept TO’s low ball offer.

          AA’s free agent phobia is becoming an anchor on this franchise

      • Your comment makes no sense. Its a minor league deal.

    • Hopefully he learned to pitch over there since he last appeared in the majors. Career ERA of 6.75. Though I admit he struck a ton of guys out in the minors.

    • Well the cost of the signing this guy is nowhere near the same ballpark as the cost of signing Ervin.

  28. I don’t know if the Orioles are going to beat us to the punch, but I think the ideal is to wait until opening day, and then sign Santana. It’s fraught with risk, as someone else might sign Ervin before opening day, and because of that I’m not going to advocate for this position; but I’m sure we’d all like to keep both our draft picks and sign him.

    • If you sign him after opening day, the Jays still forfeit their picks. They would have to wait until after the draft to avoid forfeiting a pick for him, which seems unlikely.

      Signing after opening day benefits Ervin, not the Jays, because next off-season he could not be offered a QO.

      • But he will get paid less this year if signing after opening day because of that so it doesnt benefit him to sign after opening day necessarily

    • Fuck that! Know when to play’em ….save face. They can get the fucking short term value deal now! With Happ hurting and they don’t pull this off, I will call bullshit on everything said all off season and I ain’t the only one. You have 24 hours Mr. Bond. Make it look real. Last call for off sales and all that shit….first guy that says ‘But Romero looked pretty damn good today’ gets it !

  29. If the Jays were to sign Ervin (or Drew) on a one year deal, and they put together another strong season, and therefore be deemed more proven commodities, they would likely reject a QO. Therefore, the Jays would get a compensation pick for them next off-season. Since both first rounders are protected, the Jays would be upgrading their picks, from a 2nd rounder to a compensation pick.

    • Yep that’s a good way to look at it. Also they can just turn around and spend the cost of the 2nd round pick that they can’t spend in the international draft and pay a lesser tax.

    • I wouldn’t coubt on things working out this way.

      Not a chance either of theses guys rejects another QO (likely in excess of $15 million) unless they have had one king hell of a year.

  30. Get it done!!!

  31. Hopefully drew will accept a one year deal soon. Money better spent than on Santana, I think. 1 year with incentives and a mutual option? Nice to dream.


    Interesting dilemma. One is clearer better by Baseball Reference numbers and one is clearly better by FanGraphs over the last 3 years.

    The problem with Porcello is that he would likely cost a pretty penny in prospects of some kind and still only be a couple million cheaper than Santana in 2014. Furthermore, he’s a free agent next year so you’re just burning prospects and cash when you could just pay cash for Santana. If you go by 2013′s numbers on the chart I linked then Santana is equal to Porcello by FanGraphs numbers and much better in Baseball Reference’s numbers.

  33. If his medicals are bad there is no point in signing him. I don’t want a guy on a one year deal trying to pitch through an injury. We saw Josh Johnson last year, it was strikingly obvious that it did not help the team win, so why do it again?

    • Half the players in MLB are playing through injuries and he just had a bunch of time off.

      Unless his arm has gotten significantly worse over the winter (unlikely) I don’t see why you would expect him to fall apart now.

  34. Can you negotiate a “no QO” agreement into a contract? Or is that against the CBA?

    I seem to remember Beltran having something like this but his contract was likely signed under the old CBA.

    • Against from what I understand.

      Teams like the Padres have already told guys like Chase Headley that they plan on extending a QO to him in the hopes that it might “persuade” him into signing an extension lol.


    There is the article about flyball pitchers I mentioned earlier on. It’s worth a read and really illustrates just how “badly” flyball pitchers are actually hurt in flyball parks.

    Here’s the money quote:

    “Let’s take a hypothetical fly-ball pitcher. Over a full season, he allows 300 fly balls (2010 Ervin Santana yielded 292). Split that in half to cover the fly balls he allows at home. So, 150. In a neutral park, maybe 10% of those leave, so, 15. In a more extreme park, maybe 12-13% of those leave, so, 19. That’s a difference of four dingers, or about seven runs or so. Then you apply a park adjustment, because everyone would allow more dingers in the park, and the difference is reduced into a fraction of the whole. It’s easy to say no fly-ball pitcher belongs in a homer-happy park. But, the last five years, Blue Jays pitchers have allowed a dinger at home once per 8.1 fly balls. A’s pitchers have allowed a dinger at home once per 12.5 fly balls. These represent the AL extremes. Most fly balls wouldn’t be homers anywhere. Many homers would be homers everywhere. It’s a fraction of all fly balls that depend on a ballpark, and then after you apply regular park adjustments, it just doesn’t make sense that a guy would thrive in one place, and get annihilated in another. That’s an exaggeration. By far the biggest driver of success is the actual quality of the pitcher himself. Park environment makes a smaller contribution.”

  36. If baltimore gets both ubaldo and santana then AA is a laughing stock and needs to ridden out of town on a mule.

    • Or it’s Rogers saying sorry AA, Dead Ted’s Wallet is off limits for the rest of the season.

    • Or AA called it right and they’re dogshit. We’ll find out when the season starts.

      • But that’s NOT what both AA and beeston have said.

        Beeston has always said money is available when they ask for it.

        AA has said they continue to have dialogue and will sign if he gets his price.

        That’s not rogers cutting off the purse strings.

        Given what’s happening to morrow, happ, and stroman so far, if AA loses out on a 1 year deal on santana then this season is going to be a long cruel joke.

        • Such garbage. Especially the part where you’re supposedly stunned that a pro sports executive might not be entirely truthful.

        • Have you ever gone to a store where a sale is on and bought an ugly sweater just because it was on sale? Santana is that ugly sweater. Chill the fuck out and let the games begin.

          • Thing with that anaoogy is the jays only have 3 nicer sweaters in the closet two are old one has consistently torn and needed to be stiched up, the others are uglier or at least you figure that they likely are given your imperfect evaluation of fashion sense, jays are on a budget and the nicer sweaters are all sold out, and you have to wear five different sweaters to work each week and your sweater quality is a major factor in workplace success. What do u do? you buy the sweater and tell the stupid unemployed fucker insulting your sweater to fuck off, go to work in your new ugly sweater get a raise and buy a trophy wife.

            • I don’t wear sweaters.

            • What’s the matter with the clothes I’m wearing? Can’t you tell that your tie’s too wide? Maybe I should buy some old tab collars? Welcome back to the age of jive.

              It’s still rock and roll to me. Play ball.

    • I love posts like this.. Old skool.

      Personally I’m fully on board for the coming AA rebuild. FULLY ON BOARDDDD!!!!

  37. It’s long been obvious that the purse strings are closed this off season. It’s just not gonna happen.

    Although I’m sure that that Rogers/Beeston/AA don’t like this news out there. It would look better on them if all these players were super expensive, rather than eminently affordable.

    • Dumb as fuck.

      No, it is not obvious at all.

      • How is it not obvious at all? Not looking to be called a moron if possible but at this point we do not know what the money situation is.

        • which is at least one of the reasons why it is not obvious.

        • No, the money situation is…there’s no money to spend right now. There were many players in free agency that could have helped this team, that weren’t that expensive, and we had a protected first rounder. And we went into the off season with AA saying he’d like to do this, he’d like to do that (especially fix the rotation).

          And by all accounts we didn’t even really try for anyone. Outside of Navarro the Jays basically sat this off season out.

  38. GET that JAYS !!! GETTT THAT!!!!!!

  39. if he does sign elsewhere in the 10-15 million range then it could just be he preferred that destination more all things being equal and not some diabolical scheme that Rogers have closed the vault doors after 5 billion going to the NHL or some other nonsensical theory.

  40. That is interesting that if signed after opening day they are exempt from getting qo next offseason. Teams will pay more before opening day because they may recoup draft pick with qo for 2015. Likely why santana is so keen to sign begore opening day and maybe his agent was pushing to wait till june for multiyear deal once teams have to give up pick to sign him. Then you throw in the elbow about to blow theory and youve got a lot of factors in play there to consider from the player side

    • Once teams dont have to give up pick to sign him in june

    • Not saying there isn’t some valid concerns about his elbow but I wonder if the concern wasn’t more to do with his asking price/term and the combination of a draft pick first and foremost. I mean people are talking like it’s hanging by a thread. Even if the Jays were to get a solid half season out of him then the savings compared to spending prospects in July would be greater with the additional flexibility of having those wins upfront and in the bag.

  41. I still think we should stand pat on Ervin and instead spend the money on bats.
    Drew, Kendrys…… You’ll need to wear hardhats in the bleachers.
    There’s no defense like a good offense.

    • I agree. … but if that was the move, would it not have happened yet?

      • Probably.
        Just think though, for the price of a 2nd and 3rd round pick you could have arguably the most potent offense in baseball. They could pitch Todd Stottlemyre and still win 12-10.

        • At that point you might as well get drew, morales and santana.

          I’ve been saying it all along, a pitcher helps, but they are more than a Santana or Garza away from being an elite team.

          but if all these players are going to take 1 year deals, the risk is minimal, and if it doesn’t work you can just flip them for 2nd/3rd round equivalent prospects.

  42. Fuck.Stop toying with me. I’ve already prepared myself for the bottom falling out.

  43. I’ve never been a big fan of Santana – nor did I ever understand the hype around him as a free agent pitcher. When he was good, he was pretty good – but when he was bad, he was awful. Not sure if those statistics warrant something like a 3/40 contract – but that seems to be what the going market is for a guy like him. Lightning in a bottle maybe? He’d certainly be motivated, with a one year deal…perhaps with an option. He’d fit into a 4 or 5 spot nicely, and take some of the “Oh, shit – here we go again” roulette wheel that has been the Jays’ bugaboo for the past two seasons at the tail end of their rotation.
    In other news, it was really nice to see Rickey have a decent two innings today. His control looked OK, and his arm looks outstanding. In a perfect world, he’d be in starting in Buffalo and working on his consistency….and be an option to call up when the inevitable injury hits.

  44. I’m a bit leery of the O’s signing Santana if his elbow is bad. They already rejected Grant Balfour who’s last doctors gave him perfect bill of health. It also looks like the Royals don’t want a thing to do with him either.
    If I were the Jays, I’d lo-ball the guy or pass. If he’s looking for anything over $10 MM. I ‘d say no. I mean, the guy could throw 3 pitches in ST and go down. They’ve had their fill of that in the last few years.

    • ” the guy could throw 3 pitches in ST and go down”,. Take a look at the Jays starters real hard and tell me you couldn’t put an ‘insert name here’ dealy on that statement. But yeah I get what you are saying. If there ever was a year to throw caution to the wind, wouldn’t this be that year?

      • Yeah I get that too. About the ONLY thing they have any control over is how much. I mean last year they paid JJ 13 million dollars for dick all. And I think the word on this guy is he’s damaged goods. So, make a deal. Make sure he passes the medical, and cross your fingers.

        • Forgive my ignorance on the matter, but do you only get to peek at a players medicals if you make an offer, conditional to a physical, they accept, then you get to look at them?

          • Good question.

            …and I’ve got nothing.

          • you have a doctor that usually represents your agency that will disclose your medicals. these are sent to teams at their request, so they atleast can look to pursue a contract.

            Then once a deal is reached, the teams doctors can take a look before the contract is made official

  45. AA: “How about a half year deal?”

  46. I know the saying is that there’s no such thing as a bad one year deal, but if the medicals are coming back and it looks like Santan’s arm is about to fall off at any moment, then what’s the point of spending the money?

    • There isn’t one.. Love thinking about all those juicy savings.

      You get that your ticket costs the same amount of money even if Santana shows up to camp and stipulates that he will only pitch with an oven-mitt on his throwing hand right? It’s a one year deal. Who gives a rip.

      • Sign me on a one year deal! Ill play for free to boot my only demand is that there to be a beer fund in the parking lot after the game. Ill even draw up the contract

    • give him a base plus innings pitched incentives if the medicals are that concerning.

  47. Have a funny feeling a team like the mets or cubs might sign him thinking they will trade him mid season for a better return than the 2nd rounder and santana would want that since he could seek longer term deal without draft pick loss to signing team next offseason

    • realistically on a 1 year deal, all rebuilding teams should now be interested. Even the twins or padres could sign him to protect some young arms and flip him at the deadline

  48. Its funny because i’ve made every excuse in the book as to not sign a pitcher.

    2 of happ, hutchinson, romero,rogers, redmond will be fine…
    Santana on a 5 year deal is absurd
    Santana on a 4 year deal is absurd
    Santana on a 3 year is okay, but they’ll be fine.
    Santana will give up a lot of homers in RC

    end of the day, if this is true, there is literally no good reason or excuse to not add Santana. I’m out of excuses, there is literally no good reason to not add talent to this team. How the fuck do you add 30 + mil in payroll, give up your best prospects, and a year later not continue on that path?

    this has been so fuckin frustrating. Our offense is going to be amazing, fucking capitalize on it you bunch of assholes.

  49. Now, when I say “Hello, Mr. Thompson” and press down on your foot you smile and nod.

  50. One more completely retarded drunken post before I hit the sack.

    Barring an insane offer from some other team, how the fuck can Alex expect to remain credible whatsoever if he doesn’t go through with this? How did he see the offseason market developing to a point where any pitcher sunk lower to this? Did he expect Garza and Ubaldo to enter into a Bum fights style deathmatch for a league minimum contract outside of the Florida Auto Exchange Stadium? He’s already thrown Happ’s starting position into question this week.

    I don’t give a fuck about “questionable” medicals. Resorting to Wang two years in a row and winning 70-ish games belies a “questionable” approach to constructing an MLB rotation, let alone a supposed contending one.

    I get it, the guy likes a deal, but did anyone else find his admission that he felt like he overpaid Navarro before he even took a hack for the team just needlessly carping about something that no one on earth was questioning him on? Was there a single credible source pointing to that being one of the worst moves of the off-season or a huge overpay?

    I don’t like Santana. You don’t like Santana, Major League Baseball apparently doesn’t really like Santana, but if it’s August, the Jays didn’t sign him and we’re shuffling through a Redmond/Romero/Ohka, waiver castoff from some bottom-feeder rotation due to lack of planning -for the third straight fucking year- AA should be shit-canned instantly.

    Just my dumbass opinion.

    • Hard to disagree with any point you made.

      What better value could you look for?

      Shit happens, we’re gonna need pitchers

      The Navarro thing was fuckin weird

      And, I really don’t want to see anymore Wang/Laffey/(insert shitty pitcher here) this upcoming season.

    • Wow. Beautifully written words. I agree

    • “I don’t like Santana. You don’t like Santana, Major League Baseball apparently doesn’t really like Santana, …”

      sheer brilliance Antho.

      as an aside can someone please add “retard” to the commenting policy and dissuade its use? c’mon people, thats a seriously offensive term to many, whether you realise it or not. It pops up here far too often

    • I don’t see how anyone can disagree.

    • Not “dumbassed” at all

  51. A good friend of mine got a phone call and recorded it.
    It’s blowing up…..

    Shit get’s real at 6:10.

    • Not bad,the guy did an excellent job.
      I must admit,I do this all the time.
      The standard duct cleaning,I put on an accent and tell them I got geese,no ducks. Got goose shit all over the place , can they come by and clean it.
      Absolute best was the guy trying to give me a better rate on natural gas.I started crying when it wasn’t available to me.Guy spent 15 minutes trying to talk me off the ledge.I said I couldn’t take it anymore,paying more than the average citizen.
      I’m sure I put the guy into therapy.

  52. I’m obviously hoping we sign Santana, BUT I’m wondering on a pillow contract why would he sign with a team in the AL east? Why would he want to pitch a bunch of games at the RC , Fenway and Yankee stadium?

    • This is my line of thinking as well. Hard to see him coming to Toronto on a one-year deal. Gotta be Seattle, right?

      • I’m also skeptical of Santana wanting a pillow K in the AL East. Seattle makes a lot of sense. That said if he is willing to pitch here, and he signs ANYWHERE for around $15M or (likely) less, heads need to roll.

        I don’t believe anything Beeston or AA say at this point. Would love to know the backstory to why there’s been no upgrades to the rotation.

        • The backstory basically is “rogers is cheap”

          • That’s the obvious reason, but that makes last season’s moves, particularly taking on Buerhle’s K, look completely misguided and a colossal waste of top flight prospects.

      • Don’t forget the comp pick.

    • The term ” pillow contract” makes my skin crawl.

  53. No such thing as a bad 1 yr deal, but i worry he will give up tons of homers at rc and other parks in the AL east.

  54. 7 million 15 if he stays off dl.

  55. And if his arm blows out sooner rather than later? I guess it’ll suck to be us. Again.

  56. Not much detail, but it looks like a 1 year deal with an AL team for 14 million for Santana (Dionisio Soldevila on Twitter).
    If he doesn’t sign with the Jays, please don’t let it be with the O’s…

  57. Santana to sign a one year, $14M deal with an AL team, reports ESPN Deportes.

    • Seattle or Baltimore, then?

      I don’t really like Santana for this team (prefered Ubaldo or Garza) but at this point I’d be okay with him. Hard for a one year contract to be all that bad.

  58. Heyman says Santana is talking about a 1-year, $14M deal with the Jays and Orioles, with an NL team, believed to be the Rockies, on the fringes.


    Definitely not the Orioles. Sounds like the 14 million earmarked for JJ. Going to be a good day boys!

    • orioles stepped up and signed ubaldo out of no where, not sure why we should write em off

      • All we’ve got is this so I wouldn’t write them off but I would give the Jays the inside track.

        From MLBTR: “The Orioles may be a bit behind the Blue Jays. The Rockies, meanwhile, may be out of the bidding, as Heyman tweets.”

  60. Please I cannot take watching rogers, Redmond, drabek flounder in the 5th rotation spot…use that JJ money and get it done!!

  61. I’m still not getting my hopes up. I’m still not getting my hopes up. I’m still not getting my hopes up. Please do this, Jays. FUCK, IT BETTER BE THE JAYS.

  62. I have a feeling its going to be Texas who steps up and gives him a 1/15 deal

    with holland’s injury they can use the innings at the beginning of the year, and don’t want to fall behind the A’s too far.

    • If you’re the jays, how do you not add an extra million or two to get a deal done? It’s not like any of their arms have jumped up and flat out taken the fifth rotational spot.

      • i dont know the answer to that to be honest.

        remember when everyone thought 3 years 27 million was a slap in the face to Santana

        • Well 1 year at $14 million puts him $5 million ahead already with the option for more in years 2 and 3. Even at this stage of the season the $9 million a year is obviously so low. Even if he goes year to year on a QO he’ll come out $15 million ahead.

          • players want the garanteed money.

            if his arm blows up or he under performs he wont even get a QO

            • True but you’re ignoring that he’s already got all the security he will ever need. After this year he’ll have made $57 million in his career. Considering it’s not a given that his arm will blow up, he’s still likely to make 8 figures next year even if he has a mediocre year. He still go that much after a horrible 2012.

        • If I remember you did not. It was the comments on the report out DR from an agent or close friend or something.

      • Because they are the same team complaining about overpaying Navarro lol. I hope they get the deal done, just won’t believe it’s really going to happen until i hear it is.

    • Didn’t Texas already sign Hanson and Saunders as cheap replacements for Holland while he is out?

    • According to Heyman, Texas is out of the running and it’s between Toronto and Balti. Source: MLBTR and Heyman’s Twitter

  63. Kenny Ken Ken. Saying jays made 14 million dollar offer. Could get done today. Looks like the jays won’t include incentives and Baltimore will so if Baltimore pushes it up to 14 themselves, we could be screwed again.

    • If it means keeping him from Baltimore, throw in another $1M or some incentives. It’s kind of a no brainer.

  64. Having a GM prioritizing value is a good thing. Having a GM obsessed with it to the point where he has paralysis in the FA market and simply refuses to offer an above market (or even at market),price is not. Not saying it has to be Santana, but AA’s biggest FA signing in 5 years is Izturis. 5 years!

    His obsession is an anchor around the neck of this franchise.

    • Wouldnt that be Melky at 2 for $16 million? Maicer had the third year but for way less money.

      • And arguably extending Dickey for 3 years @ roughly $30M

        • Ok I see you’re point. But Dickeys extension was decidedly below market for a reigning cy winner.

          Obviously AA doesn’t hate spending money. He hats spending money on any at market or above market price.

          And before you say “that’s what all GMs should do!” I would agree, to a certain extent. You need to have the ability to overpay (for the right player at the right time) because the truly top end talent will never sign for anything below market.

          And in a way, the Melky and Dickey thing is kind of what I mean. Sub par “superstars” are all you’ll ever get with AA’s approach to FA.

    • You’re weird.

  65. Not to put too much stock into Tricky Ricky’s performance yesterday but what are the chances he actually figures shit out?

    • its nice that he found a bit of success, but it was 2 innings after struggling for 1.5 years at every level.

      reality is, that he still hasnt developed a weapon to get out lefties, until that happens he is what he is, the league has figured him out which has affected his mental state.

      but its interested because johan santana in terms of pitches and delivery is what ricky is pretty much modeled after. although not as glaring as ricky (johan was much much better) but lefties also performed better verse johan compared to righties.

      • It doesn’t look good. He can’t control his fastball at all which renders his change up moot. He’s always had control issues and it’s only gotten worse. He’s admitted it’s more mental now.

        Love to see him become a useful rotation asset but I wouldn’t bet my paycheque on it.

  66. if you get him on a 1 year deal and he has some success.. you offer him QO and hope someone signs him to recoup your pick..

    for the jays that could be a plus as there is a possibility they lose their second but gain a first.

    also trading a SP at the deadline if need be, for a 2nd round draft pick prospect equivalent shouldnt be super difficult if he stays healthy

    • Add to that the time for Stroman to continue refining his stuff as a starter and the savings they will likely recoup in arbitration in a couple of years. That also ignores the primary reason you’re signing him, to pitch well. If he does pitch well enough to get a QO next year then the benefit to the team will have been huge.

  67. I wonder if Ervin has a so-so year if he just accepts the ~$15 million dollar qualifying offer next offseason.

  68. Everyone tweet ervinsantana_54 and tell him to sign with the Jays! Show him the love!

  69. Was thinking and hoping the same thing

  70. so a rotation of RA, MB, BM, ES and DH if Santana signs?

  71. Pining for Stroman/Hutch over Santana is Peter Griffin picking the mystery box instead of the boat on Family Guy.

    “A boat is a boat, but a mystery box could be anything….it could even be a boat!”

  72. How come no one is rooting for Dusty Rusty Mccgowan to battle for the number 5 spot in the rotation, is it because :
    1) He has completly been shelled so far in spring training?
    2) Is it because he hasnt had a quality pitch since 2009?

    All the optimistic idiots have vanished and Dusty ‘the cashman’ receives a cool 1.5MM for free. Life as a hasbeen pitcher must be great.

    • He threw a lot of quality pitches in 2013, actually.

    • You can count me and FamousAmazingGuy as idiot optimists. I am still rooting for Dusty and would love to see him salvage a few good years as a starter.

    • I don’t understand why people revel in other’s misfortunes and root for them to fail. Seems kind of pointless.

      • Count me in on that too. I just don’t know what they’re going to do if this “starting pitcher” experiment doesn’t pan out. He’s out of options so it’s either the BP or DFA.
        Are there teams who would take him if they tried to sneak him through waivers at 1.5 MM?
        Btw he’s only pitched 2 innings. He’ll get better.

    • are you really kvetching about 1.5mil? maybe you should just write it off as a classy organization taking care of one of their own.

  73. Really hoping the Santana rumours are true.

    Dickie, Morrow, Santana, Buerhle, and then a healthy competition for the 5 spot seems OK to me.

  74. Will be interesting to see if the Jays get Santana for the 1yr 14mil Rosenthal has rumoured, because that’s exactly what they could have had another year of JJ for.

    Would be interesting to see who has the better 2014.

  75. @jonmorosi 1m
    In Jays camp today. No confirmation of an agreement with Ervin Santana. But some in the organization are optimistic about chances.

  76. If they get Santana, they should sign Drew to a one-year deal (if he will accept).

    They give up a third, but if he puts up a strong year and rejects a QO, the Jays would have upgraded their 3rd round pick in this draft (what they give up to sign Drew) for a compensation pick in the following draft. That is a big upgrade. Plus a year out of Drew at 2B.

    • That sounds like something AA would do, upgrading his 2nd and 3rd round picks to 1st and 2nd round picks. The only problem is that their is no guarantee that either of those guys don’t accept the offers next year so it is a bit of a gamble.

      I just hope that since he seems to be in the spending mood again he locks up Colby soon. Really not enjoying the thought of Gose as my future CFer.

  77. Heyman reports that the Blue Jays and Orioles are the “CLEAR FAVOURITES” to land the right-hander, who is believed to be seeking a one-year pact in the neighbourhood of the $14 million qualifying offer he rejected from the Kansas City Royals earlier this off-season.

    Another team – believed to be the Colorado Rockies – is also in the mix.

  78. MLBTR says Jays are signing Santana

  79. Dionisio Soldevila @dSoldevila
    Sources: Ervin Santana has reached an agreement on a $14 million one-year contract with the Blue Jays.

    Sounds solid to me.

  80. Jays have signed Ervin Santana to a one-year, $14M deal, ESPN confirms.

  81. If the Jays land Santana, the next call should be to Seattle for Ackley or Franklin. They need help in their rotation and right handed bats.
    I would trade Hutchinson for Franklin straight up. I’m not sure that is enough for Seattle, but I’d love to have a team controlled 2nd baseman for the next 5 years.
    Mr. Cart Before the Horse

  82. HOLY SHIT!

  83. Yay we won something! Go Jays!

  84. It’s on MLBTR now.

    Essentially they gave JJ’s QO money to Santana.

  85. and again I would have prefered a lot of the other free agents, but on a one year deal I guess this can’t be too bad.

  86. Thank freakin goodness.Had to improve,SP and D, this is a great start.

  87. ok. let’s get a second baseman & fucking do this shit.

    • +1000 but from they way the Jays are gushing over Goins defense i doubt it happens. Maybe he needs to suffer some “back”issues for that to happen and no i am not wishing a sore back on him.

  88. Sweet action!!! No Redmond or Rogers!!!

  89. Well hats off to AA for getting him on his terms after all. And i suppose (this hurts) hats off to Rogers for spending more of Dead Ted’s Cash.

  90. Thank Christ.

    Good job Alex. I don’t like this guy but just give me 180 innings of mediocrity. Offense can do the job.

  91. So, we still lose 2nd rounder?
    like 50th overall??

    I’ll take it! Just wondering

    • Yep all AA has to do is put that money into the international draft instead. You’ll get players but they will just be a year or two behind where that 2nd round pick would be in his development.

      • Also, if he isn’t a disaster, the Jays give him a QO at the end of the year and recoup the pick.

  92. A thing happened!

  93. And there she goes!!!! Lets just hope the blasts are with no one on

  94. i am betting that santana’s supposed close relationships with several blue jays players had a lot to do with his signing with them. the comment yesterday that he wanted to play for a team with a “good offence” suggested to me that he was thinking specifically of Toronto. otherwise, you would have thought that he would have pulled a josh johnson and signed the one year deal with a safe NL team or with Seattle in a pitchers’s park.

  95. We got one! We really got one!!

  96. the physical might interesting given all that we’ve heard.

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