Not pictured: the team that’s gonna fuckin’ win today!!

I think I’ve come down with a case of trench foot after traversing the slushy streets of Montreal from Parc-X to the train station yesterday, and the weather back here at home has hardly been less abysmal. And yet… baseball. Holy fucking shitting fucking baseball! It’s here! Today!

At 4:10 PM ET, to be precise!

Arriving with the exact opposite of the sort of fanfare that we were swept up in last year — the “coronation” that so irked Cleveland broadcasters — the Jays begin under the radar, under the ugly catwalks of Tropicana Field, and under nothing like the same weight of expectations. None of this, in other words. In fact, most pundits figure the club will finish last in the division, and with the question marks in the rotation and elsewhere, it’s hard to blame them.

But why focus on that on a day like this? Because we learned very quickly last year that what all of the predictions and projections amount to is something approximating jack fuckin’ shit. So, while it may be flawed to simply think that this is basically the same roster that was expected to contend this year, therefore they must be contenders again — sorry, it’s not at all the same roster, in terms of reasonable expectations, and it’s not as though the teams around them have remained static — that doesn’t mean that things can’t go really, really well.

There is a lot of talent here, and a lot to actually be excited about. Drew Hutchison is untested, but looking very good, and certainly not the sort of injury-waiting-to-happen that those who want to slag him for having had Tommy John surgery — sort of likeĀ everyone does — want to believe. Morrow and McGowan will almost assuredly pitch well for as long as they can stay healthy, and when they do break down, the club could do worse than giving a few turns to Todd Redmond, Esmil Rogers or Marcus Stroman, before shifting their gaze to where Aaron Sanchez is at in double-A, having looked far more the potential front line big leaguer during the spring than his minor league record, and its 134 walks in 256 minor innings, has shown.

The bullpen, even without Casey Janssen out of the gate, looks to be as strong as ever, and the lineup, even with its glaring holes — its lack of a true platoon partner for Lind, its lack of a true centre field backup, its lack of a late inning pinch runner, its Ryan Goins — will find all kinds of ways to hit, even with less-twitchy 2014 Brett Lawrie still topping everything in sight. And defensively, Goins at least won’t bring the kind of butchery we saw at second last year. Reyes — despite it being eminently true that, as a defensive shortstop, he’s a really good hitter — is certainly a better sight there than Munenori Kawasaki or Maicer Izturis (who, combined, played in 85 games at short, in whole or in part, in 2013). And the successful removal of a tumour on Melky Cabrera’s spinal column has made him look an eternity removed from the arthritic sloth we saw in left field last season.

So lets get excited! Like these guys two years ago at Opera Bob’s:

[Note: let's also maybe not get catatonic with despair if they have a mark in the loss column with only 161 games to go. It's early. Baseball is hard.]

The scene should be very similar there today — depending on what David Price and R.A. Dickey do, of course — though hopefully maybe less entirely-full-of-dudes, perhaps with more of those Encarnacion’s parrot shirts (which are apparently being sold again), and definitely more full of folks involved in makingĀ Sports Bar Heroes, who are helping to co-promote the event, and will be showing the video post-game, in order to get you excited enough for the project to give them support that’s really needed to make it happen and to secure funding by following @SportsBarHeroes on Twitter, and checking out the demo video on YouTube. Or… y’know… right here *COUGH*:

(For those of you unawares, I explained the whole Sports Bar Heroes thing here.)

Also different between today and two years ago is the fact that I’ll be taking some pictures of the event for the newly-started DJF Instagram page, which you should totally follow — especially today, because I’ll make a point of keeping an eye on the scene at the bar, in terms of it getting to capacity.

It was an issue the last time we did this, so I’d recommend getting there early if you can — the bar opens at 2 PM — and following for updates on the aforementioned Instagram, on my Twitter feed (@AndrewStoeten), via @SportsBarHeroes, @DrunkJaysFans, and @OperaBobs. (Meaning, we’ll let you know if it gets to the point where there’s not much chance anybody else is getting in.)

So… this is it! Opening Day!

Read Drew’s love letter! Follow everyone I’ve linked to above! If you’re in St. John’s, NL, hit up The Bigs Ultimate Sports Grill! If you’re in Toronto, come to Opera Bob’s! Find it at 1112 Dundas St. West, at Ossington! Write a sentence ending in an exclamation! Crack a beer or thirteen! Watch some actual, real, counts-in-the-standings baseball!!!!!!

And one more: admire John Gibbons for understanding platoons, and for putting his neck on the line with his starter at second base! Now here are your Opening Day lineups!

Toronto Blue Jays

SS Jose Reyes (S)
LF Melky Cabrera (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
DH Dioner Navarro (S)
3B Brett Lawrie (R)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
2B Maicer Izturis (S)
C Josh Thole (L)

RHP R.A. Dickey

Tampa Bay Rays

CF David DeJesus (L)
RF Wil Myers (R)
2B Ben Zobrist (S)
3B Evan Longoria (R)
1B James Loney (L)
LF Desmond Jennings (R)
DH Matt Joyce (L)
C Jose Molina (R)
SS Yunel Escobar (R)

LHP David Price

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  1. Great! Tampa Bay Rays feed. Way to go Rogers.

  2. God damn

    James Loney is slower than Benji Molina and John Olerud combined.

  3. Jays, why the fuck do you do this to me. One game in lets see where were at:
    First key injury of the year to reyes and the teams incompetence in handling injuries again comes to light.
    Secondly, dickey getting rocked by an AL East team again in a dome no less. Price dominating the jays AGAIN. Like seriously, its like watching last season in one game. I dont want to overreact and I know its one game in, its early blah blah blah but given how last season went im concerned.

    • It’s one game

      In Tampa

      Against David fucking Price

      • Hear, hear.

      • Dude, how many fucking times are they going to get dominated by price. Hes a great pitcher no doubt but this is supposed to be a good offense. No other team in the AL East has this much trouble with him.

      • same as fucking last year….what a fucking shit kicking we are taking!!! as long as AA is in the big chair WE ARE FUCKED!!!! hes a fucking bean counter, not a baseball man! too many fucking mistakes upstairs….Kratz just told AA and Gibbons to SUCK HIS FUCKIN BEAST!!!!

  4. Cobb will be tough tomorrow. Hope we can get a the sticks warmed up.

  5. BREAKING: Tabby and Buck throw in the towel on the season, walk out of the booth.

  6. Kratz you big loveable ogre you!!!!!!!!!

  7. AAAHAHAHAHAHH wat!! Kratz waaaaat

  8. Well good guess on the Kratz PH. It neede to be sooner though


  10. Ladies and Gentlemen, the Kratz-’n-Hammer Kid!

  11. Eric fucking Kratz!

  12. Can kratz play shortstop?

  13. Best home run call Buck will make all season.

  14. Anyone notice that since Thole started catching Dickey he’s been hit like slow pitch. All spring with Kratz he looked better

  15. Beat it Price.

  16. Ok Kratz, you can stay!

    I had been waiting to watch the game all day on DVR and then some joker at work ruined it for me. at least I’ve tuned in to catch something good.

  17. Game ain’t over yet.

  18. Starting to think it’s Buck + Tabby calling the game that is the bad luck charm. I like conspiracy theories.

  19. The ship is sinking!

  20. Gibbons has been dealt a losing hand by the management right from the start.

  21. Bautista goes deep here.

  22. Ryan Goins plate appearances are maybe the most painful to watch since Ken Huckaby.

  23. Sigh.

  24. Love the topic about giving away at bats . Was a MAJOR problem last season.

  25. Hands up if you expected to see Jeremy Jeffress pitch today???

    Esmil looked perfectly adequate today…

  26. I saw someone already suggest that the team be blown up! I can’t wait for Wilner to give one of his goofy/irrelevant stats regarding The Jays after this debacle.

  27. Anyone get a definitive word on Reyes yet?

  28. would like to see the gif on that tbay 8th run . . .

  29. Jeffress makes me nervous. Fastball is as straight as an arrow and breaking stuff isnt good enough to put away hitters

  30. This is just about the most Rays-Jays game ever.

  31. The Keystone Cops.

  32. Sweet lord . What a fucking joke. 2 errors 8-2.

    thank god it’s early

    • I hate hearing “it’s still early”. Fuck!! When does it get “too late”? Fuckin’ May? June? Christ, I had to check my calender, I thought it was 2013 and I was Bill Murray in fucking “Groundhog Day”….

  33. LOL! Holy fuck this is going to be a long season.

  34. bahahaha

  35. This is fucking hard to watch. An insult to the game of baseball itself.

    Hopefully these guys get their shit together. Fast.

  36. What were we expecting? This game is THE epitome of Jays in Tampa vs Price.

    Maybeee we get em tomorrow

  37. …And it’s the return of the solid fundamentals we saw last year. Yay! Eight walks and here comes Eva Longoria again.

  38. 8 walks

  39. 8 walks from our pitchers today does not help ughhhhh

  40. Anyone getting the feeling Jeffress is going to be cut by tomorrow’s game?

  41. Wow–two errors back to back just to round out the day. Every bad sign you can think of for the season so far except a total eclipse of the sun.

  42. Ok gun to your head:
    Have Jeffress pitch in every game this year or
    share a needle with Andy Dick.

  43. If this team gets off to a slow start in April does gibbons get canned?

    • Possibly. But AA is the guy on the hot seat I think. And Beeston is probably eying the cardboard box to pack his little momentos in as well. Security is standing outside their offices with a stop watch and a telephone, waiting for the call to march them out of the building. Gibbons will be gone too. But he’s just collateral damage poor guy.

      But then maybe they’ll win tomorrow and go on a hot streak and bla bla bla and everyone will look like geniuses. It’s only one game after all. But this season is it I think. No more mulligans and do-overs for this front office and manager.

    • I’d see Gibbons getting canned by June at the latest if the team completely folds. Then AA starts trading away vets.

      • I don’t think AA would be given any kind of trading power/control at that point.

        If, god forbid, this happens a lot more in the next 2 months AA will be a lame duck GM at best. At worst, he’ll be unemployed.

        On the other hand, if they just needed to get this out of their system – nerves and all/the beginning of a Price Cy Young year – and AA does sign Drew, I think this team could still be legit in June. Staying with Reyes-Izturis-Goins? Answer that yourself.

        I just noticed the Jays’ triple-headed catcher went 3-7. That’s not so bad.

        Now pass me some turkey bacon and bring on Hutch.

        • I think there’s a good chance this team will contend.

          I just think that even if it doesn’t, AA is still a young GM and shouldn’t be shown the door right away. I’m appalled at all the people who have been calling for AA’s head. What do you want the Jays to be, the Maple Leafs who constantly rebuild with a new GM every four years?

          • I don’t know, I’d love to see him stay until his picks eventually arrive. But I’m interested in the zero FA signings this off season as it relates to his tenure. Could it be that his actions are already under scrutiny?

  44. Whatevah. At least we didn’t get blanked. I’ll take a couple of runs. See what happens tomorrow. But if Reyes is off for a while–again–the thin bench is gonna start looking anorexic.

  45. The Monkey Army was in tremendous spirits, but it was not meant to be. Thanks for organizing the event, Stoeten. Good times. Let’s do it again.

  46. jesus jeffusss

  47. Are we just lulling the Rays into a false sense of security?

  48. WHY IS HE STILL IN give him the hook gibby

    • It’s 9-2 in the eighth inning bud. This ballgame is ova! Why waste anymore arms in this pathetic effort?

      • i guess we can leave him in hurt all the rays for tomorrows game……i’m just frustrated

        • I hear your frustration, but swapping out Jeffress does nothing to help the cause. Today’s cause is lost, unless something completely crazy happens this inning.

  49. I’ve heard pitchers are taught to move the hitters feet, but this is getting fucking ridiculous.

  50. Oh look Jeffress still can’t throw strikes. What a shocker. Hopefully they stop wasting a roster spot on him.

  51. It’s still early.

  52. So here we go
    RAD shits the bed
    Reyes out with an injury

    Looks like a great 2014 on the way… fuck.

    • Do you and the other goofs just Ctrl-V Ctrl-C eachother?

    • Well at least this year the expectation is that the Jays are a last place team. So it’ll just be anger for me, rather than anger and sadness like last year.

      Good job by AA to not improve the team to not get everyone’s hopes up again.

    • You forgot about trying to hit 9-run homeruns. 2013 all rolled up into one game. Let’s hope they got it all out of their system, though I’m somewhat skeptical.

      • 6 of their 7 hits were singles.

        • Trying to hit 9-run homeruns. Lots of hacking going on today, particularly in big situations. Just one game though. Let’s hope this doesn’t start a bad roll. That would empty out the boat pretty quickly.

          • “lots of hacking”

            its david fucking price you moron. he’s fucking amazing and makes most hitters look like that.

            • David fucking Price was struggling for three innings with command and the Jays let him off the hook because they were swinging for the fences with 2 strikes.

              Exactly like last year.

  53. Don’t worry guys. AA is on the horn right now with Billy Beane asking if he can get Blanton in exchange for Stroman. He’ll even throw in Sanchez.


  54. This place is getting shitty, i’ll be back tomorrow.

  55. Don’t want to lose Jeffress and that arm of his on waivers!

  56. Whine, bitch, moan. The Jays are not the best team in the history of baseball. Get over it and enjoy the game. Getting you ass handed to you on a plate is going to happen to every team. Winning is nice. It’s not everything. Baseball is the thing. Not winning every game. It’s supposed to be fun remember?

    • You sound like my dad after I shit the bed in little league.

      I’m not expecting to win every game. I am expecting the ownership to field a competitive team once every two decades.

      • You sound like you are as emotionally invested as you were in Little League. I love it to, but it’s a game for fuck’s sake. One. Game. Listen to Dad and if you can’t handle supporting a team that’s not going to be the best in baseball, please do let the door hit you in the ass on your way out.

    • so much this.

  57. The A’s just picked up Joe Blanton and 8.5mill to do so. Immediately assigned to AAA. Interesting to see what Billy Beane might have found here. Meanwhile the Blue Jays sign Shawn Hill . Maybe this means nothing at all but good teams are seemingly always moving players in and out of the minors, The Jays do so little. And develop less.
    Rays have 2008, 2011 and 2012 Rookie of the Year.

  58. March games don’t count.

    • +1

    • On a particularly terrible day between my work and this awful game, I appreciated this comment for making me actually laugh out loud.

      (Laughter of the damned maybe…but laughter nonetheless…)

  59. All I can say is what a fukin disappointment this game turned out to be. But it is only one game . However having said that, I am concerned about the walks we continue to give up in record quantity ( like 2013), the errors/sloppy play at times, and our continued inabilty to beat good pitchers. They are tough and that is why they are good piychers but, my lord, we do seem to sleep against far too many of them. And, our lack of depth is already exposed with Reyes going down, I just hope it’snot too bad as I personally cannot watch Izturis and Goins fuck up the keystone night after night and hit about.190 while doing it . Let’s hope Reyes gets back soon or not only will winning be tough but we will call up another smurf in Kawasaki-nice guy but uhhh, Kawa, Goins and Izzy? No Fukin way. I’m goin for more merlot

  60. Well it’s one game down and we got beat bad.

    Let’s hope Reyes is out short-term, and hold off and the panic button boys, it’s a marathon, not a sprint.

    • That’s what we were told last year. Fuck that noise. I know crap when I see it.

    • I agree, but it sure feels like the Jays just got hit by a bullet from the starter’s pistol.

      I can’t wait to see Hutch tomorrow.

    • It’s a sprint to June. I’m guessing that if they fall flat there’s going to be some attractive contracts moved in July.

  61. Let’s listen to what Wilner has to say.

  62. I still think they need to show Gibby the door before making any drastic moves.

    When is Reyes back? August?

  63. I think Dickey was squeezed a little and his balls weren’t really moving.

    Don’t know what to make of that start.

  64. How to sum this up…

    Going in I didn’t figure we’d win, just cause Dickey vs Price. Watching was incredibly dispiriting. Seemed like a replay of last year, shitty 5 inning start involving walks, bloops and a couple hard-hit balls. Circus routine play in the 8th was super emabrrassing too. The offense didn’t do much, but then against David Price you don’t expect much. Dickey would have had to be lights out for the Jays to win this one.

    The bad news, Reyes hurt (colour me shocked) and I’ll bet he misses at least a week since the team will be super-extra cautious after he already had hammy troubles this spring. More bad news? Hutchison vs Cobb. Another pitching matchup we are unlikely to win.

  65. Even the best of them gets blown away, especially against a pitcher who is dialled in and always has your number in his career. Only 161 games to go. No need to panic after Game #1.

  66. Are the Jays ever going to be good or are they just going to be mediocre and suck forever?

    • We have the develop like the Rays.. not because we’re poor but because of the inability to attract free agents.

      I’d rather watch prospect porn than a decrepit decline.

      I’d say the potential trade candidates for the likely firesale later this season are obviously Rasmus and Melky as well as Bautista, EE, Lind, and Buehrle.

      • I think we are looking at a massive rebuild at the deadline. Hopefully some of these hackers and paycheck collectors will have value in July.

    • The Jays will never be good because they have no fucking front office strategy.

  67. They also need to fire AA and that bum Gibbons

    • Gibbons has never been the problem. The problem has been that AA aborted his rebuilding strategy like a prom baby.

  68. My greatest hope for tomorrow’s game is there isn’t much video on Hutch and his tendencies. Thus a more challenging pitcher for the Rays to game plan for.

    That is my hope and my dream.

  69. Also if the Jays are able to get some salary relief they may be able to sign Price or Scherzer

    • The Jays refuse to sign a fucking pitcher like Ervin Santana or Ubaldo Jiminez. Fuck… they couldn’t afford Paul Maholm. How are they going to have 200 mill for Price/Scherzer?

      They also didn’t have the assets to trade for Doug Fister.

      Thanks AA!

      • If they get rid of Buehrle and Happ they may have money to sign one of them

      • Yes because they probably didn’t want to overpay for mediocre pitching and who is to say that Jimenez or Santana even wanted to play in Canada or for the Jays for that matter

      • Maybe he doesn’t really want to throw more money at something he thinks he’s going to have to blow up anyways. All-In was last year. We’ll know what’s up soon enough.

      • I never liked Ubaldo Jiminez’ herky jerky freaky delivery. Had one fantastic season but he still has potential. I don’t like how he tries to hide the ball in his delivery with that wrist roll that he has to the plate. The Birds just traded away young Ervin Santana in Henderson Alvarez, who’s only 23 years old.

    • Not as long as Beeston’s around. Neither of those two will sign for five years or less as free agents.

      • Any free anent pitcher can be signed … As long as they want a max 5 year contract with NO incentives built in…And oh yeah, Cant be a Boras client either.

        New technicality later when needed as an excuse as well…..

  70. I don’t think they need to blow it up yet just retool if they fail to make the post season next year, I could see them blowing the team up but not right now

  71. 85-77

    the greek god of diminishing returns

  72. The one game thing is true. It’s one game. But what a way to put a damper on what had become increasingly optimistic feeling going into this season (after we got over the failed off-season where AA outsmarted himself). Still, the Reyes thing is just so frustrating. Why did he play in Montreal?! There was literally zero reason. I’m not saying that caused his injury today, but this training staff has not earned the benefit of the doubt, so why risk it?
    And Dickey is just not good. I’m not some asshole claiming he was never good or that “pitching in NL doesn’t count,” but he’s clearly not the same guy. We bought high and it will haunt us. I would consider it a huge victory if he finished the year with an ERA under 4.4.
    What just upsets me is how this FO bungled everything. We wait and stockpile and develop this great system to use as leverage, and we sell out for all the wrong players. Love me some Reyes, but a 30 year old injury prone SS (yes, he’s injury prone, it’s not evil to say that), JJ, and Dickey were clearly not the guys to blow your wad on. Ya, it’s retrospect, but it still sucks. Now we are talking rebuild if we aren’t 500 by the deadline… and another 5 years until we can break our playoff curse (if all goes well). At the end of the day, it sucks cus I honestly think AA is a smart baseball guy, but he will have to take the fall for this. I can’t really see a new GM ending our terrible post-season streak. We either learn to scout like the Rays or A’s (not happening), or we just suck it up and have to admit that the only way for us to compete is to outspend the Yankees, which Rogers may not do. But that is the only way for us in the medium to long term I fear.

    • Well put Morganc. I’m not absolutely convinced on the scouting thing because most of AA’s picks (Sanchez, Stroman,…etc) aren’t in MLB yet (except for d’Arnaud) and there’re a few good ones lower down.
      But the rest is spot on.
      I’d like to see some serious attention being given to injury prevention. It’s just been one fucking problem after another for too long. And while it can’t be controlled 100%, there are some much better exercise programmes, trainers and medical staff out there.

    • It’s all about results and Alex has only presided over 4th place and 5th place finishes without a playoff berth. TO be brutally honest he’s done a middling job at best. When it came time to spend money he picked a collection of players that were not right for this team(Dickey,Bonifacio), he trades for and keeps injury prone players like (Reyes and McGowan) and picks the wrong manager for the wrong team(Gibbons). They need a GM who will build this team a la the Rays or the As because there is no way Rogers is spending what the Yanks and Sox are spending. They also need to have a manager like a Dave Martinez, who has been privy to how the Rays operate both on the field and behind the scenes.

    • Speaking of inauspicious starts, how about the Angels. Their hitting coach breaks a leg (literally) catching the ceremonial first pitch and they give up 10 runs at home to the Mariners. That kinda sucks.

    • Can you people stop talking like you know anything about injuries and sports medicine?

      For all we know, missing the Montreal games, followed by shooting out of the box like that, would have torn his hammy worse.

      • I’m pretty sure resting a bad hammy never did anyone any harm. In fact, that’s usually the only way they get better.

        • Yeah Kev you may be right. But we don’t know. Maybe he needed rest. Maybe he needed MORE work and needed to build it up MORE. Who knows. Maybe it didn’t matter either way.

      • You dont have to be a doctor to know Reyes shouldnt have been allowed to play in Montreal. A guy your coach says is basically irreplaceable and has a tweaked hammy cant be allowed to start a meaningless spring training series. When you say that we cant draw these conclusions because we arent experts. Well obviously the Jays trainers arent either.

      • I gather you would’ve sat Reyes for the Montreal series?

        Pretty much what I was getting at: injury prevention.

        Additionally for people like Reyes with chronic hamstring problems there’s this:

        There are teams who limit their injuries and when they get them, deal with them effectively. The Jays are not one of those teams.

        • I meant to post that the other day for the end of my rant about the Jays medical people and management but it wasn’t working when I tried to do it from my ipad.

    • I don’t know how you rebuild without being able to draft worth shit. Toronto’s drafts have have produced exactly four players with more than 5 WAR (and none with 10) since 2003 when Aaron Hill was drafted.

    • Agreed.

  73. AA = A liar and a bean counter

  74. Angry 12. Ur olds on djf now lol

  75. I also don’t understand why they traded for a knuckleballer when they play in the AL each much harder hitters in the AL than the NL and what makes them think that Dickey was going to be effective, Tim Wakefield was not very effective pitching in the AL so why would Dickey be? Makes no sense

    • You’re a bit of a cock aren’t you.

    • Tim Wakefield, who averaged ~3 WAR for a decade in his late 30s and early 40s in the AL East starting regularly for a team that won 2 WS in that time?

    • Perhaps they were thinking 3rd time is the charm with the knuckleballer. Remember Phil Niekro? Tom Candiotti?

      • Candiotti worked out very well in 1991. Niekro in 1987? Not so much.

        • Still mind-boggling to this day why Candiotti abandoned the knuckleball and opted to throw curveballs in the ALCS against the Twins.

          • I’d forgotten that, but he was money over his 19 regular season starts with the Jays that year.

    • I understand the game is slightly different between leagues but come on, you’re acting like the AL and NL are completely different sports.

      • You’ll find those that will use the Josh Johnson signing as a legit reason why a good chunk of NL starters don’t find the same success in the AL. Johnson was on the cusp of being the next elite starter in NL by a lot of scouts. His potential was untapped and endless so to speak. Explain to me why he looked so ordinary in a Jays uniform? You can’t ignore that the NL doesn’t have the same number of power pitchers and high mph guys as the AL.

        • Injury, loss of command, very little to do with increase of competition by replacing a hitting pitcher with a DH.

  76. Is the season over already? Judging by the comments it seems to be.

    • Hey Drew Fairservice said they were done at the end of April last year. We’re only stretching it a little bit to say they’re done at the end of March this year.


  77. Listening to the callers on Wilner made me wish Stoeten could sub in one night.

  78. Just got back to Orlando from the Jays debacle. Looked like a pro team versus an amateur team, in terms of pitching, preparation, lineup and execution. Hope that Game 1 is more of a shart, but our shallow depth seriously exposed in this one. We’ll never beat a lefty starter with Dickey on the mound, as we can’t offset Thole’s shitty bat, plus Izturis while holding Lindy on the bench. Add Reyes injury to that where we have to insert Goins, and……Sweet Fuck!! ,

    • Absolute bullshit that Dickey gets a personal catcher who can’t hit. Kratz showed today.
      He deserves to play half the games so Navarro doesn’t die out there. No way that body is good for 130 starts.

    • Izturis and Thole looked better than Encarnacion did today, so I don’t know what the fuck you’re on about.

      • Yeah, those two will likely outperform him fior the entire year, too. Wasn’t advocating for Lind, just pointing out our lack of a good lineup vs. lefties, which gets even worse with Thole out there. Plus, Edwin threw the shit out of his bat.

    • Adam Lind was not going to make a difference in this steaming turd of a game. He’s .194/.256/.250 against Price in 36 ABs. I do get the cynicism though. Admittedly early (in fact it’s barely begun) but this has an eerie familiarity to it: Dickey’s early ineffectiveness, the wasting of roster spots on the likes of Jeffress, injuries to Janssen and Reyes and so on. Everyone seems to be dumping on AA or Gibby or both. I say fire Paul Beeston and his dumbass policies.

  79. Fire Gurbbons!

  80. I’m assuming by the tone of some of these comments, the Jays just lost all 162 games simultaneously.

  81. With Gibbons, the rotation is Dickey, Hutch, Buehrle, Morrow, McGowan and Goins/Izturis at 2B.

    Fire Gibbons and the rotation is Dickey, Hutch, Buehrle, Morrow, McGowan and Goins/Izturis at 2B.

    Firing GIbbons solves nothing. His job is to simply not make mistakes which he’s fine at. The problem is on the field and the head office that thought this roster was acceptable after the “win now” trades last offseason.

    • Reminder: You’re arguing against dullards and simpletons. Battle was lost in the womb.

    • LS: I know next to nothing about baseball, but even I was wondering why Thole was given the green to swing freely when the Jays had an early scoring threat with none out.
      I’ll admit my stupidity: I was hoping Thole would receive instructions to avoid a double play ball by just watching every pitch go by.
      Then Zaun said he should have bunted the ball.
      Point being is why the hell didn’t “Gibby” see the same thing a no-nothing like me did? Why was an inferior left-handed hitter given the green light against one of the best left-handed pitchers in baseball?

    • You had me at Fire Gibbons.

  82. If only the Jays had signed Santana, they probably would have won this game. Lesson learned.

  83. I wouldn`t have started Dickey against Price in the first place. Why go with the knuckler as the first starter out of the gate? I think they missed the chance to mess with the Rays batters’ timing. Now, if they manage to earn a split or get three wins……….???, I won’t argue sacrificing a potential opening series loss with Dickey as the first starter! Disappointed with this first loss? You betcha. I expected a lot more but not really surprised considering Price’s record against the Birds no matter what time of the season they play him. Let’s see how the other starters fare in the series and hope Reyes’ injury is not too serious.

  84. Do the Blue Jays have a number one starter? Dickey treated like one, but not really.

    • The guy who was supposedly the weakest arm out the starters was the best, Buehrle. It won;t surprise me if he’s the best starter by years end again. If all the Jays starters would pitch like Buehrle with their respective physical talents, and brought his durability to the rotation, the team would finish first overall.

  85. Anybody go to the Opera Bobs shindig?

  86. i’m over this game – just a ripple in the pond compared to last year and just game 1 of 162. what irks me more is how the dumb the moves/non-moves of this front office are already starting to look.

    how stupid does the decision to play Reyes in Montreal look now? like come on, MRI shows mild hamstring strain on a guy with an extensive history of hammy issues and a couple days later he’s playing two meaningless games on shitty turf when they damn well know that the first 6 games of the regular season are also on shitty turf. not saying it caused the injury, but a couple extra days of rest never did anyone any harm.

    I assume Reyes is gonna be out at least a week, which means Goins and Izturis in the lineup everyday and Kawasaki/Getz called up from AAA. A fourth grader could have looked at this team and seen a star-caliber but injury prone SS and a marginal, non-prospect starter at 2B. the team’s solution is what? to bring back one of the worst players in the game last year and a replacement level magic unicorn, plus Chris Getz as depth?? Are they freaking serious?? In a contending year????

    The Cardinals had top prospect Kolten Wong in the fold at 2B going into this season and still didn’t feel comfortable enough with him that they wouldn’t bring in Mark Ellis as an insurance policy. The Jays have non-prospect Ryan Goins who couldn’t hit in AAA last year, but things are totally fine such that they do jack shit to upgrade either the starter or the depth at the position.

    Teams that fancy themselves contenders don’t sit back and ignore obvious holes on the roster and refuse to upgrade the depth behind starters who are extremely unlikely to make it through a season without missing significant time. If Bogaerts gets hurt tomorrow, Stephen Drew is on an airplane before they even cart him off the field.

    This team talks the talk with regards to winning and contending, but their actions over the offseason totally belie that. Even last year they did very little to upgrade the paper-thin depth in the rotation

  87. I thought they looked pretty good today

    • haha glad to hear someone has a sense of humour around here!

      In all honesty the offense wasn’t too bad. they threatened a few times and Kratz ran into one. Price is really tough and although normally you’d try to work the count to get him out of the game early, it was never going to work today because Price was basically strike one and sometimes strike two on every batter.

      Dickey was shit, but he’ll get better. Defense was decent outside the mickey mouse play in garbage time.

      • How can you say with certainty he’ll be better? The knuckler was flat with decreased velocity. That’s a bit of an ominous sign, especially at the beginning of the season.

        • It wasn’t flat. It was inconsistent.

          He still got a lot of whiffs and strikeouts. I’m not concerned about the stuff, his problem today was command (and an ump who was calling every low knuckler a ball).

        • I think you know what you’re going to get from dickey by the end of the year. He’s an average pitcher and maybe better than that if he avoids the aches and pains that plagued him in the first half of last year.

      • Pollyanna

  88. Hands up any serious baseball fans who thought this team would be any different from last year’s. Anyone? Beuller? Beuller? Reyes down already. Dickey being, well, Dickey. Nice trade Anthopulous you stupid twat.

    Game one in the books and only 161 more opportunities to watch this crap team play its unique brand of dumb, shitsuck baseball. Get your tickets while you can.

    • I’m a serious baseball fan..
      This team will be different and better than last years.
      Sorry, you can’t understand why.
      I can see that you’re in pain and that has undoubtedly, clouded your mind
      Take your meds and go to sleep.

  89. Reyes to DL. Jonathan Diaz up.

  90. Hey Stoeten, reading these posts makes me think maybe you should change the name of your blog to “Angry Birds.”

  91. Since one game is representative of the whole season, I say we get rid of this Encarnacion scrub.

  92. Wowwww has the comments section ever taken a fucking nosedive on this site.

  93. Reyes to the DL…..

  94. there is no fuckin way these comments are real. people really talk about firing the gm after 1 fuckin game?

    seriously what the fuck is wrong with you people.

  95. So I usually don’t post very often here, but this has been building up and I think it’s time. Literally the first inning of the first game the thin veneer that is the Jays middle infield depth has a massive hole blown right through it. Everybody knows Jose Reyes is a fantastic ball player, but chances are the guy isn’t going to play 162 games. Now we have to settle for the shit bag Ryan Goins moving over to SS for at least 15 days, Fantastic! Why does AA have such a chub for this guy? He was good defensively at the end of last year as a replacement player when 2B went to shit, but that’s about it. Why would you gift the guy the starting 2B job? Make him earn it for christ sake. Sure the guy revamped his swing and it’ll take some time but did anyone think it was a good idea for this guy to be a starter during a year which were supposed to be contending? Side note: why the f#^k would you bring up jonathan diaz? I know Kawasaki isn’t ideal but he has to be a better option. That’s how thin our MI depth is that Reyes gets hurt and we call up Jonathan Diaz? Seriously what’s going on? Were supposed to be a contending team, we made “the big push” last year and got some solid contributors. Good on ya AA, but come on man, All you had to do was get a SP, 2B to go along with Navarro. Easier said then done I know, but the guy is constantly saying that Rogers has never said no when we ask for money. To me that means two things: 1) He’s lying about Rogers willingness to pony up cash or 2) AA is stubborn/dumb when it comes to player valuations….IF you’re a contending team like say, the Jays are supposed to be, you have to value a Santana more then say, the Houston Astros or Miami Marlins do. He’s going to give you a couple extra wins a year. Why dick around? It makes no sense to me. Yes, Santana wasn’t ideal but I’d rather get him than have Dustin McGowan and the cartilage that’s holding his shoulder together as one of our SP and when he inevitably lands on the DL (I really hope he does not), AA is going to look like an ass clown. Our SP depth has already been blown to shit with Happ on the DL and Drabek looking terrible. Yes, there’s Redmond and Rogers but really? Do you really want to have to rely on those guys for anything other than when you’re in a pinch? Stroman and Sanchez will be ready hopefully at some point down the road this year but it would extremely stupid to rush them. If the money was there to pay Santana $14 mill, why dick around? Just pay the man $16 mill to get it done. What’s $ 2 million on a $150-160 payroll? It’s less than 1.5% increase. Screw your $14 million valuation AA. Lastly, sign Drew. Supposedly willing to play 2B on the right deal. Would a multi-year deal to Drew be the worst thing? We have no one knocking on the door. We could do worse and we want to make the playoffs this year. I know its not a guarantee but those two moves would have helped potentially push us over the edge and given the Jays the potential 3-4 wins to get us to the 90-92 win mark and a chance at a playoff spot. I know it’s not my money but you have to think Rogers has so much invested already, there’s no point in half assing it. Im sick of this baseball purgatory of not being good enough to make the playoffs and not being bad enough to get the top players in the draft. F@#K.

    • AA is making the dumb bozos running the Leafs look like geniuses. And by the way, for any of you TBJ fans that actually believed the 2014 version could compete with zero starting pitching and gaping holes in some other key positions, please give me a call. I have a bunch of Leaf playoff tickets for sale.

    • Santana agreed to sign with TO,even to go as far as telling Bautista and EE.
      Jbau and Santanna share the same agent.
      Then Atlanta had a need and made an offer.
      With Santana signing a pillow contract,it’s important to pick the right team and situation.
      His stock will likely rise higher playing in Atl., not only because of the team but the playing field .

      • The fact that Bautista and Santana share an agent isn’t really relevant. The point is Atlanta swooped in and as far as we know AA held firm on his offer. If he offered $16-17 would it have increased the likelihood of him signing with us? Who knows. But with the current state of the Jays being a “contending” team, they should have.

        • You still don’t get it.
          If you’re trying to produce the best stats, for your next contract,would you rather pitch in the homerdome in Toronto or a pitcher friendly park in Atlanta?
          Face the Marlins,Philles and Mets or the Yanks, Baltimore and Boston 18 times a year?
          Even if the Jays offered an extra 4 million and went back on the agreed contract,Santana’s best move, to provide preceived value, is to pitch in the NLE.
          By doing so, if he pitches even average, he will be able to make significantly more over the rest of his carreer.

          • Oh I get it. You’re not reading what I’m saying. Nothing ever leaked out that AA increased his offer to Santana after Atlanta matched the Jays. Bottom line is he should have. Does Atlanta play in an easier division? Absolutely. Would it be better for Santana to pad his stats for next year? Most likely yes. Although park adjusted numbers do exist. But this shouldn’t have been a last resort move anyways. The rotation should have been addressed earlier in the off season.

          • It should have never gotten all the way to Spring Training. If you wrapped that up early, Santana is not even an option when Atlanta’s pitchers go down.

            Could this have been about AA valuing the draft pick too highly so he could play his pooled money game again when he doesn’t sign the first rounders?

      • Radar, above you wrote “Santana agreed to sign with TO,even to go as far as telling Bautista and EE”

        is there a link anyone can reference…I haven’t seen an article where JB or EE come out & confirm that

  96. Also, I like the Gibbons. He’s good.

    • Well see how many job offers he gets to turn down when he hits the unemployment line in a few weeks. Maybe Gibbons can coach hockey, because he sure is clueless about baseball.

  97. Why Diaz and not Muni? Muni was one of the few players on the roster last year that could have a good AL East type of AB. Man, the decision making on this team just gets weirder and weirder.

    • probably because kawasaki and goins are redundant, so with diaz atleast you have the option of playing him at SS against lefties.

      not that either is going to actually hit.

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