That was not exactly the best Home Opener I’ve ever been to last night, but it was still pretty fun, and refreshingly free of aggressive shit heads, at least where I was. So… I dunno, could be worse. And there’s some genuine promise to this Jays team, I think.  Would maybe like to see them win some damn games, though.

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  1. Threat cherry, popped.

  2. A strong outing from Dickey would go a long way to restoring my goodwill towards this team

  3. Does the turf look even worse than it did last year? Or am I just watching on a hi-def. It looks aggressively worse when the roof is closed.

  4. I’ve seen a few 79 mph knucklers so far. That is a very good sign. Now just need the offense to step up.

  5. The Human Garden Gnome strikes again. Lind looks miles ahead of where he was in 2012.

  6. I might have to start referring Lind as Rasputin with that beard.

  7. Those Lind beards behind home plate are amazing.

  8. Bunting? Really?

  9. WTF?

  10. Why is he bunting with Thole behind him? Makes no sense…particularly if you are not good at bunting.

  11. Tholey Moley!

  12. Double WTF?

  13. wow, you can score from 2B with a single? ya…bunting makes sense.

  14. Who calls for a hit and run with Ryan Goins at the plate?

  15. You know, if Lawrie never stopped running for no reason and if Thole (maybe Gibbons) didn’t mail the Yankees an out we’d be sitting pretty right now.

  16. Woulda been an RBI.

  17. ugh, nice hit and run.

  18. One thing about Gibbers, his teams are always fundamentally unsound. So, there’s that.

  19. Pineda’s movement on his slider reminds me a lot of Dave Stieb’s.

  20. Who did Tabby just say got called up? I thought it was Jenkins…

    • Due to MLB rules jenkins couldn’t be called up until 10 days have passed so Walden gets the call up.

      • Which rule RADAR? Does it have to do with Jeffress or with waivers?

        • Sorry for my laziness and the copy and paste.

          The Jays had looked at bringing up Chad Jenkins but because he’s on the 40-man roster he’s not eligible to be brought up until April 11 — unless in the case of an injury replacement.

          • But Jeffress has a severe case of right arm shitiness…probably incurable.

          • Thanks RADAR. I really didn’t know that about the 40-man roster…

            • Neither did the Jays FO.
              They announced Jenkins to the media then had to change it.

              • @Fritz
                I forgot to say Yw,np.
                I think I remember McCoy getting caught in this rule when he was up and down between Vegas and the Jays.

              • Ok RADAR just yakkin here but there has to be 10 days between being sent down and called back up*. So, are they saying that Jenkins was up on the 1st of Apr and got sent down or do you know? Wonder if it has to do with, he was up at the close of last season?

                • Not sure how it applies to the beginning of the season.The Bisons opened April 3rd.
                  But I remember with McCoy and a pitcher ( name escapes me) If the player gets sent down ,he can’t be recalled until he spends 10 days in the minors,UNLESS there is an injury on the 25.
                  Maybe minor league rosters were set Apr.1 and it counts from then.Just guessin.

    • Marcus Walden got called up. Jenkins was ineligible until the tenth.

  21. Just got in and dickey seems to be generating a lot of swinging strikes.

  22. Fuck yeah

  23. fuck these new rules are shit. so poorly thought out.

  24. Of for fuck sake, get ride of this replay fucking horseshit

  25. God dammit I hate replay, even if it will benefit the jays at times

  26. Get off the field jackass.

  27. Sit down joe

  28. Nice hose by Rasmus

  29. How is a catcher supposed to tag a guy without blocking the plate? Unless he catches the ball way before the runner gets there and move out of the way they will always be blocking the plate.

  30. This has to stop immediately.

  31. So we have to add in replay to stretch out the game, and we _still_ have to see the manager come out after? Jesus…

  32. Girardi needs the extra explanation after the ruling because he was assured MLB would allow 88.7% of all Yankee challenges


  33. Nice play by both Rasmus and Thole. Thole seemed to have positioned himself perfectly there.

  34. Girardi, quit whoring yourself to the challenges.

  35. Pineda’s loving the slider today

  36. Giraffe reminds me of Billy Bob Thornton, which makes me hate him even more.

  37. That last knuckler to Jeter was a jizz worthy80 mph.

  38. What an awesome pitch to K Jeter…

  39. Hopefully we can win this puppy 1-0

  40. Wow, Dickey’s knuckler is filthy today.. Yankees are in for long ass day if this keeps up.

  41. Dickey looking good.

  42. Dickey dealin’

  43. Nice to see Colby’s throws not sailing towards the 3rd base line like they did last year. He was a great fielder but that was basically his only flaw in the field last year.

  44. OMG put your fucking cap on properly. Fuck.

  45. Some terrible AB’s from the top of the order there……

  46. Be nice if the bats wouldn’t let these pitchers settle so comfortably into the game.

  47. Regardless of how they do, it least it’s nice to a couple pitchers who just get the ball and fucking ball and throw it. No dicking around with Buerhle and Dickey.

  48. Cmon Dickey. No more of this Ted Lilly dropping down shit.

  49. Game is going fast

    • No kidding. I’m going to the movies this afternoon but I might be able to get this whole game in.

  50. dang Dickey don’t bail them out!

  51. I just fist pumped pretty hard there

  52. Bullpen getting much needed rest today…..

  53. I’m watching the Yankee broadcast, they won’t stop bitching bout the play at the plate.

  54. How do they Yankees get so many players that look like stereotypical New Yorkers.

  55. Diaz is still killing it.

  56. Watch your back, Ryan.

  57. Please bring him home melk

  58. Fuck..

  59. We are making Peneida look like a Cy Young candidate

  60. Anyone else really hate the constant shots of the fans on the Rogers walkway that are very obviously staged and told to start cheering like a-holes when the camera cuts to them. So cheesy.

  61. C’mon dickey doo, just gotta keep putting up goose eggs, bc our bats r doing shit so far this season.

  62. Ellsbury will steal for sure, I miss speed :(

  63. Also izturis started the season batting 500, where is he???

  64. At least our defense has been good

  65. dat gold glove

  66. So can Diaz play 2nd?

  67. Diaz was awesome that inning.

  68. Rasmus definitely looks worse at the plate so far this year than anyone in baseball.

  69. Wtf our lineup can’t hit for shit right now, it’s driving me nuts. This is a game we should def win, and it’s on the fence right now.

    • It is actually difficult to watch how bad we are hitting. We are making Peneida look like prime Jesus, this is his first start in 2.5 years….

  70. Pineda really making this look pretty easy.

  71. Weird Al Yangovis Solarte. YHIHF

  72. Riddle of the Day

    Q) Whats the difference between Michael Pineda and Dusty Mccgowan?

    A) Dusty fuckin sucks.

    • What you don’t understand is that if Dusty was pitching against the current Jays lineup he would pitch just as well.

      • both of these comments are seriously dumb.

        • Stats bro, jays are last in the AL in average so far

        • So you enjoyed Dusty and his non performing salary of 1.5 millions yesterday?
          When you dont do your job serving coffee at country style donuts to you get a ‘pat on the back’ or do you get sent home to think about how you can perform better in your career?

  73. I could get used to watching games like this.

    • Games we should be winning by a lot more than one run??? They give me anxiety

      • If the Jays demonstrate that they can execute on the mound and defensively, the anxiety will subside. The bats will come around, I hope.

  74. Nice bounce back for Dickey.

  75. Nice defensive shifts on Dickeys velocity.

    By the way, I can’t verbalize why, but Cervilli is a little price to me.

  76. Also strange how none of these fuckin goofs on this blog ‘manned up’ and evaluated Dustys shit the bed Performance as shit, instead drank the dusty the thief koolaid and responded with comments like :
    “His fastball was nice”
    “Feel bad for Dusty”
    ” Bad luck once again”
    “get ‘ em next time’

    I feel the toronto blow jays are a joke of an organization trotting out their shittiest pitcher and a guy that hasnt existed since 2009. Spitting in the loyal fans like myself who went to the game yesterday to see a singleA pitcher up against a prized acqusition in tanaka on ‘honouring the troops + honouring Doc + opening day’

    what a joke yesterday was, i left after the 5th inning.

  77. Is it just me or did Dickey look pissed he got yanked?

  78. Also, if anyone has a dialysis machine and is willing to “hook me up”, it would be greatly appreciated.

  79. And I’m hungry like the Loup.

  80. No Yankee shall escape the Rog Mahal unscathed

  81. Has Buck ever embraced his legacy and said “Little Louper”

  82. Having Dusty pitch on opening day was the equivalent of selecting a random fan from the stands and appointing him the toronto blue jays #5 starter.

  83. Little surprised by the no Pinch hit here…guess Thole’s the one getting pulled..?

  84. Lind vs. lefties? A walk?

  85. Good walk Lind. ..hopefully Lawrie doesn’t pound the ball into the ground like 95 percent of his contact

  86. I miss the gaudy spring averages.

  87. best case scenario just happened, Lawrie is now running for Lind!

  88. Katz!!! The Broadway show!!

  89. One of my sources ( anonymous GM ) was quoted as saying the Toronto Blue Jays were hoping that Dusty Mccgowan was going to outduel Tanaka on opening day and then boast how special Dusty the cashman Mcgowan was. boy were they fuckn wrong.

  90. Mr. Ground Ball Lawrie ladies and gents. Looked like he had largely moved away from that in the spring but then again that’s the spring.

  91. Any out from Kratz or Dinner, is more productive than any hit from JPA…

  92. There Goins the inning…

  93. Nice eye, Goins.

  94. Lawrie just lead himself off first wayyyyy too much and became a target. Now he’s tired and won’t steal.

  95. Please Lord find a replacement for Goins and his shitty offense sooner rather than later.

    While you are it give the rest of the offense a little jolt while are it.

    • I wonder how many at bats and stranded runners before it dawns on them that he can’t hit?

      • I was just thinking about that. How some players, although thru a lot of hard work, “get lucky” because of a hole in the major league line up and get a call up. One that may never happen otherwise. At least not in a starting role.

    • I’ll take Goins due to the expectations coming in. Last year we had to watch the “hyped” up Bonifacio fuck up epicly and kick the nuts out of the fan-base, at least with Goins if he gets a hit, we can lose our shit. The John McDonald effect EVERYONE!!!

  96. As much as I hate the Pin-Stripes, the cloud of douche-baggery is so much lighter with out A-Roid. I always hated Jeter, but in a jealous hatred way.

  97. I like the Lind beard guys behind homeplate.

    Also the cutie in the retro white Jays hat. Though it looks like she`s there with her folks and Chris Hansen could be on the way to my house now.

  98. Goggles don’t fail me now.

  99. In my opinion their is no accountability in the toronto blue jays organization any more. An expert source is quoted as saying “Dusty knew he couldnt handle opening day vs tanaka and is well aware that he cannot handle the ‘beltrans,the ellesburys the , jeters, the ichiros in majour league baseball, but still did not walk up to gibbons and AA and explain to them that he is not capable of pitching as a starter in the majour league” Instead the organization made a mockery of every fan that attended yesterdays game.

    I will not be attending another over priced , inferior product , under achieving toronto blue jays game.

    • Wahhhhhhhhhhhh

    • And yet you have been to the first two games this year.

    • An expert source is also quoted as saying “I hope that English is your third or fourth language.”

      • Dear PS, It’s getting pretty low when you have to make up your own quotes and pawn them off as “an expert source” just to support your own weasel opinion.
        No one wants to hear or read it. Really.

    • Did this guy seriously just spell major with a ” u”? Not once but twice. It’s funny how autocorrect ruins what smart people write but can’t save the idiots that it is intended for.

      • Troll

        • Pathetic you go around check peoples spelling, spent your social assistance cheque already and cant go out the rest of the month.

          • I am actually writing this from my G4 as I circle the United Arab Emirates. My massive intelligence and fortune have afforded me the luxury of being able to constantly patrol the comments sections of the darkest corners of the internet and correct the spelling errors of a wide assortment of morons.

            • It’s just a hobby but I like to think that I make a difference. I also whittle small pieces of furniture for doll houses out of driftwood.

    • Are you going to tomorrow’s game too? I am. Let me know where you are sitting. I’ve got something for you.

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