It’s times like these where I’m reminded of the immortal words of Killface:

All right, all right. Let’s bring it in. Bring it in. On me. On me. Now look, I’m counting on all of you. There’s no yesterday. There’s no tomorrow. Forget ant farm keyboard. That’s… forget that. I want you to go out there, and take this moment, and make it yours.

Sure, the start to the season has gone about as poorly as imaginable, but that was March. That shit’s in the past, man. This is April now. Let’s turn the page. There’s still time for the Jays to shake off their dismal first month of the season and get this brand new month started right.

Drew Hutchison is on the hill with large expectations in tow, and a lot of talent, but little experience against the kind of hitters the Rays will be running at him — or with a pitchers on the opposite hill who was as good last year as Alex Cobb was. Should be a treat tonight, but like last night, and like the Jays season as a whole, it has as much potential to go really well as it does to go shatteringly poorly, even considering the fact that we’ve finally turned the page on the dismal regular season schedule in the month of March.

Forget ant farm keyboard. That’s… forget that.


Got an email blast this morning from Bodog, telling me John Gibbons is 2/1 to be the first manager in baseball to lose his job — the odds on favourite. Hate to say it, but… yeah, probably.

Brett Lawrie is an ass man. We knew this, today — apparently thanks to someone from Buzz Feed — the world learned it. But at least, by way of @_scottjohnson, we got this outstanding Sir Mix-A-Lot GIF.

At Gamereax, Chris Toman writes about the Jays’ shrinking window to win. Ugh.

Five Thirty Eight looks at the popularity of MLB teams relative to their market size, and naturally, the Jays are firmly in the bottom third.

Meanwhile, some interesting stuff from concession prices, league-wide, from our friend Jonah Birenbaum at theScore.

Jack Moore wrote about Montreal for Getting Blanked, and nailed it.

Book launch for the 2014 Toronto Blue Jays Minor League Handbook is tomorrow at Tallboys. Read about it at Blue Jays From Away.

TV: Sportsnet: Pacific/East/360, MLB Network

Next game: Tomorrow, 7:10 PM ET, at Tampa

For those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app. And now, the lineups… 

Toronto Blue Jays

LF Melky Cabrera (S)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
DH Edwin Encarnacion (R)
1B Adam Lind (L)
C Dioner Navarro (S)
3B Brett Lawrie (R)
2B Ryan Goins (L)
SS Jonathan Diaz (R)

RHP Drew Hutchison

Tampa Bay Rays

LF Matt Joyce (L)
RF Wil Myers (R)
2B Ben Zobrist (S)
3B Evan Longoria (R)
1B James Loney (L)
CF Desmond Jennings (R)
DH Logan Forsythe (R)
C Ryan Hanigan (R)
SS Yunel Escobar (R)

RHP Alex Cobb

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  1. Pulled Hutch too early

    • First start of the season, and he looked to be losing his command a bit. If you’ve got a great bullpen might as well use it.

    • Care to retract that statement now? Gibby knows what he’s doing.

      • indeed, love that deceptive delivery.

      • Not really. Yeah, it worked out today but wasn’t one of the issues last year bullpen overuse? So someone’s throwing a shut out and you take him out in the 5th inning?

        • Please stop. You can’t determine anything EITHER WAY from ONE SINGLE GAME.

          Plus it worked out. Plus we have an 8 man pen. Plus it is Hutch’s first MLB start in a long time and the first of the season. Plus you want to get everyone into a game as soon into the season as possible anyway, especially before the home series. Let it go dude.

    • Im glad they didnt feel some need to leave him in through the middle of the order third time through. Bullpen is a strength so use it.

    • Boy I tell you what he sure did

  2. Watching Loup makes me giddy!

    Sure is creepy how he rubs the ball with his thumb, though.

  3. if ever someone deserved a line drive to the face…

  4. Hey That ball was inside the upper foul pole…

  5. Holy shit, get a real ballpark, Tampa.

    Yeah, I know.

  6. Colby just explodes on the ball in. Love that swing

  7. A ‘Bama Blast.
    I’m clearly convinced.
    The first of many.

  8. Holy Fuck Buck Thanks for telling us the results of the review

  9. Lock Cletus up.

  10. Joe Maddon *would* have Therapist on his team.

  11. I lol’d during the review when the guy in the crowd could be heard saying …… Come Onnnnnnn…….. I gotta go to work tomorroowwwww!!!!! Come Onnnnn!!!!


  12. Loving these long at bats – some of them pulling out walks, Diaz turns it into a hit to score Lawrie. That’s somethin to keep up. Go Seitzer!

    • Exactly. They knocked a tough starter out after 5 innings, that’s always okay.

    • Very good point. One of the many reasons we all hate the Bo Sox so much is that they have long grinding at bats. It works, knocks pitchers out early and eventually if you foul off enough, they hang one.

      • The way of the AL East. Up til now the Jay’s have avoided it like the plague

      • I’ve never understood why more teams don’t take this approach. It appears to be better than the free swinging approach. Of course I have no stats or anything concrete to back this up.

      • If I recall correctly, the difference between the best team and the worst team was like 0.5 P/PA.

        And I think the Jays are actually pretty good at this, probably not far from the red sox anyway. But that’s without looking it up.

        • ok, just looked it up, in 2013 Jays saw 3.82 P/PA and Red Sox saw 3.89 P/PA. So a difference of 0.07 P/PA or like 2-3 pitches PER GAME. Not a big deal.

  13. Edwin is going to be personally responsible for ruining baseball and forcing stadiums to put nets up everywhere when he kills somebody

  14. Geez Loup looks good

  15. Loup is always so fucking good.

  16. Nice work from Loup

  17. Aaron Loup is fucking nails man.

  18. Does anybody else hear a feedback on the audio portion of the televised game on SN?
    Pops up from time to time and sounds like the alien from Predator.
    It’s bugging the shit out of me and making me cranky.

    • There’s a drug for that.
      Push the button and request one.
      With ice cream.

      • I keep hearin them SP.
        Mother fucking Alien Predator bastard.
        Where’s Arnie when you need him.
        Or at least the SN techno geek shitheads to fix the god damn audio.

  19. Against a lefty, Smasher.

  20. I am so pleased at Hutchison’s performance tonight. He’s going to save our season.

  21. Lind gets a hit from a leftie….the universe is shifting

  22. Warming up to Navarro. He called a good game tonight.

    • Totally agree. He called a few hooks when Hutch was behind in the count and the batters waved. Underappreciated portion of a catchers game.

    • also liked what I saw. He looked poised and steady. I think these guys will love throwing to him. Great pick off early. He set the tone.

  23. The Rogers Centre is kinda bad, but the Trop is just plain sad.

  24. Delabeard?

  25. Thanks Buck for telling us that drew is “not a fit”. Seriously can we please get a new play by play guy

  26. Jays picked up Juan Francisco.

  27. Fuck you could smell that one coming

  28. Francisco has a career .252/.312/.464 slash line against righties, but a .179/.218/.221 line against lefties, so he’s obviously not Adam Lind’s new platoon partner. Last season he was a little worse than his career averages for both righties and lefties.

  29. Jesus, Goins, when did that ever look like a hittable pitch?

  30. Review that shit, even just out of spite.

  31. Welp…close but no cigar Melky…seems like it takes a little “MO” away from the Rays tho.

  32. This review thing is already getting a little annoying.

  33. How large was the Tabucky ‘gasm on that Longoria play. All I have is this shitty TB feed.

  34. The more people bitch about review, the more awesome it becomes.

  35. Here comes the collapse…

  36. So, who is setting the defences for these guys…I’m not impressed.

    • Gibby’s got it covered.

    • Burned three times last night for doubles on what should have been outs due to “cute” positioning. If Lawrie and Colby are in regular position those are outs instead. Sometimes you just out think yourself.

  37. *Gulp*

  38. I almost can’t watch.

  39. Escobar no es macho

  40. Cartoon slider to seal the game?

  41. lol niiiiiceeeeeeeee

  42. ‘Surgery’ Santos makes it uncomfortable for everyone concerned, but comes through.

    • He’ll settle in.

      • Maybe.
        Janssen (for example) makes me comfortable.
        I’ve yet to feel that emanating from Santos.
        Awe yes, just not comfort.
        (I do like him a lot however.)

        • I love Janssen, but I worry that there is something serious going on with him. We may have to get used to seeing Santos in the 9th. Delabar can close if Santos can’t do the job.

  43. Yay!

  44. That’s fitting…not gonna say what I’m thinking about Escobar though

  45. Whew!

  46. Wow. Another fucking adventure with Santos.

  47. Fuck you Maracon! and Fuck you smug Rays!!

    • Gotta respect the Rays, they are just plain good.

      Was watching the Rays game feed and those guys had a lot of respeck for the Jays.

      • Actually, I was going to mention that earlier. Of all the AL East teams, these guys and their fans are ok. Think about it…Yankees, O’s, Red Sox, they’re all in your face about something. There’re are some pretty good players but none that you’d like to bean (including Escobar). And there fans don’t troll and their announcers are decent guys.

      • I know, I just hate them so much because even up 4-0 in the 8th, I know it’s 50-50 the Jays hold on to win. Was also irritated with Escobar’s questioning of clear strikes in the last at bat.

        But the only reason the Rays got so close is because of some lucky breaks. Lawrie should have hit with the bases loaded in the 5th, Delabar deflected a grounder that was going right to Diaz, and that runner scored. And Lawrie deflected a weak grounder that netted Longo a double.

    • Ask yourself this.

      In the playoffs, should the Jays not make it, wouldn’t you rather root for the Rays rather thank the fucking Yankees or Massholes?

      • “A question’s not a question, if you know the answer too.” (John Prine)

      • Honestly, I personally slot the Rays right behind the Red Sox, and barely ahead of the Yankees on my hate list. I just find them very frustrating to play against and they always make the Jays look bad. It’s all a very fine line anyways, I hate all the other AL East teams significantly more than every other MLB team.

  48. On pace for a 500 seeeezin

  49. Fuck yeah

  50. Damn that was close…anyone still think we should have traded Jannsen

  51. Hey drama queens, we’re at 500!

    Baseball, what a game

  52. Fuck yes!

  53. .500 boyz! Aaaaand undefeated in April!!!

  54. Nice win, got interesting there at the end. Didn’t know the Jays are 15 and 42 at the Trop, my goodness what a sarcophagus like place. Hope the wining ways continue.

  55. woohoo!!!!

  56. man these jays rays games dont often end well for the jays but i’ll take it. Just saw jays signed juan francisco. Is he minor league fodder or is he going to be on the roster?

    • I’d think he’ll be on the roster, I remember Anthopolous recently saying that he wanted to add a bench bat. Francisco has power (18 HRs in less than 400 AB’s last year) but he struggles to get on base and he is a left handed hitter. I remember hearing somewhere, probably on fangraphs, that he’s the type of player the Jays seem to have good luck with. Only 26 years old fyi.

      • also… giant platoon split and strikes out in more than 1/3 of his PA’s. can also play 3B but is not a good defender.

  57. Most important part of this game – Hutchinson looked good. Nice.

    • FB was 91-92 which is way off from spring traning reports but not bad velo by any means. I’ll be interested to see where hes at midseason after the league readjusts to him

  58. Is panic over??!!

  59. Great win.

  60. Also: Adam fucking Lind.

  61. Great review by professor Parks on Aaron Sanchez in today’s BP chat with Jason Parks.

    Money comment was that many scouts reported that Sanchez could be up now. His stuff is that good.

    • Fuck off, Park…Oh Jason Parks


    • “Jason Parks: THanks. My phone exploded all spring with scouting notes on Sanchez in camp. He not only looked the part but he pitched the part, and several scouts thought he was ready to pitch at the major league level right out of the gate. That’s incredibly high praise. It won’t take long before he forces the issue and arrives at the ML level. Incredibly easy release of the ball. It’s like he’s playing catch in the backyard except he’s throwing 96 with late-life.”

  62. I can’t tell you how bad I’d like to see some vintage Buehrle tomorrow to nab this first series. It would almost make my season.

  63. Time to clap hands for the starting shortstop Jonathan Diaz.

    Got a his first walk, hit and rbi ever.

    Not saying he’s Pedroia but the kid earned his pay today and then some.

    • I saw the kid play when he spend a summer or two here in Thunder Bay as a member of the Border Cats.

    • Stole a base too!

    • A walk every other game and keeping his average at .250 would be a pretty fucking respectable showing for a fill-in that everybody was pretty pissed about yesterday (myself included). I know it’s one game and his OPS has been just awful throughout his minor league career, but his OBP is OK and his glove is alright. Could be an OK piece down the road and I already like him more than Macier Izturis: The Decline Years.

      Someone just make sure he doesn’t go tripping on the dirt anymore.

  64. Jays AND Leafs win on the same night!!
    How many more times do you think that’s gonna happen this spring?
    (hint – you’re not gonna need two hands to indicate the number).

  65. Excellent performance by the club tonite ( Gimee more of that merlot!). A pitcher that is around the zone , in general makes everyone on the club look better so ahts off to Hutch on a great job. Besides, when the pitcher is close the batter will often swing at borderline pitches not wanting to fall behind in the count and get himself out. I hope Morrow took notice and doesn’t end up at 75 pitches by the 4th inning as he is wont to do. Well, we are now officially doing better than last year as we are now 1-1 (0-2 to start last year’s fuck up)

  66. Ahts off to you too fukstik.

    Couldn’t agree more vis a vis Morrow and his pitch count.
    Perhaps you could join us at times during the game in the future.
    I’ve always seen you as akin to the Canadian Senate.
    A Second Unsober Thought.

    • Hey Spuds-will do but had to watch some of the Leafs game with the son tonite-you know, the family bonding thing. Anyway I’m kind of surprised I spelt that word wrong , afterall, I was sounding it out phoenetically, but then I did have a couple of glasses of wine and it sounded right. Well, perhaps more than a couple.
      As always I look forward to you as a guiding light, a beacon in a sea of despair, amaster mentor as it were as I stay the course ( as long as not too many barley sandwiches are consumed). Hope it’s a good ride this year-mine ended prematurely last year.
      Still lookin for that hookah smoking caterpillar though-where is Alice?

  67. No wonder Alex didn’t sign this guy, he’s clearly poison.

  68. Wow,

    You have got to love Drew Hutchinson coming out of nowhere, having a great fucking spring, then coming out with a quality start against a very good TB team. Fuck Santana. And no, he was not pulled too early.

  69. Great comedic outlook on the 2014 jays, worth a look.

  70. Stoets,

    Quick f/u to Dickey thing + his velocity

    Last night Hutch was in the 91-92 range .. this was about 2-3 ticks below what we were hearing from Spring Training – although Keith Law had his own opinions too

    Any chance we got a funny Gun in Tampa? Not that Dickey’s results disprove the possibility he was throwing slow knucklers but perhaps could help get us off the ledge that he may be shielding an injury vs just sucking for a couple of nights

  71. I was just glancing over this years schedule and noticed there is sure a lot of 4 game series this year.

    • somebody better let the staff and players know the season is over. What a dumbass article.

      • Can’t believe he hasn’t gotten a GM job anywhere yet.

        • To be fair, most of his thoughts and ideas in this article are fine… except, you know, for the one main overarching point of the piece in the first place.

    • .. so the jays should just deal their core players to the Tigers for their farm system + Castellanos .. good idea

      I mean .. how can you even write this article after 2 games .. mindless

      and the article points are dumb .. “trade x good player to x potential contending team” .. the Jays have EE and JB to suck team friendly contracts why the heck would you want to deal them .. makes no sense

  72. If you can only do one of the following deals, what do you?
    Extend Melky for 3yrs at 10mill per or Colby for 5 years and 75-80 million?
    Do you think these figures are reasonable?

    • Colby

    • I wait until the all-star break.

    • Have to say Colby though I just can’t see AA ever paying him that kind of money because of his valuations. Unless Colby has really strong positive feelings about Toronto he is as good as gone this winter imo. In the FanGraphs write up on Cabrera’s extension they had an interesting paragraph about players who did not get extended during their last year under contract. Of the 30 players who signed $50 million + contracts over the last 5 years only 1 of 30 players (jeter) signed with their old teams.

      I guess if he totally regresses their could be a chance but then that brings up other issues.

      I really am not looking forward to seeing Gose as my everyday CF next year nor am I enjoying the thought of the price they would have to pay to trade for a CF.

      • Nonsense, though. “Because of his valuations”??? Meaningless. You mean the sort of valuations that thought Dickey, when they felt they needed him, was worth Syndergaard and d’Arnaud?

        • No the kind of valuations that caused him to do nothing this winter and bemoan the fact that he had to overpay for a guy like Navarro. As for Dickey, AA thought he was obviously getting an ace to top off a rather large winter transformation, an ace he could pay below market wages for in the subsequent extension he got him to sign. If Dickey pitched as envisioned then there wouldn’t be nearly as many people slagging the trade.

    • I’d extend Colby in a heartbeat. Defensively elite CFs who can hit are invaluable.

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