So I may have been neglecting my RSS reader lately, meaning that there’s surely a tonne of good stuff out there that we haven’t been over since the last time I dropped a Daily Duce. However, I’ve put aside several recent gems the old fashioned way, and have some really great stuff to share today, along with the promise that these are going to be a little more regular. Probably just lacked fibre in my diet while on the road in the States. Poop. Also: Daily?

An update from Enrique Rojas of ESPNDeportes on the status of Ervin Santana came yesterday evening, as he tweeted (en Español) that the Braves are very interested but have no budget, that the Royals “called” (“Royals lo llamó”), and that standing offers remain from the Jays and Orioles. Rojas adds that he figures if a club ups their offer to $15-million for one year, that will be the end of this insufferable game. Just do it already, Jays!

Jon Heyman concurs that its coming down to the Jays and Orioles at CBS Sports, and adds this interesting tidbit: “Both have made reasonable one-year offers, with the Blue Jays believed to be in the neighborhood of the $14 million mark, and the Orioles thought to have initially offered a couple million dollars less than that. Baltimore hasn’t ruled out the possibility of adding an incentive package, which could allow the Orioles’ deal to be worth as much as Toronto’s or perhaps a little bit more.” Reading that has made me about as positive about this whole thing as I’ve been all week.

Back to speaking of the Braves, MLBTR has the latest on injured pitcher Kris Medlen, which is… inconclusive. So no Tommy John announcement yet, which is good for the Jays. Except… they should have just done this Santana thing already, though maybe now it’s he who is keeping the club waiting, with thoughts of a nice National League pillow deal on a good Atlanta team in his head. Because of the budget stuff, Heyman says “it isn’t known how involved Atlanta is to this point.”

Great stuff, if a bit dispiriting, from Jeff Blair at the Globe and Mail, who looks at the Santana situation, jumping straight to the rub: “What nobody wants to say is what everybody around the Toronto Blue Jays is saying privately: that if this was last winter, Ervin Santana’s signing would be done and dusted. There would be none of this nonsense of player-imposed deadlines allowing more teams to get in the hunt.” He adds that “more than one player has said he finds it odd that an organization that added players of pedigree and contract last winter is suddenly unable to close a deal with a pitcher such as Santana.” Right?

Staying on the pitching front, Mark Gonzales of the Chicago Tribune writes about Jeff Samardzija, who pitched in front of a bunch of scouts this week. He adds that “the Blue Jays — who had former Cubs general manager Ed Lynch in attendance as a scout — continue to lurk, and Samardzija realizes multiple teams may be interested.” Hmmm…

Shifting gears, last week there was a public meeting regarding the expansion proposal at BMO Field, and TFC blog Walking The Red has images of what the updated stadium would look like — including retractable end seating to accommodate the Argos. The especially fascinating stuff is in the comments, as the writers for that site are saying this expansion will start after Labour Day (i.e. once the Ex is over) so that stage one can be completed in time for the Pan Am Games, that they’ve heard it confirmed that the Argos will be moving there (“a fait accompli that is well down the line”), and the big one: “Argos will be out of there before the Jays 2016 season at the latest.” Grass, please.

Blue Jays Plus looks at whether Ryan Goins really is fit to be a big league regular (hint: he’s not), and ends up figuring Maicer Izturis should be the starter, and speaking to a scout who says the Jays will be looking to upgrade the position by mid-May. Pulling for him, but there’s not a lot to believe in.

Nooooot the best line for Brandon Morrow today against a bunch of kids on Team Canada. But baseball’s a funny game sometimes. Doesn’t mean much. You’d like to see him better, but he’s barely seen game action since the end of May, so I think you’ve got to give him some leeway. If it causes a new “career implosion watch” kind of thing among panicky fans, then that’s definitely not good. If it makes the club think about moving more aggressively on Santana though…

Marcus Stroman is front and centre in this piece on short pitchers from Michael Baumann at Grantland. Interesting stuff, even if it highlights just how much of a special case he’s going to have to be to survive in a big league rotation.

John Lott awesomely talks to awesome Jays prospect, the VW van livin’ Daniel Norris, in his latest at the National Post.

Ben Nicholson-Smith of Sportsnet looks at why it might still be advantageous to Ervin Santana to wait until the season starts before signing with a club — adding a bit of leverage to his end of the bargaining.

Great stuff from Tyler Kepner of the New York Times over the weekend, as he looks at former Met R.A. Dickey and his thoughts on his legacy.

Teddy Cahill looks at the Jays farm system as part of the preseason prospect package from MLB.com.

Yahoo! Sports tells us about the curious case of the Jays’ unheralded new player: Dumb Ass.

Jay Blue, from Blue Jays From Away, along with Charlie Caskey of Your Van Cs, and Jared Macdonald of Jays Prospects are releasing their 2014 Toronto Blue Jays Minor League Handbook at the end of the month, profiling hundreds of players in the Jays system in eBook form. Check out the last list there for some info, and check back there later in the month for how you can get it!

Jose Bautista killing Boston Pizza on Twitter? Jose Bautista killing Boston Pizza on Twitter:

And lastly, via Bluebird Banter, probably the best thing you’ll see all day: Erik Kratz’s commercial for turkey bacon. (Yes, you read that right.)

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  1. A couple months ago, Rosenthal said that even though the Jays were slow moving, he could see the eventual rotation being something like Dickey, Morrow, Buerhle, Santana, Samardzija.

    I’m a fan of Hutchinson and Stroman, but I wouldn’t mind the idea of them getting more AAA time in and being back up for when someone inevitably goes down.

    • if they did that, my keyboard would be soaked

    • But imagine what the Jays would have to give up to get Samardzija? The last time they talked, the Cubs reportedly asked for Aaron Sanchez AND Marcus Stroman. The Blue Jays already-bare cupboards will be straight-up empty in that case!

    • But in that order? Who’s your 5 guy? Let’s dream a bit.

    • That’s a nice rotation, just too bad Samardzija will cost an arm and a leg. Prefer to hang on to Stroman and Sanchez for now.

      • realistically, when is the next time the jays are going to have 4 – 5 potential all stars on the field at the same time? if this version of the team doesn’t work out and they have to re-load?
        isn’t that worth one of your best prospects?
        even if sanchez turns out to be king felix he can’t do it alone.

        • that’s an awful way to handle your assets.

          you don’t overpay now for shark, you don’t know what else that package can get further down the line.

          Why you would even consider paying more for Samardzija than teams paid for Fister, Latos, Grienke, or Garza .

          he’s not that caliber of pitcher yet, and you can’t pay the cubs for his potential.

          • an awful way to handle your assets would be to go all in for one year and then back off the next year and potentially waste the initial investment.

            • i absolutely agree with that,,, but continuing to overpay in prospects is not the only way to go all in..

              especially when there are still 3 players on the open market that could more than marginally improve this ballclub.

            • He’s unlikely to outperform any one on the staff by a significant margin to be worth 12 years of control for 2 top prospects after you theoretically have added Santana. The beauty of adding Santana for cash is that the organization gets stronger by addition. There is no one step forward and one back for the organization as a whole.

          • i like samardzija a lot but you have to be kidding- stroman and sanchez (and the cubs wanted more than this as well) would be an outrageous cost to pay for him. he is not an elite starter- not yet anyway. and the chances of retaining him past next year would be slim to nil. a package like that should be bringing back someone elite. and even then, i’m not sure that it would be worth it, considering that the arrival dates of sanchez and sroman are supposedly relatively soon. they could be contributors next year- stroman even this year.

            • if anyone was willing to pay that, it already would have happened, so i’m guessing thats not the price.

              • I would argue that the reason he’s still a Cub IS because that’s the price and no team is anywhere near that desperate yet.

        • If this were last year, I’d agree with you. But now there’s only a one-year window. Even with a Santana and the Shark, we’d still need a lot to go right to make the playoffs. Not that much less than if we kept Stroman and Sanchez, and at least they pad the future a bit.

      • No guarantee that those two prospects become anything. When’s the last time the Blue Jays hit on a prospect. I say you build up their value as much as you can and them dump them for the MLB proven sure thing. AA is pretty sure Stroman’s arm is going to fall off (in a couple of years) and Sanchez will always be wild. Time to cash in your chips while your ahead!

    • I would buy season tickets for that.

      Shark would take Stroman or Sanchez, though, no?

      • 1000% percent not worth those 2. I dont even think he’s worth 1 top prospect, he has the potential but not the resume.

        I sincerely hope the jays don’t move a top prospect if they lose (cheap out) on santana

        • Oh no I agree, the cost to aquire the shark would be too supid to follow through with but it would still be quite a good rotation.

          • i always wondered whether a package involving hutchinson, nolin and gose would get considered for samardzija. maybe add someone. but maybe toronto wouldn’t want to deal hutchinson the way that he is pitching this spring. the modus operandi of the cubs seems to be to make known that a player is available but then insist on the moon (e.g. garza). i can’t imagine that they would deal samardzija unless getting at least one of stroman or sanchez along with others.

            • I really don’t see what the big deal with the shark is .

              Career 3.94 FIP, only pitched over 200 innings one time.

              Obviously the strike outs are nice and all, but I don’t see what about this guy that screams let me unload a mini van full of prospects for.

              • $5.3 MM in salary this year. He’s been a 3 fWAR player the last couple of years, if he does that again, at $5.3 MM, he’s providing about $16 MM in surplus value.

                Combine that with the the qualifying offer / supplemental 1st rounder that is likely if a team acquires him before the start of the season and you’ve got someone that is worth a lot of prospect capital.

                • The surplus value isn’t calculated the same way for guys that aren’t free agents. The value per WAR is much lower for the arbitration guys, can’t give you an exact value right now but FanGraphs have done the numbers. He will also get a huge arb raise next year, his last before free agency. You could argue that Stroman and Happ could put up 1.5 WAR without too much trouble for the same money or less and let you keep both prospects. Imo the only way you make a move for Samardzija is if you truly believe Morrow is going to be a huge bust this year. Samardzija was also bad in the 2nd half last year. Was he just tired? Or was it something else?

                  • Uggh … yeah, the surplus value is calculated the same way if you’re looking at the context of whether or not a player adds excess value to the team.

                    The amount that you’re expected to pay per WAR varies according to whether they’re a free agent or not, but that doesn’t matter to a team when considering acquiring a player.

                    Put it another way. If the Shark were coming off a free agent contract and had 1 year left at $5 MM, would he be more valuable to the team than if he had a $5 MM pre-free agency contract? Of course not. How he signed for the $ is irrelevant when you’re talking about the excess value.

                  • And as for Happ and Stroman able to put up 1.5 WAR. I don’t think you really get how difficult it is for a AA pitcher to put up 1.5 WAR in the next season.

                    Clayton Kershaw … arguably the best pitchers in the majors and one of the hottest prospects from the time he was drafted (and the majors leader in fWAR, which is why he’s the guy I stopped looked after) … he had a pretty similar farm system progression as Stroman so far – hitting AA in his second full year in the minors. He also made his majors debut in his third professional year, which is what Stroman will do.

                    Kershaw didn’t put up 1.5 WAR in his rookie season.

                    And then with Happ, I’m not overly confident in a 31-year old who has only produced 1.5+ WAR twice in his career who has back pain to be able to put up 1.5 WAR this year.

                    I’d say the likelihood of Happ and Stroman combining for 3.0 WAR this year is considerably lower than the Shark doing it alone. And then you add the fact that the Shark only uses up one roster spot, allowing you to get incremental WAR from that 5th rotation spot.

                    Is he worth Sanchez or Stroman? Probably not. But would he be a huge freaking upgrade to this team? Hell yeah.

                    • Do you even research your facts before you start spewing them out? One, check the 2nd to last paragraph of the link and then you’ll see what I am talking about.


                      Two, Happ produced 1.2 fWAR in only 18 starts last year covering 92.2 innings. Think he’d be able to get another 0.3 in 12 more starts? In 2012 he had 1.7 fWAR in 24 starts with 4 additional appearances out of the pen. Steamer, Oliver and ZIPS all have him pegged for 1.4 to 1.7 fWAR in roughly 25 to 26 starts.

                      The whole point that he wasn’t an upgrade as he obviously is, just that a 1.5 fWAR upgrade wasn’t worth 2 first round prospects that the Jays can control for a combined 12 years. I mean theoretically the Jays could trade all their best prospects for David Price. Is he an upgrade over Happ? Yes. Is he worth all their prospects, no.

                    • Hmm … the reply button to sandlot doesn’t appear.

                      Actually, if you read the article, and actually read the article, you’ll notice that they talk about having a single $ / win value for all players, regardless of how they were acquired – precisely my initial point.

                      So, I’m sorry, but the value $ / WAR is not different for free agents and arb players. You can (and probably should) read it again.

  2. Can we just refer to Kratz as Turkey Bacon now?

  3. Awesomely awful commercial

    One more reason to pull for Kratz to make the team

  4. Dan Norris is now officially my favorite Jays prospect. That is a great article from Lott.

  5. Wait, so all the Jays have to do to get Santana is up their offer by 1M and they haven’t done it yet????


  6. As bad as Morrow was today, Aaron Sanchez put up a hell of a line. Obviously it doesn’t mean much given the competition, but in a game like this it seems like the only two possible results are a good start, which means nothing because the competition sucks, or a bad start, which is more telling than usual because the competition sucks.

    Even if it means nothing, it’s way better than the alternative, and five Ks and no walks in three innings is nice to see regardless of the competition.

    • Hard to say if Morrow was just working on something or not. I was watching the mlb network the other day and they said Edwin Jackson threw 50 pitches in his outing ALL of them fastballs lol.

      • Exactly. Spring Training stats always mean very little, but it means even less to just look at the boxscore (which is normally all I do) without having any context behind it.

        Even with the great appearance from Sanchez, his approach could have just been to fire everything down the middle and challenge the young hitters, which would automatically cut down the walks. I have no idea what happened, but the results he put up are pretty much best case scenario.

        • thats exactly it.

          a guy who is secure in his job is probably not going to just mow down some teenagers with fastballs, he was probably working on some offspeed stuff, which helped the hitters out

          Sanchez is still trying to impress and has no major league security.

          • Or a new release point , new arm angle, new pitch or even old pitch he wants to get right. Cliff Lee went a few innings against the Jays and got shelled a few years ago but was his same old self in the regular season. It means nothing.

      • According to the game recap on the bluejays.com he threw nothing but fastballs so it makes sense that he got hit.

  7. My worry about hunting for a 2nd baseman in May would be the cost. Just sign Drew for a third rounder and lock him up for the next 2-3 years. Give him an opt out after 2 if he wants to test the market that badly. As Stoeten has mentioned in the past, I think the 4-6 wins both would add over the internal options push this team over the edge. I do wonder about the payroll though. I think they would have to move salary next year.

    • realistically the addition of Santana, Morales and Drew over Happ, Sierra and Goins is probably a 6-8 Win addition.

      for a team projected to finish around .500, thats the difference between not making the playoffs and making the playoffs.

      • The difference between a platoon of Lind and whoever isn’t likely to be two wins less than Morales on his own. I can barely see them having the balls to overpay on one year of Santana never mind adding Drew as well. I agree it would be best to add all 3 and trade Lind for additional pieces but considering they seem to be having issues landing Santana alone it’s just a fantasy for now.

        • I agree, i dont think this is even in the realm of reality at this point.

          I’d keep Lind though, I know he’s expensive for a RHP masher with limited defensive abilities. but there’s something in his bat, he’s so fucking frustrating, because he’s so fucking awesome when he’s on.

          And I know all stats point to him not being able to hit lefties. but he seemed to think it was his mental approach, and that he can learn to stay back on the ball. He’s done it before. i dunno, blind optimism I guess

          • of course it’s mental,
            unless you think there’s something physically wrong that makes him unable to hit lefties.

            • Of course it is physical. Batters naturally hit opposite handed pitchers better. There are some exceptions and some more dramatic splits than others like lind. Saying it is a mental thing seems pretty far fetched.

              • approach makes a big deal of course, it comes down to how quickly you can pick up the ball which is why you typically fair worse against same handed pitchers

  8. You do God’s work you bearded @$@$.

    Goins is set to crash n burn under the pressure. None last year but a crushing blue wall this year. Let’s hope Izturis has his mojo back.

    Big slice of cheese for Bautiata for spitting on BPs pie..unnecessary pulling of the company line you big juicer.

  9. Wait a sec, you’re telling me there’s an old fashioned way to set gem-quality poops aside?

  10. Anyone else looking to buy a Lehigh Valley Ironpig hat? It’s just a picture of bacon.

  11. TUR-KEY BA-CON *clapclap clap clap clap*

  12. In regards to Santana and all the conflicting rumors, O’s GM, Dan Duquette,
    was recently quoted as saying, “I don’t know what is real and what is not.”

    If he doesn’t know, I don’t know how the rest of us are supposed to figure it out.

  13. My concern is that it appears Joey Bats didn’t get the Pizza Pizza/Pizza Nova Switchover memo in the off-season.

  14. I think it’s gonna come down to the Braves and the Jays with the Braves ultimately getting him. Looking at it from an Orioles pespective, I’m not even sure the need is there. After their top 3 of Ubaldo Jimenez, Chris Tillman and Miguel Gonzalez the 3 arms competing for a job – Bud Norris, Wei-Yen Chen and Kevin Gausman have all been really sharp in Spring Training which we all know plays a role in how the manager and GM pick the team. To send Gausman back to AAA or Norris/Chen to the bullpen is going to be hard enough let alone 2 of them.

  15. “Reading that has made me about as positive about this whole thing as I’ve been all week.”

    Meaning you’re optimistic the Jays will land him at this point or positive that the Jays at least probably have the highest bid?

  16. It had better not be just a million between Santana signing or not. We were gonna pay mark derosa $750,000 this year.

  17. Fun article at BA about walk up music.

    Didn’t realize that the Simpsons softball song was borrowed from a real song.
    Click the video, great song. Second video is Mariano Rivera coming out to Enter Sandman in his final A.S. game. All great videos.

    Lost near the bottom of the article you find the gem that Chris Getz walks out to the RBI baseball theme song. Awesome. My parents hated that song.

  18. Whoa! Wait a second? That was a turkey the WHOLE TIME!?!? My mind is blown. This Kratz fellow IS a “sneaky-good” pickup.

  19. Surfer, Musician, millionaire, looks like a movie star, throws lightning bolts from the left side.

    If Norris ever makes it, he’ll lead the league in soaked panties.

  20. 3 of Ervin’s last 4 years were solid. If we get one of those 3 Ervin’s rather than the 2012 Ervin, then we have a 200+ inning, 3 WAR, sub 4.00 ERA, ~1.2 WHIP, 1:3 BB to K ratio pitcher. That would be a worth A LOT to this team, especially given our long time pitching woes.

  21. maybe in three months we’ll be laughing at how this used to be a thing when hutch is mowing people over, morrow is a lock to start the all star game, and romero forced his way onto the team and is holding his own.

  22. Blair on the radio 15 minutes ago , saying the Jays openly commenting on their piss aqss pitching position and their ability to compete. According to Blair, he named Adam Lind as saying “what are Hutchinson and stroman going to give us, 120 innings combined?
    Not only are the players basically figuring out who the 4/5 guys are in the current competition and dismissing the rest, but they openly know that the rotattion as constructed or to be constructed is simply not good enuf. Adam said they need to sign Santana apparently.
    It seems to me that AA also must now demonstrate to the players that he knows this is not good enuf and fukin do something. Sign Santana, if for no other reason than to provide depth. Fuck maybe he can get 18 year olds out and go from there

    • Wonder if Adam Lind also commented on the fact that the team seems to be expecting him to hit lefties?

    • I don’t agree with his 120 innings comment but I do wonder if the hitters don’t know better than most just how good the pitching is. If they are saying they don’t believe it is, maybe it’s ok to put a little weight behind the opinion. It seems that everyone else but the Jays management are now publicly saying it isn’t good enough. Sadly they are the only ones who can do something about it.

    • Have you ever seen an Adam Lind interview? He’s an idiot.
      If you are going to eat this shit sandwich you’ll need a few grains of salt.

      • Mmmmm… open-faced club sandwedge

      • Smasher:
        True enuf, BUT, I do believe it speaks to the general sentiment surrounding the club and it’s possible negative motivation going forward. I’ve already enumerated that I think AA’s do nothing strategy, while it may work out, is statistically improbable and he is playing with a big fire IMO.
        Adam, while a bit loquacious, does speak for some I’m sure, and just like in many corps I have worked for , perception is reality. It is time for AA to make a move

        • I agree we could use some help. I just take offense to Linds comments. The guy was almost paid two years in a row to NOT play for the Jays because he sucks against lefties and is so inconsistent historically in his career. For him to write off Hutch and Stroman like that is disrespectful at best. It’s fair for him to think it, fair for him to believe it, but nothing good can come from voicing it.

          And personally I think he’s wrong on those guys, especially Hutch. I think he can give us 150 innings with a 4.5 ERA. That’s as good as anything on the market.

          • Agree Smasher. He’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer

          • Well, considering Santana has pitched at least 178 innings each of the 5 years and has a career ERA of 3.99. If you truly think what you wrote above, then I think you’re stupid.

          • At least in regards to Hutchison, the only limits on his innings will be his own. If he pitches well AA has already said publicly that he has none and same goes for Stroman.

            That said, it is interesting that the hitters are starting to question the competency of some of the pitchers this year.

            • I would need to read the entire quote from Lind but my impression was he was stating what I thought was obvious – we don’t know how many innings hutch & stro can throw if they are #4 & #5…I didn’t view it as disrespect to either of those guys – they are obv talented…

      • And some Grey Poupon.

    • Wow, this is turning into quite the colossal fuck up for AA/beeston/rogers this offseason. Even players are fed up with the lack of improvements? Thats not good.

  23. i pissed on a homeless man while he was sleeping! right in his filthy fuckin beard!! FUCKIN GO BLUE JAYS!!!!!

  24. Wow bautistas a douche

  25. Norris epitomizes the “pull up your bootstraps” narrative that is still popular amongst Republicans and those who work for the National Post.
    Guy gets a two million dollar signing bonus then has to live “modestly” in the minors. Poor guy.
    Hayhurst has a much better perspective about life in the minor leagues.

  26. How times change

    Andrew Stoeten ‏@AndrewStoeten ·3 hrs
    Definitely need a new Smokin’ Poll soon about the root of the Jays rot: AA, Beeston, or Rogers. Maybe I’ll give percentages

    Thought it was injuries that did us in?
    Basically same line up except for JJ,JPA,Boni

    Remember this day, Nov 13,2012.


    AA,Beeston and Rogers are the root of the Jays rot?
    What have you done for me lately?

    • Ha that brings back the memories. What a rush that was. Unfortunately, the start of the regular season and the injury train put an end to that pretty quickly.

    • As I said in another thread, Stoeten has jumped the shark. He’s become a troll in his own blog.

      • Thats kind of unfair because the aggressiveness of last offseason combined with the bullshit off this offseason, leads to even more criticism of the front office.

        Obviously I have no fucking clue whats going on in the jays baseball operations, so I don’t know whos to blame, but the trade last year was awesome and was *supposed* to be the beginning of better times for the franchise, not a blip in an otherwise cheap, passive franchise.

        The fact that he was excited, as most jays fans were, doesn’t mean that he or anyone else gets doesn’t get to criticize this offseason, in fact, it should be criticized more.

        In the end though AA has to be the person to blame, Rogers may be pinching pennies, and thats probably the case. But if AA knew that he was only going to have 130 million to play with, he shouldn’t have traded the prospects he did and he cant be paying Buerhle 18 million.

        • Okay dc.
          So we followed the evil triad as they amassed draft picks to be used as currency to acquire players.It raised a bottom farm system to a top five.In 2 years
          Rid the Jays of one of the most untradable contracts in history.
          Raised payroll by 40 mil in one swipe.
          Engineered a trade that was considered incredibly one sided.
          Put together a team that included the current NL cy winner the 2011 and 2012 NL batting champs.
          All decisions hailed by the fanbase and experts as successes.
          Now that because neither UJ nor Santana have been signed,they’re idiots and cheap bastards?
          Both UJ and Santana have warts and we have no idea whats happening behind the scenes nor how they should be truly valued or what else is being worked on..
          One deal that’s not made and all the rest should be forgotten? That somebody should be the “root of the Jays rot?”
          A little quick throwing everybody under the bus aren’t we?
          AA, Beeston and Rogers have made some very good decisons in turning around the franchise. So we should demand heads to roll if we don’t get what we determine to be the right choice?
          They’ve earned the right to keep on making the decisions based on their track record.

          • wow are you really this dumb? If the jays finish again in last place it will be the 3rd year they outspent baltimore and rays and finished behind them. Completely unacceptable and total embarassment. You can’t say what a great job they’re doing spending tonnes of money and finishing in last every year.

            “incredibly one sided”. what a joke that statement is. History has shown that the team that takes on all the bad contracts is always the team that loses the trade. Look at the boston dodgers trade. vernon wells trade, arod

            How soon you’ve forgotten all the shitstains that AA has paraded in this lineup the past few years: corey patterson, ben francisco, omar visquel, jojo reyes, tomo okha, wang, etc.

            enough is enough. AA needs to back to HVAC business.

          • My response to this slop is going to be a fine post, if I do say so myself. Thanks RADAR.

            Sorry GG, your dumb shit is a whole other type of dumb shit not really worth responding to.

    • It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair, we had everything before us, we had nothing before us, we were all going direct to heaven, we were all going direct the other way…

  27. Damn it Ervin Santana! Make a decision already! There are tons of Blue Jay loving university students that essays to get on with!!!!!!!!

    • *have* essays to get on with. Damn you Ervin! I’m so distracted I can’t even form proper. sentences or shpel wurds korectely!

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