Buehrle’s gonna buehrl tonight, and yet… how long might this game actually take, when Matt Moore can’t hit the damn plate, and John Gibbons and Joe Maddon play the insufferable game of delaying the game long enough to be made aware from the bench whether or not a play should be challenged under MLB’s new shitty, poorly thought-out replay system.

I mean, seriously, people. What the fuck is this interminable nonsense? Scrap the garbage already. Or, at the very goddamn least, make it so that a manager who leaves the dugout without having made a challenge relinquishes his right to issue a challenge – something to keep what has been happening in the first few days of this season from happening again, because… as much as I suppose I can accept more correct calls in exchange for fewer awesome arguments between managers and umpires, um… arguments are awesome and this is bullshit.

Oh, and apparently there’s a baseball game on now or something. Also apparently: a Sportsfeld tradition is to go to the bar after. FYI.


Jim Bowden of ESPN.com (Insider Only) is ready to blow up the Jays — exactly the kind of advice that got him shitcanned every time he’s been made the GM of a team. Or… actually that’s not true. Pretty sure it was skimming money from Latin American kids that did him in the one time.

A tweet from Chris Zelkovich (formerly of the Star, now of Yahoo!), says that the Jays averaged 591,000 viewers on Tuesday, even though they were up against the Leafs. Pretty good.

Matt Moore and his I-don’t-know-where-this-pitch-is-going thing can kinda fuck off.

TV: Sportsnet

Next game: Tomorrow, 7:10 PM ET, at Tampa

For those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app. And now, the lineups… 

Toronto Blue Jays

LF Melky Cabrera (S)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
C Dioner Navarro (S)
DH Moises Sierra (R)
3B Brett Lawrie (R)
2B Maicer Izturis (S)
SS Jonathan Diaz (R)

LHP Mark Buehrle

Tampa Bay Rays

CF Desmond Jennings (R)
RF Wil Myers (R)
2B Ben Zobrist (S)
3B Evan Longoria (R)
DH Logan Forsythe (R)
1B James Loney (L)
LF Sean Rodriguez (R)
C Jose Molina (R)
SS Yunel Escobar (R)

LHP Matt Moore

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  1. Oh whit I forgot it was a 4 game series! Well, even if we go down, we won’t lose the series. And it looked like Cecil was dealing!

  2. Buehrle is such a consummate professional. When Gibby walked out he was just like, it’s all good man. He’s seen it all.

  3. This could easily have been a blowout. But shit, it’s the fuckin Rays at the fuckin Trop, I’ll take it!

  4. Now let’s see if our defense can keep this up 159 more games.

  5. The giant fist pump that I blasted off following the final strike reminded me how much I missed baseball. I haven’t got that pumped up all season for the leafs.. And it’s freaking game 3…
    Going to be a fun summer boys and girls…

  6. Everybody ripping Santos when he was squeezed on 2 of the balls – especially the one inside that was probably 2 inches closer to the plate than the pitch that EE was called out on earlier in the game. Also, it was fucking Evan Longoria hitting with Matt Fucking Joyce on deck – a walk is really not a big deal. Bunch of idiots.

    • Not idiots. It’s a long season. I just have not seen many clean innings when Santos is pitching. His stuff is filthy.

      • Mostly targeted at the troll further upthread. If you don’t recall many clean innings – you might want to check out his tidy 0.584 WHIP from last year. He looked much better than Grant Balfour – and he’s just our back-up closer.

      • “I just have not seen many clean innings when Santos is pitching”

        That’s just confirmation bias. He was pretty damn clean last year: 9.82 K/9, 1.40 BB/9, 0.58 WHIP.

        • By the time Santos was pitching last year, I had stopped watching as many games. His numbers were filthy. I have not SEEN many clean innings.

  7. Who said the Jays would not be in 1st in the AL East?

    • Only day three but FIRST PLACE, baby! I’ll take it for as long as it lasts.

      Oh, and did anyone else notice that Ubaldo got dinged up a little by the Red Sux tonight? 0-1 and 6.00 after one start.

  8. If you wanna see a chubby bunny did anyone see Erik HInske as the first base coach this week? I’ll take the size xxxxl uniform that still fits snug.

  9. Oh, and at least a draw in TB, which is as good as win. Ala Yogi Berra

  10. I’ll just be yet another person who thinks Buehrle should have been allowed to go for the complete game shutout. At the time Longoria did not represent the tying run.

    • If Longoria gets on there, things could unravel pretty quickly. Buehrle was already over a hundred pitches in his first start of the season. I think it’s fine. Don’t think Buehrle minds that much either, he’s already got a perfect game.

      You just can’t be too careful against these guys.

      • I agree but Santos does get me out of my seat. Solid game

      • Based on exactly nothing? I get the vibe Buehrle is the consummate team player. Works fast, takes nothing personal, wins are wins, however they happen.

        • Yep. He’s been around for donkey’s years, thrown 2 no-hitters, won a bazillion games, won a World Series, he’s seen it all. I doubt he’d be losing any sleep over getting 26 outs instead of 27.

          I just love the man.

          • Same. Even in his less awesome games, just feels like he’s out there as the 10th fielder vs a pitcher. If that makes any sense. Rum is a helluva drink.

    • Buehrle was all smiles after the win. I don’t think he gave a shit whatesoever and I can almost guarantee that Gibby told him before thee 9th – if you get through the inning clean I’ll leave you in. They were chatting back and forth joking around after so nothing to see here.

  11. If Morrow can pitch a good game tomorrow my tumescence will be complete

  12. Nice game tonight.
    Chance at a win and at worst a split in the House of Horrors.
    We’ll take it.
    Then, the task is to get home and start winning series.

    For tomorrow, all I really want to see is a good outing from Morrow.
    Something like 6IP, 2 or fewer ER, no more than a couple of walks
    and let the chips fall where they may. If he can be both healthy
    and effective, it will go a long way towards making this team competitive.

  13. Somehow the posts are going awry. The words of Donavan are appropriate:
    “Here comes the hurly buerhle man singing songs of wins”.
    Great game by MArk and Joey B
    Again, I hope Morrow took note of how you have to be near the zone to have a chance and not be at 76 pitches by the 4th inning. Both Hutch and MB do not throw 98 but they dominiated. For that matter, I hope RAD was paying attention too

    • Wrong lyric fukstuk.

      An Ode To Buehrle:

      “In the chilly hours and minutes of uncertainty
      I want to be in the warm hold of your loving mind.”

      • Fuckin’ greatest shitballer of all-time, in other words.

        • Er, yes, that’s exactly what I (and fukstik) (to say nothing about Donovan) meant.

          The fuckin’ greatest shitballer of all-time.
          Nicely condensed.

  14. Nice to see Jays Talk still attracts total pieces of shit.

  15. nice way to turn it around Jays

    these last two games were a great watch…yet the endings got me a touch nervous

    let’s get 3 of 4 boys!

  16. Buehrle is a fuckin’ pro… I love watching this guy work quick and trust his catcher. The money’s totally worth it. You don’t get too many guys like this passing through the Big Smoke and you gotta enjoy it when you can.

    • Trudat. And even after the clang at 3, and after Santos walking a batter he was all smiles on the bench, yukkin it up with the boys. True team guy.

      • Totally.. D did a good job for him today. How many guys would’ve plunked the ball in Gibby’s hand and stormed off…

        He’s got a Perfecto, No hitter, ring, multiple gold gloves… His reaction to Dewayne Wise’s catch is one of my fav sports moments of all time. He can have all the fried chicken and beer in the clubhouse he wants as far as I’m concerned. Park as many young pitchers next to this guy as possible.

  17. Hey I got another follower on twitter.
    I now got 9,count’em,nine followers.
    If i get to 10 by the allstar break ,I’m gonna tweet something to them all.

    • Ill follow you radar.♥♡♥

      • LOL
        Thanks Kyle
        I’m the most boring person you could follow.
        Just ask karen or TomW.

        Speaking of twitter.Stoeten just retweeted this without a smart ass comment added.

        Shi Davidi ‏@ShiDavidi ·7m
        Jose Bautista: “I could really get used to the chemistry that I see between our catcher and our pitchers.”

        Can’t tell how shocked I am.

        • Sweet.
          That mans heart has grown two or three fold.

          • You must be right.
            Something special happened that weekend in Montreal.
            He went there a bitter, confused cynic and came back a happy,giddy Pollyanna.
            He’s a changed man.I’m tellin ya.

        • why’s that shocking??

          catchers affect the entire game, the better the defensive catcher, controlling the running game, pitch calling and receiving, the better a pitcher is going to do.

          that’s not chemistry, that’s skill and performance.

          • I say tom-ah-to
            You say tom-ay-to

            If a cerebral player such as Jose chooses to use the word ‘chemistry,’ why do you bend over backwards to ignore his slant on things?

            • I watch ball, play ball, have played good ball, understand statistics and critical thinking.
              Don’t be a bully dc, if people want to believe in chemistry, then let them.
              If Andy wants to take up the fight against it, it’s his blog.
              But don’t bully the folks that believe it exists.
              You come across as a shithead.
              Andy will still like you.
              If he did at all.

              • @Smasher
                I didn’t preceive it as bullying.
                Knowing Stoeten’s disdain for the term chemistry, I found it surprising the he retweeted sans additional comment.

                • Fuck sakes guys. Andrew doesn’t deny chemistry (nor do I). The problem is it is unquantifiable AND that it is impossible to separate “good results” from “chemistry”. If you win, it looks like good chemistry. If you lose, it looks bad. And every team wins AND loses a solid 60+ games a year.

                  Oh, and talent is 100 times more important than chemistry anyway. As you swing the bat are you really thinking about how Arencibia left the clubhouse toilet clogged up yesterday?

              • wtf the fuck did i say to warrant that type of response.

                stop trying to be a white night, I’ve never had any issues with Radar, we converse, we talk we agree we disagree all in a days work, never been any disrespect.

                if you’re trying to gain more friends, you don’t have to pretend to save people. take it easy you prick.

                Chemistry exists, sure, but doesn’t it lead to better results? who knows, and no one can prove it.

    • Show me the way to the next whisky bar, RADAR.
      I’ll follow you.

  18. I think Navarro might deserve some praise too. Buehrle always throws what the catcher gives him, and Dioner was changing speeds and moving around the strikezone beautifully today. He also called a nice game yesterday when Hutch’s command was a bit off.

    • So far, so good. Watching Jose Molina I couldn’t help but wonder why the Jays ever let him go and Dioner is my fav since him (not saying much). His rotundness is amusing, seems like he calls a good game and his bat doesn’t hurt you. If you’re asking more from a catcher, you’re probably pining for the steroid era.

      • Yeah, I’m liking what I see from him too. Hope he keeps this up for the rest of the season.

      • Team got a draft pick for him.

        • Think about that right? I mean Molina has an endearing quality to him.. but he still sucks and the Jays got a high pick in Tyler Gonzales who may never amount to anything – but is still worth the lottery ticket when considering the price was giving up a guy who is now 10 years past his most valuable season of 1.2 WAR and in his almost 15 years of MLB time has been worth a hair less than 5WAR total (according to fangraphs).

  19. lol reading the comments after this game and the comments the first day are hilarious.

  20. Baseball!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cant wait for a day off from the shit job to watch a game beginning to end. Luckily I’ll get to see all 3 Yankee’s games, unluckily I”ll be hammered by 2pm on Saturday/Sunday. Or luckily….either way, I’m in the motherfucking boat! They were gonna make me a Major for this, and I wasn’t even in their fuckin’ army anymore.

  21. So far, I have been impressed with Dionner as well. Gives you a chance when he is batting not the expected whiff I came to expect from JPA, other than the1 in 50 chance he might hit a HR. But, on the defensive side, is where I think we get about 2 WAR out of him.
    Balls are being blocked, umpires knees are not being shredded by our catcher completely missing apitch on it’s way to the backstop and we even have a chance now to throw out mediocre baserunners trying to steal a base. Also, the pitchers seem to be following his suggestions so not as many “mound visits”.
    Sure would like to see a decent 2B though

  22. geeze paxton has a nice arm.

  23. No doubt on Paxton he’s pitching a great game.

  24. How sweet would it be to take 3 of 4 from the Rays leading into Dustin fucking McGowan starting the home opener?

    It’s only 3 games.

    But after this past winter, it doesn’t take much to get me optimistic.

    With the position players and bullpen, the Jays could contend with a group of mid-rotation starters.

    Between the 5 guys in the rotation and maybe Stroman or Sanchez down the road, at least it’s POSSIBLE.

    I’ll take it!

  25. Where are the buerhle haters? Stand up, be proud

    • couldnt believe the amount of trade Buehrle comments through spring.so dumb.

      • I was not satisfied with his ST weight but the guy balled last night. Watching on Quick Pitch they showed all the backward-Ks and the pitches were right on the black.

  26. It would be easy to say Bats is going to have a great season.
    So I will.
    Bautista is going to have a monster year.
    But here’s why I think it’s legit.
    His first homer, he was fooled on that hook. Foot down early, started the swing, but still had the strength and stayed back enough to put it out, 10 rows back in centre field.

    We have all seen him crush Verlanders fastball, today he feasted on 2 curves.

    He’s heard all the EE is the best Jays hitter talk, I think Bats is on a mission to state he’s still the big dick in the East.

    That can only bode well for the Jays.

  27. Toronto is 4th overall in dollars for this Junes amateur draft.

  28. all i can say is its nice to watch a real catcher out there for the Jays. The call game Navarro has will chalk up some extra wins for sure.

  29. August people on the island and elsewhere in Seattle and Radar and the nurse. I love the Jays fans! Oh sorry I could not compete tonight …oil-patch and all but at least I am the King and I get to see places like fucking Kazakhstan

    Love, Tom

  30. Clearly the defence is better than last year. Add to that a catcher the pitchers can trust and we *must* be a bunch of games up on those factors alone.

    • No offence..lol but you-know-who could gauge that at this point? NOOOO body

      • │▒│ /▒/
         │▒ /▒/─┬─┐

      • Actually Tom, at the top level of sabermetrics they are trying to calculate it.
        Chemistry calculation is considered the “holy grail” statistic
        Add to that, the new defensive metrics being developed by MLBAM,it could be closer than we thought.
        It’ll make UZR and DRS look like the stoneage.

        • Jeezuz fucking Christ (sorry) …oh and I apologize for being sorry I’m just not in to the square bracket things.

          So my point was lost on my head …but I think it was IQ = DMFs plus or minus one on a scale of 1 to 1

      • True. It’s a small sample size. But the departure of JPA and the addition of a superior defensive 2-baseman has to have some effect amiright? I’m not predicting miracles here. But look at last night’s game and substitute JPA for Navarro…

  31. test this

  32. David Schoenfield ‏@dschoenfield 6h

    Mark Buehrle’s fastest fastball tonight was 83.8 mph.

    Take note, Blue Jays hurlers. You can do it with smoke and mirrors.

    • Morrow’s fastball is going to look like light speed after Buerhle’s. Here’s hoping for a third win tonight.

  33. Funny how a couple of wins due to good piching and defense makes everything feel alright.

    • I fully expect the Jays go 181 to 1 or AA should be fired! Son of a bitch.

  34. Oh and to all my Island friends (and Radar)..mid August, Jays at Seattle, probably racing for a play-off spot (not gonna say which team) I’ll buy the tickets on my way over used card but confirm. You know what would be fun is to get Stoeten out West…lets work on that .

  35. Just for fun….http://youtu.be/SBoriyxPTuk

  36. 1st place, undefeated in April :) Not a bad schedule coming up if we can win a few series we can head into a tough May with some enthusiasm and AA can start looking for some up grade trades

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