That was not exactly the best Home Opener I’ve ever been to last night, but it was still pretty fun, and refreshingly free of aggressive shit heads, at least where I was. So… I dunno, could be worse. And there’s some genuine promise to this Jays team, I think. ¬†Would maybe like to see them win some damn games, though.

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  1. Sierra-Cabrera-Bautista in the outfield today.
    That should be interesting. I’m not super opposed to Cabrera playing the odd game in centre, but when you pair that with Sierra in left it’s a little scary.

  2. Your an idiot , whats scary about this? How is this scary ?

  3. I like your style Carrot , my potatoes your carrot we’re match sicko.

  4. ++1000000 romance …..
    but can we get back to baseball

    • But GMSC,it’s destiny.Fate and a higher calling has caused a by chance meeting in the most unlikely of places.
      Let no one say that the DJF comment section would stand in the way of the power of love ( is there a song in there somewhere?)
      I say verily,nay, not one of us, should interfere with the union of these two.Let us observe the wonder that is love.
      Although, if they get into hot water,and things get mushy,their strength of commitment to each other may produce a lasting combination of tastiness for the rest of us to enjoy.

    • Apparently, I have a dyslexic doppelg√§nger trolling me. I’ve hit the big time!

  5. May they be blessed with little Radar’s.

  6. People are complaining about the jays offense already? Still better than last year this time at least half the batters are hitting. Try reading the Yankees forum. They are losing their minds about how crappy the offense is.

  7. Also I’ve heard more mention of hitting coach Kevin setzer already than I did the hitting coach for the entire season last year.

  8. When these guys start dialing it in they are going to be hard to beat.

    I’m liking what I’m seeing and hearing about this group.

  9. Colby’s new haircut is more aerodynamic. I approve, even though the Cletus flow was magical.

  10. I get that Adam Lind usually can’t hit lefties at all and that Sabathia is a lefty but Ole Kittenface is batting over .500 against CC in an admittedly small sample size of 9 ABs.

    Oh well, I guess it makes more sense to have him as an option off the bench later in the game than roll the dice against CC.

  11. As insufferable as Zaun Cherry usually is, I agree with him on the Puig thing. There’s a lot of talent there, but don’t let talent run wild just because it’s talent. A guy like Puig with Jeter’s work ethic could break records.

    • Agreed. I felt like a lot of the criticisms of Puig were racially motivated (the outrage about bat flips and showing emotion) at first but the mess he is on the basepaths at times is crazy. That being said I really, really like him as a player.

  12. Zaun thinks rasmus is an all star?? After shitting on him for years?? Agree he should be in the lineup though.

  13. Well that sucks.

  14. I thought Romero was left handed. Har, har. :(

  15. It’s early.

  16. Who is this man and what has he done with the shambling corpse of Melky Cabrera?


  18. Buck and Tabby are trying to make me feel sorry for Sabathia. It will not work.

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