You might think that a 7 PM start on a Saturday might give me enough time to do up a proper Game Threat for this one, but you might think wrong. You also, more likely, might not care about whatever the hell the Game Threat says, as long as there’s a fresh place to comment without having to scroll back through pages of gibberish, in which case… everybody wins! (Maybe even the Jays!)

Maybe there will even be a fresh threat tomorrow, stay tuned!!!

Hey, and for good measure, here are two real pieces of scuttlebutt: John Lott tweets that Jose Reyes felt good running the bases today, and that both he and Casey Janssen are Dunedin-bound, as they’re set for rehab assignments. Lot also tells us that the Jays are not saying what their plans are for J.A. Happ, as he continues to rehab and gets closer to full “health” — *WINK* — after a strong showing in Buffalo yesterday. Ol’ Gibbers “won’t say what factors will determine whatever that decision will be,” he adds.

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  1. Go leafs go

  2. Put Diaz at second and send Goins down.

  3. Edwin’s parrot. Needs a walk

  4. Bud Norris and Evan Meek, fuck me blue

  5. Fuck it I’m going to bed.

  6. Geez, Louise. Every pitcher this year is an ancestor of Cy Young. There has got to be somebody we can whaletar-this is getting to be humiliating

  7. I’m hanging that one run on this dicksuck ump. Been squeezing the fuck out of us all night long. Shouldabeen a bases-empty double instead of 1-0

  8. Jays are going to win this game in the 9th.

  9. 9th inning 2 run home run by Cletus to win the game…..

  10. As I lay me down to sleep I pray the jays this win to keep. If they should lose before I wake I pronounce tomorrow a wake and bake.

  11. I forgot how much I hate the O’s

    • We just need the O’s to ask what would Rickey Romero do? And then do it.

    • King James Bible (Matthew 10:22)

      “And ye shall be hated of all men for my name’s sake: but he that endureth to the end shall be saved.”

      Here’s hoping.

  12. Nice job by Delabar, looks like he’s recovered well from injury

  13. Another mediocre year. Not enough to contend… Not enough to get a draft pick high enough to give a fuck about.

  14. Please Cletus?

  15. CLETUS!!!

  16. Razzmatazz much!

  17. Cletus

  18. CLETUS

  19. Raasmus you stud-YES

  20. WHAT?!?!??!??!




  22. Cletus!!!!!!!

  23. FUCK YES.

  24. Cleeeeeeeeeeeeeeetusssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. I called a Cletus homerun did I not…didn’t I eh eh…just wish there was one on and I would have looked a whole lot better

  26. YEAH!

  27. Motha. Fucka!!!!

  28. Fuckin right Cleetus!

  29. Cletus!

    They say hitting is contagious. Have to be pretty contagious for Lawrie to catch it.

    • If that’s true then at least we don’t have to worry about the Jays getting MRSA this year

    • Ouch!

      “Comes A Time.”

      Comes a time
      when you’re driftin’
      Comes a time
      when you settle down
      Comes a light
      feelin’s liftin’
      Lift that baby
      right up off the ground.


  30. Lawrie so badly wants to crush one right now…

  31. WOW That was incredible!

  32. I love rasmus. Hes getting close to being my favourite jay.

  33. Colby had been crushing balls lately. Only a matter of time before one went out

  34. Lawrie’s gripping that bat so tight these days…..
    But still…top of the lineup up in the 10th. Watch JBats – he’ll knock one.

  35. Now, get out there , hold em, so we can fuk em when we get up again

  36. That check swing from Cletus rofl must be nice and salty for O’s fans. Great time to bomb #100!

  37. Todd Redmond?

  38. Not Redmond

  39. Redmond?

  40. Redmond? Oh crap.

    Please don’t suck.

  41. I know he’s streaky as fuck but I’ll seriously miss Cletus if he doesn’t come back

  42. Todd Redmond–Yes!

  43. I thought they were nuts sending out Redmond but very nice inning

  44. Alright I’m doing it again…..Melky home run in the 10th to win it….this has to work right

  45. Oday Oday Oday Oday….Oday Oday

  46. O’Day, O’Day, O’Day….

  47. Oday Oday Oday

  48. JBats is due.

  49. Cletus on one set and Cage the Elephant killing it at Coachella on the other. Sweet.

  50. I can’t deal with the montage music Sportsnet are using this year. If I hear that ‘Best day of my life’ song one more time, I will kill

  51. The ump is clueless

  52. How many calls has this ump blown tonight?

  53. Melky!

  54. Okay, I’m hearing O’Day O’Day O’Day in the crowd. It that what Baltimore does now? Because that would be hilarious considering that O’s fans thought Jays fans were taunting him with that when they were just chanting for Jose.

    Or is it some lively Jays fans?

  55. Melky!!!!!!!!!!!!!`

  56. Melky………………

  57. C’mon Josama

  58. I see that which was inevitable has come to pass: Bautista vs O’Day.

  59. If this is the Melky of norm I would love an extension. He’s been a stud lately.

  60. Jose Jose Jose Jose….Jose Jose

  61. EE due for a clutch knock

  62. C’mon Eddie – you’re due.

  63. Remember: a walk is just as good as a hit.


  64. Did EE and JB shave each other’s beards?


  66. What is that, 4 now for Edwin

  67. Is that # 6

  68. Well he put the bat in the seats…

  69. EE goes whale hunting with his bat instead

    Fffffffffuckin frustrating

  70. Does that bat qualify as a ‘little looper’?

  71. Ca-rap. Melky makes that double then we can’t score him.

  72. I get the feeling that this is a game the 2014 Jays win.

  73. Redmond is getting the ball up.

  74. This ump’s strike zone is retarded

  75. Ok, Rasmus got his key hit, Lawrie next

  76. Like that.

  77. Thing about Redmond, you know that at some point, he’s going to give up a gopher ball.

  78. Boom!

  79. Sweet D

  80. One things for sure I’m liking this defense. That’s about the LAST thing I thought I’d have to say about this team too.

  81. great. lind against a lefty. this won’t be pretty

  82. Stupid move pinch hitting Sierra. Takes Lind out of the game.

  83. The ump is squeezing the bottom of the zone, I think.

  84. Would rather see Kratz.

  85. oops. never mind. attaboy gibby

  86. Not sure if I actually would rather have lind vs a lefty than pinch hitting him for this joker

  87. Nice work Sierra

  88. Stupid move pinch hitting for Lind but that’s the Gibbon for ya

  89. sierra’s splits are more consistent. he sucks against everybody

  90. Britton is their long reliever, I think, so there was a pretty good chance if Lind got another at bat, it would also be against Britton.

  91. Dinner Bell time?

  92. so the offense is 14th out of 15th in average coming into tonights play…only ahead of the astros. imagine that …less than 212 average and still a 500 or better record after tonight .

    • Yeah, if you would have told me pitching and defence were gonna carry the offence early on, I would have rolled my eyes.

  93. Cletus much more disciplined now at the plate.

  94. I agree with the above comments – I get it about Lind and lefties but I think I’d keep him in there with the bases empty and Sierra as the option

    • simply because of sierra being terrible more than anything else. lefty masher platoon players are ubiquitous . yet we cant afford one.

      • I just looked that up – and yea – I agree

      • It’s great how much more I’m enjoying this team play this year. Better D in LF, 2nd and catcher and a much better bat from the catcher spot. I do hear a ticking sound whenever Morrow pitches though….

  95. In other news tonight, Daniel Norris goes 6 innings, 0 ER. 2 starts in and he has 11 Ks in 11 innings, only 1 BB and 1 ER. Continuing from his good 2nd half of 2013

  96. .212 , under .200 w/ RISP. This Seitzer is very good.

  97. at least they’re walking…

  98. Redmond for another inning is using your luck. I do NOT like this guy in extras

  99. Redmond’s pitches are getting up there…time to get him out

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