Yes, we’re going to do a proper DJF podcast today. But that doesn’t mean we’re not going to provide more candy for your ear holes, as yesterday I had a lengthy chat about the Jays and the beginning of the season with some fine maritimers for the second edition of their East Coast Bias podcast. Notwithstanding the fact that they invited Drew on their show before me *COUGH* you should probably totally follow them by way @TheBigsNL — Terry David Mulligan does!


Have a listen…

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  1. How is going from a payroll of $119,277,800 in 2013 to a payroll of $137,177,700 in 2014 for an increase of 17.8 million (15%) EVEN REMOTELY CLOSE TO BEING DESCRIBED AS A PULLBACK??? (all numbers from Cotts)

    How are the Jays even remotely close to that of the Marlins who went from a payroll of 101 million in 2012 to 50 million in 2013?

    • The point was the Jays expected to be able to spend more, but Rogers shut that down.

      Hard to build a team when you don’t know what your payroll is from year to year.

      • How do you have any idea what AA and Beeston expected and was given, and what Rogers said yes or no to?

        • Well based on his immediate statements of wanting to acquire a front line SP, a C and a 2B when the off-season began, one would think since these things don’t grow on trees and our immediate farm system does not really have the fruit to bare at the moment having gone that route last season that $ would be the solution, or else you’ll create holes elsewhere to plug current holes.

          Based on the fact that the Jays had to spread already spent $ around the team in the form of a damn collection plate among the highly paid Jays and AA’s anger at giving Navarro a slightly above market value $ amount, it would seem to anyone with even 1/4 of a brain that Rogers was not giving the FO any $ this off season.

          And as for the poster mentioning the payroll increase; read a few of the articles on here and a couple comments. Enough people have responded to why the payroll increase is a smokescreen of shifted $ rather than invested into the team that you sound ignorant posting that dribble on here.

          • If my car insurance rates drop $500 a year, but my house insurance premium goes up by $500, am I investing more in house insurance? Or have I simply shifted resources because that’s what the company making the rules of the game (MLB) has forced me to do?

            • In this case, you have increased you total insurance budget by 15%, how you choose to allocate it up to you.

              If the insurance products you have are overpriced you shop around, wait for interest rates to move which can affect prices, increase your deductible, bundle your products with another provider. Simply put, there are ways to find a solution that go beyond “well so and so is available”.

              You make moving money around like a some sort of crime, when in fact it’s the a way to get the most of what you have depending on your priorities.

              Bottom line, the Jays added more money this year, coming off a year where they added a lot more money.

              How is this lost on you?

              • Again, the payroll went up because of money carried over from commitments made last year. They did not add more money this year.

                • Glad you mentioned that, I’m convinced this is the key reason you can’t wrap your head around this issue.

                  Just because a player is scheduled to make a certain amount the following year, it doesn’t mean you have to keep the player if you think he’s not worth it.

                  The Tigers traded Fister, and saved money, but they increased payroll 10% this year. Did they “pull back”?

                  • They traded Fister, and Fielder, in large part because they wanted to sign extensions with Cabrera and Scherzer. They have continued spending money and plan to continue spending huge amounts of money.

                    So what company do you work for, by the way?

                  • And because they had ready in house options to cover 1st and pitcher; if Toronto traded Bautista, Reyes or Edwin for a starting pitcher then who the hell is replacing them here?

          • They got a C.

            Another way to AQUIRE SPand 2B is by trade. An avenue that we actually have evidence of the Jays trying (the Santos physical).

            Having resources to use in player acquisition, and not willing to overpay based on internal valuations are two separate issues.

            Also, Santana was an ATL injury away from being a Blue Jay. AA has been pretty clear on this. Unless you want to call him a liar (of which there is no evidence of him doing in the past), then that’s a totally separate issue, of which you would be on the wrong side as well.

            • And AA has been clear about how that was going to happen: players deferring money to create the room necessary to fit him into a payroll structure that had been capped by ownership, with further commitments entirely pulled back from. Still isn’t difficult.

              • AA said that there was the resources available to sign the player.

                There is no evidence that the signing of Sanatna was contingent on players deferring money.

                AA clearly stated that if that was gong to happen that we would of heard about it because it would of went thru the union. WE DIDN’T HEAR ANYTHING FROM THE UNION. They had a verbal deal, you’d think that if they need to defer money that the union process would start, and thus we would have heard about it.

                Still that doesn’t change the fact that payroll went up 15% this year and you think that that is a pullback.

                • That is unequivocally false. The Santana signing WAS contingent on players deferring money, and Anthopoulos and Beeston have said so. The union had signed off on the scheme. This has been reported.

                  Again: the 15% was committed last year, before the pullback. This is not difficult stuff. Sorry that you work for a shitty company, but just fucking own it.

                  • Still that doesn’t change the fact that payroll went up 15% this year and you think that that is a pullback.

                    • Because it unequivocally, obviously is. I’m sorry that you’ve got your head so far up your employers’ ass that you can’t admit this. Hey, but way to focus on the semantic argument — we can call it something else if you really like — but it doesn’t change how hopelessly, utterly wrong you are here.

                  • Also, according to Rosenthal …..

                    “It is not clear whether the impetus for the talks about deferring money came from the players or from the Jays’ front office.”

                    • And good thing we didn’t hear anything more about it since then, right?

                      Stop being a fucking idiot, please. I don’t want to go down the path of having to get another whiny email from you asking to be unbanned. Accept that you’re wrong and that you work for shitheels. It’s OK, it happens.

                      What company do you work for, by the way?

                  • If it is cheaper to defer money on existing contracts, then spending new money, that does not mean new money does not exist.

                    • It is not cheaper. New money did not exist. This is well understood by everyone but you.

                      Remind me again what company you work for?

                • No one here think it’s a pullback, and the fact that you say that makes you sound actually stupid. Not a single person has argued that payroll has not gone up, that 2012′s number is lower than 2013, and 2013 lower than 2014. The argument is that not a single extra $ was spent by Rogers on the Toronto Blue Jays Franchise as a whole to make the on field product better than the previous season; that the payroll increase was due to built-in raises and almost dollar for dollar matches how much they are no longer allowed by MLB to spend internationally and on the draft. That comments like last season saying “if we don’t win this year, we’ll win next year. we have a specific window to contend” and then a shopping list to start the off season. These are facts.

                  Anyway I’m heading to the hospital for a concussion now, hurts like hell to bang your head against a wall repeatedly…

                  • Listen to the fist 10 minutes of the podcast.

                    Andrew Stoeten is calling it a pull back and compared it to what the Marlins did in the winter of 2012.

                    • You can’t possibly be this dumb, right?

                    • It is “like” the marlins. They signed Bell, Burehle, Reyes, tried for Pujols and spent to the moon for ONE SEASON and then gave up on trying to improve and contend immediately. The reason it is “LIKE” that and not “THE SAME” as that, is the Marlins tore it down completely rather than roll the dice again the way Toronto is

                    • Tell that to the guy who used the analogy

                    • Hey, let’s get so bogged down in the semantics that maybe people will forget how astoundingly wrong you are, eh? Great strategy for being a human being, you must fit right in at… what company was it that you work for again?

                    • I am not a Rogers employee, nor do I have any affiliation with them outside of being a cell and internet customer. If anything, I’m rather annoyed with them for forcing me to be a cable customer to watch the games on line.

                      That said, Rogers has made a significant investment in this team in the past two years. An investment (if sustained) can keep them competitive in an tough division.

                      If you want to characterize what is currently happening to the team as disappointing, unfortunate, or not to your liking, fine, absolutely your right, but it is not due to pullback or lack of investment by Rogers.

                      You’re confusing your own personal disappointment with what is actually happening with the team.

                    • It is a pullback, and it is lack of investment. Period. Undeniable, no matter how much you want to put your head in the sand and avoid all the evidence that supports that statement (despite your obvious ability to cherry pick whatever you think might prove your feeble point). That you need to resort to painfully simplistic talk of the 15% increase (committed to last year) underscores how utterly and obviously wrong you are.

            • AA was about to sign Santana with absolutely 0 help from ownership, in fact it would have been in spite. To claim anything otherwise after confirmation of where the $ were coming from is either stupid or just lying.

              And exactly what could AA have traded that would net the Jays an upgrade over what they already have WITHOUT creating a massive hole elsewhere? The only farm pieces worth a damn left near the majors are Sanchez and Stroman; who happen to be their best young, cheap in house pitching options. You also can’t take on any additional salary in a trade (as evidenced by an inability to sign a real FA) so are now limited only to trading for players who’s contracts match the minor league shit you’re giving up. So trade what exactly? Good luck with that. Any more dumb arguments?

    • The comedy stylings of Shill Cosby, everybody!

      All those commitments were made at one time. They pulled back from committing more. This is not fucking difficult.

      If they had zero commitments carrying over, and chose what to spend at the start of each year, what you’re saying might not be as monumentally dumb as it is.

      • Ah, name calling and avoiding clear and direct questions, a noble way to win a debate.

        You stance on this issue is based on conjecture and speculation.

        • Shill Mickelson, everybody. Good luck in Augusta this weekend!

          You didn’t answer my question about the company you work for, eh, Shill Collins.

        • Fairly certain I answered you with logic, reason and researchable fact…

  2. Alright, Newfoundland represent!

  3. From St. John’s here myself but been living in GTA past 5 years though. Love seeing DJF takin it out East!

  4. Thanks for listening folks! And thanks for Posting Stoeten! You were an awesome guest and you had some really interesting comments.


  5. Loved the convo on East Coast Bias. Who are these guys? Look forward to the next show…great job guys!

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