It’s times like these where I’m reminded of the immortal words of Killface:

All right, all right. Let’s bring it in. Bring it in. On me. On me. Now look, I’m counting on all of you. There’s no yesterday. There’s no tomorrow. Forget ant farm keyboard. That’s… forget that. I want you to go out there, and take this moment, and make it yours.

Sure, the start to the season has gone about as poorly as imaginable, but that was March. That shit’s in the past, man. This is April now. Let’s turn the page. There’s still time for the Jays to shake off their dismal first month of the season and get this brand new month started right.

Drew Hutchison is on the hill with large expectations in tow, and a lot of talent, but little experience against the kind of hitters the Rays will be running at him — or with a pitchers on the opposite hill who was as good last year as Alex Cobb was. Should be a treat tonight, but like last night, and like the Jays season as a whole, it has as much potential to go really well as it does to go shatteringly poorly, even considering the fact that we’ve finally turned the page on the dismal regular season schedule in the month of March.

Forget ant farm keyboard. That’s… forget that.


Got an email blast this morning from Bodog, telling me John Gibbons is 2/1 to be the first manager in baseball to lose his job — the odds on favourite. Hate to say it, but… yeah, probably.

Brett Lawrie is an ass man. We knew this, today — apparently thanks to someone from Buzz Feed — the world learned it. But at least, by way of @_scottjohnson, we got this outstanding Sir Mix-A-Lot GIF.

At Gamereax, Chris Toman writes about the Jays’ shrinking window to win. Ugh.

Five Thirty Eight looks at the popularity of MLB teams relative to their market size, and naturally, the Jays are firmly in the bottom third.

Meanwhile, some interesting stuff from concession prices, league-wide, from our friend Jonah Birenbaum at theScore.

Jack Moore wrote about Montreal for Getting Blanked, and nailed it.

Book launch for the 2014 Toronto Blue Jays Minor League Handbook is tomorrow at Tallboys. Read about it at Blue Jays From Away.

TV: Sportsnet: Pacific/East/360, MLB Network

Next game: Tomorrow, 7:10 PM ET, at Tampa

For those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app. And now, the lineups… 

Toronto Blue Jays

LF Melky Cabrera (S)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
DH Edwin Encarnacion (R)
1B Adam Lind (L)
C Dioner Navarro (S)
3B Brett Lawrie (R)
2B Ryan Goins (L)
SS Jonathan Diaz (R)

RHP Drew Hutchison

Tampa Bay Rays

LF Matt Joyce (L)
RF Wil Myers (R)
2B Ben Zobrist (S)
3B Evan Longoria (R)
1B James Loney (L)
CF Desmond Jennings (R)
DH Logan Forsythe (R)
C Ryan Hanigan (R)
SS Yunel Escobar (R)

RHP Alex Cobb

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  1. I’m amped to watch Hutchinson pitch tonight. Looking forward to a great game.

  2. I like Cletus in the 2 spot considering the circumstance.

    Forces left handed reliever either out of the game or in tough with JB and EE.

    Nice hole on the left side if Melky gets on too.

  3. What do you think the Jays can get for Melky and Rasmus at the deadline?

  4. Thanks for televising Rogers. AssCocks.

    • Honestly, all season when the Leafs were doing well and the games would be shown on LeafsTV while Sportsnet showed poker. Leafs turn to shit and they’re showing the tail end of the tire fire on Sportsnet. Go figure.

  5. I have a feeling Melky is going to have a great season.

    Cobb looks slightly off, I hope the jays will take a few pitches in at bats so he does not settle in.

  6. After all the snow I shoveled this year I was throwing a 2 seam snowball in the mid 90′s. Taking kids out all over the neighbor hood.

    Just sayin, fawk the weighted ball program, let’s get them up here shoveling snow. Dicky would be throwing a low 90′s knuckle ball and Reyes hammy’s would be stretched and tuned. eh…..

  7. What in the fuck is that feedback on the telecast.
    Technical issues today and yesterday.
    fucking idiots

  8. What a joke this park is.

  9. Nunez got DFAd by the yankees. AA should be all over that. Would be a massive upgrade at the plate over diaz/goins.

  10. I am really happy that they are showing pitch count again. Used to piss me off not seeing pitch count in the Jays broadcasts, because every other broadcast would show pitches thrown.

  11. Jesus fuck, Jose!

  12. come on jays just keep letting rack up pitches.

    • just keep letting Cobb rack up pitches this inning. I used to hate last year when in the 6th inning the opposing pitcher had thrown 70 pitches. Like if the guys is rolling,don’t swing on the first pitch unless he throws in down the pipe. Wait for your pitch.

  13. Good to see them make Cobb work early.

  14. BOOM!

  15. wahoo1 kitten face

    • He must have really liked that nickname in order to convince himself to staple an actual kitten to his chin.

  16. ADAM LIND!!!!!

  17. That’s my boy.

  18. Fuck yeah!


  20. Now that makes it all better!

  21. ZZ Lind!!


  23. I credit the facial hair.

  24. SUCK IT LIND HATERS!!!!!!1

  25. Lind! If he can actually be consistent this year it would be a huge boost to the lineup

  26. Woot!

  27. Lind’s swing was timed perfectly

  28. Now hopefully Hutchison can keep up his end.

  29. Fuck yeah, Navarro!

  30. Lovely throw

  31. Dionner wow

  32. Isn’t opening day lovely?

    I’m quite enjoying opening day right now.

  33. One of the things i remember about hutch is lefties used to rake against him. So that will be interesting to watch. Also he he had a spike in his velocity before he got hurt. Curious to see where hes at

  34. Hutch!

  35. Nicely done.

  36. Look at our boy pitch. Nice 1st inning.

  37. Great inning ! Go Jays

  38. So did Hutchison go all Single White Female on Brandon Morrow or what? Looks and stuff.

  39. So this has been the exact opposite start as yesterday

  40. Chubby Bunny looking pretty spry there

  41. Frickin Diaz can take a walk! Keeps the inning going!

  42. First major league walk

  43. How about that

    Scrappy (doo) Diaz drew a walk.

    • You could tell Cobb was trying to overcompensate for Diaz’s height and threw four balls way down.

  44. Melky looks fucking good right now

  45. #lovethisteam?

  46. Now, will Rasmus strike out swinging or is this a fly ball out?

  47. Who is this Cabrera guy?

  48. Lots of good at-bats here

  49. Shocking.

  50. Melky is going to rake this year.

  51. With the guys the Jays are running out there, why not move Santos back to short and have Jeffress close?

  52. nice ab Diaz!

  53. Astros already up 5-0 on the Yankees and CC.

  54. Fuck you, Longoria.

  55. Hutch is looking pretty damn fine!

  56. Any suggestions on a good live stream?

  57. Nice that.

  58. That was a smooth double play started by Hutch.

  59. Damn that was fine

  60. Nice to see Bautista looking locked in. Hitting the ball really hard.

  61. Checked in on the Astros-Yankees game.
    As the various guys came up,
    instead of a graphic showing BA-HR-RBI
    they were showing PA-BABIP-WAR
    First time I’ve seen anything like that anywhere.

    With the Jays,so far so good.
    If they can escape from the House of Horrors with a split
    I’ll take it.

  62. Does everyone still think the Yankees have a guaranteed top 5 SP. I said last month that with the weight loss CC is not the same pitcher, and he does not look like that tonight. We thought Dickey was bad pitching to the Rays…

  63. LOVE this battle from Diaz right now

  64. Holy shit where did that come from

  65. Diaz is on fire lol

  66. Good for the kid. It’d be nice if he could keep this up. Nice running by Lawrie too.

  67. J DIAZZZ, if he can grind out ABs everytime…very valuable 9-hitter

  68. Calling up Diaz looks pretty good so far!

  69. MVP!

  70. Diaz!

  71. This Diaz kid ain’t bad!

  72. Season’s over, right asshole trolls?

  73. An undertaker couldn’t wipe the smile off my face right now

  74. I’m missing Jack Morris on the radio.

  75. You’ll all be pleased to know that I’m not watching tonight. I’m bringing my bad luck charms to one of my other teams. Guess which one? Boo-urns.

  76. Where’s the Baltimore troll tonight I wonder…lol

  77. I was feeling pretty down yesterday but now I’m pretty sure the Jays are gonna win at least one World Series Championship this year!

  78. Damn. Hutch is on.

  79. Maddon has a rapist warming up in the pen

  80. No matter what happens during the Jays season at least we get to hear about Jeter’s last everything all season long.

    • I was over it just hours after he announced his retirement. It’s annoying. Going to be a long season.

  81. Hutch much?

  82. What a day today has been. It’s so warm here I’ve got the windows open whilst watching the game and the BBQ a sizzilin.

  83. Game 2 and Buck has already mennnnchinnnned how inchressstinnng everything is this seeeeesin 1000000000000 times

  84. That ump was doing ok up til that pitch…

  85. Bastard

  86. Wow… thanks Ump.

  87. Bad call on ball 4 gets Navarro out. Cobb ought to tip cap to Welke.

  88. Hutchison seems to be planting his foot to the third base side again.

  89. You think Maddon gives Loney shit for pulling up?

  90. Let’s continue a Tampa tradition and hit a hard liner right back at Lueke when he’s in.

  91. Hutch is incredibly accurate.

  92. Where are all the naysayers tonight?

  93. The comments in here were aggressively dumb last night and the idiots need to be called out. One poster was talking about a firesale.

  94. Lawrie doing his Lawrie thing where he pounds the ball straight into the dirt

  95. If ground balls were home runs, Brett Lawrie would be Babe fucking Ruth.

  96. Wife: I sure hope this baseball season isn’t as long as last years.

    Me: Have your lawyer call my lawyer.

    • My baseball widow was complaining before the season even started. Of course, MLB TV is a total gamechanger. Trying to watch responsibly, but it’s so tempting…

    • Join a few fantasy leagues.
      Win $4-5K and let her spend it.
      She’ll be saying,
      “Shouldn’t you be checking in on your team?”

      This is rule 26 from “How to stay married for 45 years.”
      You’re welcome.

  97. In all seriousness, is Goins gonna figure it out to at least be better than JPA2013?

    • That’s like saying you don’t have to outrun the bear, you just have to be able to outrun one of your kids.
      Piece of cake.

  98. Earlier in the game they showed footage of him from 2012. His front foot plants to the third base side (to the right of his back foot) resulting in him throwing across his body. They compared it to tonight where he was planting more in front towards the plate.

    He seemed to be going back to the old habit last inning. Having to throw across the body like that will put strain on his arm and shoulder.

    It’s obviously something they’ve worked on with him. He’s bound to backslide a bit.

  99. Was that the first “little looper” of 2014?

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