Buehrle’s gonna buehrl tonight, and yet… how long might this game actually take, when Matt Moore can’t hit the damn plate, and John Gibbons and Joe Maddon play the insufferable game of delaying the game long enough to be made aware from the bench whether or not a play should be challenged under MLB’s new shitty, poorly thought-out replay system.

I mean, seriously, people. What the fuck is this interminable nonsense? Scrap the garbage already. Or, at the very goddamn least, make it so that a manager who leaves the dugout without having made a challenge relinquishes his right to issue a challenge – something to keep what has been happening in the first few days of this season from happening again, because… as much as I suppose I can accept more correct calls in exchange for fewer awesome arguments between managers and umpires, um… arguments are awesome and this is bullshit.

Oh, and apparently there’s a baseball game on now or something. Also apparently: a Sportsfeld tradition is to go to the bar after. FYI.


Jim Bowden of ESPN.com (Insider Only) is ready to blow up the Jays — exactly the kind of advice that got him shitcanned every time he’s been made the GM of a team. Or… actually that’s not true. Pretty sure it was skimming money from Latin American kids that did him in the one time.

A tweet from Chris Zelkovich (formerly of the Star, now of Yahoo!), says that the Jays averaged 591,000 viewers on Tuesday, even though they were up against the Leafs. Pretty good.

Matt Moore and his I-don’t-know-where-this-pitch-is-going thing can kinda fuck off.

TV: Sportsnet

Next game: Tomorrow, 7:10 PM ET, at Tampa

For those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app. And now, the lineups… 

Toronto Blue Jays

LF Melky Cabrera (S)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
C Dioner Navarro (S)
DH Moises Sierra (R)
3B Brett Lawrie (R)
2B Maicer Izturis (S)
SS Jonathan Diaz (R)

LHP Mark Buehrle

Tampa Bay Rays

CF Desmond Jennings (R)
RF Wil Myers (R)
2B Ben Zobrist (S)
3B Evan Longoria (R)
DH Logan Forsythe (R)
1B James Loney (L)
LF Sean Rodriguez (R)
C Jose Molina (R)
SS Yunel Escobar (R)

LHP Matt Moore

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  1. Never get off the boat

  2. Gibbons to Madden (in Happy Gilmore voice): “We learned how to run up pitch counts. Uh oh.”

  3. Beauty.

  4. Where did this defense come from????? Fucking a

  5. Fucking A

  6. What a DP. Really look like a ball club tonight.

  7. Sit down, Cecil — the Buerhle has this.

  8. Buerhle’s got a nice looking line for the night.

  9. Soo do we let beurhle just continue this dominating performance? Or go to the pen soon?

  10. I don’t think there was one game last year where the defence looked as solid as tonight…there would be games with someone making a great play, but there would also seem to be at least one defensive fuck-up the same night…

  11. I don’t get the stats saying EE an average or less than average 1st baseman.I just don’t get it.Always thought he was better than Lind,better range , better positioning,better glove.

    • ^ THIS. I don’t see why he always gets dinged so heavily for his D…his issue was always the throwing, and I can’t see how he’s not AT LEAST average defensively

    • Was just talking about that same thing with a friend earlier today. Doesn’t pass the eye test imo.

  12. SHit a brick and then fuck me with it.
    I had to go for dinner, just came back to a paused game and saw Joey Blasts’ second bomb.

  13. Dioner !! maicer !! Bautista !! Big D !! Lovin this shit

  14. Izturis is nickel n dimeing his way to a good start.

  15. Really liking the look of Maicer’s bat – if he can keep it up, Mr. Going might quickly find his way on the bench or Buffalo.

  16. At least the comments aren’t full of despair anymore. Love the Happy Gilmore line…gonna share that one at work tomorrow, more than a few laughs should ensue.

  17. Melky has a nice cheering section in tb.

  18. Yikes, Dexter Fowler with a 3B and HR in 2 at bats against Kuroda – maybe something to keep an eye on.

  19. Zaun appearing surly during the update. Bet Wilner is under his skin

  20. That my friends is the definition of command

  21. What an outing from buehrle. If jays manage a split IN tampa it would be a series win in my books.

  22. Niiiice.

  23. paintingcorners.jpg

  24. Can I just go ahead and blame JPA for all the shittiness of last year? I think I’m gonna do that.

    • Maybe aa is a genius that getting rid of him was all they needed.

    • ya, and i´m already thinking about what a huge upgrade we got.

    • Actually , you can.
      Buehrle said as close to that as you can get in an interview earlier this spring.
      Quite candid about it.

      • I’ve (we”ve?) been saying it since he left. Addition by subtraction. There’s a HUGE multiplier effect in there as well. Notice how good the pitching is? It’s not a fluke.

      • Yeah Buehrle said he has never shook off a catcher in his whole career until he met JPA and it started happening every game. You start getting the feeling that JPA is functionally retarded and doesn’t know how to play baseball. He’s frankly getting by on his athletcism and size… almost as if GMs look at him and think “How is he not awesome? Most ball players are short and slightly pudgy, and this guy is tall and cut?”

    • A medical definition of scapegoating is:
      “Process in which the mechanisms of projection or displacement are utilized in focusing feelings of aggression, hostility, frustration, etc., upon another individual or group; the amount of blame being unwarranted.”

      In this case it’s warranted.

  25. When was last time beurhle had 10ks??? I’m getting the rays cast on directv in the states (jays cast na). They said his career high is 12.

  26. awesome

  27. More runs would be good here. The Rays always make me nervous in the late innings.

  28. That’s some 2013 catching from Hannigan.

  29. Recent developments have turned Mark Buehrle’s contract from a “massive fucking overpay” to a “huge god damned discount” in the course of an offseason.

  30. what is burhle’s pitch count?

  31. C’mon prince Ali

  32. Damn what a game, I’m running between tv’s now as I have a family friend down to the final 3 on recipe to riches.
    What a night.

  33. Joey Trifecta?

  34. Remember that time when the starting second baseman for the Jays was Emilio Bonifacio?

  35. Ee can’t buy a hit

  36. Eddie is due.

  37. EE with the sweet double play. Love it! Buerle is throwing slop, but putting it right where he wants it. How many of those K’s are looking?

  38. Dinner time.

  39. Now its a Double Bautista Doubler. 2 walks and 2 home runs.

  40. Nice start to the season. A couple of pitchers looking good, now time to get Reyes back

  41. C’mon Moises

  42. Dinner has got to stick for a nickname.

    BTW, my wife sees Dinner’s face and says “he looks like he’s 12″.Dude does have a serious baby face.

  43. Balfour needs a new ball each pitch

  44. Hang in there, Moises!

  45. sierra looks lost

  46. Wow, Sierra’s looking terrible.

  47. How many balls does a pitcher have to throw to walk Sierra? 6, 7?

  48. Evankaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  49. 1 K away from tying career high

  50. I wish Gose had even a shred of hitting ability so he’d be up here and not Sierra. At least he could pinch-run and play CF while doing nothing with the bat.

  51. Buerhle the best. What a great game.

  52. K # 11 fior Buerle shows what he can do when he gets the benefit of the doubt on the corners.He has to love this wide zone.

    4th K in a row looking.

  53. Nice to see jays beating tb at their own game. It’s amazing what defense and pitching can do. Who knew three runs could win a game

  54. Buehrle just threw a 69 mph curveball.

  55. Lawrie clanks it.

  56. Storybook finish…
    not quite yet.

  57. Gotta get that brett

    • It’s “Bozo Syndrome”: you make stunning catches on the tough ones and flub the easy ones. BTW, did that thing have sidespin to it? It seemed to curve on him.

  58. In comes Santos. Time to get the alka selzer.

  59. Fuck. Lawrie should have snagged that.

  60. Oh well, you gotta think Santos’s heater will look like 110mph after Buehrle’s junk.

  61. Gentlemen, focus! Buerle pitched into the 9th. In his first game this season. Not sure if he ever went this far as a Jay last year, But … shit… it’s his game one, and we’re winning it. Gotta love it.

  62. Oh come on!

  63. Do not walk him

  64. Thanks for nothing Santos.

  65. Games in Tampa are always like pulling teeth.

  66. Santos is filthy but he makes me nervous. Bring us Goggles!

  67. for fuck sakes, Santos…

  68. Santos mean mugging it

  69. I love Gibbers

  70. Did we ever see Buerle pitch into the 9th last year? Can’t recall. If we did, he did it this year in his FIRST FUCKING GAME.

  71. Fucking hell, Santos. Just throw strikes, goddamnit.

  72. Is Santos spanish for “can’t pitch in high leverage situations”?

  73. C’mon Squints!

  74. At the game right now.

    Definite E on Lawrie.

    Would have loved to see a CG from Buehrle. He was definitely buehrling tonight. Bad move to pull him and hope the Jays hang on.

    • Agreed. Stupid move to pull him, but what do we expect from the Gibbon.

      • Stop bandying about the term ‘we.’

      • Buerhle was at 108 pitches in the first game of the season. CG would be nice but I don’t fault Gibbers for taking him out. We have a reliable pen, as seen tonight

        • If I had to , I’d go with Gibby. He probably told Beuhrle that in the dugout too. “If a guy gets on we pull you.”

  75. God Santos is dogshit. Dawg shitttttt

    • Yeah, dog shit that is unhittable. You’re like the guy the says the weather is shit when it’s 25 and sunny but there is a pea-sized cloud in the sky.

      It would be MASSIVE to leave the Trop with a 3-1 record tomorrow – dare to dream?

  76. I’m chain smoking w the jitters….

  77. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  78. Boney and Valbuena with 5 hits hitting 1-2 for the Cubs today…

  79. Goggles is GOLD!

  80. Wooo!!!

  81. They look NASTY and PISSED OFF this spring. I like it.

  82. Should have let Burlz finish.

  83. GOGGLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  84. Nails Brett!!!

  85. Alright boys! Beurhle go in and devour the catering, you deserve it!!

    • He does look he had a few “full moon over my hammy” plates at Dennys over the winter.

      • Who beurhle ? He’s friggin gigantic now. Idc as long as he pitches like that he can order 2 plates of the roots tooty fresh n fruity from I hop for all I care.

  86. wohooo! goggles what a strike out!

  87. Thank goodness for Goggles

  88. Ka Cha! F u Sergio.

  89. Let’s see which Morrow shows up. Taking 3 from TB would be sweet.

  90. Wins a win, no whining.

  91. I’m lovin this team

  92. Wow. Who are these guys ??

    Terrific ballgame.

  93. Good game ladies and gents. Everybody worked hard, we stayed hydrated, and positive for the most part. Catch you cats tomorrow.

  94. Except for Red Bull’s late clunker, that looked like one well-defended ball game. Well pitched. Bats on fire. Just a little tense at the end.

    • It wouldn’t be a Rays game without tension at the end. Once Cecil was called in, it was lights out, anyways.

  95. Mark fucking Buehrle every body. Beautiful game.

    Santos :\

  96. alright Brandon, your turn tomorrow…time to put on your big boy pants and end this Tropicana jinx with authority

  97. Wow! It’s 3.00 am where I am and I ‘watched’ on GameDay. 2 out of 3 from the Rays at the Trop. I didn’t see that coming after Monday’s debacle. Good for them to bounce back like that!

  98. rawoooooooo!

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