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The Jays are playing the Astros. It’s already kind of happening, so… do we really need this Game Threat to be a thing, or shall I just move on?

I think we both know the answer to that…

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  1. Anyone having trouble with the gameday audio the last 2 days?

    • Yes!
      All these “easy instructions” leading to a local blackout.

      Was playing fine earlier in ST. UGH.

  2. So this is a MUST WIN game right?
    too soon?

  3. Marcus (Toronto, ON)

    What do the Jays do now? Not that Ervin made them world-beaters, but after pushing their chips all in last year, how can they go into the season with a rotation of Dickey, Morrow, Buehrle, Hutchison and someone like Todd Redmond or JA Happ when there’s a legitimate upgrade out there for a one-year deal?

    (1:23 PM)

    I’m disappointed that they didn’t sign any of the FA starters. Garza I understand because of the medicals, but they needed to acquire a quality starter this offseason and didn’t do so. Even adding Stroman and a healthy Hutchison isn’t an adequate replacement for what someone like Santana or Ubaldo would have provided for them.

  4. How do you even get 3 hits in an inning without scoring a run?

    Also, Ishmael looks good.

  5. Jimmy Rollins has been benched in Philly for the past few days. Any chance AA want to use some of the money he has left in his hand to upgrade at 2B by trading for Rollins and moving him to 2B? I don’t think they would have to give up much considering his 11M salary. It’s not 2007 anymore but still a huge upgrade over our current options.

    • Has there ever been any indication that Rollins would accept a move to 2B?
      He doesn’t seem like the type to me, but it’s not like I know his innermost thoughts.

      • He is being benched because of lack of hustle and drive. He only plays for himself and to pad his career statistics now. I’d prefer someone else….

        • You kinda leapt from my somewhat innocuous question into full blown wild speculation and judgement pretty quickly there… but yeah… I’m not as fan either.

        • I find comments like this ridiculous. Even if it were true, who the hell cares? It’s baseball… a player who puts up good stats as an individual will help the team, regardless of his reasons for putting up those good stats.

          “Mariano Rivera doesn’t care about the Yankees. He only struck out all those batters because he wanted to set the all-time saves record.”

          “Jose Bautista doesn’t care about winning. He only hit all those homeruns the last few years so he would get a big pay day.”

          “Joe Carter didn’t care about winning the World Series. He only hit that homerun so people would still talk about him 20 years later.”

          I don’t care why a player does something. If it helps the team win, I’m happy.

          • Rollins had apologized to Charlie Manuel on multiple occasions after being benched for “lack of hustle”. This isn’t speculation at all, it is knowledge. Sandberg is not putting up with it, for good reason. He makes 11 mil this year and his manager doesn’t like his work ethic! I have never said anything about any of those other guys you sarcastically mentioned….so don’t lump me with others. So don’t jump down my back for stating that I don’t want a 35 year old who doesn’t hustle! Below is what Sandberg said when asked about Jimmy Rollins and Freddy Galvis:

            “Freddy’s a guy that will get playing time at various positions,” Sandberg said. “He’s a guy that I like in the lineup. I felt good about what he brings to the table. The biggest thing I like is his energy and his positive influence. His positive influence on everyone around him.”

            When asked about Rollins’ energy and influence, Sandberg said, “No comment.”

          • Also….I’m not quite sure you can say Jimmy Rollins has good stats either. Counting stats were bad and the .2 WAR is pretty much terrible.

            • I would prefer players who hustle, too… I never disputed that. I also never said Rollins was a good option. The only comment I was referring to was “He only plays for himself and to pad his career statistics now.” If you found out Edwin was only playing because he wants to get to 400 homeruns, would you want him off the team? Probably not, because he’s awesome and, regardless of why he’s playing, he helps the team win. Rollins isn’t awesome anymore, so that obviously changes things in that situation.

              My point boils down to: if a player plays for selfish reasons, I really don’t care as long as he gets results.

              • I guess I could have been more specific in my original response as well. If Rollins was still a stud, I wouldn’t care why he was benched. 3 years ago I would have wanted him regardless of his personality/ego. But a drastically declining/overpaid player with hustle issues is someone I don’t want.

                • Put me in the “don’t particularly want” camp. Keep in mind that even if you get him for nothing AND he moves (i.e. allows the trade and accept a position change), he’s still a declining player making $11M this year with a option that will be automatic if he’s on the field.

      • Accept a move? I really dont understand this thought process. If he is on the Jays I am guessing he would rather play 2B than not play. I don’t think the majority of players are so pig headed, selfish, not team players like most fans seem to assume. Is it in his contract that he has to play SS? If he refused to play 2B then he would be voiding his contract which implies he will play.

    • Rollins can veto any trade i believe (10 and 5 rights). Slightly greater than zero chance that would happen.

  6. Word out of Jays camp is that “something has clicked” for Romero in his last two starts. I read your scouting report from last week, so I’m skeptical. Any chance Ricky can put it together and make the Jays rotation?

    (1:06 PM)

    He was horrible when I saw him. Those reports sound like BS to me. Stuff was bad, command was nonexistent.

    • Agree on this one. He got bailed out by his defense last game.
      This is just Bluejays spin to try to deflect attention away from the epic fail on SPs this offseason.

      • Exactly what I thought as well.

        His 10 pitch inning to start his outing yesterday was positive…but otherwise it seemed like he was falling behind hitters, hitters were making hard contact & most certainly was bailed by the defense as you mention.

        His ‘re-emergence’ is kind of laughable.

        • It could just be a diversion tactic, but nobody is seriously considering him as a starting option, are they? Let’s say that by some miracle Romero is back to 80% of his peak form, how much time should he have to put in working from the pen until he gets a start?

          • Gibby said something to effect of: “He’s put himself back on the map”, this morning.

          • I agree it is far from a lock that Romero returns to form. Closer to a lock than a miracle though. No reason to think it is so unlikely that he can regain his form. Why not he has a track record and clearly could get the job done he was an all star not long ago and in still in his prime years. There are no major physical issues from my understanding.

      • x2

        I still shake my head at how much this guy lost it, but I’m shaking it even more that suddenly two or three half-decent spring Innings are worth talking about. I guess throwing him in the fifth spot would give Jamie someone to interview in soft-focus about platitudes before every game. Why not, right?

        I still resent him for the “Romero jersey… check!” commercials. I’m bitter.

        • I bought a Romero t-shirt that season…right about when he fell off the cliff. I’ve always felt a little responsible, at least in some kind of existential way.

    • Wow. Reality check indeed

    • The Jays can say whatever they want about Romero for now and it really won’t bother me. If they want to pump him up or express confidence in him for whatever reason, who cares? If they truly believe that he’s figured something out, we’ll find out based on his role when the season starts. They won’t give him a spot on the big league club if they were just bluffing.

      • It would help a lot if all the crap surrounding the problem wasn’t there: Gibby saying he’s on the map, Ricky doing commercials that pretend he’s not terrible.
        He was ok once, and then he lost it. He’s a nice guy and I hope he gets it back. Even 80% would be ok.
        Having said all of that he’s off the 40 man and I don’t think for 1 second he’ll even be considered for the rotation until after he puts in a minimum 1 decent month in AAA. It might even be an idea to throw him back to AA to get some of his confidence back if in fact he’s for real.
        With regard to the defence, I didnt see his outing 2 days ago, but last week the defence caved to the extent that he had to get 4 outs in his 2nd inning and he still did it. His line was fine but here’s my problem.
        The Yankees played the Jays in ST a few years ago and made Jojo Reyes look like a world beater. In my mind there is no doubt they did it on purpose because, obviously Reyes was horrible. In the same vein I would not put it past Jo Maddon to do the same with RR but he’ll have a few more chances against other teams to do more.

        • Wait, wait, wait. You figure teams are using spring training to bluff divisional rivals into making the wrong roster moves?? That makes my head spin.

          • They don’t just do it in ST. They’re always feigning interest in players to put competitors off their actual plans.

            • That doesn’t mean Ben Zobrist intentionally struck out or anything, as we’ve seen suggested here. The Rays didn’t have their best players in the lineup, but I really don’t think Maddon is dumb enough to tell one of his best players to intentionally get out so that the opposing team will make a bad personnel decision. That’s just an unbelievably horrible idea in every way.

            • Yeah, I can see feigning interest in players, but I can’t see a team making a pitcher “look good” so a rival would include him on the roster. For one thing, I’d hope the Jays wouldn’t use the smallest of SSS to make such a decision.

              • Have to admit AA had some weird fascination with Reyes. Didnt he set some kind of record for losses while he was with them?

          • Agreed. Someone hinted at this yesterday. Are you kidding ?
            Madden did the same when he faced Dickey, just so we would go trade for him.

        • I somehow don’t believe that teams say “hey, go out there and suck so that whats-his-face can make the team for the other guys.” That can throw off guys timing and mindset and pretty risky.

          That being said, this is the Yankees…

          • We will never know. But I’m convinced the fans don’t know half of what teams do to gain a even the slightest edge.

            • Plus it IS the Yankees I was refering to. The same team who last year paid 29 million in luxury tax last Fall and went out and spent 500 million for free agents right after that.
              While I agree telling a player to whiff is a bit much, not playing your best guys is perfectly acceptable and, I don’t know, telling the best guys who are playing to maybe try a different bat grip or hand position or stance. I can see that.

  7. Cesar Izturis.

  8. A short Spring Threat because your focusing on those Griff Bags, right?

  9. Melky looks really good this spring. Turns out having a tumour in your back makes it a bit hard to play baseball!

  10. sooooooo where do they go from here?

    The rehabbing Jeff Niemann or Jair Jurrjens? Because that 5th spot is looking pretty bleak right now.

    • I’d give Niemann a look. Jurrjens seems broken beyond repair.

      Samardzija is probably the only guy who might be available who could legitimately help at this point, and the Jays have no leverage in that deal.

    • Livan Hernandez is retired too, so he’s out.

      • I can not stand the idea of the regular season tryouts again. Apparently AA hasn’t seen enough Laffeys, Ortizs, Wangs, etc. (hehe!)
        If he’d only upped the bid by a measley 1MM…..

        • I just hope they don’t panic and trade Stroman or Sanchez
          for a marginal upgrade and to perhaps placate the fans.

          What is done is done. (or not done is not done in this case)
          Don’t make it worse.
          Go with Happ and Hutch for now, having Redmond and Rogers
          as backups. Stroman is just a phone call away.

          If they can stay in the hunt thru June,
          maybe they can do something at the deadline.

        • Is it possible for anyone to see enough Wangs?

          • Very good “point”…I think I’ve figured out why Dan Johnson was added after Josh Johnson left.

    • Halladay?

      His right arm may be done, but I bet a couple weeks of throwing with his left and he’s a quality inning eating southpaw at the back of our rotation.

    • Cool stuff dm. Thanks for the post. Hope the Jays have something like this, but the stuff that’s gone on since the Rasmus trade really makes me wonder what the hell they are relying on, aside from the “Army of Scouts”.

  11. Anyone want to play the opening day roster prediction game along with season projections? Here’s mine based on nothing but my imagination

    Record 88-74

    6 Reyes –> 140, 300/365/450, 45SB
    9 Cabrera –> 155, 280/340/425, 15SB
    7 Bautista –> 155, 265/390/550, 35 HR
    D EE –> 155, 275/370/530, 35 HR
    3 Lind –> 125, 275/340/460, 20HR
    5 Lawrie –> 135, 260/320/420, 15HR, 15SB
    8 Rasmus –> 135, 260/320/420, 15HR
    2 Navarro –> 100, 240/300/400, 15HR
    4 Goins –> 40, 210/265/290

    6 Reyes
    D Cabrera
    7 Bautista
    3 EE
    5 Lawrie
    2 Navarro
    8 Rasmus
    7 Sierra –> 75GP, 250/310/370 5HR
    4 Izturis –> 120GP, 250/325/325, 15SB

    Backup / Dickey C Kratz –> 60GP 220/300/400 10HR

    SP (IP, ERA, WHIP, HR)
    Dickey –> 230, 3.75, 1.15, 25
    Morrow –> 170, 3.5, 1.2, 15
    Buehrle –> 200, 4.25, 1.5, 25
    Hutchinson –> 150, 4.5, 1.4, 20
    Happ –> 100, 4.75, 1.5, 20

    Jansen, Santos, Dalambar, Cecil, Loup, McGowen, Rogers, Jeffries

    Waivers – Redmond (maybe will make him swingman and drop Jeffires)

    DH – Luis Perez

    First call ups from minors
    Romero 120IP, 4 ERA, 1.25WHIP. 10HR
    Stroman 50IP, 4.5ERA, 1.5WHIP, 10HR
    Drabek, Nolin

    Pen – Wagner, Perez, Jenkins, Stitson

    C – Thole, Jiminez
    Kawasaki 30GP 220/310/300
    Burns, Morel
    Gose 20GP 220/280/330
    Pillar, Wilson

    Think they stand pat and dont sign anybody nor trade for anybody

    Think there will be less injuries. Optimistic on the GP for Bautista, Cabrera and Morrow and everyone overall

    Obviously the Romero prediction is questionable. I actually think he may win a job out of spring training, Happ in the pen and Redmond and Jeffries on waivers but failing that see him coming up and knocking Happ out of rotation a month or two into the year

    Dickey improves

    Optimitic on IP by SP, more than 6 per game

    Dont think Lawrie and Rasmus have monster years

    Goins gets sent to AAA early in season, Izturis starting 2B and Kawasaki UTIL

    • This is an exhausting game…

      • Still trying to figure out which Perez you have at DH. Both Perez’s the Jays have are pitchers, right? And it seems to me one of them got sent down a week ago.

        Also it’s Steve Delabar , not Dalambar

    • Good imagination. I hope you are right. If those numbers happen, we will get to see playoff baseball in Toronto again. Sadly, I think you are over estimating the stats on many of the players.

      • Yes we shall see. Thinking my over estimation may just be that there isnt a lot of missed time due to injury (and maybe Romero). If the players dont hit those GP projections then there is a big drop off when the guys from minors come up.

    • It’s crazy that I think the 555 OPS you’ve used for Goins is too high. Fuck me do we need a second baseman.

      • Yes while writing that I made that consideration then wondered what is the worst OPS of all time and what are the chances that Goins may set the mark?

    • Good stuff

      I’m lazy, so I’m just gonna go with 90-72 and PLAYOFFS

  12. you know – last year everyone thought we would win and we were brutal. This year no one thinks we’ll win and we could still be brutal.

    Doesn’t scenario #2 sound better than scenario #1?

    Go Jays!

  13. Is Tao of Stieb still alive? No posts since November.

  14. Thanks.

  15. i wonder where rich harden is and how long before we see him.

  16. I wonder if we could wake up chris carpenter for a season? Also look at Baltimore you can cover some horrible starters with a great d infield. As long as Romero gets it hit to where they can get it.

  17. I was at the last two games. Melky looks good! Also, we need to trade for Springer and Correa!!!!

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