The Big O Turf Looks OK, Weird


Interesting shot here by way of @BlueJays, showing tomorrow’s starter Brandon Morrow, as well as Drew Hutchison and an unidentified third party, checking out the turf at Montreal’s Olympic Stadium, where Mark Buehrle will take the hill tonight against Jenrry Mejia and the Mets. Tomorrow’s opponent for Morrow is, at least according to, undetermined. In other words, there’s still time for a last minute appearance of Noah Syndergaard, throwing to Travis d’Arnaud, in the ultimate [note: not really] troll job.

Probably not going to happen, though.

Actually, holy shit! Saturday’s starter for the Metropolitans? Yeah… it’s Dice-K. Well that should be insufferable.

And what an embarrassment it would be if the Stade Olympique turf looked better than the garbage bags at the Rogers Centre, eh? I think we’re probably safe on that front though. Probably.

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  1. Glad baseball is starting (almost) after this hard winter. Go Jays.

  2. Isn’t it the same turf the Impact play on (when they’re in there)? If so, these highlights from their game against Seattle last weekend give us a decent look (close-up around 2:08):

    • Good recon!

      It looks new enough, and if they can play soccer on it, I’m sure a few ST games will be fine.

  3. Lawrie?

  4. Morrow(?) looks huge.

  5. I was wondering what they were going to use for turf since it was just for two games. Except for the injury risk, I was secretly hoping to see that bright green 90s astro turf out there…


    It haunts us everywhere.

  7. Third person is me.

    I infiltrated and loaded D’Arnauds bat with crystal meth.


  8. I want to see the Revlon ad on the big screen again. Anybody remember that one back from the early 90s?

  9. They’re all thinking “Canadian baseball = astro turf”

  10. Looks like Cap’n Redbull on the right there.

  11. Nice love-in for Gary. RIP.

  12. Jays hit a home run and no fog horn follows it. We need more of this.

  13. Nanita!

    Right in the feels!

    Jobu seems to like us this year.

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