Ugh. Edwin Encarnacion has left today’s game with the Yankees after being hit on the right forearm/wrist/wherever he’s being hit in the image above. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh.

You could hear it, says Jerry Howarth on the TV broadcast. A manager’s worst nightmare at this point in the spring, says Buck Martinez.

Fortunately there were some good signs: Encarnacion, despite leaving the at-bat immediately, didn’t go straight to the clubhouse, and when he did jog down there alongside trainer George Poulis, he gave a thumbs up. So… Dr. Edwin says he’s doing OK, but they’re prooooooobably going to want to take an x-ray just to be safe. And until the results of that come in, we hold our breath.

We’ll keep you updated. More images below.




If you can’t tell from the fuckin’ Zapruder film I’ve uploaded here, one, click to embiggen, and two, it definitely looks more forearm-y than hand-ish. And yes, that’s my official medical diagnosis. A little close to the wrist, too, which may not be good, but in terms of places where there are tiny bones just waiting to be broken, you could have a worse three grainy images of what vaguely looks like a baseball player being hit on the arm with an almost-sphere. And coupled with the reaction on the field, I think I’m going to be safely able to keep myself from contemplating life without Edwin, at least until we start hearing about the results.

Serenity now!


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  1. Wilner tweeted that from the replays it was definitely the forearm.


  3. How long was Granderson out after breaking his forearm last spring?

  4. Which one is his bad wrist ? If that matters ?

  5. This season is gonna be a wild ride.

  6. Forearm. He’s fine, he’s in the shower right now playing his bagpipes with that same hand.

  7. Perhaps this is some kind of divine retribution for Granderson last year?


  8. I think we should trade for Votto just to be safe.

  9. This is not good at all. and Ellsbury better get hit in the opening series. The Jays pitchers need to protect our hitters.

  10. get well soon edwin see you in june

  11. You can see it in slow-mo in an anitmated gif here: . Based on the fact he was smiling and talking with Beltran on his way to the clubhouse I can’t imagine it’s anything serious.

    • Great gif … that ball just completely stopped when it hit his forearm, not a good sign.

      • I think that could be a bit of an illusion due to the lack of depth perception of a 2D broadcast. The ball actually goes almost to the dugout behind EE.

  12. Brett Lawrie everyone.

    He’s a gawddamn monster this year.
    Allstars and pornstars.
    This is his year.

  13. Tommy Hanson released by the Rangers.. wouldn’t be bad pick up to stash in buffalo.

    His velocity has dropped a lot since his succesful years in ATL but he’s only 26, he should be able to regain some sort of form.

    Plus doesn’t look like he’ll get a major league deal anywhere.

  14. Fucking excellent use of Zapruder film.
    It doesn’t even look to me like that ball came from the pitcher. Was Keith Hernandez in the stands?
    Nice game, pretty boy!

  15. AA says he’s fine. Also says that Reyes should DH in Montreal and will be ready for Opening Day.

  16. Stankee food options for 2014: how does Rogers stack up??

    Nacho Helmet?? All food in a helmet, please.

  17. From the replay on, it sounded like it hit the bat. Perhaps the ball hit the end of the bat, then splashed off the wrist, pauses โ€” in mid air, mind you โ€” makes a left turn and lands on Edwin’s forearm.

  18. @SNBarryDavis: According to AA Encarnacion is fine. Also says the hope is for Reyes to DH Friday in Mont. Says he will be ready for opening day. #BlueJays

  19. Man that Montreal series sounds like it’s going to be a ton of fun! Two sold out spring training games, vive le Expos!

  20. write this down,
    adam lind and jose reyes will get mvp votes.

  21. melky hitting frickin lazers all spring. he WAS the NL mvp in 2012 through July. BOOK IT!

    • Just remember the Stoeten rule: Since you can’t measure the impact to five decimal places, we must logically assume that PEDs never made anyone better at anything ever!

      MVPs for Melky forever!

      • PED’s should make you less skeptical about his 2012 than his .370 babip does. That is pretty much the definition of outlier.

  22. Damien Cox says if Hutchison can win 13-14 games this year then everything will be good.
    Why the fuck is he talking about baseball. Gonna boycott this fuckn show.

  23. Lookit, this team is dicked, so fuggetabout EE. Direct your attention to Dr. Loki Skylizard or perhaps Shitavious Cook.

    Name of the Year is back.

  24. AA is showing what a joke of GM he is. Dickey gets to decide who the backup catcher is? Are the inmates running the asylum? With an already thin bench you need a power bat off the bench to pinch hit. And given how ball fly out of skydome kratz would prob jack 20. But AA has to stroke the ego of 1 player instead of trying to actually win games. How did that go last year with JPA?

    • I’d hardly call Kratz a power bat. I’ll give his “has some pop in his bat”, but that’s about it.

      You need a guy who can catch Dickey properly. That’s Thole. Navarro good very well suck it with Dyson-like vigor, in which case you’ll see your precious Kratz.


      • What Kratz brings is defence. He looks like an outstanding receiver with a top tier arm in the running for the best in the league. Hard to imagine he couldn’t learn to catch the knuckler better than thole and how does those make the team given his absolutely atrocious performance last year. Jpa was an MVP compared to those last year.

        Think aa needs to let the manager decide who makes the team

    • yeah thats waht this team needs!
      a catcher who can pop 20
      who cares about anything else,
      if only they had that last year

    • Did we sign Adebisi??

    • Lol I love the idea of looking at spring training stats to determine how a veteran is going to perform.

      Maybe look at kratz’s mlb numbers first .

      Sure thole didn’t really ‘make’ the team but neither of them is really going to make a huge difference with the bat. We are probably talking about all of 200 ab’s here

      • Totally. If the difference between the Jays being decent or not is Thole vs. Kratz, they are fuckered.

  25. Jesus, I’m horrible.

    *I’ll give HIM “has some….
    *Navarro COULD very well suck it

  26. So I think its safe to assume this is how alot of games will be for the Jays his year. Our SP’s let us down, but our kick ass bullpen and good offense can still give us a chance to win.

  27. That Lawrie-Goins double play in the 7th was a real beauty.

  28. Has anyone noticed the Rangers rotation to start the year? Not good.

    • It’s a awful. If their offense doesn’t get off to a good start they could fall behind pretty quickly

    • 2014 Rangers seem to be having
      some of the same luck as the 2013 Blue Jays.

      Already on the DL are Darvish, Holland,
      Harrison, and reliever Ortiz,
      along with starting 2B Profar,
      starting C Soto and backup OF E. Beltre.

      Hard to contend with all that talent on the shelf.

  29. About the Encarnacion hit. I was reviewing footage from a parking lot southwest of the grassy knoll, which clearly showed another shooter.

  30. Fuck this, because fuck the Yankees. I’ve got a fucking bullet with fucking Preston Claiborne’s name on it.

    • Usually, someone will tell you to step off the ledge. But in this case, you should take a header.

  31. Not going to lie, I am very excited that Dusty is a starter. He’s going to rip some shit up this year.

  32. Dusty will win the Cy or be out in 4 weeks. I no longer believe in the in-between with this team. All or nothing cowboy, shit kicking, mouth frothing baseball! Or a quiet whimper into July as my liver dances into the sunset.

  33. Dickey: “Today was not a day about results for me… Ideally it would be great if you could get out of there with some clean innings, but what was paramount for me was exercising my arm in a way where I felt good.

    I was able to use a large range of velocities and I mixed in pitches that I would never throw during the regular season to put it in their head that might be another weapon I might use on them later. I did exactly what I wanted to do.”

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