Now a little something to kill time on a Wednesday afternoon: it’s an actual, shit-you-not real edition of the DJF podcast!

And today we’ve got just Drew and I, with Ryan Eligh on the ones and twos, but no one filling in for the hopelessly disinterested Wally Pippp as our fourth Horseman of the Anthocalpyse!

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  1. Well, what this means is exactly two things…

    1. The team has to stay healthy

    2. The guys on the cusp need to grab the jobs and perform

    I haven’t commented much lately through all the developments or should I say lack there of but I remember the beginning of last year when we were all stoked and well,,, then we got unstoked quickly. Then at the end of the season we listened to AA tell us that pitching would be the number one target during the off season. That didn’t turn out BUT…. there’s a lot of potential in what the jays have however the health needs to be there, if it’s not, were looking at a repeat.

    Stroman, Hutch, Sanchez and Drabek all have shitloads of potential. If even two of those guys excel at the MLB level this year, things could look good. Morrow also needs to be the rock, he needs to be himself again.

    What about signing a guy like Jeff Neimann to a minor league deal? He would be cheap, he has experience in the east, he will start or pitch out of the pen, his stuff sinks which is great for the RC. Is there any possible downside to it? Not really. If he’s healthy he could be a factor.

    Would Ervin Santana have made the Jays a world series contender, no, not at all. So AA didn’t do much this offseason, big deal, the players on the team now are solid. I can’t say Stephen Drew wouldn’t help out a lot but who knows what’s coming. If everyone that is in place now plays hard and stays healthy, the Jays can compete.

  2. beeston is a fucking moron. fire his ass!

    • I never understood the need to have a position in between GM and ownership. If you want someone to run the business aspect of the team, let them be Vice-President of whatever the fuck, but having two voices on the baseball operations side in Beeston and Anthopolous seems at best redundant, and at worst confusing.

  3. Drew you’re great but you are the worst at knowing what day it is.

  4. I admire the levelheadedness this site consistently (and sorely necessarily) produces, because it truly is the good fight in a sea of idiots.

    That being said:

    THANK YOU. THANKS YOU FOR THE VENOM AND VITRIOL. Sweet Jesus, this was the monsoon in the drought. Thank you.

  5. Hi, This is Rogers calling Tom W, we know you are good for it, so we are going to flip you the latest iPhone on a verbal agreement…yes? Tom W …fuck yeah.

  6. love the podcasts now + always.

    • I’m curious why? No offence to the ‘Pod casters’ but I find it better if they stick to writing and Twitter. The words and terms that come to mind with the pod casts are ….uncomfortable, nervous without a drink, Drew being an ’80s Dj, basement, gone too far, cheap.

  7. Frickin’ loved the North Haverbrook reference. Well done, sirs.

  8. the podcast was right on the money – especially liked the note about how many starts you need from your 6-10 starters. Plug Hutchison and Happ into the rotation and you’re left with getting 30+ starts out of Rogers, Nolin, Stroman, Drabek, maybe Redmond if he’s still around by opening day, maybe McGowan, maybe Romero. It’s a total clusterfuck of guys who might (but probably don’t) stand a chance, and that’s taking for granted that Hutch and Happ can actually get the job done somewhat consistently and Morrow can stay healthy.

    And then there’s 2B. The Cards don’t even trust Kolten Wong, who’s a prospect of some note, enough that they wouldn’t go out and sign Ellis and Diaz as contingencies (Ellis for the present, Diaz for the future). and yet the goddamn Jays are content to let Ryan Goins strut his stuff after an awful season of AAA hitting and an abysmal MLB debut at the plate, who has never even been given an honorable mention on a top prospect list, not even for his defense.

    The 4th OF thing is another irksome point. Are the Jays really comfortable with Melky Cabrera, coming off offseason tumour removal surgery, filling in for Rasmus in CF and Moises Sierra being the only OF on the bench. Like how exactly do they expect that to work out? Freaking DeWayne Wise would make me feel better about the bench at this point, just someone who has the physical ability and mental acumen to play in CF and can maybe pinch run. And there’s someone who would cost absolutely nothing.

    What the fuck is wrong with this organization?

    • You mean the Cards team that had Pete Kozma in its lineup for 143 games last year?
      Yeah, there’s a lot of question marks, but it’s still a team that can be good. Few…like very few teams go into a season with no question marks. The Jays maybe have more than many teams but it’s still a team that can compete.

      • Our starting Second Baseman is already worse than Pete Kozma so I don’t really see at all what your point could be.

        • Wasn’t Furcal supposed to be the SS though? – Kozma was the backup and he’s better than our starter

  9. Good job boys. I for one miss the old DJF (and getting blanked) podcasts. While you may go on rambling at times, and I am sure they can be painful for you guys, they are always good for a laugh and highly entertaining!

  10. What would y’all trade for any of the following?
    Chris Owings
    Didi Gregorius
    Nick Franklin

    … to man the 2B slot?

    Better bats than Goins, each of them, even if Franklin had a dreadful OPS in 2013. Each of these guys has hit a bit in the minors.

    • players like that don’t come cheap. why give up a useful piece or a prospect when you can just sign drew.

  11. “Count the fucking beans and shut up”

  12. Perhaps this one is a little more fitting……….. it has the Beast.


  13. Honestly, I think there is a huge elephant in the room, and it is the Jays scouting department. Things went south last year, and the scouting dept. had a huge shakeup and lots of heads rolled (maybe 10+). Since then, the team has appeared gun shy to pull the trigger on transactions.
    I thought of GM AA as a fantasy type GM ready to trade any time, but perhaps I was wrong or he has adopted a new position. One guy I really want to hear from is Tony LaCava. Where has he been on all of this?? I mean, AA has been getting shit on left right and center. Where is LaCava? He is the vice president of the org. Tinnish (AGM) has also been invisible.Perry Minasian, the scouting director, is the one who did the shake up should be on PTS explaining what happened and where things are at now.

    • Check out this article which low and behold predicts that jays will get a lower than average hit rate on draft picks reaching and staying in majors during aa era. Granted they did get more picks than normal due to compensation etc but this does not paint a rosy picture the way the kool aid drinkers do when defending aa (and shitting on jpr and may be interesting to see his hit rate which I suspect isnt so bad) And I dont think anyone drafted is a projected all star despite people dreaming on stroman snyderguard and sanchez

      • The first comment does look at jpr record and it is better than project aarecord bythis judging system

        • Sorry, I thought it was a very poorly reasoned piece. Over-emphasis on scouting, with none on player development. It used the wrong numbers (e.g., 3yrs in the majors is a non-statistic…WAR, for example, could have been more useful). Also, a far too small sample size to judge AA by. Finally, far too early to judge the small AA sample size.

          Overall, felt like a real stretch of oddly-chosen aggregate numbers that tell us little about the actual player pipeline success rate.

          • On first blush I have to agree with Samir, but I must admit I read it quickly and will have to give it more time than this. I do worry about the too many voices thing, but four drafts in (one of which we haven’t seen the first round pick out of) seems awful early to be judging. Plus, the methodology is odd. The last two drafts they’ve been picking college seniors who’d take tiny bonuses in rounds 6-10, so that ought to skew that, as would, I’d think, the general high risk, high reward approach they’ve taken (i.e. the reason the sandwich round picks look not so great, but Sanchez and Syndergaard may save them). Wouldn’t at all rule out the possibility that something is fucked, just not sure how well this is pointing to it. Interesting, though.

  14. Best synopsis I’ve read so far.

    Once the anger leaves, it’ll be time to move forward.
    The team we see now, won’t be the one we see at the end of the year.
    A lot will happen between now and then.
    A lot of games to be played,with a lot of possible outcomes.

    • Just think of all those contracts that can be moved.. As a Toronto sports fan I love being told that ‘financial flexibility’ is something to cheer for. I can’t wait!!!!

  15. All things considered I don’t understand how this team can be shit on for 35 minutes of a 36 minute podcast.

    Drew proclaimed last year (and accurately I might add) that the bottom 3rd of almost all MLB batting orders are terrible, and that that is the reality of the game currently, but one to two potential black holes for the Jays is a catastrophe?

    Wondering about the 4th outfield spot when there are high capacity starters at each position? There is always a serviceable outfielder available if something beyond a 15 DL stint was to occur.

    As for the pitching, sure Sanatana would have been great, which is why they tried to get him, but two of the starters are going to pretty much guarantee you 200 innings (which isn’t something many teams can bank on), and the 3rd if he was to make it to 200 innings we know would have a boss year.

    As for the last 2 spots, there is a lot of arms throw against the wall to see what sticks. Remember, these guys are going to get some runs to work with.

    Often forgotten is the pen, a good pen can go a long way if the starters are just league average.

    Concern yes, tempered expectations sure, but a Nagasaki type shit bomb on the team as whole, way too much.

    • Haven’t listened to the podcast yet, but good post.

    • Agreed…there is still cause for optimism. Having said that, concern over the starting rotation is totally valid. and I thought Drew’s point about 30+ starts being required from your 6-10 starters was salient.

      • Agreed, the point about the 30+ starts from the 6 to 10 starters is significant , but is it wildly different from the other teams in the AL East?

        I’d like to see a comparison of the 4 to 10 back of the rotation/depth guys compared. I think the the quantity of arms at a reasonable performance level would score the Jays reasonably.

        Considering that Dickey and Buehrle are money in the bank for 200 innings, the likely strength of the bullpen, and the likelihood of this team scoring runs…. all things considered things look much less dire.

    • I mean not that this is a bad post or that there isn’t some to agree with in here, but I think the source of most scratched heads would be why more wasn’t done to address the team’s issues.

      When you lose guys like Davis, Johnson, Boni, Oliver, JPA – all factors at the MLB level – you kind of expect the org. to go out and at bare minimum replace these guys right? Going strictly addition by subtractions, internal options seems like a curious plan for a team with such an obviously limited window, right? I still have to shake my head that AA referred to his landing Navarro as an overpay.. Like imagine not signing him too? “We like what we have in Thole and Kratz”.. Ugh.

      I don’t think any fans were hoping for Ellsbury, McCann and Tanaka to show up. No organisation can manage something like that. But perhaps a bench that actually helps the manager field lineups day in and day out and a back end starter would’ve been good.

      • I think that if you combine what the market had to offer this off season (specific to need) compared to what the in house solutions are at a reasonable value applied to each asset (not crazy value, but reasonable) and the lack of moves appears absolutely sensible.

        Listen to the AA/Blair interview again. They were right there on Santana. Unless something that bucked the market was offered, it was out of there hands.

        • I hear you, I guess my expectations were just higher than a last minute dumpster dive that was basically just spending Johnson’s QO anyway. Maybe that’s my fault, but you can’t say that Alex didn’t specifically mention pitching as something he wanted to address. It’s cool, I won’t believe him if there is a next time.

          P.S. I listened to the Blair interview and it sounded like a kid in the principal’s office. Was kind of sad tbh.

  16. I agree. It was probably a bad day to record a podcast unless you want a knee-jerk reaction.
    Kudos on Nagasaki – Hiroshima’s underused brother in hyperbole

  17. We want more podcasts. We want more podcasts. We want more podcasts!!!

  18. Rogers media guys have gone into hyper drive protecting Alex. A little objectivity from them would be great but I am sure that is not the message being pushed from above.

    Alex has a great career in politics after he gets booted out by the Jays.

  19. “Every step of the way, I made a point to under promise and over deliver. In the long run, that’s the only way to ensure security in any job.” says Howard Schulz CEO of Starbucks Coffee in his book Pour Your Heart Into It. “Under promising and over delivering” it is a way of work that is so much easier said than done.”

    AA in November: “We’re going to earmark most of our money for starting pitching,”

    • Great post. “we’re going to add 1 or 2 starting pitchers”

    • I would like to encourage people not to get hung up on what these people say.

      They don’t always tell the truth. They sometimes say things will happen that they can’t possibly know.

  20. The organization as a whole is a joke, plain and simple. AA might as well be Ricciardi lol, it’s not a lie if he knows the truth.

    • Agreed. I was thinking at first how refreshing it was that Alex replaced JP so we wouldn’t have to deal with the clown-like antics, but upon further reflection it appears Alex is much more similar to JP than originally thought.

      • Yeah…he’s done such a shit job repopulating the minor leagues, getting rid of anchor-type albatross contracts, and engineering some pretty decent trades in his (almost) 3 years as GM.
        So he couldn’t get a decent pitcher to bite this season – that egregious failure hardly makes him The Worst GM Ever.

        • Who said that? The way Alex deals with the media is totally laughable. I think that was more the point.

          Go have another cup of coffee and calm down.

          • No. When he started, AA consciously adopted the complete opposite approach to JP. He used the “say nothing” approach. He should maybe have stuck a little more to this approach when he was talking about adding pitching this offseason. However, by all accounts, he actually did acquire a starting pitcher this offseason- Brett Anderson. It’s not necessarily AA’s fault that the medicals killed this deal. Remember- Anderson’s injury which ruined his season was not to his elbow or shoulder but to his foot. Despite his constant injured status and his JJ type numbers from last year, I would have much preferred Anderson to Santana. Anderson could have respectably slotted in as a number 2 or 3 starter and changed the whole complexion of this rotation

            • Any deals he ‘almost’ made aren’t worth a squirt of piss to me. The timing of when those details leak always seems pretty convenient doesn’t it? Talk-radio fodder.

              • it seems pretty clear that this was not a deal which they “almost made” but one which they did, in fact, make but which then failed to materialize due to a condition beyond their control not being fulfilled (passing the physical). it might not make any difference to a jays fan but, looking at it from AA’s perspective, all of these pitching issues would have fallen by the wayside if anderson had been slotted in as the number 2.

                • He literally makes an annual DL appearance. He’s had Tommy John. A guy who gets hurt a lot was hurt and it wrecked the Jays’ pitching plans for the offseason? Please.

                  I mean yeah, trading for him, signing Ervin and trading for Kinsler would’ve solved lots of problems. Almost…. Almost…………………….

          • This comes across as if the writer has never developed media strategies or public communications material. From my experience in this area, AA comes across as someone who is genuine, humble and earnestly trying to engage the fan base while respecting the internal ‘rules of the game’.

            I would encourage those of you who work in professional environments that include significant media scrutiny to reflect on how you deal with media or public engagements, and compare it to AA’s (even Beeston’s) approaches. I hear a lot of equivocation when AA speaks, a lot of contingencies, a lot of generalizations. All of these are completely defensible rhetorical tools one can, and should, use when attempting to be as honest, engaging and transparent as possible while continuing to operate effectively in an industry that is necessarily opaque to outside scrutiny.

            In short – fans will rarely (never) know what really goes on behind closed doors. Speaking as someone who works in a similar environment AA strikes me as a guy who’s integrity is above reproach, and who is genuinely trying to share what he can with the fans.

            • Apart from the fact that I REALLY wish he’d share what happened to his budget, I agree. He’s in a business that – whether necessary or not – is not as open as we’d like and it’s frustrating for us. I like the guy way more than JPR and think on the whole he’s done a good job. We are left to speculate what happened.

  21. I was listening to PTS with Tim and Sid hosting and someone Tweeted them with what I took to be a dig at Andrew (beer swilling, beard wearing, Blue Jays hat wearing hipsters off the bandwagon if I remember the quote accurately).

    I know he covers basketball so take it with a grain of salt, but Doug Smith noted in his blog that maybe it’s a good thing the Jays didn’t get Santana. If he wants to pitch in an easier division in anticipation of his big pay day contract then is that the type of player we want? Maybe he looked at what happened to Josh Johnson and thought “Could that happen to me?”. So the question is, how much would it have taken to get Santana? $15m? $16m? $20m?

    Everyone says there’s no such thing as a bad 1 year contract, but $20m for 1 year of Santana?

    • Great but if Alex’s “plan” this off-season was to wait until a FA starter had backed himself into such a corner that he had no choice to accept whatever he was offered, what kind of a guy were we expecting to get?

      Would anyone be upset whatsoever if Alex had said end of last season “We’re going with what we got”, replaced JPA and maybe Rajai and qualified Johnson? It even seems like he only “overpaid” Navarro because he felt like he had to. What if he hadn’t made even that move?

      I know that in Alex’s perfect world he would operate in a total cone of silence and wouldn’t have to address the fans about whatever his plans were, but let’s face it, he has it about as easy as he can expect with the Rogers crew. Only Bobcat really gives him any crap. He somehow managed to bungle the off-season on and off the diamond. It’s kind of impressive haha.

  22. Tim and Sid are at their absolute worst when it comes to talking baseball. They sound like fucking tourists. Countless times I’ve heard them take lame pot shots & statistics & sabremetrics. “How can you vote Mike Trout for MVP when Cabrera won the freakin’ triple crown!!!???”…. “mothers basements..blah blah blah…”

    • Can’t stand that pair.

    • Trying to figure out if they’re genuine or just parodying dumb jocks. Leaning toward the former.

      • Yeah, I always thought there was a bit of a parody happening there, but I’m really starting to doubt it.

    • They sometimes came to us when they needed baseball background information back when they were at theScore — I remember an AA interview in particular that they did this for. But fans are just so specialized at this point that it’s hard to be that level expert in the minutiae of everything when you do the kind of job they do, so I don’t think that’s a knock on them. The pot shots are kind of lame, but it’s a shtick. Didn’t always agree, but I always liked them alright, FWIW.

  23. Wait for the playoffs, got a contender bud

  24. I feel like it should be Anthopoulopaclypse Now. I can’t even say it.

  25. James Shields is available and has said he won’t extend; KC needs something from him. Only way AA keeps his job is to trade for bonafide SP, moving Sanchez or Stroman, Nolin and pen arm (Cecil or Santos) for a guy like Shields.
    AA then needs to sign Drew for 2B.

    • Those are the moves of a desperate man trying to retain his job….doubt he is given that much power by the Beest.

      • Mostly likely so. Shit, AA can’t sign Santana to 1 yr $14.2M before any NL team needs a starter due to season ending surgery.

    • Kansas City isn’t trading Shields despite his forthcoming free agency. The Royals are trying hard to win this year while they still have Shields on the roster.

  26. Future Rankings are out at ESPN….for lame insiders only.

    I assume the Jays are in position 22-25 based on how little K Law regards our prospects. He does seem to prefer the almost big league ready prospects and our top guns are still at AA or below.

  27. anyone know of a link to the game today?

  28. Exactly a year ago, I asked Beeston here in London, in front of an entire room of people that he was speaking to as part of a Lunch Speaking Engagement, that if the team were to ‘falter’ in the upcoming season would that be the ‘end of it’?

    He ASSURED me that Rogers was in it to win it, so to speak. Our local sports anchor, Norman James, was there and he asked me about it on Twitter later that night.

    So according to Beeston, just one year ago, the disaster of last season should’ve had ZERO effect on their spending this current off-season… it does not appear that he told the truth, or he simply didn’t know that the rug would be pulled out from under them.

    It’s been a disappointing off-season, no doubt, but perhaps they’ll surprise us this season with so little expectation…?

    • But the rug wasnt pulled Jeff, they just offered Santana 14M which means the payroll isn’t frozen. The front office simply didnt sign anybody

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