OK, Blue Jays. Let’s play ball with Ervin Santana already, for fuck sakes. Here’s the latest from Kenny Ken Ken:


Buster Olney wrote about Santana’s predicament earlier today at (Insider Olney), suggesting that it was the medicals on him that were really scaring teams off, but on a one year deal? That surely mitigates the concern.

Still, it doesn’t sound great:

Whatever is in Santana’s medical history about his right elbow ligament scares the heck out of teams. The fact that Santana is tied to draft-pick compensation has hurt him, but the bigger problem for him — and the reason why the $100 million-plus request on his behalf had absolutely no chance of happening — is that teams are scared of his elbow blowing out soon. Some team evaluators have said there’s no way they’d invest significant money in a player who appears to be that close to a major blowout.

Those fears are exacerbated by the fact that Santana threw highest percentage of sliders in 2013 of any pitcher in the majors, a pitch that is notoriously tough on elbows.

I’d absolutely take him, though. Obviously. There’s no such thing as a bad one year deal, and knocking a bunch of guys one spot down the Jays’ rotational pecking order — even if it was only for however long he stays health, assuming his arm really is some kind of ticking time bomb — would be slightly fantastic, and… well, we all know the reasons why it would be dumb as shit for the Jays to let this opportunity pass them by — especially if Santana goes to Baltimore.

There could be other teams that jump in at this price, though Max Wildstein of Outside Pitch tweets that it is indeed between just the Jays and Orioles, apparently.

Ugh. I don’t want to even think about him going to damn Baltimore– and neither should Rogers or the Jays’ front office. Just fucking sign him already!

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  1. YAY!!!!!!!!!

  2. Gregor Chisolm says hold on a minute, Santana waiting on Orioles for better offer…

  3. Chances are AA didn’t want to give up a pick for Drew or morales

    If he gives it up for Santana. Would he now be willing to move a 3rd rounder for Drew or morales??

    Sign drew, let’s fucking do this

  4. Unbelieavble what this offseason has done to me. Got my balls twisted this bad over Ervin fucking Santana.

    • I know.

      I don’t even like Santana and think he’ll be a bust pitching in the East/Toronto but whatever, a 1 year deal? Sure. Why not? That just says more about how crappy the rotation looks going into this season.

      • For a fourth starter, Santana is about as solid as it gets – you won’t find too many teams with a better fourth starter, as long as Dickey/Buerhle/Morrow stay healthy. Fantastic deal for the Jays if it is confirmed as they’re not stuck with him beyond one year at a too-high price. If Santana was being asked to be a #2 or #3, I’d have said “ugh”.

        • Considering they were putting Wang and Ramon fucking Ortiz on the mound last year, this is a definite improvement.

  5. Well, the Jays certainly proved me wrong. Hopefully the home runs don’t kill Ervin, but we can’t really say that they didn’t try at all now.

    Good job, Anthopoulos.

  6. Lets not plan the parade route just yet, but this move gives Stroman
    a chance to develop in AAA while adding both depth and inventory.

    RA,BM,MB, ES and ?

    ? will probably be Hutch at some point early on.
    But with the days off in April, they could let him get in
    some stress free innings in Buffalo to start.

    Heck, they could even piggy back McGowan/Rogers in the five slot
    and hope to get 4 innings from one and 3 from the other in the one
    or two starts they would be needed before the first of May.

    Game is on Sportsnet today. Comments should be interesting.


    Here’s the must read article again on flyball pitchers in flyball parks.

    • Thanks, I was looking for it after you posted about it earlier. Couldn’t find it.

      • I liked the conclusion: while certain parks and pitchers will see more dingers, the difference isn’t as significant as it’s often made out to be.

    • He’s not much of a fly ball pitcher anymore. His ground ball rates are pretty respectable since his velocity returned

      • I know but people like to bring it up as a huge negative every time he’s been mentioned as a player for us.


    Ladies and gentlemen, your 2014 World Series Champions, the Toronto Blue Jays!

  9. Hey guys how does this deal work for drafts picks next year. Do we have to offer Santana another deal next off season?

    • If Santana is given a qualifying offer and signs elsewhere, the jays get compensation. Just as it would work normally.

    • No don’t have to just like Johnson this winter. If he performs it will basically be a given that they will next winter.

  10. Enrique Rojas of ESPN Deportes tweets that Santana will sign with the Jays for $14MM by 4:00pm if he does not receive a better offer by then.

    Fuck just 3 hours to go!

    • Obviously the only answer here is alcohol. On my go synchronize your imaginary watches.

    • Just a pre Fuck You Baltimore. Don’t be outbidding us you Maryland fuckers and pissing on our one moment of winter happiness.

    • If that’s true, I call his agent and say the deal is on the table for another 15 minutes and goes down 500k every 15 minutes after that

  11. I wonder if the other trade rumor could still be in effect. Sierra and reliever to Detroit for porcello. Detroit is badly hurting for outfielders right now.

    • That is not a rumor with any substance. Someone just speculated on a sports website.

    • As long as it’s not Santos. He’s our closer next year and possible this year if Janssen is injured.

      • Delabar or Cecil could fill the roll

      • Any reliever is expendable for the right return.

      • I’m a huge Santos fan, I cannot understand why he is being shopped…

        • The only thing that i can see is that he starts to get pricey for what they jays like to pay their relievers after next year. Not saying it’s crazy money but it’s not a bargain either. Also the Jays have more depth in good relievers and back end starters than anywhere else.

          • They won’t want to pay Janssen closer money next year when they have Santos. So if Santos is on the team I bet he’s the closer.

            Santos was the one being shopped because he’s the best one to snag a good starter in return.

            • Santos is good (see earlier comment re trading for a starter) and he is under reasonable contract til ’17 with club options.

          • Exactly sandlot. Plus any time you can turn a reliever in to someone who can play every day or give you more innings you do it.

            Santos for Anderson would have been sweet for us

  12. Cecil has the closer? Seriously??

    • A good late inning reliever as a closer, shocking idea I know.

      Especially one who was drafted as a closer

  13. TSN and ESPN reporting that Santana is going to sign a 1 year, $14m deal with the Jays. Finally.

  14. Have to like what Santana has done by saying he will sign unless he gets a better offer by 5 pm. Nice public way to let all the other teams know what they have to do if they want him.

    • That could work against him though.

      If you’re a gm u don’t like your offer being leverage. . Could backfire if he’s not careful

  15. If Ricky Romero comes around the Toronto Blue Jays will have the strongest Rotation in the American League in my opinion. If Ricky doesnt come around Hutch will fill in nicely.
    It all really starts and ends with Dickey if he can hold up we stand a chance.

  16. Surely if Baltimore thought Grant Balfour’s seemingly fine pitching arm was unworthy of a contract, that that’d mean Santana’s would be too, no?

    • Depends, they are also the same team that signed the oft injured Johan Santana.

      • Minor league contract though …Balfour was for 2/15.

        • But for $3 million guaranteed with more incentives.

          • That’s 3 MM guaranteed if he makes the major league roster. Right now hes 33 plus years old , he’s had 2 shoulder surgeries and his FB as of Feb 25 sat at 77-81 mph. It’s pretty much no risk to the club.

  17. Looking forward to that podcast now Drew and Stoeten!

  18. Hutchinson kinda looks and throws like Shaun marcum, with more velocity.

    Looks good so far. Oh and Gregg zaun’s an idiot. Throwing pitches in the major leagues and throwing more change ups isn’t the reason he hurt himself

  19. The Jays are gonna get fucked:

    12:08pm: Rojas writes (Spanish-language) that Santana is deciding between the Jays, who have offered $14MM, and the Orioles, who have offered $13MM plus incentives.

    • Kinda gives you that weird familiar feeling doesn’t it?

      • Lately I don’t know what to think. But one more advantage to signing the guy is that they keep him away from tho O’s. In the end, we have no way of knowing who blinks first.

    • Most recent tweet:

      “Max Wildstein ‏@MaxWildsteinMLB 7m
      Source: All signs point to P Ervin Santana and the #Orioles agreeing on a deal.”

      Hopefully it’s not too late for the Jays to step in with an upgrade on their offer.

  20. Put the Santana down and walk away from this unseemly mess. Please. He’s not that good and now he’s got a little interest he is gonna play it for all it’s worth. Bautista has the same agent he has, so he is going to encourage a good deal for another member of the ‘family’. I do not believe that Beeston or AA will turn down a good pitcher because of entrenched ideas about salary or length of contract. If they did, they should and would be fired. The guys who took such a leap of faith last off-season are still the guys in charge. Let’s trust them on this one, please. They know a lot more about Erwin Santana than we do.

  21. @Isabellareyes
    The Jays have turned down plenty of good players because of entrenched ideas about salary and length of contract.
    The names Darvish, Tanaka and Chapman come to mind, just to name a few.

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