The long, interminable winter is over and the season has begun, meaning — in addition to other, far more important things — that people have started asking me to come talk about baseball and stuff on their podcasts and/or radio shows! I already linked you to one such instance earlier today¬†–¬†attached to the outstanding every-Jays-conversation-you’ve-ever-had video from the folks behind Just Passing Through — wherein I spoke with Michael Newton (aka @michaelknewton) on a very special baseball-themed edition of his excellent all vinyl and alcohol podcast, Two Turntables And A Bottle Of Wine.

And now we have another, as this afternoon I was fortunate enough to join our old friend the Zubes (aka @the_zubes) — along with Jake Goldsbie (aka @JGoldsbie), a special appearance from Devang Desai (@DesaiDevang), and Ryan Eligh (@RyanEligh) on the ones and twos — for an episode of Sportsfeld, the sports podcast about nothing!

Follow Sportsfeld on PodBean, curse the name Justin Bourne, and have a listen to it too. I think we might have kind of nailed this one, and fans of the DJF Podcast ought to dig it.

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  1. this is great, really funny

  2. Stoeten, after uttering the word “cluster fuck”: “You guys swear on here don’t you?”. I love it.

  3. I love doing the tin man walk, although it makes the beer warm.

  4. Great work. Love the pod. MORE OF THIS. I think I speak for everyone in saying we need more pods from the entire Score family. Just like the old days.

  5. Aww man. I’ve been trumpeting the “Bring back theZubes” cry and I had no idea this was out! amazing job, guys. can’t wait to hear more.

  6. You’re all nice as hell

  7. this was awesome.

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