Ugh. Start the irrational panic wagon and the insufferably dumb kvetching about the Jays not always being forthcoming about injuries!

Buck Martinez was on the Fan 590 with Jeff Blair this morning saying that Jose Reyes was walking around the clubhouse looking healthy enough, and not hobbled, despite leaving Saturday’s Grapefruit League game early with tightness in his hamstring. Over the weekend, according to several reports, including one from John Lott of the National Post, John Gibbons told reporters that his level of concern was “zero right now — today,” adding, however, that “If he hasn’t played a week from now, then we’ve got a lot of concern.”

And then this:


For those unfamiliar, hamstring issues have plagued Reyes’s career. According to the injury summary on his Baseball Prospectus page, problems with his left hamstring caused him to miss 29 games in two separate DL stints in 2011, two games in 2008, as he dealt played through the lingering tightness, and he’s also had a host of other issues with that leg: last year’s severe ankle sprain, as well as an ankle sprain in 2003, and a stress fracture in his tibia in 2004.

The story of his right hamstring isn’t a whole lot better, either.

Brendan Kennedy of the Toronto Star tweets that Gibbons continues to say today that he doesn’t feel the injury was serious, and that the MRI is just precautionary.

Reyes himself adds, via two tweets from Gregor Chisholm: “I’m not concerned. I just want to make sure everything is alright. I have to find out what it is. We’ll see. Right now we’re taking it day by day. I’m going to get an MRI this afternoon to have a better idea.”

That certainly does make sense, especially given that starting Friday the Jays are scheduled to play twelve straight games on shitty turf (two in Montreal, four in Tampa, and then six in the first homestand of the year), which obviously might prove even harder on a wonky leg, and which… ugh.

Just ugh.

My gut, for some reason, says that he’ll be fine, but man… thoughts of beginning the season with Ryan Goins sliding over to shortstop and Maicer Izturis playing second — as we’re told will be the setup in the event of a Reyes injury — are just a depressing reminder of the thin veneer of depth this club currently is attempting to hide behind. Shit, playing with those two up the middle for any part of a season in which championship aspirations anything but fucking hilarious is just… ugh.

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  1. Obviously I don’t want Reyes to miss anytime but maybe it spurs the Jays into signing Drew to at least a one year deal or maybe more. When Reyes gets healthy bye bye Goins.

  2. Something I’ve thought of if (Big If) the Jays were to convince Drew to sign as a 2b and it takes more then a one year deal. Besides the injury history with Reyes where he could move over to SS there is the possibility that if the Jays are way out of it they try to move Reyes to save his cash and then Drew could have the SS position to himself. I know Drew ain’t signing her to to begin with but if he did I think that’s a real possibility.

  3. Not that turf isn’t shitty in general — but is there a specific line of reasoning (based on science and fact) that turf is definitely detrimental to the hamstring?

    • with good turf it wouldn’t matter, with the turf at rogers center, it’s basically carpet over concrete so its harder on your legs all around.

    • I had this exact question and with a little looking, found that:

      1. artificial turf from the 60′s did have more injuries, which led to improvements in artificial turf
      2. most of the studies I read concluded that the new artificial turf did not seem to have more injuries than natural terrain, but in classic academic literature form said more research is needed to arrive at a conclusion
      3. aparrently footware, and specifically cleats, correlates better than turf to more injuries (which makes me think of Reyes’ ankle roll from last year)
      4. all of the studies I read looked at football and soccer players (not baseball)

      It was interesting to note that, despite the inconclusiveness of the research on the new turf, a survey of NFL players opinions seemed to say that they think that they are more likely to have an injury on artificial turf. This may indicate a perception vs reality problem or that the players are noticing somehting that may not be translated in the data of the studies.

      My conclusion is: I still don’t really know, but it seems like the turf causing injury thing might not be supported by the data and that it may simply be a perception thing (I’m as bad as those academics).

  4. Maybe this’ll put enough of a scare into them that they’ll see the benefits of a 2B/SS just sitting out there available to sign right now?

  5. Well if Dr. Gibby isn’t worried then I’m all good.

  6. “a depressing reminder of the thin veneer of depth this club currently is attempting to hide behind”

    Yep, this is it. Regardless of whether this injury is a problem or not, at some point there will be an injury, and we won’t be ready for it.

    • Yeah that seems to be a major concern for the Jays right now, no depth whatsoever for the position players. Most teams have at least one “decent” bench option or even more likely, young talent waiting for an opening. The Jays have nobody. At least with the rotation there are a lot of guys who can come in and be mostly acceptable, if not exciting.

      They pretty much have to have a healthy lineup all year because it turns ugly so fast with even 1 injury.

  7. Must have been the Rogers Centre turf, right?

  8. When does the NFL season start? Every other team, in every other league, I cheer for sucks (Jays, Flames, Jazz).

    • How did you end up with that trio of teams to cheer for? Just cheer for the Raptors.

      • Became a sports fan in late 80′s early-90′s I’d guess. Jays were great, Flames won a cup and Stockton and Malone were a boss pairing, especially if you didn’t want to go too front-runner with Jordan’s Bulls.

        • Pretty much. Cheered for Jays and Flames in mid 80s because of my dad. I live in Alberta so Seattle and Utah were the two closest NBA teams. When I started getting into basketball in the late 80s I went with Stockton and Malone.

          I hope the Jays are good, I’m just not optimistic.

  9. But we don’t want to sign Drew. Nope, no way, no how…

  10. Ugh ugh ugh ugh

    But seriously, it only makes sense to get an MRI and make sure about what it is. It could very well be good news. I think Jays fans have earned some of that.

  11. A couple of days on the turf at the RogMahal and he’ll be fine.

  12. Drew please.

    Ah who’m I kidding…

  13. So is consensus that Kawasaki stays up if Reyes goes on DL?

  14. hes fucked for sure and its all my fault. I picked him in my fantasy pool. Sorry everybody.

  15. Reyes aside, why don’t we hear that players complain about Tropicana filed?? Never heard a some one complain about not wanting to play there because of filed conditions.

    Second, Kawasaki should be playing versus Izturis….Kawasaki can’t really hit much but he can grind an AB out.


    • a) they’re usually not in the conversation for bigger free agents

      b) they have a recent history of winning on an annual basis

      c) it’s warmer in April/September

      • Their turf isn’t constantly getting rolled up and put back down. Stands to reason that would have an effect on the shittiness of the turf.

  16. I realize Izturis gets paid more than Kawasaki, but he’s not the better option should Goins replace Reyes. Again, Jays won’t be fielding the best team they can. Sad.

  17. And here I was thinking that the Jays have been doing really great this spring in terms of injuries/healthy. They had avoided any of the major catastrophes that hit other teams. Hopefully this just proves to be some tightness that goes away with rest and stretching.

  18. Championship aspirations?

  19. Sure is fun waiting for everything to break right rather than maybe having a reasonable contingency plan at any single position

  20. Scott Boras says, “you can only ignore me for so long”.

  21. Does it make sense that I blame Rogers for the lack of depth but AA and the front office for not picking up a starter?

    • Maybe it makes sense, maybe it doesn’t. For what it’s worth, I do the opposite.

      I’ve convinced myself that AA’s failure to pick up a starter can only be explained by Rogers imposing payroll restrictions on him. (I have to believe that, to preserve my sanity)

      The lack of depth, on the other hand, I mostly blame on AA. Even within a prescribed budget, I refuse to believe that he couldn’t have scraped together a better collection of bench guys than what we have. In that regard, I see bench depth as a bit like the bullpen – the pieces are out there (and cheap) for the intelligent GM / scouting staff to find. We’ve done a shitty job of finding those bench pieces the last couple of years.

  22. You don’t sign Drew because you think you’ll be able to skate by with Reyes & Goins – and all of a sudden you’re looking at Izturis and Goins. What is the floor if those guys have to play any significant amount of time this season? Not to panic – Reyes certainly could be back – but this injury is not without precedent for holding him out of the lineup.

    All of a sudden the Jays are taking MAJOR risks at 2 spots in the lineup and (at least) 2 spots in the rotation.

    • Yeah, I didn’t really care about Santana and Ubaldo, but it is very, very weird to me that they haven’t signed Drew. Goins is not some high-upside piece like Hutchison, Stroman or McGowan.

  23. I really want to believe AA has a contract draw up and negotiated with Drew for Opening day so that he can avoid having a QO offer at the end of the year… at least, I want to believe…

  24. If he goes down to injury for more than just a few games this season, it becomes just that much tougher to find things to root for with this team.

  25. Someone posted this link to an article last week. It had to do with the Red Sox hiring a “soft tissue ” specialist to fix David Ortiz. Most teams have trainors thereapists and a team doctor, but the Sox went out and hired a specialist. As long as the Jays have that turf (green concrete) in the dome, might be a good idea.

  26. Anyone notice the reply button is working differently?


  28. Reyes is gonna get hurt one way or the other. That’s why this team needs Drew. Not that he’s a picture of health either, but at least it would push Goins to the bench where he would be a very capable depth piece.

    As you said Stoeten, that is the problem with this team: no plan Bs.

  29. FWIW

    Jayson Stark ‏@jaysonst ·2 hrs
    One scout on reports Drew has 3/$39M offer on table: “If I had his number, I’d call & say, `You’d better take it, son.”

  30. championship aspirations lol

  31. So the jays won’t give santana a deal because of his injury risk but have no problem giving reyes 80 mil with noodle legs. Makes total sense.

  32. Given the schedule in the first couple of weeks,
    I’d have Melky and Reyes miss the party in Montreal.
    (And who EVER wants to miss a party in Montreal?)

    But it might be wise to leave those two in Florida for the weekend.

  33. Back-up. It would be so nice to have some. Just once it would be lovely for the front office to field a team that has a credible bench and some decent back-up. I’d say this team is a mile wide and an inch deep. But it’s nowhere near a mile wide.

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