Two-for one media bonus time, here, because I can’t be arsed to make two separate posts!

First up — after the jump — we’ve got some funny stuff from the folks behind the great web series Just Passing Through, as they pretty much hit the nail on the head in laying out all the hopes and concerns that surround this year’s edition of the Blue Jays. Give it a watch, and give them a follow at @jpt2013.

Then! When you’ve got some time on your hands, are find yourself champing at the bit for the home opener to just get here already, and are ready to sit down for some good baseball-related tunes, and a chat with yours truly in between, check out a very special baseball-themed edition of the great, local, all-vinyl-and-alcohol podcast, Two Turntables And A Bottle Of Wine. Give them a follow, too, at @ttbwpodcast, and have a listen below!

Here’s the video:

And the audio is right here:

Two Turntables and a Bottle of Wine: Episode 55 by Twoturntablespodcast.Com on Mixcloud

Comments (29)

  1. Bowden on espn told me to panic! And he certainly knows how to run a major league team

  2. This is every Blue Jays conversation i’ve ever had or heard.

  3. Just get us within 6 games of the wild card.

  4. how sweet was last night?
    a rays pitcher struggling to get through five?
    holding on in a close game,
    throwing out a baserunner

  5. That video is so bang on it’s ridiculous.

  6. Ryan Goins: he excites me.

  7. “Looks like clued on pubic hair.” Awsome.

  8. It’s easy to take Jose Bautista for granted, but so glad he is willing to take those walks.

    Earned his money with one walk last night.

  9. Awesome video

  10. What park is that? I thought Christie Pitts at first but the CN tower is making me think it is a park further east.

  11. When’s the next djf pod?

  12. Those poor bastards Jays fans too…

    I have both my summer and winter disappointments covered.

    Good thing I don’t like basketball and soccer. (Though they’re both looking up of course.)

  13. Brilliant video!

  14. I was looking forward to a “Morning After” (I think it was called) game review after last nights win.

    It’s a great series on this site.

    Hopefully it can return in 2014.

  15. Jumbo-tron is a Sony trademark FYI

  16. HILARIOUS! Canuck “accept” bang on.

  17. Or, “accent”…

  18. Out of all the videos you’ve posted.
    This was my favourite.

  19. A very funny video.

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