Phil, given your strict¬†forcemeats-and-cheese regimen, the only real surprise is you’re not dead already.

In the Toronto Star, Richard Griffin does a nice job countering my whining yesterday by highlighting the stability that being under Rogers’ thumb brings to the Jays, at least in relation to the mess the Astros are in. Doesn’t mean that the owners couldn’t be far more generous to the club — and to the brand — but at least, he suggests, it’s not all bad.

Elsewhere at the Star, Brendan Kennedy wonders — like the rest of us — why the Jays didn’t use their replay challenge last night when Ryan Goins was picked off in the sixth inning. The basic answer: while MLB confirms that every team has access to all the feeds, the Jays may not have seen quickly enough the particular slo-motion one necessary. Here’s a tip: turn on the fucking TV feed.

Steve Delabar makes light of the knock that sent him out of last night’s game, via tweet.

Per a team release, the Jays have created an award for the organization’s employee of the year, named after Howard Starkman, an employee from day one who officially retires tomorrow and is the first recipient of the honour.

Great stuff from Blue Jays Plus, as they get some public sector scouting on Aaron Sanchez, and come away impressed with the continued improvements from the Jays’ top prospect.

Blue Jays Plus also has a GIF of Astros reliever Josh Zeid spraying something (sunscreen) on his arms last night before entering the ballgame. From Drew today, who is at the park: “Astros pitchers talking about the Zeid sunscreen thing from last night. Happily as you might imagine.”

Something we may or may not follow all year is the progress of Yankees expensive Japanese import, Masahiro Tanaka. Jorge Arangure of the New York Times looks at his latest start — another up-and-down outing, which resulted in a no-decision, but showed a lot of promise.

More Yankee content? Sure — and one I’m pretty sure I linked to already — but I think you’ll enjoy Getting Blanked on Derek Jeter’s problematic defence a second time.

A trio of posts from Sportsnet, as we hear about Dioner Navarro’s puzzlement over the defensive shifts he’s seen, Erik Kratz’s family first ways, and Pete Walker’s opinions on Dustin McGowan. Or, at least, that’s what the titles say. Hey, and here are two more, both from Benny Fresh, who looks at Neil Wagner’s long day, and Brandon Morrow’s dominant start (or at least his dominant start to a start).

A pair from the Toronto Sun, as Bob Elliott looks at the praise being given Dioner Navarro so far, while Mike Rutsey gets quotes from John Gibbons on Brett Lawrie, after the third baseman finally drove a ball last night the way we all know he’s capable.

Charlie Caskey of Your Van C’s takes a look at this year’s loaded version of the Lansing Lugnuts.

In case you somehow missed it earlier in the week — and because there’s not a whole lot Jays-related to talk about today — Dan LeBatard on Yasiel Puig is money in the bank. It’s at ESPN.com.

More from around the league, this time by way of the outstanding Baseball Think Factory, as they send us to the Baltimore Sun¬†to read about O’s outfielder Adam Jones and his hilariously awesomely hate-filled feelings for dopes who run onto the field.

Great stuff from Parkes for something called theScore.com, as he looks at how baseball treats children as commodities, and how we’re all along for the ride.

Podcast tomorrow. For reals. Plus I also had a good long Jays chat with the guys at East Coast Bias, which will hopefully be up tomorrow as well!

Lastly, via tweet, Tallboys announces their lineup for Pitch Talks #2, which will feature Dan Shulman — Dan Shulman! — along with Dave Bidini, Mike Wilner, and the internet’s own Meredith Rogers!

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  1. I hope Starkman got a bonus of some kind. I also hope Rogers didn’t ask for deferrals from other employees — sorry, I’ll show myself out.

  2. Turn on the tv feed is a pretty good answer. The other is to make them challenge right away. It is so redundant for the team to check the video and then turn around and ask the umps to check the video.

  3. So assuming Kratz goes down when Reyes comes back, would make a lot of sense to DH Reyes vs. LHP, with Diaz at SS and Izturis at 2nd. Doesn’t seem like Gibby likes Sierra, and then they could go to a left handed 4th outfielder if they wanted to as well, preferably one that can play CF.

  4. Come on that evening sun cuts right through the concrete roof. Leave the guy alone.

  5. To fully appreciate Adam Jones’ comments, you need to hear them straight from his mouth.

    I can’t find the audio file right now, but it’s awesome, his delivery is all smooth and mild-mannered.

  6. So Griffin is upbeat about the club, and Stoeten is down?

    • Not quite.

      • Okay, probably “not quite”, but Griffin has definitely been more, positive(?). Maybe it’s just me, but it certainly appears as through he’s giving the team the benefit of the doubt more often than not, and I recall it begain at the home opener.

    • Stoeten is down on Rogers, not the Jays, as far as I can tell. Can’t really blame him either.

  7. I remember him spraying that suncreen, i was like what???

  8. Wow great article indeed on Puig. I defended Yunel right from the start of the eye black thing for much of the same reasons. I’ve yet to hear from one person on this blog that left their country and family, to never return, for a wild crazy chance at making money in sports. But lots of people here still somehow know all about his language that they don’t speak.

    • Leaving ones country for millions of dollars (or the chance at those dollars) doesn’t explain turning into an insensitive asshole. Yunel is an idiot. He wrote faggot on his face.

      • He absolutely did not write “faggot” on his face and you absolutely missed my point that would still apply even if he had.

      • Oh, fuck off. You used to write “uterus smasher” as your *handle* on DJF.

        First, he wrote on two black stickers, not directly on his face. I understand the confusion here; both the stickers and the paste are marketed for essentially the same purpose.

        Second, he wrote “maricon” on the stickers. I guess the “a” and the “o” are in about the same places, but otherwise it’s rather hard to confuse with “faggot.”

        Third, the meaning and usage of “maricon” in Spanish is probably not the same as the meaning and usage of “faggot” in English. You do not speak Spanish the way it’s colloquially spoken in Cuba, and it’s dishonest for you to pretend otherwise. (Neither do I, for that matter, but my sources tell me that “sissy” may be a better translation. My point is that slang rarely has a direct translations.)

        Fourth, it’s abundantly clear that Yunel’s from a culture where homosexuality isn’t broadly accepted. Remember the “but my hairdresser is gay!” bit? Even if he had written “you’re a faggot” in English (which is clearly offensive and is homophobic in a way neither you nor I know “tu eres maricon” to be), lynching isn’t going to educate him on *why* it’s inappropriate. And I don’t see why you’d want to lynch a recent immigrant who hasn’t fully integrated into our society when there’s clearly an opportunity and a need for education. But I guess you need to feel superior to someone?

        That whole thing was, both literally and figuratively, blown completely out of proportion. And it cost us a chance to watch a very good middle infielder play for the Jays on a team-friendly deal for another few years.

        • Just post under your name “Sons”, no need for Anonymous.

          Yunel sucks.

          Smilyface :)

        • hayhurst defended escobar on his blog for similar reasons. i played college baseball in new mexico with plenty of puerto rican and mexican imports. it is obviously a poor and highly catholic dominated culture and the slang is tinged as such. mix in some hispanic spice and you get some unwise but not ill-intended language. it is what it is. but i suspect many who criticized yunel were more worried about their pc image, than trying to understand the background of why an individual with his history may have done said such a thing.

          i don’t condone intentional discrimination by any means, but what i heard from many commentators, including mccown was in my view very discriminatory to young hispanic athletes.

  9. ESPN is calling Ervin Santana a dark horse candidate for the NL Cy Young. I would call him a candidate for NL dick of the year

    • The DOY award.

      I like it, give me some other candidates.

    • I dunno man. I think he’s got competition… you know. from you. because you’re kind of being a dick right now.

    • Good on him for fucking the Jays over after they tried to grind him into dust all winter.

      • Plus either you have a contract signed or you don’t.

        All the talk of gentlemen’s agreements and hand shakes is great until someone changes their mind. At which point you find out how meaningless it all is.

        And maybe we would have had that signed agreement if we weren’t off getting union approval to play Jenga with everyone’s pay.

      • They could call it the Milton Bradley award.

      • And the Marge Schott award in the NL.

      • This. No one bats an eye when teams dick players around in the name of saving money, but when a player does what’s best for himself instead of bowing to some false sense of loyalty to a corporation, he’s a dick?

        Let’s not forget who the shrewd billionaires are in all of this supposed escapism.

    • Isn’t it a bit premature to be calling him a Cy Young candidate?

  10. Anyone else notice Dirk is on TSN? Has it been noted here yet?

  11. Stumbled across this while poking around at fangraphs…interesting read, I’m sure others here are vastly more capable than I of going over this and seeing how valid this analysis is…what I’m saying is, I like what it says, but if it’s complete horsehit in your eyes, please don’t shoot the messenger…


  12. Aaron Sanchez just lobbing it effortlessly while sitting 97 gives me a chubby

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