Dusty Lambchops? Roy Halladay? What fucking year is this? …

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  1. Dustin, if your fastballs are that high..make sure it at least hits their head.

  2. Mark Mulder ‏@markmulder20 22m

    Someone please tell McGowen for the #BlueJays he is tipping every pitch from the stretch. Or this isn’t going to go well. #glove

    Really hope someone in the Blue Jays dugout gets word of this… would certainly explain why they are getting such good contact.

  3. Nice K there.

  4. McGowan’s stuff looks good, just needs to breathe through is eyelids.

  5. Velocity down to 90 – 92. Taking some off or getting tired?

  6. The good ship is righted.

  7. Scoreless inning from McGowan. I’ll take it.

  8. All right.

  9. The Melky Monster looks so good this year.
    If we can get Lawrie going then this is a seriously dangerous lineup.

  10. He’s pitching well nee?

  11. Were they making fun of Kittenz?

  12. Arigato Buck!

  13. Dinner time!

  14. I find Japanese strangely soothing

  15. Navarro is solid!

  16. I watched the 2010 World Series on NHK. + the Japanese championship, too. Things were super rowdy – I was surprised.

  17. Hitter Hitter Chicken Dioner

  18. Why does Lawrie hit everything into the ground

  19. I’ve been thinking Navarro in the 2 hole….just throwing that out there.

  20. Well, thanks to the foulline introductions, I finally figured out who that guy is that hangs out in the Jays’ bullpen and opens the door for relief pitchers entering the game.

    I’d wondered since last June.

  21. All right two 2 strike hits in a row…

  22. Lawrie saw that one all the way. If Seitzer can get him to stop hammering them into the turf well….

  23. Now Goins and Diaz

  24. Lawrie 2/15 this season
    Rasmus 1/19
    EE 1/19
    + Goins + Diaz

    I am scared

  25. Lean in Goins

  26. That is some nasty breaking stuff.

  27. In case you missed it, Tabby already described Tanaka as a “Biiiig Strooooong” pitcher

  28. All right, bases loaded… let’s do this.

  29. We sure needed that break…now to cash in.

  30. Atta boy Lawrie. Nice slide.

  31. Atta Kid!

  32. Diaz!

  33. Way to go Diaz!

  34. Fuckin’ eh

  35. The New kid gets a hit !

  36. wow, 3-2 jays… and Melky coming up now

  37. Yessssssssssssssssssssss

  38. Yeeehawwww!

  39. Tanaka is rattled.
    Totally hung that hook just now.

  40. Everyone has shortened their swing – great adjustment

  41. The Melkinator.

  42. well Diaz isnt bad, Goins hitting needs some work

  43. Teixeira old and busted.

  44. Tex is made of glass.

  45. Haven’t noticed except for Lawrie…are the Jays jumping on the 1st few pitches from Tanaka? I’m just wondering if they’re trying to keep from getting behind where he can throw that splitter.

    • They should, his fastball is nothing special. When he gets up he’s throwing that weird splitter/slider? on the backdoor and they’re all waving through it.

  46. Yup. Yankees are old.

  47. MISFIT Infield the yankees have

  48. Man is the Yankees’ IF ever made up of a bunch of scrubs

  49. Jesus Rasmus looks horrible at the plate. Give him some time off to think about his life.

    • Then we get to see Melky in centre. Do we really want that?

    • I think it’s that dilemma where he does not know what pitch he wants and where he wants it, he will then just swing like a retard. That is what Lind went through and now he has found the proper stubborn zone for what he wants to hit.

    • Take a moment or two out of your own life to reconsider that remark Dabble.

    • He’s always been super streaky. He’ll go 10 for 12 at some point soon with rockets to the upper tank.

      • Streaky is right. He is beautiful to watch when he’s dialed in, though. Skinny kid and the ball just flies.

  50. If Cletus was on that last pitch would have been gone.

  51. Important question: Would a flight attendant with a Blue Jays tattoo on her forearm even be allowed to work for WestJet?

    • Why would he or she want to?

      • I don’t know man. But there’s a new ad where that’s happening. Would be weird (but not surprising) if Westjet had a policy against visible tattoos while showing a flight attendant in uniform getting a tattoo, yes?

        • I’d be surprised if AC would allow that. In fact I’d go so far as to say I’m 99% sure they dont

          • Still, the flight attendant job at AC is so much better to the Westjet job in benefits and pay alone (not to mention routes) that it probably never comes up.

  52. Dusty settling in nicely.

  53. That Pizza Nova sign is nowhere near as offensive to the eyes as the Pizza Pizza one was.

  54. That’s the Kelly Johnson we’re used to seeing.

  55. Ichiro is popular in Japan.
    Thank you Captain Obvious.

  56. Man Dinner recieved that backed up slider so well, WHen you miss your spot the ump doesn’t usually give it to you but Dinner is butter.

  57. Damn you Ichiro, you’re wearing out Dustin’s arm after he found his groove!!!

  58. McGowan is at a pretty high pitch count already, but it’s nice to see him settle in after that mess of a first. Hopefully he can make it through five.

  59. Fuck…they’re gonna turn it around

  60. I hate this replay shit. Should only be on disputed homers.

  61. It’s official: I hate challenging.

  62. They gotta ditch this replay shit

  63. That replay could be the precursor to McGowan’s arm falling off.

  64. Sigh…replay…

    They used to just give those outs for a great defensive play…

  65. I like these Skanks better when they’re unappealing as per usual.

  66. What’s the point of challenges if a bench coach can get on the phone and call someone who can get a replay instantly? If the umpire has to go by his eyes, coaches should too.

    Fucking retarded.

    • I was thinking about that too… how is that not cheating?

    • Yeah, it should be that a manager has 10 seconds after the call is made to challenge it. Managers humming and hawwing while waiting for their own replay team is what is slowing this down. If a manager is so adamant, let him challenge immediately, or forget it.

      • It’s not so much the delay of the game, it’s the fact that you can clearly see that MLB didn’t think this through. It’s not even 10 games into the regular season and teams have found glaring loopholes. It’s hilariously pathetic.

      • Pitchers are figuring this out and getting on the rubber quick. Priblem this was an end of inning. Flat 10 seconds sounds fair and workable.

  67. Fuck

  68. At least mcgowan is out

  69. Son of a bitch.

  70. Fuck this replay shit

  71. Really bad start by McGowan.

    But really, us having to watch the McGowan/Happ/Redmond/Rogers shit-show at #5 is probably worth it when you consider that Rogers is saving some cash. That’s what matters in the end.

    • First start since 2011. Hasn’t regularly started since 2008. Come on.

    • McGowan was BABIPed to death. He wasn’t great, but he wasn’t shit either.

      • Everything up. Lots of contact given up. Lots of deep counts. Not a good start at all. I didn’t see the process to get good results. He’s a nice story but that shouldn’t matter anymore.

        • If Dusty can’t get his stuff together, he’ll go back to the pen and that experiment will be over. With his stuff, it is worth a try. One start doesn’t end the experiment, however, Happ is off the DL on the 14th.

          Really – #5 is a shit show for most teams.

          We really need to step up at #4 – Morrow…

          • If the Jays had even one pitcher that projected as better than a #3 guy in the rotation, the #5 spot wouldn’t be as big of a concern. But they don’t so it’s tough to just accept “#5 is a shit show for most teams”.

    • It was more Rusty Dusty.
      His velocity was good and had nice break on his off speed.
      Just a little trouble with the command. Nerves probably played a roll.
      You can see that he could be pretty good this year.

  72. Dusty has had significant splits in the past, so Girardi loaded up the lineup with lefties. Smart. If Dustin wants to start, he needs to be able to handle lefties.

  73. Loup kicks ass.

  74. FFS, this is the horseshit we went thru constantly last year. Starter goes barely 5 yesterday and bullpen is used followed up by a starter not even going 3 so mass use of the bullpen tonite and Santos is limited. Dickey better go for awhile tomorrow or we will need a 9 man pen or that waiver wire will be humming again. C’m0n jays , let’s ge tthe GD bast going

  75. Expectations actually met for McGowan tonight, but this could of been worse than an Esteban Loiza game I saw vs. Boston (0.1 innings 7 ERs).

    • I’m an out of towner, so I’ve only seen a couple of Jays games – two games against Cleveland in July 2012, a win (Villanueva) and a loss (Romero), basically representative of the last twenty years.

  76. Shut the ever loving fuck up Honda


  78. Damn just short of a HR.

  79. How did that stay in the park???

  80. EE heating up! (2nd hit of the season)

  81. On pace for a 6 hour game.

  82. That’s my boy (sigh.)

  83. If Doc was pitching, this game would be over by now.

  84. cant believe Johnson snagged thats motherfucker. don´t remember too many like that when he was a BJ. Lovin Dioner

  85. What’s with all these shitty flares?

  86. Is it just me… or is loop shaking off Narvarro? WTF?

  87. about 5 of the 8 singles are bloops right past our guys

  88. How are we losing to this lineup?

  89. The BABIP gods are not smiling upon the Jays currently

  90. Can we defer some salaries and get Stephen Drew up in this bitch?

  91. Sorry TJL were saving money this year…..

  92. Has the air gone out of this room?

  93. Re: McGowan…

    I think he may have been set-up to fail a little bit. First start in a couple years, home opener against the Yankees, against a guy who’s going to generate all of the extra hype on top of that in Tanaka. I mean, I know all that extraneous stuff shouldn’t matter, but he’s human.

    I would have preferred to see him go the final game vs TB if possible… but here we are. We’ll see how he comes out in his next start now that he’s had a chance to get a game in.

  94. Yup were still in this.

    Hoping Todd can keep them off the board.

  95. Yes!

  96. Nice job getting Ichiro.

  97. That was a designed pickoff play, right?

  98. That play was Alomar-esque

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