To answer the title posed by this question… er… the question posed by the title: maybe?

It’s been optioned, at least, according to Deadline.com, and Buzz fucking Bissinger is apparently on board to write the script, along with a couple of actors/producers I’ve never heard of that were both apparently in The O.C.

No, really.

Actors Ben McKenzie andLogan Marshall-Green have joined forces to launch the shingle A Thing Or Two Productions. They come to the table in a big way. Tom Rothman’s TriStar Pictures has made a deal on a baseball memoir which the duo will produce with Michael De Luca. TriStar has optioned Wherever I Wind Up, the memoir by pitcher R.A. Dickey about his unusual life journey. Buzz Bissinger has been set to write the script.

. . .

Dickey was already entertaining bids for screen rights to his book when Marshall-Green and McKenzie flew to Nashville to sit with him. Their enthusiasm prompted the pitcher to entrust them with the rights, and they used their own money for the option. McKenzie, a former high school football player in Texas, was understandably enamored of Friday Night Lights author Bissinger, and enlisted him to write the script.


Dickey’s is a hell of a story, of course. Eventual Cy Young winners who overcame the kind of personal and professional adversity that he did simply don’t come along every day. In fact, it’s really sort of the perfect tale to be dumbed down into standard fare Hollywood schlock. Everybody wins!

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  1. If they do make this movie,
    i’m 100% sure it ends with the mets…. they’ll probably ignore last year.

  2. Speaking of books, anyone read Hayhurst’s latest Jays book full of juicy, pseudonym-based Jays stories, or Keri’s Expos book? Both are sitting on my bookshelf.

    I finished Davidi & Lott’s book about the 2013 season, and it’s good – has some interesting new nuggets that I never knew – my only criticism was that the book has a lot of rehashed info if you, y’know, lived through 2013 and remember what happened.

  3. Or if you, y’know, lived through 2013 and don’t want to remember what happened.

  4. The Jays will be in it. He played for them as alittle leaguer. Would you end the movie as aCy Young winner or a last place finish with an average year?

  5. SI has there preseason predictions up and the Jays are nowhere to be found in any of the journalists picks. In the whole three page article the Jays are only mentioned once in terms of high salery teams trading at the dead line. We are compared to the Angels and Philles. Given last year its hard to blame them, but I thought one of them would pick us as a surprise team. Fuck ‘em all.

    • That’s better for the Jays… let’s surprise the fuck outta them all. Expectations were too much last year. No expectations … boom!

    • Anybody that believes Toronto doesn’t have a chance to contend is not being objective and doesn’t know what the fuck they’re talking about.

  6. Josh Brolin to play Dickey.

    Matt Damon to play Thole.

    Cameo by Cock Flakes.

  7. Kenneth Branagh as Buck Martinez


    Tilda Swinton as Travis D’Arnaud, Nose Snygen, Woman on Skateboard #2

  8. Did anyone else just hear Kelly Gruber rambling like an idiot on the fan?

    • Was he drunk? Lol. Knew a girl who use to live down the hall from him in the early 90′s. He use to come home so drunk, he would try to open doors to other peoples homes. He’d be jiggling the key and muttering to himself. I couldn’t imagine going out drinking with Gruber, David Wells and Todd Stottymyre! They’re lucky they played before the you tube era.

      • Yeah but I’ll always love Gruber for the tomahawk chop in Atlanta during the World Series.

      • He had to be plastered! He was going on about how playing for the Yankees would have made him sad; “He would look at the owners smoking their cigars in their box, and he would let an easy ground ball go through his legs, because….You know what I mean?”

    • Gruber was a goof, but was a hell of an athlete. Just remember he ran down Deon Sanders

    • I have friends who enjoyed some white pony with Gruber one time. He loves to party.

  9. Btw games in montreal should be free on mlb tv per them. Dont know about mobile- they seem to be less giving for that.

  10. Brad Pitt as Syndergaard
    George Clooney as D’Arnaud.

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