Here we go, folks. Brandon Morrow, who was rusty at the start of camp but came out firing during his last tuneup, in front of a big Montreal crowd last Saturday, and looks to keep the momentum going as he makes his first big league appearance in over ten months. And he does so with about as much on the line as you could expect out of the first game of any given season.

I say that only half seriously, because I really don’t want to make too much of game four of 162 — plus, I’m sure there will be all kinds of narrative-based drivel availabel out there for anybody who wants to indulge in it — but would it ever feel fucking good for this club to start the season 3-1 with a series victory in Tampa and a fighting chance to do well over the weekend against the likes of an overanxious Masahiro Tanaka, Michael “New York version of Dustin McGowan” Pineda, and the old grey mare who ain’t what she used to be that they call Sabbathia. Then the Astros come in!

Things are setup well to get off to a good start of the season, in other words, but saying so means getting well, well ahead of ourselves. A lot of work will have to be done, and a lot of pitching questions will have to be answered in a positive way, if the Jays are going to find themselves in Baltimore on April 11th feeling pretty damn good about their record– and the first big one is asked of Morrow, and it will be answered tonight.

Though we all know enough to not make too much of how a team plays in the early season, wins is wins, and if the Jays start banking them now, that would be a very good thing. A tough Tampa team stands in the way, which is OK, since a loss would hardly be anything remotely catastrophic, but holy shit, let’s get this monkey off our fucking backs and start to fucking roll already. Why not us?


According to a team release issued this afternoon, the Blue Jays will be opening the gates early tomorrow — at 5 PM ET — in order to better accommodate the sold out crowd that will fill the Rogers Centre to watch McGowan take on Tanaka. So if you don’t drink, get out of our way, because we’re loading up on booze and sure as shit aren’t going to sit in the stadium for two hours before the game paying $13 a pint (or whatever it costs these days).

Worse news for those of you headed to the games on Saturday and Sunday, as the TTC tweets that stations will be closed those two days from Bloor Station to St. Andrew. From Bloor to St. Andrew! No Union. No Yonge line. They’re telling you to transfer at St. George, then take it to St. Andrew and walk. I’m telling you to get there early, because it sounds like a real clusterfuck in the making.

According to a tweet from Barry Davis, on the radio this morning, John Gibbons explained that Sergio Santos wouldn’t be available to pitch tonight, having taken us for a wild ride in back-to-back wins on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Though originally in the lineup, Wil Myers was removed due to flu-like symptoms, according to a tweet from Shi Davidi. The lineup below has been updated to reflect the change.

Don’t forget to follow DJF on Instagram, especially tomorrow, as I’ll be posting a bunch of pictures from the Home Opener — for real this time, not like from Opera Bob’s on Monday, where I pretty quickly made the call that I didn’t feel like documenting a wake. Will be good!

Says here we’ll do a podcast tomorrow.

TV: Sportsnet

Next game: Tomorrow, 7:07 PM ET, vs. New York (AL). The Home Opener!

For those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app. And now, the lineups… 

Toronto Blue Jays

LF Melky Cabrera (S)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
DH Edwin Encarnacion (R)
1B Adam Lind (L)
C Dioner Navarro (S)
3B Brett Lawrie (R)
2B Maicer Izturis (S)
SS Ryan Goins (L)

RHP Brandon Morrow

Tampa Bay Rays

DH David DeJesus (L)
CF Desmond Jennings (R)
2B Ben Zobrist (S)
3B Evan Longoria (R)
1B James Loney (L)
LF Logan Forsythe (R)
RF Matt Joyce (L)
C Ryan Hanigan (R)
SS Yunel Escobar (R)

RHP Chris Archer

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  1. That’s my boy.

  2. Somebody needs to ring the Dinner Bell.

  3. Kittenz

  4. how did Bautista not score!

  5. Haha Yunel.

  6. Great Hustle Guys!! Even by Lind…the guy may be good this year!

  7. Crooked numbers, baby!

  8. Ump giving the outside corner to Archer but not Morrow. Just saying.

  9. That was a horrible decision by Lind – he’s a lucky boy,

  10. Lawry launches his slugging pct to .083! Go Brett Go!

  11. So glad that they didn’t fold their tents after the last inning.

  12. Baby steps, they are back in it

  13. At least we put a dent on Archer’s muscle car, he will not impress Lana anymore. He can only settle for Pam.

  14. Come on Morrow don’t bail them out by Walking their worst hitter

  15. Stop being a Lawrie, Jose!

  16. Take a seat, Maricon.

  17. What’s been Morrow’s problem? Control? General mediocrishness?

  18. Passed ball. 2013 bleeding through again.

  19. whoops

  20. Rasmus going for dat Sombrero

  21. Oh Cletus!

  22. Is Cletus legally blind or something? Can we get him a service dog that’ll bark when a pitch is close?

  23. Archer is up to 93 pitches. Get him out this inning

  24. Damn Archer, that strike 3 to Lind was pretty.

  25. I can’t wait for the Jays to get the hell out of Tampa

  26. Esmil Rogers is an anagram for Slime Ogres

  27. So they can go to NY and be the difference for them between a winning season and below .500 like they were last year. They have to beat the East. At least they are still in this game after 6.

    • agreed…that 3 run inning could’ve been less – sure morrow was wondering what the heck JB was doing letting the ball pass him…who knows, could’ve been a 2 run inning & now a one run game…good teams don’t give away runs

  28. Missed the first half of the game, ump calling a tight strike zone?

  29. LOL tthat pitch was right down the middle….ball

  30. Phew – Goins with the butterfingers…

  31. Time for the shitty bottom of the order to emanate a ray of hope.

  32. Yo I’m ready for the comeback

  33. I bet even the ball bunnies don’t chase Hannigan.
    Major Leaguer or not, dudes fuckin horrible looking.

  34. Izturis > Lawrie

  35. I’m not so upset with how this game is going…Morrow crapped the bed in one inning and didn’t “Happ/JJ” through the 5 innings. 4-2 and we are up against a pain in the ass Tampa bullpen, with some type of chance to win and no JPA to tell us we are fucked already. Not too shabby.

    • Unlike the second half of last year, I’m not at the point where I shut off the TV and go upstairs, mumbling to myself. They’re still in it.

  36. Otis Nixon was mixing it up for a while with Pebbles, the ’80s R&B singer.

  37. If Goins can work this for a walk I will be pleased

  38. I believed in you, RYAN!!!!!!

  39. Fuck off goins. Why are you even on the team

    • The same could well be asked of you.

    • AA indicated that Diaz may not get send down – said he’s a better SS than Goins or Izturis. Is this the “wake up” call for Ryan?

      • Ive lost a lot of faith in AAs decision making to be honest after this offseason. I just think hes trying to make the situation look better than it is by hyping up diaz.

        • They’re the same player, but Goins is 2 years younger. AAA middle infielder, good glove, not a prospect.

          • I still have faith in AA but was a bit disconcerted that in an entire offseason he couldn’t come up with a 2nd baseman

            • I am of the personal opinion that Rogers closed the vault. AA could’t find anything in the discount section, so he went for value village (Goins).

              • What are they actually doing with Goins? They have him swinging like he’s going to start hitting doubles all over the park. Quite a contrast to what Diaz is working on.

  40. Can’t wait for NL rules games where the Jays will basically have two pitchers batting at the bottom of the order.

  41. I’ll take Goins going 0-for, but taking in 7-8 pitches per AB.

  42. One problem with Easy to get sick of the same four commercials for 3 hours. I will never watch the series “Mom” on City just out of spite.

  43. Ryan Goins is trash.

  44. Man can Brett Lawrie play D.

  45. Put it Yunels ear.

  46. Morrow and McGowan have been hurt so long they turned into the same pitcher.

  47. Another full count. How many is that?

  48. Esmil really getting fucked over by the umpire. Sheesh.

  49. Glad Goins ate that.

  50. On gameday everyone one of the balls is a strike :(

  51. Longo kills us.

  52. Fuck, saw that one coming from a mile away.

  53. Of course.

  54. Well we are 2-2…lets just forget about this game.

  55. Thanks Buck. Couldn’t have telegraphed it any better

  56. Poor use of bullpen Gibby – Rogers was at 40 pitches in less than 2 innings and his control was not sharp at all. God dammit.

  57. Fucking Longoria.

  58. AWWWWWWWWW fuck…. settle for the 2-2 split…..

  59. Well, there goes the comeback.

  60. I called a 0-4 trip, but some big balls performance from OLD Burhle, and lil’Drew changed that fate and was a big FU in my face.

  61. Agreed. But Jeffie was next up so….. Gotta save the BP for the Yanks

  62. Oh well, I guess it’s time to switch to the HOU-NYY game to see if the Astros can pull of the tasty sweep.

  63. ooof, Longoria. Goddamned Jay killer.

    2-2 split in their house is totally reasonable in my book, and not what I would have forecast. Beat the teams you are supposed to beat, and steal a few from the good ones, and you have a recipe for a playoff run.

  64. Now the floodgates are open. Pretty soon Canseco will be pitching…

  65. Show us what you got Dusty.

  66. Does Gibby put Jeffress in when they have already conceded the game?

  67. I’m ok with the split…beats getting beat again by these assholes for the gazillionth time. Just hope that Morrow will come back. I think there’s some good signs there.

  68. Good night boys and girls. Bed calls. Hope they make me wish I’d stayed up.

  69. Still just one game from RA Dickey, but if he goes 0-17 ERA 10.00 and Thole salts the wound with his shitty bat that makes Goins look like Ichiro…that means AA traded Noah Syndergaard, and D’arnaud for a fuck-tonne of losses and the money made from the over-priced cell bills.

    • With all my heart …..I have no problem with intelligent trolls but fuck please be better than your father,,,when you meet him.

      • Well the gramps, the dad, and I am still here, so you unfortunately have plenty more to go. Troll-tastic as I posted, I hope RA can respond after Game 1 of 162

  70. Keith Law is at Sanchez game. His tweet:

    New Hampshire RHP Aaron Sanchez (@A_Sanch21) has been 94-96 with a plus slider through four easy innings

  71. Today has been depressing. Still – a split @ the Trop is okay. Better than okay. But it’s still been a bit of a bad day.

    The Yankees are hanging on in a tight one v the Astros. Because the Astros winning all the time is a thing now. Watch out.

    • I fully intent to be very adversarial tomorrow night, bean.
      Get your game face on.

      • Oh – I plan on doing my grocery shopping in the afternoon so I’ll be here with BELLS ON tomorrow night.

    • Yeah, this result sucks but all is redeemed if we can spank the Yankees.Am I remembering correctly from long ago or are you a closet Yankee fan, Bean?

      • Unless she’s repented.

      • The Jays tend to play well against the Yankees. Also, the Yankees have been dogshit in these three games I’ve watched. So a spanking might be in order.

        I’m not in the closet with my Yankees fandom – I’ve been a Yankees fan my whole life. I just support four MLB teams, so perhaps that is the confusion?

        • Only four? What do you do on the other days of the week?

          • Heh. I have MLB TV now + I am most gloriously awash in baseball. It’s the best/worst thing ever.

            Thankfully I have a dishwasher + a robot vacuum cleaner so things shouldn’t get too dire around mine.

        • I lived in Manhattan for a while and liked the Yankees, but the Alex Rodriguez thing kind of sullied it all. I don’t mind them, my true hate is saved for the Red Sox

          • I do like to joke that I hate the Red Sox more than I love any other team. Combined. The Red Sox send me into a blind rage [+ I have Red Sox fans in the family - which has led to actual family arguments + other serious things].

            A-Rod is hilarious. He’s my favourite centaur ever.

            • And I did love the story about the Jeter souvenir baskets for departing one-night stands! The Yanks always make great tabloid fodder

              • Yes – even historically – the Yankees are great entertainment. + yes, the “lovely parting gifts” is the only time I’ve ever found Cash Basket to be even mildly interesting.

  72. Jesus, I have work in the morning. Jose just hit a grand slam already so I can stop slamming wisers like it is water. Go Jays.

  73. So I didn’t see Morrow pitch tonight. Was he as bad as the box score? The box score looks like 2013 Brandon Morrow.

    Anyway, not a horrible start to the rotation, but hardly inspiring either considering what is supposed to be your top 2 starters didn’t look all that great first time out. Guess it’s all down to Dustin to make the rotation a small success first time through.

    • One bad inning that involved Lord-Z and Longoria crushing our hopes for a win. Fastball was too high at times and couldn’t sit down some “weak” hitters. C – performance, could of been worse.

  74. What’s up with the pirate chicks?

  75. Some of the Jays players would have altered contract to land Santana.

  76. Electric night at the Trop. Packed

  77. I have driven past rollerdromes in Europe with more character than that thing the Rays play in.

  78. I knew Jefferies was bad, but this bad?

  79. Overall, good start to the season. Morrow was shaky but looked better towards the end. Hitters are still finding their timing but putting up quality at-bats — even Goins.

    Go get ‘em Dustin.

  80. This clinches it for me – the season is over! I will not be party to this nonsense anymore and I officially, steadfastly, 100%, absolutely refuse to be exposed to it any further. Stoeten need not block me or delete this, as this will be my last post on the site.

    Furthermore, I will not watch another game this year, will not listen to another game, and I will not check gameday or even look at a boxscore! I’ve been fooled one too many times and this is the end for me!!!

    I’m out and I won’t be back.

  81. Gibby the best.

  82. A split in the funhouse? Who saw that coming after Monday? Bring on the damn Yankee$ and this time let’s beat ‘em for fuck’s sake.

  83. Happy with the split. Erection maintained.

    • Not really the point, so to speak.
      Use it or lose it.
      Erection regained is a whole other ball of wax.

  84. Maicer actually looks like a ballplayer this year.

    Melky is a singles machine.

  85. I don’t know if you all saw, but the Yankees got their first win of the season, in small part because this happened:

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