With their roster in place for Opening Day — provided everybody stays fully encased in bubble wrap until then — the Jays make the 13 minute drive to Clearwater to take on the Phillies in their final slice of Grapefruit League action before heading to Montreal for two final tuneups tomorrow night and Saturday afternoon.

Aaaaand it would appear as though the garbage that is Windows 8 doesn’t want me to post this, so it’s dropping my wifi every three minutes. Some key scuttlebutt is going around, so I won’t be deterred. Guess I’ll just stop trying to fight through this horseshit, post what little I have here, and just switch machines to the one that actually works but is intentionally dumb. Ugh.

Hey! But it’s Drew Hutchison on the hill, and this one is actually, so that’s good, right? Couldn’t expect Rogers to find room for it on actual TV, though, what with all the poker and radio shows they need to air, but still! And Pete Puma!


Brendan Kennedy tweeted earlier that Jose Reyes is on the traveling roster for today’s game, and Barry Davis later added that Reyes will DH tomorrow in Montreal. However things later changed a bit: Reyes is apparently feeling fine, as Davis tweeted that he’s now set to play at shortstop on the turf in Montreal tomorrow. Thank fuck!

Davis also tweets that Edwin Encarnacion is fine following yesterday’s incident. It’s just a bruise.

Drew writes at Getting Blanked about Dustin McGowan, how he’s maybe never been quite as good as Jays fans want to believe, but how he’s also seriously warming the frosty hearts of this fan base.

Alex Anthopoulos was on Prime Time Sports yesterday. Watch it, if you feel like it. But actually maybe you’d rather…

Follow @SportsBarHeroes on Twitter and check their timeline for some news about a bit of a happening next week, which I’ll be posting about soon! And while you’re at it, even if you already have, watch the video! (Explained here).


And now the lineups…

Toronto Blue Jays

CF Colby Rasmus (L)
RF Moises Sierra (R)
LF Melky Cabrera (S)
DH Jose Bautista (R)
1B Adam Lind (L)
C Dioner Navarro (S)
3B Brett Lawrie (R)
SS Maicer Izturis (S)
2B Ryan Goins (L)

RHP Drew Hutchison

Philadelphia Phillies

CF Ben Revere (L)
SS Jimmy Rollins (S)
2B Chase Utley (L)
DH Ryan Howard (L)
RF Marlon Byrd (R)
C Carlos Ruiz (R)
3B Cody Asche (L)
1B John Mayberry Jr. (R)
LF Tony Gwynn Jr. (L)

RHP Pete Puma

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  1. Dirty slider from Hutch. His stuff looks great this spring.

  2. I am taking the OVER on the Vegas line for the Jays this year, it’s 79.5
    I am going to drop $2000 on them and use the winnings to buy me and the ladyfriend a cheap week in Cuba come December. Fuck it.

    I am willing to go on record on this wager (post pics on my webpage) and take my lumps if need be, but I think this team has all the parts to win 90 games. I mean, come on, they are the SAME FUCKING TEAM PREDICTED TO WIN THE 2013 WORLD SERIES, minus JJ and JPA (good fucking riddance). Am I drunk as fuck here or does this seem like a sure thing?

    • Alternatively, you could take your $2K and buy yourself and the lady friend a cheap week in Cuba come December…

      I love your enthusiasm, though…

    • It’s not a bad bet at all. A few things break the right way and you’re in clover. Mind you, a slow start and a shit outlook at the All Star break could make AA a seller at the deadline; in which case you’re fucked. But it’s not a bad line.

      Now, cue the trolls who will seize the opportunity to shit on you from a great height.

    • where do you even go to do that?
      i’d 100% take the over

    • You need to check out the deals – you can still have a trip to Cuba for two for less than $2000 all inclusive. I’d take that for wifey and I over betting whether I’d win or lose on an over/under bet since this would be guaranteed while the over/under isn’t.

      • so you’re saying placing that bet would be a gamble?

        • I am not debating the costs of an all-inclusive trip here, I am simply stating the fact I am going to go for FREE because the Jays are going to win more than 79.5 games.

    • I’d take that bet too. But I understand why the number is so low. It isn’t a sure thing. But yeah Hutch and McGowan pretty much mean nothing to anyone else, but we at least see the potential for them to accomplish a lot more than JJ and Wang and Esmil Rogers did last year.

  3. I mean, why the fuck would I want to right click something?

  4. Hutchison looks a lot like Brandon Morrow, with the facial hair and all.

  5. Hutch is only 23?

  6. so, is colby leading spring training in strikeouts?

    • I think JPA will hold that title every year for as long as he plays.

      • Out of curiosity, I checked Arencibia’s spring stats and giggled to myself a little when I saw he has a .231 OBP so far. Then I realized that’s higher than his 2013 OBP and got a little sad.

        • So you’re saying getting out of the “tense” Toronto clubhouse environment has allowed him to really relax and play to his potential?

          • Pretty much. The clubhouse atmosphere was obviously weighing on him, which dragged his OBP down to a horrendous .227. Now that he can get his head clear in a new city, he’s ready to reach new heights.

  7. I love how no one knows who that fuckin pinch runner was who just scored for the Jays…. Baseball is awesome.

  8. Please please please stop flogging the dead horse that is @SportsBarHeroes. Not funny. Not even CLOSE to funny. Just a desperate and feeble attempt at ‘edgy humour’.

  9. Hutch with 27 total pitches with 2 outs in the 5th? Is that right? 9 balls out of those, with 2 walks? It’s what MLB Gameday is saying right now. Phillies swinging at a lot of first pitches? It can’t be right…

  10. I won’t get overly excited about Drew Hutchison. I won’t get overly excited about Drew Hutchison. I won’t get overly excited about Drew Hutchison.

    • Fuck it.
      Get excited.
      The stats have been analyzed,ST is almost over,everythings been debated.
      It’s time to be a fan and cheer for the local nine.

      • I think I see the makings of a blockbuster movie taking shape….

        Kid from Florida goes under the knife for TJ surgery.

        yadda yadda yadda.

        Kid leads his team to win the World Series

  11. Ryan Roberts??

    • Yeah, I saw that too, but who’s he going to replace? Is he even an improvement over who we have? He’s a step sideways from both Goins or Izturis. I’d be in favour of him as a bench player, but the Jays STUPID 8-man bullpen ensures we can only have three bench players right now.

  12. Drew motherfucking Hutchison, everybody.

  13. Why are you using Swindows instead of a freedom-respecting operating system?

  14. Could Goins be learning how to take a walk?

    • so far in the spring he’s walked 7 times in 66 PA’s compared to 9 strikeouts which amounts to 10.6% BB rate and 13.6% K rate.

      It’s an incredibly small sample against lower competition, but those rates compare very well to his AAA and big league numbers from last season and could be a sign of what he and Seitzer are trying to accomplish. It’s probably going to take longer for the mechanical stuff to take hold (if it ever does).

      If you could take what he did in the MLB last year and substitute in league average K and BB numbers, he could actually be kinda not terrible.

    • I started talking about this in yesterdays game threat before the Edwin HBP happened.

      He’s now walked in 10.3% of his PAs this spring. Small sample, for sure, but it’s nice to see. If you take his career minor league walk rate (7.8%) and apply that to last year’s major league stats, he suddenly has a .307 wOBA. That’s obviously not great, but it’s on par with or better than guys like Brandon Phillips, Nick Franklin, Mark Ellis, Jose Altuve and Dustin Ackley from last year. That would be palatable from the bottom of the lineup, and it would take a lot of the pressure off his defense.

      It’s obviously not that simple, but maybe all he needs is just a little patience.

  15. Holy Shit! Janssen was ridiculous there.


    The Jays will win the AL East because the Baseball Gods owe them one. After being the odds-on favorites last year, the Baseball Gods either injured or removed all baseball ability from almost every player on the Blue Jays’ roster. For some unlucky Blue Jays, the Gods did both, removing every ounce of baseball talent and then injuring them.

  17. Opera Bob’s tomorrow for a fake Quebecois opening night celebration anyone?

  18. Real interesting article on Nick Franklin over at Grantland by Rany J.

    Obviously haven’t seen too much of him, but there is a lot to like. Would fit in well.

    • Just had a read, very intriguing for sure. Anyone care to hazard a guess as to what it would take to acquire him?

  19. Thought I’d share this.
    My favorite ballpark BY FAR and it just got better!
    Highly recommend for a road/air trip

  20. Gettibg ready for a dynasty draft and was looking at old BA Prospect rankings.

    In 2012 Syndergaard was ranked #67. Hutchinson was #73

    Syndergaard was further from MLB at the time so talent wise it’s not as close as that sounds….. But there is definitely potential there for Hutchinson.

  21. I think people are forgetting what a good prospect hutch is.

    Here’s a comparison to another prospect we’re all familiar with (not including hutch’s rehab stints last year):


    Hutchison (20-21): 31.2ip, 9.4k/9, 1.4bb/9, 1.71era, 2.19fip
    Syndergaard (20-20): 54.0ip, 11.5k/9, 2.0bb/9, 3.00era, 3.24fip


    Hutchison (20-20): 62.1ip, 9.5k/9, 2.0bb/9, 2.74era, 2.57fip
    Syndergaard (20-20): 63.2ip, 9.0k/9, 2.3bb/9, 3.11era, 2.60fip


    Hutchison (19-20): 95.2ip, 9.7k/9, 2.4bb/9, 2.34era, 2.29fip
    Syndergaard (18-19): 112.2ip, 10.5k/9, 2.5bb/9, 2.64era, 2.19fip

    The kid is really good.

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