So remember when I scoffed in tonight’s Game Threat about the Jays opening the gates to tomorrow’s Home Opener at 5 PM, and their encouraging fans to get there early? Um… so it turns out I might have to eat those words about showing up at the last minute. For those of you who haven’t seen the title of this post or can’t see the picture above, to wit:

That. Is. Awesome.


I mean, ceremonial first pitches are pretty dumb, but that’s awesome, right?

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  1. Best!

    • Double Best! I wonder if he will go to the Hall of Fame as the 2nd Jay..I will have to go back to Coopers Town again

      • I hope he goes in with a jays cap

        But he has a no hitter and a perfect game with the Phils and made the playoffs with them. My guess is he goes with a Phils hat.

        • The HOF picks the hat, not the player himself. Halladay had 12 years in Toronto against only four in Philly, he’s absolutely going in as a Blue Jay.

        • He chose to retire as a Jay, so I reckon he’d choose to go into the hall as a Jay.

          • Yeah, I agree with this. The fact that Halladay even bothered to sign a 1 day contract to retire as a Jay sounds to me like he plans on repping Jays first and foremost, including the HOF.

  2. They’re not dumb when someone like Doc or Robbie is throwing it out.

  3. I’m thinking Don Baylor thinks they’re dumb.

  4. That was a gnarly stache that baby face Halladay was rockin in the second pic.
    If he was driving a van in those days kids would run in the opposite direction.

  5. Can’t he just, I dunno, pitch a regular game

  6. He loves us more than Philly. This is irrefutable proof.

  7. I think I don’t need the blue pills any more.

  8. Seems like the perfect time to show Halladay how the powers of the weighted ball can heal his shoulder.

    He’ll be throwing in the mid 90s by the All Star break…

  9. Whoda’ thunk that Halliday would be the sort of person who uses 5 exclamation marks in two tweets and comes across like a schoolgirl with a crush.

    Terminator? Fluffy Bunny!!! ;-) LOL

    • Dave Stieb would’ve just glared at you.

    • I follow him on twitter and every tweet feels like someone else is writing for him

      He’s pulled A 180 since retiring, it’s actually kind of cool that he’s not a robot anymore. And it’s really fucking cool that he made himself a robot all those years

  10. I don’t think I have ever seen a post put up AFTER a game threat or am I drunk?

  11. Awesome. Best Jays pitcher ever. I remember an in-game interview just after he signed his pro contract after the draft and he sounded like a veteran back then. Those tweets made him sound younger than that interview, love the genuine excitement to be back in T.O. even if it is for only one night. Go Jays!

  12. comes out of retirement. signs one day contract. throws first inning. strikes out side. retires.

  13. Watching Yankees Astros – wow, do I miss Ashby

  14. If someone told you 5 years ago doc would have twitter and personality you would have laughed.

    God I miss him. Every 5 games was magic

  15. This from Blue Jays Hot Stove on twitter.

    “Fox reporting Rogers limited the Jays spending this offseason to the point it was discussed with current Jays to alter their contracts…”

    If true, this might explain the lack of activity by the Jays this offseason.

  16. That is one of my favourite tweets from an Athlete ever (low standard I know)

  17. I’m not in the least bit ashamed to say that I have a massive, giant, flaming ManCrush on Ol’ Doc. His was the only jersey I ever bought with an actual name on the back, and I still wear it proudly to this day. A little piece of me hopes he decides to come out of retirement, sign with the Blue Jays and save our season.

    I know, that’s stupid. Shut up.

  18. While he is here, put his name on the level of excellence tonight. Why wait…..

  19. They better have Navarro catching that pitch wearing full gear.

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