Dusty Lambchops? Roy Halladay? What fucking year is this? …

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  1. Podcast?

  2. let me officially welcome ‘yankees suck’ to 2014.

  3. Yankees. Home opener. Friday.
    Oh yeah, this is gonna be a shit show.

    • With quadribillion-dollar pitcher Tanaka making his MLB debut as well … oh yeah, total shit show with zillions of NYC and Japanese media in town.

      • I was thinking more of the “drunk fuck who only goes to the home opener” crowd.
        and the “fuck the yankees because i’m drunk” crowd… but yeah… media too.

  4. #DustyTheDream choo choo!

    Ilu dmg

  5. I really, really hope Yangervis Solarte is in the lineup. Imagine the fun that Buck will have with that name! Good times.

    Also, it should be noted that I’m here with my gameface on. + bells on. So let’s do this. Like, two hours from now…but still…I’m ready.

    • Fuck the Yankees… Y VIVA LOS AZULEJOS

      In case you need reminding.

      • I do get confused from time to time as to whether the Yankees suck or not. So it’s nice to have timely reminders.

  6. Oh man, Stephen Brundt is just dismissively shooting down everything Damien Cox is saying on TV right now. It’s beautiful.

  7. I hope we win so all the bandwagon fans (a lot of the home opener people) will go to more games

  8. Dave Bidini calls Jays fans drunk, boorish and racist. Even worse, he says they come from Whitby.

    • hahahaha may aswell build a new stadium in Whitby

    • He’s not entirely wrong. A big reason why I’ve stopped going to games is because of the behaviour I’ve seen in the stands. I haven’t seen this @ other stadiums.

      • No, he comes across like a pretentious git though.

      • Probably because a lot of people, especially in the 500 level, don’t even watch the game they go to get drunk, like at a bar. When I go and a few of my friends come that are girls they don’t even like baseball they go for the lulz.

      • The biggest thing is people throwing magnets and paper airplanes and shit. It’s cool if you want to go get drunk at the game and have a good time, but don’t actually wreck the game. If you tried to throw paper airplanes on the field at a lot of ballparks, fans would beat the shit out of you.

      • totally agree with this – the unintelligent heckling, the moronic behaviour, and the booing of a single bad play when the game is close or going well – the fans are intolerable and i rarely go anymore.

      • I took my seven year old to last year’s opener and he saw 3 fights in the stands. We’re watching from home this year and going on Saturday.

      • I have seen multiple fights in single games at Old Yankee Stadium, Citizens Bank Park and fucking Miller Park. What the fuck are you talking about?

        • I’ve seen a few altercations myself but it would be liberal to call them “fights”. Lots of windmilling arms and hair pulling but I don’t think I’ve ever seen any good talent.

      • Fuck that I’ve seen plenty of drunk fucks fighting in many other stadiums.

        • Maybe they Steam Whistle ban is just a clever one-game ruse to keep the knuckle-draggers from getting loaded up on good beer?

          Hey, I never said it was a good plan, only that it’s a Rogers plan.

      • Fortunately they take away those dangerous Coke bottle plastic caps…

  9. Typical Toronto behaviour.

  10. Bobtista gives a great interview a nice contrast from the usual boilerplate stuff you get with athletes.

  11. Anybody notice how small those White Sox crowds were the first homestand?

    Literally about 1,000 arms and legs at yesterday’s game.

    Where is that shit stain Joe Cowley?

  12. Any tickets to spare? Rogers used to pay, but times have changed.
    Montreal, here we come.

  13. Exciting day to be a Jays fan. Despite all the negativity about lack of improvement to the roster and quiblling about how 140M payroll isn’t enough to compete, the prospects are good to be competitive this year. Great story tonight with Dusty making his return and will be great to watch him all year if he can stay on the field and be the stable starter the Jays need in there to make the playoffs

  14. I am sick of hearing about Paul Beeston saying if the people come, we’ll spend. This team is going to forever be in a state of rebuilding. There is no commitment by ownership to try and build a successful winning culture. It’s pathetic.

    • I am sick of Beeston period. That being said the payroll they do have should be sufficient to put out a team that is at least competitive. At this point it falls on the GM.

  15. Bautista, Reyes, EE, Buerhle, Dickey were willing to pitch in to get Santana.

  16. I am so happy to be at the home opener with the whole family.

    Go jays !!!

  17. Turning a deaf ear to all the bullshit so i can watch Doc throw a pitch and Dusty win us the game.

    Join me, friends.

  18. Moguls chicks are hot.

  19. Aren’t the olympics over?

  20. You got your wish weasel. Solarte is starting.

  21. why do we even introduce the opposing team at the home opener? like if it was opening day OK, but there’s no point in dragging out each and every yankee to be booed one by one

  22. First base coach :Lyle Overbay

  23. Best game threat ever; Stoeten.

  24. Redmond is Buehrle’s mini-me.

  25. Better pronouncicator: Don Cherry or Buck?

  26. McGowan announced. Commence goosebumps.

  27. Remember the camera pans of last year’s home opener where many held signs declaring AA the MVP of the offseason for all the wonderful trades and acqs? Boy what a difference a year makes. Now we hear of “the hat in hand policy” to try to land new acqs?? WTF/?
    I’m looking forward to today’s game and hope ol Dusty can prove he is of MLB capable still-we desperately need him to be. Even, if it is I suspect, that the sphincter openingchallenged Blue Jays and Guy Laurence minions cut him off, AA will be the fall guy if they stink it up again. I have a hard time believing that AA and Lacava turned into turnips in terms of team needs in a span of 3 months. For his sake I hope Reyes returns and starts playing as I personally have not seen JR in a Blue Jay uni yet. Went to 12 games last year and had to endure Kawasaki…yeah. Didn’t go to a game after all star break as there was no point to it all. Hopefully, there will be a point this year but I do feel, I dunno, abused as a fan I guess right now. I don’t want to hear about a fukin rebuild and watch EE swatting homers in STL or whereever while we swoon over some pitcher that might be good in 5 years that we get for him.
    Go Jays! Forward Soviet-Gimmee that wine bottle

  28. Did Halladay invent the lightly bearded look , or does that honor go to Mike Piazza ?

  29. Jesus, I’ve got something in my eye.

  30. been a long time since i was this close tears

  31. Halladay looks great. Sign him!

  32. I feel like this will be an angry drunk, fucking yankees. Hope Dusty tears em a new one.

  33. Let’s go, Dusty!!!

  34. Damn, I have a feeling the Jays will get stomped…jus sayin. :)

  35. Brewery closes at 5 today. Doesnt look like I’m getting my growler filled.

    Straight to the hard stuff

  36. O Stoete! to feel your scrote,
    a-slappin’ gainst my cheeks!
    I’m super keen to feel your peen,
    up my pooper, where Parkes peeks!

  37. fuck

  38. Must be a big game, I’ve got goosebumps on my dick.
    At least I think they’re goosebumps.

  39. Yhere goes the cy young

  40. We need to raise the level here. Too much penis and scrotum talk.

    Go Dusty!

  41. Throwing breaking balls for strikes is a good thing

  42. Uh oh

  43. Nickel here dine there

  44. Dusty jus has to calm down. Just stay calm and use his shtroong hands. Otherwise just pitch shtroong.

  45. Game over

  46. This is an egg-laying, already.

  47. Those are some elevated pitches.

  48. Everything by dusty appears to be up. Bad omen. Maybe it has to do with the chemotherapy

  49. Duthty ith a real cutey pie.

  50. Yankees being trolls and putting one on Mutton-chops…hang in there Dustin!!!

  51. We need a DP bad

  52. Hope Dustin wakes up soon and realizes this game counts in the standing-what kind of a fat 0-2 picth to MCcann was that? Hit it 380 feet on a dead red fastball(meatball). Getting too much of the plate and looking like JJ last year. Even KJ is having good rips.
    Sorry, don’t think he’ll go 5

  53. His fastballs are too high, he needs to lower them a lot.

    He keeps tossing up eggs like that, he won’t make it past the 3rd…

  54. Fuck you KJ

  55. Bob Stanley to pitch relief until Sanchez arrives.

  56. Offence better wake the fuck up tonight. Dusty needs ‘me.

  57. Ouch, a paper cut.

  58. All McGowan needs is one ground ball to get out of the inning.

  59. Dusty ain’t making it out of the 1st. Pull him now and maybe the Offense won’t notice that they’ve already scored more runs than were likely capable of.

  60. Redmond is already warming up. Why did they keep Walker as pitching coach? Don’t tell me that they couldn’t afford another pitching coach.

  61. Then Ichiro’s corpse comes up to bat….still effective though…hold on to your DICKS people…

  62. Wow. Didn’t expect that.

  63. Atta boy Dust, way to bounce back.

  64. Phew

  65. 30 pitches already. Not good for staying long in this game

  66. Whew… all righty give Dusty a break and put some runners on bases.

  67. Ok. Not good but doable…Dusty needs to settle down next inning

  68. Dusty bent some, but didn’t break.

  69. 47 hits, and its just the bottom of the first !!!

  70. Still in it. Let’s rip Tanaka a new one.

  71. already 30 pitches… if McGowan doesn’t get out of the next inning or two quickly, we’ll see Redman before the 4th

  72. Knock, knock Yankees….prepare for offensive onslaught.

  73. fastball so straight

  74. Let’s hope Dusty takes a valium and comes in a bit more calm for the second. He needs to try to go 5.

  75. Delivery, 1 dinger please.

  76. Welcome to the big leagues

  77. Fuck yeah!!! MELKY!!!

  78. Welcome to the Big League kid!

  79. Fuck yeah! Welcome to the bigs Tanaka!

  80. Welcome to the Show, Tanaka

  81. Milkman welcomes Tanaka to the bigs… nice laser of a HR!

  82. Sitrep….offensive onslaught beginning….

  83. Welcome to the bigs, Tanaka.

  84. AUDI5000 B

  85. MELKMAN!!!!!

  86. What sucks is McGowan is placing pitches so well, problem is he’s in the strike zone too often that people can free swing… he made ichiro look stupid when he free swung

  87. So Buster Olney just retweeted a Mark Mulder tweet that McGowan is tipping all his pitches. Something about his glove. If true, will the Jays coaching staff be catching that too to fix it in game?

    • Hopefully. Who’s their social media guy? Are Olney or Mulder friends of the Jays or something?

    • Someone please tell McGowen for the #BlueJays he is tipping every pitch from the stretch. Or this isn’t going to go well. #glove

  88. Ball kinda flies out of here, doesn’t it Tanaka?

  89. Eddies turn now.

  90. Those puppies break hard

  91. In this thing. Let’s hope Dusty has calmed down (and he’s not really tipping his pitches).

  92. Gotta Admit, Tanaka’s stuff is pitcher’s pornography.

  93. There we do

  94. Remember when McGowan could miss bats all those years ago? That was cool.

  95. ANNA!!! This is a Men’s LEAGUE!! Oh Sorry there, I thought that was your first name…

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