This one’s been around for a few days now, and has over 20,000 views, but it’s certainly new to me, um… save for having shown up in an email from awesomely-named commenter Macho Man Randy Travis a few days ago, which I just got around to opening now. But enough about my utter laziness, it’s Brett Lawrie interacting with kids, everybody!

He’s doing so, as you’ll see, because as the cover boy for this year’s Canadian version of MLB The Show, evidently he gets his own commercial¬†He even kind of nailed some of the lines.

Actually… you know what? The whole damn thing might be a little bit endearing, even, what with the playing up of the whole Brett Lawrie stereotype thing. Now all he has to do is stop hitting everything into the damn ground and maybe he’ll get a chance to make another one of these next year.

I’m sure you all know how to use Google and can figure out how to read more about the latest incarnation of MLB The Show, so I won’t bother linking to that noise. Let’s just check out the video — after the jump (at least for those of you reading on the home page, I mean)…

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  1. Is there a reason video game Lawrie is wearing the Delgado-era jerseys?

    • To show off that you can play with Delgado-era (though, let’s be honest: Fullmer-era) jerseys?

      Yeah… I don’t know.

  2. Bonifacio is 2 for 2 this afternoon….

  3. And then I was sucked down a late-90s Blue Jays rabbit hole, never to be heard from again.

  4. Wouldn’t Brett Lawrie be great as the wired up, skirt chasing, cocky rookie partnered with the methodical, thoughtful, rule following Mark Beuhrle in a Cop movie.

    • I’d actually like it even better if those roles were reversed.

    • Scene 1

      It’s Big Butts week at Diamonds Gentlemen’s Club so Beuhrle knows his cocky partner is likely hungover as he pulls up to Brets bachelor pad. Mark has brought a coffee and a RedBull to help fuel his young partner.

      Brett walks out dishevelled, yesterdays clothes and it looks like he combed his hair with his pillow.

      Brett “Hey BurlyBoy you old Fucker”

      Mark “Brett, I’ve told you, please call me Mark”

      Brett “faaaaaaawk you” “Anywaysssss, you should have seen the ass on stage last night”

      Mark “There’s more in life then titty bars Brett”

      Brett “Says the guy with cobwebs on his balls, whens the last time you got your carrot wet BurlyBoy?”

      Mark “Mine and Mrs. Beuhrles sex life is none of your business Brett, and I’ll thank you for not asking again”

    • True Brotective?

  5. A tip not intended to be douchey (it’s just a huge pet peeve of mine, because it’s an epidemic these days):

    “an email from awesomely-named commenter”

    Adverbs ending with “ly” don’t need a hyphen.

    The “ly” tells us it’s connected to the following word. So drop the hyphen!

    Now back to you regularly scheduled comments.

    (See? No hyphen after “regularly”!)

    • That seems reasonable. For the most part I’m just making up my own grammatical rules as I go along, so duly noted. Thanks!

  6. Why are his eyes closed?

  7. All I can say is Go Canada! Aaand I did that for you Stoeten. But on a serious note I’m not to big on the energy drink push. Yeah I get it and all but the last thing I need is my kids sucking back energy drinks. It pisses me off when they run around me when I am sucking back alcohol!

  8. Looks like Stroman struck out the side to start the AAA home opener, with a hit mixed inbetween. Nice start.

    Gose has a walk.

  9. Broten, I saw this on that shitty show @Midnight. They were talking about this ridiculous story:

    Somebody wants a new username, Ass Bible is a pretty damn good’un.

    • That’s actually pretty good. Had the story in a recent game threat, though.

      • Ah, fair enough. I should have known. Stoeten (Newman font?).

        On a side note, as a reader of the site and fellow writer (sort of) – you do a fine job here, even if you are a tad of a douchebag on occasion. But hey, we all are.

        -a quasi lurker

  10. Game is completely unrealistic, that ball should have been a 3 hopper to short.

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