It’s been a while since I could be heard on the radio talkin’ Jays, but with the season coming up, all sorts of folks are lining up to hear what I’ve got to say… unless their station is owned by Rogers, who I don’t think like me very much, or TSN, who may or may not be under the mistaken impression that, as an employee of theScore I’m a Rogers employee. In other words, not many people in the sports radio world. Could also be that they just don’t think I’m very good at this, I suppose, which is fair.

But anyway! That just means there can be more posts like this one, in which I’ll direct you to a quick spot I did early on this afternoon with the good folks at Red River Radio in Winnipeg, talking about the upcoming season on The Playbook with Brandon Macgranachan.

My segment begins just before the 11 minute mark. (Note: the file is big, so your computer my find it a bit finicky, but it’ll get there.)

Check it out right here.

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  1. Stoeten, I can’t figure out how to open it.

    You better have been wasted during the interview…. gotta represent son.

  2. Those guys have Lego hair

  3. “Lego hair” – ha-ha, nice one! That drummer kicks ass even with a heavy lid.

  4. Bah, he messed up the ‘PLAYOFFS?’ reference. Not Herm Edwards, but Jim Mora.

  5. You play…to win….the game. You play to win the game.

  6. You talkin’ aboout PRACTICE, man…..

  7. If the good folks at Rogers don’t like you very much that is evidence of a job being done well by you

    thank you for the griff bag earlier as well

  8. Well that was good very well done.

  9. That guy should know it’s not J A Happ.

  10. Stoets, did you not find it awesome that the host blatantly makes fun of buck Martinez and how he will screw up pronouncing Ervin Santana’s name and then calls him Irving in the same sentence? Epic man.

  11. @macattack57
    Follow the guy who interviewed stoeten. Probably a commenter here too.

  12. SP trade not likely to happen. Are there any out of options guys or release candidates the Jays can pick up as depth? Bedard and Diamond come to mind, possibly signed with 1 yr minor league contract.

    • Not sure if either of those guys are any better than the options they already have. They aren’t really lacking depth, just real quality.

      • Lately it seems that every time one of those Bedard-type names come up we wonder if the Jays are in on them. I just think exactly that: That they’re probably no better than the Rogers, Redmond, Drabek etc combination that they’ve got already and what’s the point?
        I’d like to see more out of the newer guys Hendriks Rasmusen and With the recent demotions it looks like that’s going to happen.

        • Yep. Bedard is interesting, but he’s 35 with peripherals all trending in the wrong direction. He looks to me like a slightly worse (but more experienced) version of Redmond at this point.

          Diamond is coming off a horrific season (3.57 K/9?!) and would get eaten alive in the ALE. No thanks.

  13. Great jam, talk talk.

  14. FWIW, the Jays are projected to be roughly middle-of-the-pack in catcher WAR. Rangers are #28 (lol). Just don’t look at who’s #2 on the list. Ugh.

    The 2B rankings are gonna be a delight.

  15. Crazy – sounds like there was disagreement within the org on whether to have RR considered for the rotation at the beginning of the season, with Gibbers being the sane one.

    • Gibby the best

      • That rotation doesn’t knock anyone’s lights out but the Jays should have good offense and I think many people have been overestimating the AL East because it’s always been good.

        The Yankees have voodoo magic, but look at what BlueBirdBanter wrote today…that infield is sketchy…Houston Astros sketchy…and the outfield is anything but a sure thing not including Golden Brett. As long as they can win games 2-1 they’ll be fine.

        Can the Boston fuckers really have career years again with a bunch of kids?

        Tampa and Baltimore are full of questions.

        The division winner will be the one with the most injury luck. Boston got that last year.

    • Wow that didn’t take long.

    • I wonder if ownership put the heat on to get their $15mill-over-the-next-2-years man back in the big leagues and earning his pay. It just seems so unlikely that any sane baseball person would actually have considered Romero for the rotation based on 7 mediocre innings after 2 solid years of suck.

      At least Gibby kept his head.

  16. Of course they were. Do you think the Jays like paying Rickey to do nothing for them in the minors except take spots away from other hopefuls? If he had ANYTHING in the tank left they were going to get him in at the 5 spot. It would have been a nice story, but it’s over. Rickey can’t handle the pressure—period.

    It’s not exceptionally egregious but it is what it is. They’ll probably have to try and buy him out soon or dump him in a trade where they pay more than half of the bill.

  17. He’s probably the reason they can’t afford to buy any new pitching.. look at how much AA bitched about Navarro’s reasonable contract? Does that sounds like someone with money to spend on pitching? Good luck getting ownership to take even a two year gamble on Drew!

    • Come on. $7.5m per year for 2014 & 2015 is not completely insignificant but it’s not going to prevent them from signing anyone. Look at their salary increase last year vs. 2012.

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