It’s another beautiful day for baseball… under a roof… with several hundred of your dearest friends.

Hey, it could be worse. The outstanding Alan Ashby is in the building, and Brandon Morrow gets a chance for another minor league tuneup game before rejoining the big leagues whenever the schedule has the Jays playing a team that isn’t Houston (he said in words that he will almost certainly immediately live to regret as Morrow gets torched by the likes of Marc effing Krauss).

Also: baseball!!


Marcus Walden was optioned down by the Jays today, according to a team release, and Neil Wagner — who probably should have been here all along — was recalled. Bluebird Banter recalls the reasons Walden was selected — the club DFA’d Jeremy Jeffress sooner into the season than they were allowed to call up anyone who had been optioned (except in the case of injury) and were forced to add Walden to the 40-man after first announcing Chad Jenkins as the recall — and wonders whether it was more embarrassing to the organization than the whole deferral scheme business of last week. It’s a tough call.

According to a tweet from Brendan Kennedy, John Gibbons said that with Casey Janssen out they needed a right-hander to bring into games when they were trailing and close, hence Wagner’s recall. Not said: you’re out of the job, Esmil. Which, of course, makes total sense.

Speaking of Janssen, a tweet from Shi Davidi informs us that his latest side session went well, and that he’ll probably do one more bullpen before getting a rehab assignment.

More on the injury front, as Brendan Kennedy tweets that Jose Reyes ran on a treadmill yesterday, will run outside today, and will run the bases on the weekend. Barring setbacks, it sounds like he’s at least progressing.

Drew tweets that Jose Bautista got the club to put the Barcelona match on the jumbotron today during batting practice. Nails much?

I’m pretty sure ol’ Griff nails it at the Toronto Star, suggesting that the flipping of R.A. Dickey and Dustin McGowan — though not without its good and bad points — is mostly about Dickey wanting what’s best for Dickey. And that’s OK.

We really will do a podcast this week. For real. Sorry.

Lastly, if you want to get good and depressed (or good and angry at me for being wrongheaded), go back and check out the previous post here, where I touch on media rights value, TV ratings, and the history we’ve endured under Rogers’ stewardship of this club.

TV: Sportsnet

Next game: Tomorrow, 7:07 PM ET, vs. Houston.

For those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app. And now, the lineups… 

Toronto Blue Jays

LF Melky Cabrera (S)
2B Maicer Izturis (S)
RF Jose Bautista (R)
1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
DH Adam Lind (L)
C Dioner Navarro (S)
3B Brett Lawrie (R)
CF Colby Rasmus (L)
SS Ryan Goins (L)

RHP Brandon Morrow

Houston Astros

CF Dexter Fowler (S)
RF Alex Pressley (L)
2B Jose Altuve (R)
C Jason Castro (L)
DH Chris Carter (R)
1B Marc Krauss (L)
3B Matt Dominguez (R)
LF Robbie Grossman (S)
SS Jonathan Villar (S)

RHP Lucas Harrell

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  1. Let’s go, boys. Let’s sweep these fools.

  2. How many fans there tonight? Looks like under 10k

  3. Good start.

  4. You mean the Atletico Madrid match.

  5. Morrow is on. Book it.

  6. Holy shit. Just…holy shit.

  7. wow… nice inning.

  8. Wow.

  9. Go sit in the truck.

  10. Fuck Morrow has some serious gas tonight.

  11. Morrw with 98 heat is impressive. Didn’t think he could do that anymore. Go Brandon

  12. Oh shit Morrow is bringing it tonight

  13. Nails much!!!

  14. Even if you adjust down for a hot gun, that is some of the best velocity I have seen from Morrow in a while,

  15. Ok offense time to get the finger out and pill your weight.

  16. Trying to watch two games simultaneously. This is Advanced Baseball 101. Usually not attempted until later in the season. Fortune favours the bold.

    • Multiple screens? There’s a bar I go to in the summer that has 9 tv screens on one wall and they’re always playing as many different games as possible. If anyone has watched that Elementary show on CBS, that’s what I feel like. Trying to take it all in at once.

      • With MLB TV Premium you can watch up to four games. Technically I could watch six if I had my PS + laptop going.

  17. Izzy is having a nice start.

  18. See Ricky is being Ricky in Buffalo again tonight. 4 IP 4 hits, 4 walks, 3 runs.

  19. Jose!

  20. Beautiful hit.

  21. Nails Morrow!
    Question: does premium allow me to stream games live on my phone?
    If so, are games ever blacked out?

    • I’m pretty sure you can stream live to your phone – with Premium. On their website they list all of the devices + what you can do with them. I don’t think the Blue Jays are ever blacked out anymore.

  22. The Man from Muncie

  23. Nothing like the Astros to make you feel better about yourself, so long as you can manage to forget they’ve been to the playoffs more recently than us.

  24. Good hiiting by Jbau. But fuk is Izzy slow-Off with the pitch and it lloked like they ahd a play at the plate. Fuk a 2 run inning. Go jays. Hope mOrrow likes the prosperity

  25. Hamilton out for 6-8 weeks after diving headfirst into first base. Man I bet teams would live to tell these guys if you do dumb stuff like that you’re not going to get paid.

  26. Over/under on the crowd: 14K

  27. That’s more like it Jays offense.

    • On the YES broadcast tonight they referred to the Blue Jays as a “good hitting club”. So there’s that.

  28. Maicer might not be terrible (right now)

  29. Anyone else noticing how downright competent Izturis is looking in the field this year?

    • I kept waiting for that Izturis to appear last year. He always seemed ok every time the Angels came to town and his career numbers are (were ?) ok.

  30. Morrow is cooking some BBQ tonight…

  31. Watching the Astros feed. Hearing Alan Ashby’s voice makes my soul weep.

  32. Looks like it’s the Astros’ turn to get jobbed by the ump?

  33. Fuckin’ Morrow is Hansel hot right now.

  34. early but maybe Maicer becomes what we thought we signed… steady, decent bat, solid fielding… I’ll take it for now and hope for more…

  35. Oh man, 97 heater + filthy slider + darting changeup + generous strike zone + ASTROS?

    This could get very interesting

  36. My boy Colby!

  37. Slump buster Cletus

  38. Spring numbers mean shit, I know, but wasn’t Lawrie raking in Florida? Someday he has to learn to bring his bat north.

  39. Big Boy Haircut


  41. Morrow no hitter???? Is it possible , 14 k or so??

  42. Please don’t be teasin’ us, Morrow! Please let this be the real deal

  43. Absolute filth.

  44. 6 k through 3 and mowing them down!!

  45. Wowzers

  46. I know its the stros but if morrow is good again I might kiss every one of you.

    Even the stupid ones

  47. Didn’t like that little stretching number Morrow did on the backside of the mound after retiring Grossman. Hope something isn’t tightening up on him.

  48. Liberal strike zone and guys leaving the bat on their shoulder. Tsk tsk EE.

  49. What the fuck

  50. Razzmatazz redux.

  51. Atta boy Cletus

  52. there goes the no-hitter…

  53. why is Morrow F-ing around with a cutter this inning?

    stick to the fastball, slider, changeup combo that was making the batters look helpless.

  54. Altuve was going to try and hit the heat to RF there. Thing is, he got a HRable back up curveball, but because he was ommitted to the FB, he fucked himself up, made Morrow look good, and there is a K. As a pitcher, you do need some fortuitous luck sometimes. Don’t throw that pitch to Miggy however

  55. Dinner is served…

  56. Dinner is served…

  57. Anyone miss JP?

  58. I see that ” Queen of the thrones” is back behind homeplate this year. Usually has a hot dog in her mouth though. Must bring 100$ bills to the game

    • I would say that I aspire to this when I get older, but really I don’t like to leave my house.

      • How many cats do you have, bean?

        • Cats rule! Feel no shame for owning cats. You gotta get one of those beer can-with-drinking tube-hats to go with your hot dogs and shapeless coat, Bean!

          • Zero cats. But if I weren’t violently allergic I would have as many cats as possible in my limited space. I am a crazy cat lady minus the cats. Hopefully I’ll be getting a pet soon though!

            Those hats are nifty, but I’d have to replace the beer with Coke Zero. I don’t much like shapeless anything, but I usually wear my hated Yankees jacket to ballgames.

  59. Lawrie has to go to Buffalo when Reyes comes back. Maicer can play third with Goins/Diaz at second. Far from ideal but right now Lawrie is hitting worse than a pitcher. Diaz could at least take a walk here and there.

    • Really good idea. One of the best ideas. What other brilliance can you grace us with?

    • Cmon dude. Ya lawries in a slump yes. But cmon. Send him down over Goins? His glove needs to stay at third and in the meantime he will eventually find his swing. Leave shit alone

    • Ya I think Bryce Harper should be sent down too. Let’s send down absolutely anyone who doesn’t perform across a 7-10 game stretch. SEND THEM ALL DOWN ALL OF THEM SEND THEM DOWN NOW.

  60. Low expectations Goins C’Mon!!!

  61. Way to go Goins. How come Colby wasn’t raedy for a 3-o dead red fastball? Fuk man, a walk was no good, with Goins batting after ya

  62. Krauss got a knock, so there’s hope for Goins.

  63. Ok offense going to say it again, get the finger out, 2 runs might not be enough. No ned to put pressure on the pitching.

  64. Izzy, FFS, difficult to pull a ball 2 ft outside. C.mon

  65. Maicer is all kinds of hot

    • Not to be that guy, or yes to totally be that guy (girl), but Diaz is also pretty hot. As in hot in a pretty way. Damn.

  66. Melky unnecessary headfirst slide is highlight of season so far.

    Debate me

  67. just crush one EE

  68. Hey Smasher, Harrell looks like an 18 years old Mike Degargaloid.

  69. thankfully the astros are the astros

  70. Baseball seems to be moving forward regarding replay, revising the catcher/plate rule to protect catchers. What the heel is up with the unbalanced schedule ? We face AL East powerhouses while others play HOUSTON 18 times ?? They need to take a look at this soon.

  71. Sometimes it’s better to be lucky. Was just starting curse Navarro on that one lol

  72. Holy shit. The Astros.

  73. Even Dinner causes defences not to defend…

  74. Dominguez’s 1st error this season – 3rd base angle looked like he was trying to not bean Bautista and threw it over his head

  75. Get rid of Goins now he’s infected Lawrie with his weak ass shit.

    • LOL… at least they play defense…right?

    • Is Melky avoiding Lawrie because he’s worried about catching his bad juju?

      • If there was a 1% chance that bad juju existed, I’d avoid Lawrie right now.

        • Well, I don’t know how superstitious Melky is feeling right now.

          I’d avoid Lawrie for fear of catching an errant Red Bull fistpump and having my jaw wired shut for a month.

  76. I like 5-zilch with our pen.

  77. So is the Izturis shit sustainable? Not at his current OBP, but as a decent hitter?

  78. Just got in and saw Morrow’s line. How fucking good has he been tonight?

  79. Morrow getting hit very hard all of a sudden. Not throwing as hard – maybe should have paced himself in the early innings.

  80. Amazing how quickly a starter can go from being dominating to being meh. Maybe he just started to run out of gas.

    Thank god for that error or we be tied.

    At least Morrow completed 6 tonight!

    • Idle speculation: He stiffened up a bit waiting for all the Jays’ rallies to end. (Nothing to back this up, of course…)

  81. Tough, go on Morrow there with that punch and Judy prssley going yard
    Now, with 3ER in 6 innings, it’s 4.50 on the game and someone looking at the boxscore may go MEH, not realizing what command he had tonite. I thnk he’ll take him out now, before he coughs it up and turn it over to thepen

    • he was completely dominant early, but started to lose it around the 4th inning. kind of a microcosm of his inconsistent career.

      or maybe his arm is just not built up yet and we should give him a pass.

  82. Seems to me that the camera guys have upped the perv level this year. Like they’re trying to scope out every good lookin girl at the game. Not that there’s anything wrong with that…

  83. Goins:Walk::Cabrera:Home runs

    If I’m being generous.

  84. “Miami jumped all over George Zimmerman” oh eek.

  85. Kinda shitty to have someone take a look at replays, only to have that happen

  86. Why not challenge that? There’s one out left in the 6th inning!

  87. WTF. Goins looked not picked off. No challenge?

  88. What the fuck Gibby?

  89. Why is every other team challenging everything and we basically just say Fuk it?

  90. As much as I hate replay, wtf?!??!?!?!

  91. um, what the hell? isn’t the 6th the last chance for Gibby to challenge? and isn’t that play CLEARLY at least worth a challenge? are you scared you won’t have your challenge for the whole ONE THIRD of an inning remaining?

  92. Goins must have known he was safe. Makes no sense.

  93. so, now its 6-3 if Gibby challenges? seriously, i hate the challenge system but WTF??

  94. Polly want some insurance runs.

  95. That trainer has a fucking moustache.

  96. so wait…. JYD pitches for the Astros?

  97. The Jays must be leading the majors in being picked off this year. It’s getting ridiculous. Like, dudes, nobody on the team knows how to steal a base, so stop taking huge leads and falling asleep. Jeez.

    • Did you see the replay? The call was BS, not even that close.

      • The replay guy for the jays has been garbage this year when he challenges he loses when he doesn’t he should have.

  98. The hardest out earned by Wagner..

  99. It was more than close enough. There is no reason for Goins to be making it back by a hair – he is no Rajai Davis.

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