We’ll figure out what to do with weekend threats sooner or later, but in the interim, since the comments from yesterday are overflowing, here’s a new place to wax hysteric about what’s going on right this minute at the Rogers Centre, as Drew Hutchison takes on C.C. Sabathia. So… here it is.

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  1. Damn this isn’t a good way to start.

  2. Well, crap. I hope NY brought shitty CC.

  3. 3-0 1 hit :(

  4. this team will go as far as the starting rotation will take them. how hutchison, morrow, and mcgowan pitch will decide the blue jays’ fate.

    • Also it will likely depend on the health of the players, and whether the offense shows up for most of the season, and whether the bullpen can stay healthy, and whether the new defense is in fact improved…

    • Well that’s going to inspire a lot of confidence.

  5. What the heck is Melky doing in center.

  6. also that is a hella ugly lineup

  7. Dinger negative nancys

  8. Boy, I wish we could get some people on base when Melky is up.

    If only Reyes was healthy and Melky was hitting in the second slot.

  9. It really seems like a tumor on your spine does not improve your baseball playing. Something to keep in mind.

    Go Melkman!

  10. Looks like CC is going to get strike calls all over the place while Hutch gets squeezed again today.

  11. Guess I should have benched Hutch for my fantasy teams. I did it with Dickey yesterday and naturallly he pitched great.

  12. Fuck you umpire. Call the same strike zone you yankee loving cocksucker.

  13. CC looks like shit….get that man a burger

  14. Wish Buck and Tabby would fuck off with the slobbering all over Sabathia.

  15. Ok starting the praying early today for a Blue Jay comeback victory. Someone else pray for an unbiased umpire.

    • I wouldnt say the ump was biased. Hutch was all over the place in the 1st inning. The yankees have patient hitters and dont swing at
      garbage. Sabathia got some borderline calls but thats baseball

    • Abstinence my friend.
      Do it for the greater good.
      (Worry beads wouldn’t hurt either.)

  16. Fuck. On the YES broadcast, they are STILL talking about that play at the plate.

  17. I got the umpire covered

  18. 95 at the bottom of the zone. More please!

  19. Hutch is looking better now

  20. That’s the Hutch we know and love!

  21. Another ground ball for Lawrie, go fiigure.

  22. His hands are quick, but are they soft? Don’t leave us hanging Tabby!

  23. Sierra jjjuuussttt missed that

  24. Sabathia’s got nothing on his fastball. Second time through the order should be good.

  25. Dwight SMith JR.’s homered twice in two at bats today off Cole Hamels. Norris is pitching.

  26. 4K’s, 3H’s, 0 er and 0bb (!) through three innings.

  27. Sigh going to be one of those games methinks. Poor command then nickel and dimed to death.

  28. Hutch has good velocity today anyways. That’s good. It was down a bit from this in the last game.

  29. Poor Kratz he has no idea where Hutch’s pitches are going lol lot of life on his stuff today.

  30. Yep, the home plate ump isn’t biased, just terrible

    • We’re playing the Yankees, dude. They’re ALWAYS biased with them. Why do you think they have such “good at bats”, year in year out. It’s what the fans want to see…..

  31. …………….!……………….

  32. Even if they lose, the Astros are coming to town fresh off a wraparound series.

    This team is a work in progress. 3-4 is not a bad spot after opening with four in the Rays’ shit dome and then the Yankees.

    They need to make hay off the crap teams. Six of next nine against the Astros and Twins.

    • Pffftttt if they lose today that just means another series lost vs a divisional opponent. That’s no different than last year. They will never take a step forward until the start winning those series.

  33. Come on offense a few hits please, pretty please.

  34. Fat CC settling in. Fuck.

  35. How much would it take to extend Cabrera? I’m guessing he’s gonna want to wait to the end of the season to prove he’s healthy and all that, but I wonder if they could get him inked earlyish.
    I wouldn’t mind it.

    • Jeez, its been 7 games out of 162. Lets revisit the extenstion talks in august

      • I didn’t say sign him by the fifth fucking inning, I said earlyish. Like, if he looks good through the first couple of months.
        With both Cabrera and Rasmus heading to free agency, they’ve got some big time question marks in the outfield for next year. Might want to address one of the positions before the next offseason.

  36. Not loving the Jose AB.

  37. Geez I’m starting to think our big guns can only hit relievers

  38. Архив новостей на игровом мире.

  39. How is it possible that this Yankees team is on average 300 years old and yet somehow stuffed to the gills with base stealers?

  40. Hutch is battling today but the velocity is right there.

  41. That was Russian for FUCK THE YANKEES

  42. Man, ichiro sucks. Dude should just retire

  43. I just want to tit fuck Stoetn now. Cum on his hairy beard. Yeah, I said it! The way he attacked that sandwich last year got me so hot and horny. Me love him long time.

  44. Seriously hate these fuckers. Goddamn it.

  45. The ship is sinking!

  46. Fuck Gardner, that rat fuck.

  47. Ugh this team is still the yankees bitch. Too bad though, i think a win would have given them a nice little jolt of momentum.

  48. Shame to give up six early facing CC. Had a chance at taking the first Yank series.

  49. Glad I didn’t go to this game today.

  50. It’s Over!

  51. Something something acquire starting pitching in the offseason, blah blah something.

  52. It’s one fucking game

    • No, it isn’t. It’s the same pattern as last year with starting pitching not being able to get through a reasonable amount of innings.

  53. I’d like Billy Bob to kill Jeter and Kelly.

  54. I look at the Yankees lineup and think, God, pretty shitty. Not shitty enough for the Blue Jays to close the gap yet however, I guess.

  55. We can still win 7-6. True story.

  56. I get that the pitching sucks but the quality of
    ABs is sorely lacking again. CC really isnt that good anymore but the approach is awful. They refuse to take walks. Same shit as last year. I need to take a break from this team until the raptors are done

  57. Well so much for the “day after Dickey” effect.

  58. 7 games, only 2 games where there starter completed 6 innings. Maybe the 8 man pen wasn’t such a bad idea if that trend continues.

  59. Fuck McCann!

  60. Welp … Fuck this game.

  61. My dickey effect loves redtube.

  62. It’s still early in the season..

  63. Everyone in our section is also glad you didn’t go to the game today. Thanks.

  64. On the plus side, Sabathia sucks now.

  65. After Melky’s start, I can’t wait for Damian Cox’s “You Have to Ask the Question” article that is sure to come.

    Should be good for a couple weeks of self righteous and ridiculous bullshit in the local sports rags.

  66. Fuck this team!

  67. Holy fuck CC just has to be within a foot of the strike zone.

  68. “Don’t worry. It’s still early. ”

    Mike Wilner

    • It is still early. Bats have been slow to come around so far, but one week playing 500 against the Rays and Yankees is pretty good. Defence looks much better this year, Dickey and Buerhle look good, Reyes will be back soon.

  69. Kelly Johnson needs to fuck off. A reminder of that great AA trade with Arizona.

  70. Maicer Izturis >>>>>>>>> Brett Lawrie

  71. Chance Lawrie hits a grounder in this AB?

  72. Wilner needs to fuck off and die.

  73. I give Wilner credit for saying, during the pregame round table, that we have seen enough sedimentary evidence in 900 plate appearances that Lind doesn’t need to be starting against left-handers.

    • Agree. He’s not that bad. He understands advanced stats, but he needs to be reductive to the blathering morons that call his show.

      Although him saying last week that he’d take the Jays rotation over the Rays rotation (aside from Price) was questionable.

    • Hahahaha… sedimentary evidence? I would say Wilner rests on broken shale and oozing shit, if there is any fucking bedrock beneath his sorry lip-flapping ass.

      I can still hear Wilner saying, without qualification, “MARK BUEHRLE IS TERRIBLE” when a caller enquired about the Jays acquiring him – and that was a week or two AFTER the perfect game.

      Nope, he is an insecure troll with a bully pulpit. I suppose his position is secure while Rogers trots out the likes of Pat Tabler, though.

  74. I don’t think we could get a used condom if we even wanted to trade Lawrie.

  75. This is not something he usually likes to admit.

  76. Lawrie fucking sucks. We overrated him bc he’s Canadian IMO. I kno rs only a week but he hasn’t hit anything hard.

    • To be fair, the guy had a great rookie year. Since then, its been all downhill. This year he looks worse than ever. Diaz looks better than him at the plate

  77. When is Reyes eligible to return the 15th?

  78. Lawrie couldn’t get us a used condom, a broken dildo and a deflated fuck doll in a trade right now.

  79. Also Lawries tats suck worse than his bat.

  80. Great, Lawrie and Edwin combining their shittiness in the dugout.

  81. Ok m done w this game fellas, see y’all Tuesday .

  82. CC getting a lot of calls that look really low

  83. That’s good pad tie!

  84. Anyone else’s MLBtv stream sucking balls today?

  85. Izturis has the range of a sloth.

  86. So Gibbons pushed a pass the baton philosophy his first time around. I like that idea but I don’t understand the value in taking very hitable first pitch strikes a significant percentage of the time. When he was fires for gross incompetence and Cito preached an aggressive approach the offence really turned around.

    I favour the idea that I am missing something. What is it? Jays’ hitters not disciplined, confirmation bias on my part making me remember more centre cut fastballs taken for strike 1 than there actually were?

    Very frustrating in any event.

  87. Somebody punch Cervelli in the face.

  88. I am a woman and I don’t approve of that word.

  89. So when Jeter’s gone next year who becomes the cock goggling favourite among MLB broadcasters?
    I respect the guy for the career he’s had but sweet fucking Jesus I don’t need to hear about it every time he’s on base.

  90. Damnit Melk you were our only hope!

  91. This is a very dispiriting game. Hutch shit his pants. Classic CC (minus the velocity) showed up. 3 hits, no walks. Bring on the Astros.

  92. Dinner gotta eat!

  93. Sweet!

  94. The Kratz Dinner duo comes through!

  95. we back innit

  96. A two out rally. Well take me out back and paint me fuckin shocked.

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