There is rain in the forecast for the Clearwater area today, which could spoil a rather interesting afternoon of baseball in Dunedin, with Brandon Morrow on the hill for the Jays, facing big league hitters — or, at the very least, members of the Philadelphia Phillies — for the last time before taking two big turns in front of big Jays crowds, Saturday in Montreal, and then in the home opener next week. Assuming, that is, that Dustin McGowan isn’t squeezed into the spot… or something.

And, of course, Morrow hasn’t been particularly sharp, or throwing particularly hard as yet this spring, though his last outing — in a minor league game — was reportedly a step in the right direction. And thank fuck for that! I mean, we’re talking about Dustin McGowan possibly, shit-you-not, potentially getting a look as a rotation candidate. Things, clearly, must be desperate, and if Morrow doesn’t look like the guy the Jays need him to be this afternoon, it probably won’t mean anything, but it will sure feel like it means something. And something not good, because no matter how discouraged we all may be about how the off-season has gone, it’s still spring, everybody’s record is still the same, and no right thinking person could be absurd enough to have already given up hope that there’s at least a chance things finally break right for this team.

Hey, and Casey Janssen is pitching too!

Holy shit, and Bautista in centre!


Moises Sierra was a late scratch from this one, which prompted some to start wondering about the possibility he could be traded. Not so, though — at least according to the club — as he has apparently come down with the flu that sidelined Dustin McGowan and Sergio Santos earlier in camp. Gregor Chisholm was the first in my feed to tweet it.

The Jays have made Ryan Goins officially their second baseman. Probably going to work out great, right? Right??? John Lott has the details for the National Post.

It’s J.P. Arencibia’s moment now. The Rangers’ would-be starting catcher, Geovany Soto, is out for the next ten to twelve weeks, according to a tweet from Rangers beat writer T.R. Sullivan.

Speaking of injuries: Josh Johnson.


And now the lineups…

Toronto Blue Jays

LF Matt Tuiasosopo (R)
3B Brett Lawrie (R)
DH Colby Rasmus (L)
CF Jose Bautista (R)
1B Adam Lind (L)
C Dioner Navarro (S)
RF Brad Glenn (R)
SS Maicer Izturis (S)
2B Ryan Goins (L)

RHP Brandon Morrow

Philadelphia Phillies

Today’s Phillies lineup brought to you by this tweet from Dominic Continenza. Inaccuracies possible.

1. No power
2. Asshole
3. Chase utley
4. Overpaid
5. Old as ass
6. Dom brown
7. Older than ass
8. Who’s Cody Asche?

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  1. Stoeten i think you need to get laid or drunk or something, you seem to be getting pissier and pissier

  2. Without looking:
    Ben Revere
    Jimmy Rollins
    Chase Utley
    Ryan Howard
    Marlon Byrd?
    Dom Brown
    Cody Asche

  3. The phillies line up eminds of when Stoeten used to refer to Saltamacchia as Saltycockface.
    Made me laugh.

  4. News coming out of Rangers is that Soto is out for 10-12 weeks and they are looking for catching help as JP is their starter as of now. Time to shine JP!!!!!

  5. Hey we get to see “Tui” today !!

  6. Ouch, huge loss for the Rangers.

    • Arencibia starting for the first half of the season seems to fall under the same “A team that plans to be competitive can’t run _____ out there every day and expect to contend” category that a lot of people like to lump Goins into while ignoring the rest of the team.

      • Not really, rangers are a much better overall team.

        It hurts that JPA will be starting both offensively and defensively but it wont sink the team

        • IMO he was just as big a detriment on defence: Especially if he’s calling the game.

        • I don’t disagree that the Rangers are better and have more overall skill on the team to deal with injuries. I just think blanket statements like “you can’t compete with…” etc. are ridiculous, and they’re used all the time in regard to players like Goins. This team’s offence won’t live or die with Goins any more than the Rangers will with JPA; they’ll live or die with the performances and health of Bautista, Encarnacion, Reyes, Lawrie, Cabrera, etc.

  7. I don’t get the Tuiasosopo pickup… I like Sierra all fucking day for the 4th outfielder job.

    • Tuiasosopo can allegedly play the corners in the outfield AND the infield (1B and 3B). So he would be the 4th bench player.

      Bench could look ike Izturis, Kratz, Sierra and Tuiasosopo.

      It could work.

      • thats if they go with a 7 man pen, and that would mean losing one of mcgowan, happ, rogers or redmond.

        • I’m betting Happ goes on the 15 day DL for 15 days after his next outing.

          • Ditto. Happ or McGowan could spend some time on the DL. Losing Jeffress would sting but he could sneak thru waivers in mid to late April.

  8. Poor Tuiasosopo, that guy must be jet-lagged. Holy Fuckballs.

  9. No room for Kawasaki? Nice to have some speed off the bench too.

  10. So now Goins is the starting 2bman? Because yesterday Gibbons said they haven’t announced anything yet.


  11. Profar tore his chest muscle. Out for at least months. Is Texas really a better team than the Jays? They are in big trouble.

  12. is anyone actually watching?
    are these balls hit hard or are they just finding holes?

    • Two loopers this inning. Now another fucking 4-pitch walk.

      Ryan Howard hit a ball hard—to the track but foul—last inning.

      It’s these fucking walks that are bothering me.

    • I’m kinda watching. Most of the hits have been grounders that found holes.

      I’m not paying attention enough to tell you much more than that, but I’ve seen several fastballs that have been down in the zone which is promising.

      i think i recall one fastball hitting 94 mph

    • I havent seen that great slider so far from Morrow…anyone else?

  13. Morrow looks like shit imo. Not exactly inspiring a lot of confidence this late in the spring.

    • he hasn’t pitched in a really long time.

      I don’t know what player comes back in midseason form, in spring, after a year away with injury.

      • See Hutchison, Drew…..

        • didn’t hutch pitch in the fall league?

        • Hutchison pitched regularly starting in mid-July last year through the end of the season, then played in the Arizona Fall League.

          Morrow came into the spring having pitched two innings since last May.

          Not quite the same.

          • I never know what to expect form the guy. He looks great and seemed to be pitching ok, even though I didnt see his slider (doesnt mean he didnt throw it). He said in his interview that he was happy but was a bit disappointed about the walks. But he also said that his recovery has gone very slowly. I can see that given the nature of the injury.

  14. He needs to show it this year or he is in danger of falling permanently in the should have, could have pitchers club.

  15. Everyone relax, didnt you hear the news?????? Dusty the million dollar man Rusty Mcgowan is back in the mix to secure a spot in the rotaion….. what a joke.

  16. is it gameday being fucked up or have the jays actually flown out to the warning track five times?

  17. Spring training update:
    1) Reyes – Injured
    2) drabek – stinks
    3) romero – stings
    4) Dickey – knucklball dancing in 200+ level
    5) rasmus + lind – cant hit a beach ball

    • G and K aren’t even close together, so i’m guessing you mean romero stings, like a busy little bee

  18. Spring training update part deux:

    6) Morrow – going to start in AAA buffalo
    7) OHKO – #4 pitcher in rotation
    8) Kawasaki – starting SS
    9) No trades , no signings NO HOPE.

  19. Morrow’s offspeed stuff looked kind of crappy today – not much bite on any of it really. Then again maybe it was just the weird camera angle.

  20. Yep Lind can’t hit a beach ball in spring training. BA .386 Ops 1.036 he sucks

  21. Word around spring training is that the following pitchers would not start or be in contention to start on any team in the Majors except the Toronto Blue Jays :

    1) Brandon ‘oft injured ‘ Morrow
    2) Toddy Redmond
    3) Dusty Mcgowan
    4) Ricky Romero
    5) Mark Buerhle
    6) Esmail Rogers
    7) drew Hutchy
    8) Tommy Ohko

  22. WTF is with the troll infestation. Same guy, I mean kid?

  23. 9) Almost forgot
    10) I’m a fucking idiot

  24. Time to call this POS?? Someone could get hurt.

  25. If anyone’s interested, I tweeted Dirk Hayhurst asking why he was no longer with the Jays. I assumed he left to work in the states but this was his response:

    “They over spent on Hockey and cut budget… my best guess.”

    That’s some BS, no? He was good. And Jesus they have about 30 hockey analysts.

  26. What is the report on Santos? Game day shows he pitched to one hitter and was pulled?

    Morrow looked rusty. Saw a couple of innings and he couldn’t command his 4 seamer and his split change and curve were very flat. Saw him throw a couple of sliders. One was ok the other was very meh.

    • I think that was the plan. They’ve got some idea they want to get guys pitching 2 days in a row or something.

      • makes sense. Jansen might not start the season with the team, so Santos would have to go back to back in save situations to begin the year.

        Apparently, Janssen didn’t hit 90 on the gun today, not that velocity was his biggest weapon anyways. So he looks to still be building strength up.

    • He pitched yesterday. Let’s hope the plan was just to get him up on back to back days, and that he was just in for the one batter regardless.

  27. Lets take a tally, where do the Jays finish this year?

  28. Mark Buerle1 after the game yesterday : “now I’m going home to clean the house. ” gotta love this game!

    • +1

    • Holy Shit !!

      That guy made $11 MM last year and will make $19 MM this year.

      Can’t he just pay someone to do that ??

      Better still, if he gives me a lousy $1 MM I’ll hire the guy if that’s the problem.

      We’d all be better off if Twitter didn’t exist.

  29. Anthony Gose Mike Nickeas, Chris Getz and John Tolleson sent down today. Is there any hope for Gose?

  30. I’m kind of at a loss for words with some people. Why do you waste your time commenting on message boards if all your going to say is “our team is fucking shit”. If it is so shit and you can do a better job, by all means try to make it as an MLB GM and make a fuckin World Series contender. It’s one thing to be critical of the team and suggest ways to improve or ways to develop players but if you’re coming on here to piss and complain about the team, find a new one.

    I can’t wait for all the sarcastic comments that follow this post but I used to consistently come to DJF to 1) read the article and 2) read and post discussion about the team and various players. Not to be a pissy bitch but I can barely find a comment to reply to anymore. Are people really that down on this team? Yes, we did nothing this off season but we have played exactly 0 games in the 2014 regular season. 0 games. And if last season is any indicator, projections for the most part are horse shit. If anyone has made it to this point of the rant, sorry you had to endure this, I debated hitting delete but needed to get this off my chest. Let’s fuckin go Blue Jays.

  31. pollyanna is calling.

  32. Can someone give me a quick rundown of how Morrow looked today? I missed the game and don’t feel like sifting through all the troll comments.

    • Just watching the game on sportsnet starting at 7pm…

      - I liked what I saw – some walks but overall liked his overall ability to locate
      - gave up a couple in the 2nd but didn’t get hit hard at all
      - through a lot of fastballs – in the 4th, phillies seemed to sit on it & hit 3-4 singles
      - threw a 0-0 change for a strike after walking a batter – that was good to see
      - fastball had good movement, sometimes too good against a left handed hitter – tailed away from the hitter

      - overall, my impression is he’s not 100% like u’d want a week before the season but he’ll get there presuming good health

  33. According the Lott, the MRI on Jose revealed a mild hamstring strain and he is day to day. Good news.

  34. Go habs go

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