Dusty Lambchops? Roy Halladay? What fucking year is this? …

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  1. Very nice, Goins.

  2. Enough with the crowd surfing.

  3. That was a tease, Rasmus.

  4. This lack of hitting has been rough to watch, but its early…as long as you don`t dig yourself too big a hole

    • The offense will have to be among the best in the league to make up for the starting pitching this year. Well, that’s if you want the Jays to be a contender. I’m sure Rogers is perfectly fine with mediocrity as long as it doesn’t incur too big of a loss.

  5. Nothing says baseball more that a lawnmower giveaway, especially when your home team plays on concrete.

  6. Haha I love the “scouting report” on gameday.

    Scout: Todd Redmond is really trying to keep Jacoby Ellsbury close; he is 1-for-1 in stolen base attempts this season.

  7. Shut them down, Goggles!

  8. If this rotation manages to get this team to a .500 record at the end of June it will be a miracle. How many dominating starts from Sanchez before he faces AAA hitters ?

  9. Hey Cecil,

    Seinfeld called, he wants his fucking shoes back.

  10. Challenge THAT Joe

  11. C’mon Kittenz

  12. So the Big Leagues taste like hot dogs? Good to know.

  13. fucking fuck, Lind.

  14. This is making me sad

  15. This is what pisses me off about Gibby… no one at third and never considers a bunt.

    Instead Lind fucking hits into double play…

    Wasted inning. Shitty manager.

  16. Yes I am

  17. Game’s not out of reach.

  18. Kelly Johnson triple, who knew he had it in him?

  19. Only down two. Gotta hold them then scrape some runs.

  20. #lovethisteam

  21. So, with this recent apparent news about Rogers and budgets and what not… do we have any concern for grass in the RC? Or should we just not consider it for our own good?

  22. All right let’s try to get something here.

  23. Cecil picking up where he left off.

  24. Precisely the kind of game good teams find a way to win

  25. Do we PH for Goins here? Or try to let the kid figure it out?

  26. I’m in mid-season hate for the Yankees already. Elsbury, MCann, Roberts, Gardner, Suzuki…….I just can’t stand whomever plays for this team

  27. 0 walks in this game?? Come the fuck on. I can see these guys still havent learned how to draw a walk. Work more ABs and make tanaka throw more pitches The bottom third still is brutal.

    • Why walk when you can strike out?

    • This team is so undisciplined at the plate. How the fuck does lawrie not take a ball leading off an inning. Get on base anyway you can. Its the 7th inning

      • Chicks dig the long ball.

      • He took the first pitch. WTF are you watching?

      • why aren’t you and the Lizard off somewhere playing ball

        Could it be that both of you would have a hard time finding your ass with either hand.

        You sound like a pair of mouth breathers with your arm chair game management.

        • Hah, arent you funny. Have you played pro ball?? I sure as fuck havent but I’ve watched teams like the yankees and red sox thrive for years in the AL East by being disciplined at the plate and not swinging at garbage most of the time.

    • They did leave some walks out there swinging at total shit,

  28. Cashman: “Jeez we’re not hitting the ball at all”

    Giraldi: “Don’t worry, we got a series coming up with the Jays”

    • Nothing screams “slump buster” like YOUR 2014 Toronto Blue Jays!

    • The Yankees looked rough against the Astros though. The Astros. Tough to believe that the Blue Jays are worse than the Astros.

      • Then go way out on a limb and choose not to, bean.

        • I never said that the Blue Jays were worse than the Astros. I was just responding to the ridiculousness that the Yankees would think the Blue Jays were some scrub team they can beat up upon when they looked like dogshit v the Astros. Especially when the Yankees never seem to play especially well in Toronto.

      • The Astros will be in the playoffs before the Jays get out of the AL East cellar. You heard it here first.

  29. Thanks Lawrie.

  30. WTF

  31. 2nd lasts in AL at .205, but it seems worse

  32. Lawries approach isn’t going to work .

    This stand ten feet off the plate crap and try and guide the ball the other way does not suit his fast twitch muscle tool set

  33. Travis Snider, now Brett Lawrie. Sure would be nice if the Jays could produce an actual hitter from their top 10 prospects.

  34. According to Buck, Lind shouldn’t bunt down the third base line cause then he wouldn’t hit a home run.

  35. I’ll give lawrie until june to figure shit out but my patience is wearing thin watching him struggle at the plate

  36. Jays hitting thus far

    Game 1 : 7/33

    2: 6/32
    3. 9/36
    4. 5/31
    5. 6/27

  37. Buck wants to suck the shit out of Ellsbury’s ass…

    And Pat wants to watch

    • That’s a very interesting point. I never would have thought of that. Thanks for your valued contribution.

  38. He can’t appeal this right? It’s a judgement thing right? Fuck.

  39. It would be great to go 162-0 but we’re going to lose a couple of games. Some of the comments on here…..starting to sound like Leaf fans *shudder*

    • When you read an article stating your team is basically panhandling in order to sign free agents… you get a little depressed.

  40. Nice recovery by Delabeard

  41. Challange and review. One giant step backwards for baseball. Thank God Buck can explain the whole thing to us.

  42. Why am I hearing Pat say “strike-out-ability’ so much tonight?

  43. Rally time!!!!!

  44. I always hate when they say the other team pitched a gem when really it was our team that can’t hit. I mean Tanaka looks good but we are hitting sub .200 after this game….

  45. I can think of no better way to inaugurate the post-Rivera era than with a blown save.

  46. Does Rasmus strike out here?

  47. Rasmus and EE lead the AL in strikeouts with 8 :)

  48. For the “it’s still early” crowd:

  49. That was our first walk of the evening.

  50. Damn the trolls are out past their bedtime again tonight. Hopefully their Mom’s put them to bed soon.

    • I don’t see the trolls tonight.

      Some of us fans just use sarcasm and humour to make light of the shitty situation the management/ownership have put this team in. We still watch and hope that the Jays pull off something miraculous this year.

  51. This place is being trolled.

  52. When you see Jeffress toss like that, you can see why they want to hold on to him to see if he can figure it out.

  53. We have dude on here who says he’s a Yankees and a Jays fan.

    I know when I’m being trolled.

    • Not sure it’s me you’re talking about…but I am a Blue Jays fan + a Yankees fan. + have been for many years. I assure you I’m not trolling.

      • How the fuck does that even make sense?

      • I could at least respect a troll….

        • The bean is no troll, brother.
          She’s just a tad promiscuous.
          Nothing wrong with that.

        • That’s sad.

          • I meant team-wise, bean.
            You’re the very definition of promiscuous in that sense.
            You just deep-sixed Texas for Detroit to follow Kinsler.
            Don’t be sad, be different.

            • I know what you meant + I’m fine with that. I did respond, but the board ate my response. The way I see it I just have a strong love for the game that overflows just one team.

              + yes, I did ditch Texas – it was a tough decision because I had liked Texas for a really long time – it was always my third team. But I couldn’t keep up with five teams + still maintain my glamourous lifestyle.

              • I love the game too, but I just don’t get the thing with being a fan of multiple teams. There are certainly ballclubs out there I have tremendous respect for and really enjoy watching (Cards, A’s).

                The idea of supporting the Yankees makes my blood curdle.

                • So don’t be a Yankees fan? I don’t recall having a gun to your head. There are enough of us already.

                  I don’t know what else to say. I am a fan of four teams. I watch a lot of baseball. Obviously my life is pretty empty + sad.

                  • That’s fine. I’m the last person to tell people how they should enjoy themselves. Just sayin’.

                  • You’re not the only one Bean. My best friend is a Yankees fan first and Jays second. I say awful things about him because of it, but it all works out in the end.
                    We also have been known to get on the tele when we’re at games – the whole Yankees hat, Jays hat thing.

  54. When was the last time Melky threw someone out at home?

  55. Jeremy Jeffress. The human white flag for 2014.

  56. Lawrie is a true two-outcome player… strike-out or GIDP.

  57. Wait guys, its ok, rob ford guarantees the jays will be in the playoffs. That means it has to happen.

  58. Tomorrow’s another day.

    Maybe Kratz will be catching RA!

  59. Weird game. The Jays actually made some nice defensive plays, but there were a LOT of long doubles to the wall. They stranded a shitload of runners though, could’ve been a blowout.

    Tanaka probably benefited from hitters still finding their timing — Edwin and Colby just missed a couple of homers. But his stuff is impressive.

    The overturned call completely shifted the momentum in the game.

  60. Jeffress DFA

  61. I said earlier that having to start usingthe BP every night for 4-6 innings and with Santos on the clock that the merry go round would start, so here we go.
    I hope like hell Dickey goes deep into the game tomorrow, we can’t keep rolling the relievers out and warming them up night after night

  62. What a complete joke of a team. Giving up 16 hits to a team that had HALF their lineup missing!!! And fuckhead wilner said they were all lucky hits. They have guys that put the ball in play and we have hackers like lawrie and rasmus to take huge home run cuts and ko. it’s time to get rid of these two and get hitters that work the count. The bottom half of this lineup can’t hit.

  63. Chill out dick-whats.

  64. Starting to think Jeffress making the team the last 2 years was done with the half hope that he would suck so bad in his outings that no one would pick him up after being dfa’d, thus keeping him a Jays product. Easier than passing him through waivers after a solid spring.

    • why would they want to keep that asset?

      the arm has life, he just throw straight and doesn’t know where its going. if he can harness it, he can be a really good late inning reliever. if

  65. I went to the game tonight. Beer was expensive. Jays lost. Still rather be there than home reading this crap.

    • Ain’t that the truth.

    • Really? I was thinking the opposite. I just go to the home opener to keep my streak alive. It was a horrible game, there were douchebags everywhere, I wasted a ton of money on food and drinks, and just to top it off it was cold and rainy out! All when I could have been chilling on my couch complaining on the internet eating and drinking my on shit while being warm and comfortable.

      I’m sure if the game was even half competitive after the 2nd inning I’d feel different, but man that game was shit. If they don’t get some SP help soon the season will be over in April again this year.

      • I don’t think help is coming. Check out BruceArthur list below. Payroll parameters, blah, blah, etc, etc.

        This is the team were stuck with. The choice is either to get behind them or piss and moan on DJF about how bad they are and how cheap Rogers is.

        I’m hoping people choose the former, as the trolling was insufferable last night.

        • There’s room to do both. Watch and root for the team and berate Rogers and the management at the same time for creating what will likely be a .500 team.

  66. Jeffress DFA Jenkins up.

  67. For fucks sakes, let’s see what this team can do for a month or two before jumping to conclusions. Unless you think Edwin is going to hit below .150 all year.

    Also I think Jenkins will surprise some people.

  68. Cool article. This guy only hit 3 infield popups in 4 years. What?


  69. The decision makers should know better than to start McGowan last night. Pitch him on the road for his first start. There would have been enough emotions going through him since he was getting his wish/dream to start again. WTF start him at home in front of 50,000+?
    It doesn’t take a genius to gifure that one out.

    I assume sports psychologists are a part of the Jays program.

    Why not pitch Morrow last night and have McGowan pitch game 4 in TB? I watched Morrow pitch in front of 50,000 in Montreal. He did great. Sure that would have served as a good environmental tune up for last night. But instead they throw McGowan to the wolves.
    I know he’s a professional and these things are not supposed to affect you. Lol. That’s BS. He’s human and last night was a bad call by management

    • I so agree with this. I did hope, like most of us, that it’d work out like a fairy tale but .. how often does that happen? Not having Morrow last night and Dustin the night before — in front of a small crowd in Tampa, for his first big appearance — felt wrong to me, too. Damn, I wish they’d think a bit harder about these things in advance.

    • The Jays sport psychologist does as good a job as their conditioning coach, which is why we’re near the top every year in injury games missed.

      He should be pitching in Buffalo if we had gotten the starters we obviously desperately need in the off season.

  70. Yanks sign Ellsbury , Tanaka . Jays sign Navarro. not acting like a big market team here. Yankees have been doing this forever.

    • Basically what I’ve been saying all winter AA is doubling down on his moves from last year. He is or was forced by Rogers to make a rather large bet that everything will work out this year. The sad thing is that injuries basically destroyed any chance of getting an accurate read on what AA put together last year. Now circumstances have denied him the chance to make any tweaks.

  71. McGowan looked good. Really got fucked over by a few bloops and dribblers the holes in the 1st that got his pitch count way up, and the overturned called at first on Suzuki was killer as well. I expect his next start to be much better.

    The Jays hitting has been shit so far this year, but they have faced 5 really good pitchers. It’s a bitch that they have to start the year with 4 in Tampa and 3 against the Yankees, but if they can get through these 7 games 3-4 or 4-3, I think that’s really good, and gives them a chance to take off the rest of the month. Reyes coming back healthy will also be key.

    I’m not hitting the panic button by any means. Go Jays!

    • Not sure how you can say he looked good. Everything was up up and up for most of the first two innings. The command just wasn’t there. There were barely any swinging strikes either. Was hoping for a lot more last night. Throw in the tipping of his pitches and that’s not what you want to see from any of your starters. Hopefully he was just too jacked up last night and next time put he will be better.

  72. so question to those who have it baseball prospectus or espn insider?

  73. On the plus side, averages state that Toronto Blue Jays will not continue to be a sub .200 hitting ball club the rest of the way :)

  74. chill the fuck out people, the jays can be back in first today with a win. know how that’s possible? they’ve played FIVE GAMES

  75. I really hope all these negative shit stains don’t really feel the way it seems they do in their comments. If so, just fuck off and die already….or relax ffs. 5 games in.

  76. Its sink or swim for all of them. If this team scuffles along it will be fire sale and build arong Snchez,Stroman et al. It’s a shame that ownership just doesn’t seem to get it. A car needs 4 wheels you can only run so long on the little replacement that they put in cars these days. SOONER OR LATER YOU NEED A NEW TIRE OR A NEW CAR

  77. It will be interesting to see the velocity on Dickey’s knuckler and fastball today. Both were horrible his first start and mirrored his bad results at the start of 2013. Magic number seems to be an average of 77-78 mph. He had his greatest success in 2011-2012 at that velocity with his fastball at 84 mph.

    His last start had him around 75 for the knuckler and 80 on the fastball.

    • To be honest, if the knuckler is working, the fastball hardly matters. An 84mph fastball will still get crushed, unless it’s there as a surprise pitch mixed among good knuckleballs. The problem is, when Dickie can’t throw the knuckler for strikes he gets to 3 and 2 and has to throw a “fastball” or risk a walk. Recipe for disaster.

      • Obviously both seem to go together if the velocity of one is down so will the other and when they are he’s generally terrible. Here’s hoping he’s closer to 2012 or august 2013 today.

    • Already seen 83mph for the fastball and 77 on the knuckle. A couple more mph would still be nice, but this works.

  78. I’m the first to acknowledge that Buck and Tabby are terrible but I do hear a single piece of good insight from 1 of them (most likely Buck) every 5 games or so.

    Last night was a good comment to separate Morrow and McGowan for the sake of the bullpen – makes sense.

  79. No thread today??

  80. One inning, knuckle looks good

  81. A clean inning from Dickey? What is this sorcery!

  82. Better velocity to start today. Hopefully a good sign of things to come.

  83. Time to retire Jeetah.

    • I can’t wait until the final home series against the Yankees where we have to honour that fuck. Jesus

  84. No game threat? Come on Stoets I know you haven’t given up this early.

  85. When the fuck do I ever do game threats on the weekend?

    OK… sometimes. And I’m about to do one a shitty one just because there are way too many comments here already. Just saying, don’t be garbage.

  86. Damn that Beltran, always having those fly balls maaysured

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