The results of the MRI on Jose Reyes’s wonky left hamstring came back this evening (according to simultaneous tweets from every Jays reporter on Twitter), and it turns out about exactly as we probably should have expected: a somewhat vague diagnosis of a “mild strain,” meaning he’s currently day-to-day.

For a guy with a history of hamstring problems that isn’t great news, but… it also totally is. I mean, the issue isn’t worse, right? And the sheer fact that he went for an MRI almost assured us that we’d hear that it would be at least this bad. Maybe not, but with the way the Jays sometimes shield the public from information about injuries — y’know like every other team does — it had to be in the back of one’s mind just a little that things may not have been quite as peachy as they were making it sound, so to hear the word “mild” is definitely a good thing.

Yes, these sorts of problems can linger, especially for someone with recurring problems, but we’d do well to remember that, as I pointed out in my previous post on the subject, problems with the left hamstring haven’t been that recurrent for Reyes, at least according to the injury history provided on his BP page. In 2008 he missed two games in mid-April with some soreness, and in 2011 he went on the DL for it in July, missing 12 games, then three weeks later had to hit the DL again, missing 17 games during the second stint.

Again, not great, but not necessarily the doom and gloom scenario it might be easy to conjure up when you hear the words “Reyes” and “hamstring” and “strain.”

So for now, at least, we can focus on trivial matters, like whether we’ll see Reyes in Montreal, or whether the Jays will keep him in Florida, off the turf (at least for a couple of days) and off the plane, hoping to have him ready to go a week today when the season actually opens in Tampa. The answer to that is: whatever’s best for his health and the games that matter, I’m sure. It would be a shame for a lot of Mets fans making the trip (there are Mets fans making the trip, right?), but obviously there are bigger concerns, if that’s what it ends up coming to. Concerns like whether or not he’s good to go for Opening Day, which is hardly a given, especially because you know that they’re going to be cautious here.

Then again, maybe he’ll be playing in a couple of days! I mean, if I was a betting man — and I am — that’s probably not one I would take, but you never know, right? Right???

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  1. Its not catastrophic until its catastrophic.
    Hopefully, it never gets to that.

    I’m with you on having him miss the party in Montreal.
    And I’d leave Melky to keep him company in Florida.

  2. Here comes Kawasaki!

  3. The only thing great about this, is that fucking picture.

    Fingers crossed it’s none too serious, or we are in deep kaka.

  4. get well soon Jose, see you in June

  5. So we should totally sign Drew now right? I mean, that is if this org gave a shit…

    Given their track record with pitcher needs, not likely.

    • Also, does it not make sense given the black hole that is 2B? I mean he could start there and spell Reyes SS when needed.

      Plus if it doesn’t work out, you could always trade him. Vernon Wells taught us there’s no such thing as an unmovable contract.

      What am I missing? $$$ probably.

    • If Drew waits until after opening day, the team that signs him can’t offer him a qualifying offer. I don’t think there’s anyway he signs a one year deal at this point.

      • Ah, I see. Good point.

        The draft pick stays intact until the June draft right? So his market could still be impacted.

        • The draft pick compensation stays in place until after the June draft.Then he can be signed without giving up the draft pick.
          The Jays aren’t the only teams looking for 2nd base help.
          Boras has said that Drew doesn’t want to move to 2nd unless it’s for more than one year.
          Reports are that Drew has a 3/39 deal on the table and hasn’t jumped at it yet.

  6. back when I was gorgeous, everyone wanted a piece of me……

  7. dynamic on the offensive end & can’t replace his likely impact at the top of the order…really enjoyed watching him in the few games he played last year

    hopefully the rest will be enough to get back to 100%

  8. Ugh, this news really pissed me off and I’m feeling overdramatic. How about enough pics of you working out and showing how strong you are if you can’t for the life of you play a full season healthy. AA is the laughing stock of the league after that Miami trade. Jeffrey Loria is a fucking genius who we should employ once AA is canned. This team is fucked. We all know Reyes will go on the DL, so just put him on there now. The rotation is an absolute fucking joke, it’s embarrassing. At least we have Ryan Goins to man second base! LOL!

    Ok, that felt good.

  9. I wonder if we can remove the cadaver hammys from Adam Linds legs and have them on standby should this flare up again midseason?

    Anyone out there have any medical training? Is this plausible?

  10. Fucking christ this team isnt even out of spring training and they already have a key injury. Mild or not, hamstring injuries can linger and get worse if not cared for properly. I wouldnt even trust this teams diagnosis of “mild”. We all know the history of misdiagnosing injuries. Still cant believe goins is the 2b. Fucking incompetence by the gm. The only positives to take from spring training is jbats, ee, cabrera, and maybe rasmus.

    • Hutch, Kratz, McGowan

    • The “only positives”? It’s been a pretty good spring overall. Buehrle looks in midseason form, Dickey is throwing the knuckler well, Hutchison and McGowan have dominated. Redmond and Rogers have put in strong performances. The bullpen has been excellent as always, with Stilson emerging as a useful piece. Sanchez has flashed tantalizing glimpses of his potential.

      Lind has been mashing and Lawrie is really seeing the ball well. (Only three Ks in 50 PAs.) Navarro and Kratz look like they can actually hit, unlike their predecessor.

      • It has turned a corner in the past 10 days for sure. I bet Drew is a dick. Now he won’t look at 3/39 Fuck off already. Really hope the Jays sign him though 2B, BRITTLE SS. I suspect he will have a spot to play most days.

      • To me, lawrie needs to show plate discipline and power this season. I havent watched much spring training but can anyone comment if it looks improved? If he doesnt, i think its time to cut bait. Hes a great defender but for a guy who had a great reputation with the bat in the minors, hes been a disappointment.

        • He’s absolutely looking better. No bouncing around and way more relaxed. It also looks like some of his power is coming back.

        • Cut bait on Lawrie? You have just invalidated any opinion you have had or ever will have on the subject of baseball with that incredibly incompetent idea. Just really dumb. Wow.

        • It’s hard not to appreciate the way you managed to, in the span of just an hour and a half, go from pointing out “the only positives to take from spring training,” while missing a handful of standout performances, to “I haven’t watched much spring training.”

    • You know, AFDG, it’s uncanny how, time and time again, you so accurately capture the pulse of the Monkey Army.

      It must be a gift.

  11. Apparently Seitzer made a tweak to Goins’ swing as recently as Sunday morning, trying to get rid of his massive hitch. If Seitzer can make Goins playable offensively, he will officially attain demi-god status.

    As it is, Goins might be the perfect guy to ask to bunt whenever there’s men on 1B or 2B with less than 2 out, which is disappointing, but probably necessary.

  12. M’s released Scott Baker today (or told him they would grant it). Jays should definately be making a move on him.

    • Sure, if they want a 60day dl spot filled by april 15th

      • worth whatever the downside is that you’re implying. Hus pre-injury track record is quite solid from a skills perspective…there’s lots of upside to what would be a minimal investment.

        • Scott Baker has 7BB, 3HB, and only 1K in 12 IP this Spring, after coming back and performing about that well in 15 IP last season. He couldn’t even make the Mariners rotation, which has far less depth on the backend than the Jays. There is not a very good chance that he can be better than even Chad Jenkins, who is probably 8th or 9th on the current Jays depth chart. He was good before his injury, but it does not look like he has been able to regain that form yet.

  13. Go habs go

    • Hahahahahah
      Ah hahaha
      Sorry to troll, just can’t help myself
      Going down to the bar now,
      I promise to behave in the future,

  14. apparently Janssen topped out at 86mph today. not that he’s a power guy, but you wonder at what point his fastball just becomes batting practice, even if his location is solid.

    not worried yet cause it’s so early, but I suspect his shoulder has been fucked from the beginning, even going back to his days as a starter, and his velocity has dropped nearly 2mph over the last couple seasons. I think his shoulder has an expiry date in the near future, let’s just cross our fingers it’s not this year.

    • Its amazing how good jannsen has been the last few years when you consider his reportoire

    • I’ve always felt Janssen was under rated, not a lower guy but his delivery is deceptive enough and he locates 4 and 5 pitches for strikes. Which is rare for a reliever.

      That being said though, that’s one area the team would be able to overcome an injury or two. If Casey goes down Cecil delabar and santos could fill in

    • How many times has he pitched so far? I bet he’s not even airing it out yet. Would not be surprised to see him start the season on the DL.

  15. Also. This is unreal

    @MLBFanCave: The @DurhamBulls will wear R2-D2 jerseys on Star Wars Night:

    • A friend of mine is a season ticket holder in Durham, totally have to get her to get me one. lol

  16. For those interested, Baseball America has a podcast and there are a couple with some Blue Jays relevant info:

    1. The March 7th Draft Podcast: so, not signing Phil Bickford may turn out alright as the 2014 draft is supposed to better than the last two years (not the epic 2011 draft but pretty good); “a good year in which to have extra draft picks” is the money quote.


    2. The Spring Training podcast of March 19th. Very heavy on Arizona camps but at tthe 20:25 mark their reporter talks about the proliferation of video scouting and specifically mentions the Blue Jays at college games: the Blue Jays have videographers “everywhere” and he repeated for emphasis about the Jays “they have them EVERYWHERE”.

  17. Watch how Reyes slides into bases next time he steals or its going to be close. Really watch.

    It’s like watching a car wreck.

    Most guys five approximately 4-5 feet from the bag with room to shock absorb and slightly decelerate.

    Reyes dives at about 3 feet. This has probably nothing to do with his hammy, but Jesus H, for the love of Sweet baby Lord, quit acting like an RPG round Jose.

  18. ESPN’s Anonymous MLB Players Poll:

    Stankees most overhyped team with 44% of the votes, and one of the money quotes:

    Which team is most overhyped?
    NL outfielder: “The Yankees are the center of attention every year, so it’s fun to watch them when they’re going to be as bad as they will be this year. They’re just so old that there’s no way that lineup stays together. And even if they all stay healthy, it’s hard to see where guys aren’t tailing off.”

    • The other quote that caught my eye – Adderall:

      In your best estimate, what percentage of MLB players are still taking PEDs?

      AL slugger: “I think the number is probably about 10 percent, but that’s not counting Adderall as a PED. If you included guys who are using Adderall, wow, that number would be through the roof.”

      • You can take it legally in the mlb if you get a perscription and tell mlb. I believe carlos Ruiz was suspended for that drug, because he didn’t get a perscription, and he is now taking that very same drug he was suspended for, legally.

  19. Must be the turf in Dunedin!

    Fire Gibburns!

  20. Would/should the Blue Jays have any interest in Bedard as a 5th starter?

    • We already have enough out of options scrubs competing for a 5th spot, we don’t need another one without options who didnt make the rays team

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