We’ll figure out what to do with weekend threats sooner or later, but in the interim, since the comments from yesterday are overflowing, here’s a new place to wax hysteric about what’s going on right this minute at the Rogers Centre, as Drew Hutchison takes on C.C. Sabathia. So… here it is.

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  1. Yessssssss, a good old timey rally

    Should knock 1.5 C out of the game soon.


  3. Kratz > Thole confirmed

    • Definitely agree. I’d love to see Kratz catching the knuckler and Thole in AAA by May, assuming Dickey doesn’t think it’ll change the velocity of his pitch to have someone different catching it.

  4. Don’t look now but we’ve got ourselves a ball game.

  5. Josh Thole better like Beef on Weck.

  6. Lawrie is just not very good at hitting :( The Goins of 3B

    • He has proven he can hit in the bigs, unlike Goins.

    • I can’t bring myself to give up on him yet, but he does look pretty lost. Either dancing around on his back foot or pounding everything into the ground. I’m of the opinion that getting rid of that hitch would solve him but maybe Alka-Setlzer disagrees.

    • And Sierra is the OF version of Goins. TOO.MUCH.GOINS.

  7. Very impressively done.

  8. Redmond dealing like a boss.

  9. We have too many redundant position players aside from Bats, Edwin and Reyes.

  10. Is it notable that Kratz was catching Hutchison today?

  11. Three-quarters of a wing!

  12. Big E chugging like a freight train.

  13. Dang should have pinch hit LIND although I guess they could have put a lefty in if that happened

  14. Ahhh! Colby’s magical mane! What happened?

  15. Holy shit is that ump on fuckin drugs

  16. Seriously fuck this umpire.

  17. Umpire apparently needs to get home for dinner…

  18. Dear god please pinch hit Lind this inning, even against a lefty he is better than Lawrie or Sierra

  19. Even Buck can’t believe it.

  20. Meow?

  21. Seriously this umpire can fall on a sword from three stories

  22. Cletus walkoff anyone?

  23. C’mon Cetus park that cock sucker

  24. lol why did he fall

  25. He’s killing us with that low-and-outside called strike…

  26. That’s a nice strike zone there.

  27. Fuck I thought he had a hit

  28. Well the moral of the today is that you don’t walk batters

  29. Did Robertson throw even 1 strike to Melky in that last AB?

    Fuckin Ump.

  30. Damn. Between the fucked up strike zone and the nickel and dime act from the Yankees this was a tough one to watch.

  31. On the plus side, Melky looks good this year! On the downside, everyone else doesn’t.

  32. Really let CC cruise in innings 2 thru 5.

  33. @Small Potatoes- I don’t want to argue with folks on this site.
    Let’s agree to disagree, and I apologize for my aggressiveness.
    I am frustrated with the plate approach by this team, a years-old problem.

    • No problem.
      I wanted clarification, not an argument, but probably let my own frustration get the better of me at your expense.

      • We both want the same thing here.
        FWIW I think the team is more fun to watch than the last two versions.
        Cheers back.

  34. So when does the bullpen start to be completely overworked thanks to this rotation made up of internal options that the management “feels comfortable with”?

    I’ll go with early July.

    • I can’t really see a repeat of last year where they start plugging in the Ortiz’s and Laffey’s etc. If this rotation doesn’t come through (read Morrow Hutch and Dusty), there could be a lot of pressure to promote one of Stroman and/or Sanchez..

      • I wish they’d acquire a solid starter rather than reverting to Stroman or Sanchez. They need an additional proven commodity in the rotation to throw quality innings. Not to shit on those guys, but having all three of McGowan / Hutch / Morrow in the rotation is a bit worrying.

        Having another solid 200 inning guy in the rotation really improves this club. The hitting will pick up.

        • You keep using the word “proven.” It does not mean what you think it means.

          • By proven I mean track record over a large sample size. What are you taking it to mean? The only one of the above group who has approached it was Morrow, who had nearly 200 IP in 2011, but with an ERA over 4.7.

            What are you disagreeing with, exactly, besides cheap shots at vocabulary?

            • Yeah, that’s not something you either need or want. You want someone who’s projected to be good this year. 2011 statistics do not make for 2014 results.

              • So projections aren’t largely based on track record?

                If you re-read what I wrote before, I’m not suggesting that Morrow will pitch 200 innings this year.

                • We all agree that proven means ( or should) a certain standard above what they’ve got already in Hutch Morrow and McGowan. No need to say anymore.

                • Shifting the goalposts, eh? Whether projections are “largely” based on track record or not is irrelevant. You want someone solid, not someone “proven.”

  35. The Anthopoulous feature is kind of interesting. Might be a bit of retrospective Jays-washing by the corporate-owned network, but AA comes off as both candid and likeable, IMHO.

    • I came in at the Santos medical in Texas. Did they say who he was being traded for?

      • I didn’t hear them mention any details of the trade.

        • Well like I said I came in at the point where they’d sent Santos to Texas (this was last offseason…maybe January?). So AA had some deal just about finalized to the point where Santos had the Rangers Doctors give him a medical in Texas. Don’t know who it was for nor who backed out .
          There was some interesting talk about Santana too. Apparently AA thought the deal was all done except for the signatures.

    • I watch on MLB.TV. Can any of you provide some details of said feature? I’m intrigued….

    • And I miss you, Garfoose.

      • Thanks Gil. I hadn’t thought I’d made any sort of impression whatsoever.

        Cheers from Iceland!

  36. Like I said earlier 7 games and just 2 games where the starters have completed 6 innings. Not a good start. 3 good starts by the stater = 3 wins, 4 bad starts = 4 loses. Offense has yet to bail out the starting pitching. The pen has been ok but hardly lights out.

    To be fair to the offense, if you look at the 7 starters they faced, there really isn’t a bad one among them. In fact you could probably argue that all 7 are elite, have been elite or are their way to being elite at some point in their career. As disappointed as I am in the starters the record isn’t overly brutal for the first 7 games.

    I will be interested to see how the offense does vs Houston, though they do face Cosart the first game and he’s got some big time stuff too. I’m still not sold on Seitzer or at least the impact he can have on the team before it’s too late. Lawrie looks like a serious hot mess right now, even worse than my boy Colby who seems to be getting close.

    There is a couple of bright spots though, namely Melky, the velocity on Dickey’s knuckler and the way Lind and Jose have been swinging the bat.

    At least the Massholes and Rays lost today and hopefully Baltimore will do their bit and take a couple from the Skanks starting tomorrow.

    • Reyes should help, And maybe Izturis and Diaz won’t be entirely shitty. I’d send Goins down before Diaz, but there aint a LOT of difference there.
      Hope Lawrie’ll be ok.

  37. I hate the song they use in the Jays commercials. As bad as last year.

    It’s not the best day of your Li-i-i-ife you talentless motherfucker!

    Is there a single person that works for Rogers with any taste or is it deliberately playing to the dumbshit KissFM crowd?

  38. It’ll kill us….that one (or more) starter that shits the bed in every turn through the rotation, and sucks the mojo out of the bullpen. Either it’s Pitcher A that gives up a couple of crooked numbers right off the go…or it’s Pitcher B next time through.
    Oh, yeah….the power bench that we have is amazing. That’ll strike fear in the hearts of opposing pitchers every time. You know you’re missing something, when fans are hoping for passed balls or hit-by-pitches as an offensive weapon.

    • One you can live with though it’s not ideal especially if he’s last 3 innings or so. The Jays problem is that they’ve just had 2 starts last at least 6 complete innings. Look at today. Loup and Cecil already pitched 2 games in a row each and weren’t available to pitch to Gardner and Elsbury late in the game.

      • What’s league average this time of year in terms of innings pitched per starter, I wonder?

        • As of yesterday it was 5.76 innings for the average start for all of mlb. Including Hutchison’s start today the Jays are averaging 5.24 innings per start.

          • IOW, considering the sample size of 7, not a statistically significant difference.

            • Ok. Checked fangraphs. They were 28th of 30 teams in innings pitched by starters last season (holy fuck that’s bad – worse than the Astros). In 2012 they were 26th.

              SSS this year, sure, but they clearly have been having problems getting quality starts from their starting pitching. This isn’t a new problem.

  39. At least those Massholes lost. Begin 0-3 at Fenway.

  40. I would appreciate it if someone could explain to me why Navarro was not catching Hutchinson. Why does AA and Givbons have to over think and fuck everything up? Hutchinson credited Navarro for his win in TB. Even Gibbons said that they were great together. Hutchinson is young and coming off TJ. He needs guidance from a veteran catcher. The result would have been different with Navarro behind the plate.

    • Thought about that myself. It’s an excellent point and I wouldnt want to see them pair Kratz and Hutch again. Although that means then that Kratz would catch only a few of Buehrle Dickey Morrow and McGowan, but that shouldn’t be a huge problem. He could DH but do they want to sit either Lind or EE. Meh, they should do it. Plus Hutch needs the help.

    • May have been different, but to say it would have been different is pretty strong.
      Having said that, I think they want to take it easy on Navarro. It’s been a long time since he’s caught even 100 games so it makes sense to give him some half-days off when the opportunity arises.

  41. The Business of Baseball

    I know it is not a real index but I saw this article and thought it was of some interest. Using the NY Post’s formula (I should shower just for typing that), the Blue Jays are at least providing positive value to fans:


    8th highest payroll in the league but the 12th highest Fan Cost Index (ticket, parking, drink, beer, hot dog, program and hat), so Plus 4

  42. I’m really late with this comment but I’ve been out of touch. I just read about Beeston’s interview and the contract restructuring thing. I’d love to say it’s the last straw but of course it isn’t. I’ll never not support the Jays. But it seems to me that the ball players, the fans and the city deserve a hell of a lot more. It’s not just 20+ years without a play-off. It’s a long long time of cynical doublespeak and bait-and-switch from the likes of Ricciardi and Beeston. It’s a disgusting spectacle.

  43. At least I don’t have to watch an Arencibia at-bat. There is solace in that.

    • Goins is a painfully similar replacement. At least with JP you had a chance of a dinger.

      • JPA is better than Goins? Are you fucking insane? Goins is no allstar, nor can he hit, but at least he can play defence, catch a pop fly, make an out, turn a double play, in other words, play baseball. Goins probably would be a better catcher than JPA.

        • I never said one was better but sadly similar at the plate. Goins has done nothing even remotely spectacular defensively this spring or over the first 7 games imo to warrant his inclusion on the roster. Maybe, hopefully, that will change.

          As for Colby he’s coming around at the plate but has been good in the field. Unfortunately, I believe Rogers will not let AA make an offer anytime soon if he was even planning on making one.

          • Do you think that Goins has been found wanting defensively, or has simply not been granted the opportunities to shine like during the tail-end of 2013? A couple of years ago, during Butter’s shifts, the ball found The Canadian Jesus time and time again playing the rover position, and his gradings were off the scale. Personally, I haven’t seen Goins flounder as we witnessed last season with Bonifacio and Izturis.
            I’m not pumping his tires; I’ve already set myself that task for he whom most consider the village idiot.
            I’m just tired of everyone having such a hate on for anyone who has had the audacity to attempt to play the keystone position for the Jays since Alomar.

            • He certainly hasn’t floundered a la Bonifacio. But I wonder with all the shifts if he is going to get the chance to show his supposed brilliance. Defensive numbers fluctuate quite a bit so I wonder if his limited playing time skewed things to the point that his defensive contributions aren’t being overstated. Considering he is basically a zero with the bat he would have to be more than special for the Jays to carry his bat. I mean maybe if Colby, Lawrie and Navarro were hitting well there would be room but I think there are enough questions especially with Lawrie’s bat that having an automatic out in the tough AL East isn’t an option for a team that has pitching that isn’t exactly reliable.

              Of course with all this news about Rogers clamping Dead Ted’s Wallet shut this is the best AA could come up with. To me it just illustrates how bad a position Rogers seems to have put the team this winter.

              I guess we really have no other choice but to hope that the Jays can get something out of that bat that is positive.

            • I can live with the offensive black hole that is Goins in the lineup – if that was their only black hole. He’s very good defensively…so, I’ll take that any day over the Itzy/Bonie shit show last season.
              I know…it’s early days yet. But take away the top 3-4 hitters in the lineup – and you’ve got pretty will piss all from the 5-spot on down. And Colby and EE haven’t been exactly tearing the cover of Senor Pelota these past two weeks, either. I know…early days.
              But my earlier comment on the bench, and the dearth of at least one home-run threat batter there is somewhat galling.

    • You may well be right about being more similar than we had at first imagined.
      There is tremendous solace in no Strike3bia.
      The Sandlot_terror is attempting the draw our attention away from his under-performing boy Cletus by castigating Goins for being…Goins.
      I hope his plan works.
      Cletus doesn’t need to be put under a microscope.
      My only worry is AA will begin to doubt the rough diamond in his hand, and will baulk at offering him an extension until Cletus out prices himself.

      • That is why this board is so great. Informed people, I think , with different viewpoints, in this case by the undersigned (me). Sandlot thinks Colby is close. After his feeble pop-up in a crucial situation today, I say close to what exactly? You think he is a diamond in the rough, I think it is mostly tungsten that you have there. I sincerely hope I am wrong but I have never tried to hide the fact here, that overall, I do not consider Rasmus to be deserving of $$$ that ranks him in the top of OFs. He has had 1 good season, really, and that was last year. He was decent in year 1 with the Cards. Other than that, a decent defensive OF, some decent power , but lousy avg and ridiculous SO totals. So far this year he is only contributing poor at bats with mostly strikeouts ( 10 already in 6 games+). In fact, his high BAPIP last year might have made him look better than he really is.
        So we’ll see what happens. I do agree with Sandlot when he clearly stated that AA won’t offer an extension, and with you when you impied he won’t ( I think it was implied).
        I think Rasmus is getting approx 7m this year, and with the Jays apparently entering this “pass your hat for donations” phase , I don’t think it has even entered their thinking to pay more than this now. Look, I hope he makes me eat my words, I really do.
        As I said the other day, I think they may try to do something with Melky if he is still going good come June but I think we better resign ourselves that we will lose at least one and perhaps both of these guys. Gose?- He basically is an OF Goins with speed but cheapand I think the 7m Rasmus gets now will be rerouted into pitching. Then again, all I just wrote will be for naught if they are 16 games out come June 1 like last year, because then they will have to contemplate significant changes that I hope we don’t have to go down that road. Cheeers. alddies
        Forward Soviet-back to the wine bar-daughter’s b”day today and been doin a bit of Drankin- see that we scored all of 4 again today-we may be the only team in MLB that has yet to have a stinkin 5 run inning

        • I say he is getting close because that’s the way it seems to me as I watch. He didn’t start off all that great last year either. In fact he a 41% k rate last April and still put up a 100 +RC for the month. CFers with his combo of defense and power are rare. Don’t forget he’s hardly the only one struggling so far. They faced 7 very tough starters so far and he was behind a week or so in spring training.

          He still put up nearly 5 WAR in 118 games last year. Those kind of players don’t grow on trees. Regress those numbers for a full season of games if you want and you’re still probably looking at 3.5-4.0 WAR. I’ll take that kind of contribution from my CFer all day.

          That said, I think unless he completely falls off the face of the earth this season the best the Jays will do is offer a QO. Obviously a lot can change from now to then but Rogers financial maneuvers don’t inspire me with a lot of confidence especially as the payroll won’t peak until next season.

        • Ha ha informed except for the resident idiots you and sandlot error. babip made him bettter? fucking dumb

  44. The AL East is pretty even as first two week starts go, no team is making a push right out of the gate. I see some positives in starters and hope the bats in Rasmus and Lawrie wake up.

    • seven games in is meaningless. switch a win for a loss and we are on pace for 93 wins instead of 69 wins.

      even if a team had gone 6-0 or 7-0, it would mean nothing.

      all we can do at this point is look at tendencies…there arent even trends yet.

      • Oh fuck ya. It’s early!
        Rasmus has only had one change in hair-style and the Goat of KittenFace is still there being used as a refuge for squirrels with agoraphobic tendencies. Play ball!!

      • @ SH

        All that is true but it doesn’t stop us fans from examining the minutiae.
        It’s what we do.
        Logically, it’s a long season,with highs and lows.Some logical,some emotional,all entertaining.
        While we wait to analyze the larger sample size and stay calm until we have it,we also live and die with each pitch and at bat.
        A bit of a conundrum and definitely a paradox.
        Sorta like life.

    • Thanks for the link RADAR. This story is giving me hives at this point.

      I simply do not understand why the Jays found themselves in this position. I would guess that AA told Jose (or both Joses) that there was no money, and they went around the clubhouse looking for the restructuring deal.

      Elliott is no dummy as a reporter. His comparisons are to the Yankees and the Royals in that story. He well knows who the restless fanbase believes the Jays ought to act a lot more like…

  45. I’m still in a state of denial ( next stage acceptance), of the Jays just blowing out the momo they had last year with attendance up markedly, sales of ancillary merchandise up and a blue jays army waitng for them in many road venues.I even made a WS futures bet figuring how good it would look once AA added some parts during the winter–instead the air has the smell of a wet fart attached to it. I don’t know if they think right down there. Personally, I went to 12 games last year, all before the AS break. For me to go to anywhere near that number this year they will have to markedly improve the product on the field so we’ll see. Here is my point:
    A Yankee weekend Sunday is usually worth 40k+ in fans.Yesterday: barely 34k. This upcoming 3 gamer against Houston is looking like 14-15k pergame based on advanced sales. Yes Yes SSS and all that, BUT, if it continues, and they drop, say, 5k/game from last year then one could argue that they are forfeiting in the neighbourhood of $500,000 game based on ticket purchase, food,beer etc or 40m/year!.
    Then what? Are we back into Rogers saying that jeez we are not supporting the club enuf so therefore, no FA, No extensions to ballplayers we already have and worse?
    Like I said, I still can’t believe they did nothing this offseason, the only team other than Pittsburgh to do so and they made the playoffs. I’m very worried about what may happen in late June if we are playing poorly and they are bleeding fans.I hope like hell they play well in April/MAy so we can look forward to a challenging and exciting season of ball not the polar vortex of doom that enclosed them last year

  46. The bullpen use is the only thing that provides a twinge of concern for me at this point. I’m not worried about anything else (including Thole’s feelings when he tells his family to send his mail to a Buffalo address).

    Through 7 games, I don’t like to see this:

    Brett Cecil: 3 GP
    Aaron Loup: 3 GP
    Sergio Santos: 3 GP
    Steve Delabar: 3 GP

    Redmond and Rogers don’t bother me as much, but my god you can’t be using those guys an average of practically every other day and expect them to hold up long term (weighted balls be damned).

    What I don’t know is how many of those 4 have been up in the pen in addition to the games they pitched.

    The thing they say kept Uehara in top shape through the WS last year was he only warmed up when it was guaranteed he’d be coming in the game. I guess that really saved his arm.

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