You might think that a 7 PM start on a Saturday might give me enough time to do up a proper Game Threat for this one, but you might think wrong. You also, more likely, might not care about whatever the hell the Game Threat says, as long as there’s a fresh place to comment without having to scroll back through pages of gibberish, in which case… everybody wins! (Maybe even the Jays!)

Maybe there will even be a fresh threat tomorrow, stay tuned!!!

Hey, and for good measure, here are two real pieces of scuttlebutt: John Lott tweets that Jose Reyes felt good running the bases today, and that both he and Casey Janssen are Dunedin-bound, as they’re set for rehab assignments. Lot also tells us that the Jays are not saying what their plans are for J.A. Happ, as he continues to rehab and gets closer to full “health” — *WINK* — after a strong showing in Buffalo yesterday. Ol’ Gibbers “won’t say what factors will determine whatever that decision will be,” he adds.

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  1. Bullshit ump

  2. I don’t know where those pitches were versus Davis. Fuck you, ump.

  3. Lovin the D

  4. Ha! Adam Jones, thank you very much

  5. Diaz. > Goins

  6. Those boys can turn a nice DP.

  7. did Melky punk the fans again? please tell me I saw that right

  8. Woooo! just barely

  9. Can you believe this guys….I can’t say enough about the D this year compared to last year.

  10. yeah not sure why diaz isnt playing instead of goins. maybe goins’ bat is ready to break out.

  11. Juan Francisco up Lawrie down.

  12. nah lawrie will figure it out. just needs a few red bulls and another west jet tatoo


  14. Here we go

  15. Ha! Walk diaz. Smart. don’t want to let him hurt you

  16. Setting the table for the Melkman

  17. Ump must be jonesing for a feast of soft shell crabs

  18. fucking god awful offense.

  19. Not sure how I feel about Redmond coming out for another inning.

  20. Yes!!!

  21. JB you fucking beauty

  22. Holy hell Jose!!

  23. Fuck.

  24. Get Redmond the fuck out of there.

  25. So. Strikeout. Got it. Fortunately, it’s Lough, but…

  26. Joey Bats – fuckin NAILS!

    Redmond. About to take the L.

  27. Well as many here said, Redmond’s pitches were up. A winning manager doesn’t bring him back out.

  28. You almost want to walk this guy, even though he’s hitting .130, and hope for a double play ball from Schoop.

  29. Sigh

  30. Exhibit A why I fucking fucking HATE John Gibbons

  31. Todd fucking Redmond.

  32. Well first place was fun while it lasted.


  34. well, cant expect pitchers to throw infinite shut out innings.

    offense now hitting a pathetic 208 as a team.

  35. Bummer. Great game though.

  36. well, fuck. Fucking popgun offense is bullshit.

  37. There’s a reason John Gibbons is a losing manager. No way this team wins with him.

    • I’m with you. I HATE this manager. Who did he have left in the pen? Loup, Santos at least. Fucking idiot.

      • Why would you waste santos tonight? With tomorrow’s day game you end up with an empty pen if buehrle can’t go deep. You can’t manage every game like its game 7 of the WS.

    • Might it have something to do with the laws of probability?

  38. Gotta say, though, this is a much different team than last year. They never would have gone to extras.

  39. and so begins the 7-game losing streak. Good move by gibby keeping redmond in after he gave up three screamers for outs in a row.

  40. Zaunie just skewered the coaching staff for the positioning of the outfielders on that triple.

  41. Lots of nutcases in here with the Gibbons comments.

    • I think the only ‘nutcase’ is anyone who thinks that a manager that nobody else wanted is good.

      • Who would you have hired? The magic manager that will bring a mediocre team 95 wins? Lots of 15 WAR managers out there, shoulda signed one.

        • Someone who wasn’t a proven loser like Gibbons. I’d rather they had tried a Hale, or Butterfield or Alomar or…. the list goes on.

          • Well Hale must be a shitty bench coach since he has been Gibbys right hand man the last year and a bit. So two guys who have proven nothing in Alomar or Butterfield? You think that would make a difference? Theres pretty much no such thing as a proven manager, Go look at Joe Maddons first couple of years in Tampa. Or Franconas end in Boston, or when he managed in Philly. Managers arent god sends. I think tonight Gibby wanted to let Redmond goes as long as he could. I doubt Cecil was available, not sure if Delabar is ready, Santos comes in and strikes out a couple of guys and then what? You let Rogers pitch till his face falls off? In a game where neither offense has done jack shit? This isnt a playoff series, its April 12th of a 162 game season. You have to be account for that as a manager. The team being shitty/average has little to do with Gibby.

          • This, folks, is how you use the word “proven” like an idiot.

  42. I think a stat was posted on here recently where Redmond had severely diminished numbers after the first time through the order. Perfect time to pull him after walking a tightrope for a couple of innings. I’d hope Gibby was aware of this.

    • its the 12th inning.

      you are running out of pitchers…

      you have a guy who has gone 3 shutout innings..and who has the stamina to keep pitching.

      you dont pull him in early april for fucking santos..who just pitched yesterday

      • Well, they needed a strikeout with the game on the line, and Santos has been striking everyone out lately, while Redmond was giving up hard contact.

        So what if he goes back-to-back days? You can just put Cecil in for the “save” tomorrow, he’s been just as good.

        I think Gibbons is a good manager overall, but his obsession with managing to the save has bit them more than once.

        • its not about keeping santos fresh for tomorrows game. its about him pitching back to back tonight. who cares about tomorrow..i agree in that sense. i just dont think taxing santos on back to back nights is wise unless you have the hammer (lead). even if you bring him in there ..and he strikes the dude out….then what. still need the offense to score and still need to record four more outs. odds are just not in your favor . risk reward ratios are not good .

          • I see your point dude. I just believe in putting in your best pitchers for the highest-leverage situations. But yeah, having thought more about it, it wasn’t that terrible.

        • You need Santos to warm up before he can come in. Don’t think there was enough time between the triple and the next batter to warm him up.

      • I question if he has the stamina. He’s not stretched out as a starter anymore. He pitched 3 and clearly that’s all he had in him.

        Rogers was really your only other choice at that point I guess. Unless Diaz pitches too…

        Loup was probably wasted in retrospect.

    • Yeah, you’re getting at something halfway reasonable here. You take the stat with the SSS caveat, though, so I still don’t second-guess leaving Redmond in.

  43. It will be interesting to see how the Jays do in one-run games and extra-inning games. That’s where the winning managers like Showalter and Madden win games.

  44. It seems like we’re starting another era of douchbag commenters here at DJF.

  45. That ump was garbage, too. Dafuck?

  46. All in all, this was a very well-pitched game with stellar defense. Weird shit happens. Steve fucking Lombardozzi hitting a 1-out triple wouldn’t be high on my list of expected plays.

  47. I was flying home and my phone died just before boarding when it was 0-0 in the sixth and I realized I wouldn’t know the score until about midnight. So I said to myself, ok, this is a harbinger of the season. If I get home and find out they won, then we’re off to the races. But if they lose, then it’s a sign of a bad moon rising. So I get home, log on. Fuck. They lost. Now what do I do? Tell myself it’s still early? I remember typing that more than a few times here this time last year. As swiper would say, oh man!!!!

    • Hmm quite the conumdrum.
      Could one game be the harbinger for the season?
      Could it be a sign of things that could be or will be?

      Wow.That’s pretty deep.
      Before you make such a decision, may I make a suggestion?
      Get off the crack and into rehab.
      As soon as possible. Go now and save yourself.
      Seriously, if you think that EE,Lawrie, and Goins or his replacement won’t hit for the rest of the year.If Reyes doesn’t return. or if the offence continues to shit the bed, then you can worry.
      The SP was the weak point going into the season. So far hasn’t been terrible.
      The hitting will come around and should produce results If the SP can carry on.

  48. Its too bad the toronto blue jays cant hit a beach ball right now.
    If they could they would win more games.

    • I’d be more worried if it was the other way round, with good hitting and crappy pitching/defense. They’re still missing Reyes and their best hitter over the past two years is still hitting for a 39 wRC+ — you’d expect that to turn around. Lawrie and Rasmus should end up at least around league-average.

      The Jays are leading the majors in pitching WAR right now, which is nuts. SSS and all, but every starter has put in at least one extremely impressive performance.

      The hitting will come.

  49. Cobb is joining Matt Moore on the DL. That should level the ALE a little.

  50. No offense and good pitching and Defense, the bizzaro jays

  51. Hits, good baserunning? what is going on!??!

  52. Maple ERECTION!!!!

  53. Goins….hit???? The world is going to end ppl!!!!

  54. Josh Stinson… how’sBArney doing?

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