Here’s a recipe for massive attendance: the first beautiful day in this city in forever and the Astros in town playing under a steel dome still not tested and ready to be opened — not that the “legacy fans” (read: ancient season ticket holders) would be up for sitting outside in sweater weather anyway. But it’s still baseball, and it’s going to feel like it on the way to the park, at least. And it’s still a chance for the Jays to really get going, facing the worst team in the game — albeit improving — while their division rivals continue to spin their wheels, with no team in the AL East currently above .500.

That, of course, will change. But the Jays are in a good spot for a little feel-good run, with Mark Buehrle looking to continue his Cy Young campaign against Brett Oberholtzer, who is, in fact, an actual Major League pitcher. Or at least an Astros one.



Yes, Adam Lind is facing a left-handed pitcher, which he should never, ever do. But it’s also a shitty left-handed pitcher who has reverse splits, and he’s only keeping Moises Sierra or Erik Kratz out of the lineup, so… it’s not that bad. See @SMcEwen_eh‘s timeline for the argument that he should be in there — which I actually don’t agree with (I mean, what’s it going to prove?), but… at least there is one! I won’t believe Gibbers has gone all Joe Maddon until I see the switch hitters batting lefty, too.

Shi Davidi was the first of many to tweet that John Gibbons announced today that R.A. Dickey badly wants to pitch indoors he wants to split up hard-throwers Brandon Morrow and Dustin McGowan, and to give McGowan an extra day of rest. He’ll go in Baltimore on Friday, while R.A. Dickey now gets the Thursday start against Houston. Not sure what happens when hard-throwers McGowan and Hutchison then end up back-to-back, but that was never really the point anyway.

Shi Davidi also tweets that Casey Janssen will throw a side session tomorrow, after which they’ll figure out his next steps — which at one point will include a rehab outing or two. He’ll probably need more than 15 days, Davidi says, but close.

Brendan Kennedy tweets that J.A. Happ will make his second rehab start for Buffalo on Thursday, and that John Gibbons won’t say what will happen once Happ is healthy.

Gregor Chisholm tells us that Jose Reyes will begin running today, and is still taking ground balls, but that there’s no timetable yet for his return to action.

Roy Halladay tweets that Phillies fans are the “best fans on earth!!” Make of that what you will. (What I will make of it is that, at least as far as Jays fans not being the best, he’s probably not wrong).

A hot taco from GROF on Deh-reck… Sand-ah-son… Jee-tah.

Tommy Rancel of ESPN tweets that Rays pitcher Matt Moore is going to see Dr. James Andrews because of an elbow issue. But don’t worry, if it’s bad news for the Rays, another one will surely emerge to take its place.

We’ll do a podcast this week. For real. Sorry.

TV: Sportsnet (Pacific/One/360)

Next game: Tomorrow, 7:07 PM ET, vs. Houston.

For those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app. And now, the lineups… 

Toronto Blue Jays

LF Melky Cabrera (S)
DH Adam Lind (L)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
C Dioner Navarro (S)
3B Brett Lawrie (R)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
2B Maicer Izturis (S)
SS Jonathan Diaz (L)

LHP Mark Buehrle

Houston Astros

LF Robbie Grossman (S)
2B Jose Altuve (R)
1B Jesus Guzman (R)
C Jason Castro (L)
DH Chris Carter (R)
RF L.J. Hoes (R)
3B Matt Dominguez (R)
CF Alex Pressley (L)
SS Jonathan Villar (S)

LHP Brett Oberholtzer

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  1. NO, Gibbons. The answer to Aaron Loup’s sudden control issues is NOT Esmil Rogers. And what the blasted fuck is happening with this double steal?

  2. lol jays season meltdown

  3. Lawrie just needs to stop pulling and take pride to get on base and be A-hole we know and love on the basepaths.

  4. Ok, it’s one thing when that rat bastard Gardner hits a laser off Hutchison’s poorly placed fastball to put the game away but this back-to-back walks followed by double steal followed by almost game-tying hit shit is not acceptable against the Astros.

  5. I hope Jose’s pick off isn’t a factor.

  6. Loup, please don’t hit Castro.

  7. does anyone ever shoop ba-loup because i feel like that’s something we should do

  8. Well, could have been much worse.

  9. that was impressive

  10. Loupy cleaning his own mess, gotta love people who own up.

  11. I notice both Lawrie and Rasmussen are wearing some kind of dog tags around their necks. Maybe they should take them off as they don’t seem to be good luck charms.

  12. I live and die with the starter. Not a fan of bringing a guy out of the game after 80 pitches and only one run allowed.

  13. Cletus another 5 tool golden boy that shits the bed year after year.

  14. Does anyone still have the link to the google drive pitches called strikes against the jays and jays vs opponents. that pitched called for a ball right fucking down Broadway.

  15. Nice call ump.

  16. How many strikeouts while looking is that now? 12?

  17. Is it just me or has this been an exceptionally poorly umpired game?

  18. Wow, Maicer needs all the encouragement he can get after last year, not terrible third strike calls like that.

  19. time to steal! please?

  20. I kind of love Jonathan Diaz.

  21. melkman I love the

  22. How did the jays struggle putting into consideration the following factors:

    1) houston stinks
    2) home field advantage
    3) the jays number 1 / Ace is on the mound ( Dickey is the jays #2 )

  23. 4 in a row! Connect four!

  24. I love new melky

  25. Melky delivers!

  26. MELKY!!!

  27. The ump can’t screw that one up! Atta boy Melky!

  28. Melky……you the man

  29. That’ll do, Melky.

  30. Take that angry Jays “fans”

  31. Melky will look *amazing* as a Yankee next year.

    • Guess again. Yankee outfield is full and Melky stays a Jay.

      • Payroll parameters.

        • The nature of being a baseball fan is clinging to a slim chance that your team will win the world series. I’m pretty sure that Rogers will see the value of keeping key pieces of this roster intact once this year is over. This is a pretty good team. Why not hope on that too?

          • Maybe we’ll get another Noah Syndergaard with that comp pick from Melky.

            We can trade him away for some magic beans.


  33. Yeah Melky…. Glad to have grabbed you in my fantasy two weeks you have paid off.

  34. Melky = feel good story of the year!

    Good job big guy !

  35. Diaz has been nails. I hope the Kawasaki – mongers will see why the Jays brought Diaz up. I hope he stays with the team

  36. Anyone still want to doubt that the tumor was the reason for 2013? Or do they still want to think 2012 was roids? He just is in the zone this season. Let’s hope it continues.

    The only thing I wish more for this team is someone who can get on base in front of bautista to many solo bombs.

  37. time for Bautista and Melky to battle it out for homerun streaks

  38. can all the jays train with Jose bautista next off season?

  39. It’s amazing what you can do without a tumor in your spine.

  40. Melkman delivered. Mr. Goggles, yay!

  41. Bautista and Melky on pace to hit 81 home runs each this season.

    Granted, this is about as relevant to reality as the doomsayers predicting another shitty Jays season this early. But wouldn’t it be nice?

  42. Goggles is great.

  43. Sox lose again lolz

  44. stupidest rule ever

  45. 3 things

    1. poor beuhrle not gonna get the win

    2. melky is the fucking man!!!

    3, LAWRIE SUcKS!!!!

    • Buhrle will still get the win..he left with the lead and we havent given it up yet, but you are trolling so its aight

    • No.

      Next question.

      • ooh i just turned on the game.. the guys on sirius radio said he wasnt in line for the w bc of altuves rbi double.

        im not trolling, lawries slow start is killing my patience.

        • Given that ‘the eye test’ is so frowned upon around here, the ‘I didn’t see it’ test is particularly suspect.

  46. I think we’re going to lose this one

  47. This new rule is terrible. Glad the umps have been ignoring a lot of it lately.

  48. Fuck Buck.

  49. These reviews are getting stupid.

  50. That’s kind of a weird call. What does the new play-at-the-plate rule do, exactly?

  51. Buck was bound and determined we blocked the plate

  52. Wow. I read the rule(s). Jays got lucky there.

  53. I suddenly like reviews.

  54. It is such a stupid pointless rule who cares if you covering the plate

  55. Yes, Buck. Hoes should always hold their ground.

  56. That home plate umpire is TERRIBLE.

  57. If those pitches close on the zone, and the astro player thinks it’s a bad call try being Loup or Maicer….

  58. I think the new rule only applies if you have no chance of getting an out

  59. well at least he evened it out

  60. Guy had plenty of plate, nearly whole thing, to slide into. Buck is on drugs.

    • Yeah, looked to me like he actually slid over to the left to give the runner a clean slide onto the plate.

      What else could Dioner have done there? Just disappear?

      • He should have set up either in front, behind, or behind the plate. He set up in the lane.

        • From The NY Times:
          “…the rule allows collisions if the catcher has the ball and is blocking the runner’s direct path to home plate, or if the catcher goes into the basepath to field a throw to the plate.”

          “The new rule, 7.13, states that “a runner attempting to score may not deviate from his direct pathway to the plate in order to initiate contact with the catcher (or other player covering home plate).”

    • Thing is, your supposed to set up with a clear lane in place.

      Navarro set up with blocking the plate, then cleared a path, he got it backwards.

      Just say’n

  61. our bullpen is one thing i didnt read in any preview as being an x factor for us, but fuck yea they are.

  62. so the lesson learned is…just keep blocking the plate, and dare them to overturn

    • They way I seen it had Dinner in the lane but got out of the way before the runner got to him. It didn’t look to me that he held up the runner at any time and left him a path to the plate. I don’t think you have to disappear just don’t impede the runner unless you have the ball.

      • I just posted it up a few comments: If the catcher has the ball he can block the plate. If he doesn’t he must leave a lane.
        Here’s another quote from the NY Times article on rule 7:13;

        “unless the catcher is in possession of the ball, the catcher cannot block the pathway of the runner as he is attempting to score.”

  63. I thoroughly enjoy it when an opposing pitcher can’t find the zone.

  64. It was funny to see Lawrie trying to strike up some conversation with Melky after the home run in the dugout and Melky just nodding through in between sideway glances. Melky’s swing is downright sublime, the way the bat glides off the shoulder and channeling all that power into such display of power.

  65. Colby and Brett are wound tighter than a …. Thank god for the gold glove d

    • Well, the Astros are in town. Makes me wonder if the boys just need some hoes.

      • Hoes is right there in right field. I dunno if he has the sort of backside that is appreciated by Mr. Lawrie though.

  66. Fantasy PPL, is it time to cut bait with Lawrie?? Im a Jays fan so obviously its painful to cut him, but I cant take much more of this?? He looks on pace for a .250 season at best w 15 hrs

  67. Buck’s understatement of the night: the Blue Jays decided they needed an upgrade @ the catching position.


    • I like to think that Buck as a catcher wasn’t too good at framing. It really took something right down the pipe for Buck to be able to handle it. Same thing applies here, I suppose.

      • Anyone who prefaces his remark with “I like to think that Buck as a catcher” probably wasn’t there to know.
        Why would you like to think that, hmm?

        Buck was what he was, and is what he is.
        If you weren’t there, you should probably shouldn’t comment on it.

    • MLB extra innings so far has only offered one jays home telecast so far. Ive been stuck with the away teams announcers and its starting to piss me off bc I usually got the Jays postgame too. Did Rogers Boycott the US?

    • I would give anything to see him in that Captain Obvious uniform.

  68. Rangers fans are already all over J.P. on their message boards.

  69. Just relax and drive the fucking ball Brett

  70. 3/28 boo yahh

  71. Navarro is such an improvement over JP, it is almost unfathomable. Literally, I can barely comprehend it.

    • his impersonations of ESPNS tim kurkjian only buy soo much goodwill with the fans lol.


  73. Just keeps starin down those heaters right down the pipe

  74. Buck just said “oh and choo.”


  75. never mind

  76. Not sure how Lawrie’s gonna find his way out of this one.

  77. Just did the math Rasmus is hitting WORSE than Lawrie this year haha

  78. as much as he continues to suck it is nice to see Lawrie hit the ball out of the infield….

    • I’d much rather see him hit a rocket right at somebody than the pathetic contact he’s mustering right now…

      he’s a complete mess…swinging at shit, taking meatballs right down the pipe, not squaring anything up…I’d rather see Diaz up in a crucial situation than him right now

  79. Does Lawrie even try at the plate anymore or is he hoping his passport carries him through a long, lucrative career with the Jays?

  80. Fuck Santos or Rogers in the 9th….

  81. man the two of them cant do anything right, even when he makes good contact lol.

  82. Well at least Cletus got some good wood on that one

  83. how about mixing things up and giving us a nice CLEAN inning, eh Santos? Just see what it feels like, you might even like it

  84. We’d better hope no one hits it to the second deck this year. Buck will jizz so hard they’ll call a rain delay. That was just a flyout.

    • Idiot fans @ SkyDome think everything hit in the air is a homerun. But Buck should know better. About a lot of things.

  85. I really thought that was gone. Colby’s been smashing some balls lately. Only a matter of time.

  86. I’m going to predict Melk is Comeback Player of the league. The narrative is a good one.

  87. Come on Rasmus, no need to hoard all that Colby Cash

  88. good thing I just got a fresh bottle of Pepto for the 9th.

  89. It’s good to see the Jays beating up on a weakling.

  90. Ok Santos. Let’s do this.

  91. Buck’s a retard, but he’s our retard.

  92. That slider WAS a fastball… until it magically appeared beneath Navarro’s glove in the dirt.

  93. 1 hit allowed by the bullpen? Feels like there’s been a touch more action than that. Of course, walks.

  94. Also, I see the battle between the “movable object” in Lind being crappy against lefties vs. the “stoppable force” that is Oberholtzer’s reverse splits, has ended with Lind going 0-for-3. Was worth the try, at least.

    • Maybe all this “Lind can’t hit lefties” has Inceptioned the idea so deep that Lind would actually struggle to hit BP off a leftie. Maybe it’s all in his sleepy noggin.

  95. Jesus Christ. When Sergio’s on…

  96. Ok, ump.

  97. Santos looks like a closer. That stuff’s nasty.

  98. hey look another strike called a ball.

  99. I will give Santos some credit here he pitched like a boss, usually he struggles with command

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