Sunday Threat: Jays @ Orioles

Tough loss last night, no doubt, though the instant, drunk, Saturday night nitpicking of bullpen management, baserunning, outfield positioning, and the throwing up of arms and batshit posturing like this team can’t hit can pretty much fuck off and die. Other than that nonsense, though, it was a hell of an entertaining evening of baseball, and not too far unlike what you’d expect to see from a mid-April night game in Baltimore. OK? Relax a little. Act like you’ve done this before.

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  1. Lay it on em and keep wackin it, boys

  2. Nice job guys.

  3. That’s the EE Boomstick I like to see.

  4. Let’s put up 10 on these fools and go sweep the shitty Twins.

    • I may have spoken too soon regarding the shit-tacular nature of the Twins.They seem to have regained some mojo + are in line to sweep away the Royals today.

      • Fairservice seems convinced the Twins are even worse than the Astros.

        • I’ve been watching a lot of their games previous to this weekend + I would agree. They are terrible. Dunno what’s going on v. the Royals though.

  5. There’s the big inning we haven’t had yet!

  6. I think we can all agree that we really need Reyes’ hamstring to STFU for a good six months.

  7. Should have bum rolled Bud fucking Norris just like this too.

  8. Suck it Farrell.

  9. remember that great swing out sister song from the 80′s?
    its appropriate to mention here.

  10. where’s the OrioLOLs troll again, crying into his soup?

  11. In honour of the Big Breakout Offense Game (BBOG), I raise a selzer to Seitzer:

  12. JB ever play centre before?

    • Yeah, he’s been out there before.

      Rasmus injury would really suck ass.

      • JB’s just awesome. Can play 3rd, 1st, right field, centre.

        The Cletus thing is weird. I mean why not give him at least one more AB if he’s not hurt?

  13. What happened to Colby?

  14. That was a fast inning. How many pitches was that?

  15. Alright, Lawrie was out there, but how awesome is it to see him hitting lasers?

  16. lol edwin’s rundown

  17. it must be crazy frustrating for the other teams to face buehrle. throws those beachballs up there and there aint nothing they can do w/ them

    • That’s nothing. It use to drive me crazy watching Jamie Moyer befuddle the Jays with his 72 mph fastball.

  18. Mark Buehrle 30-0 280 IP Cy Young.

    Lock it in

  19. If Buerhle keeps this up he’ll be AL player of the month.

    Sub one Whip and ERA with a shitload of innings.

  20. Anyone listening to the MASN feed? This Yukon story is crazy.

  21. They have got to lock Melky and Cletus up.

  22. If Jose wanted to hit a C’ya Bingo for my fantasy team i wouldn’t complain much

  23. Jose!

  24. Beast

  25. Now this is a drubbing.

  26. Now this is just FUN!

  27. Blue Jays are so terrible this year.

  28. One overlooked bonus of hitting homers is that you cant get thrown out at second

  29. Team slump bust.

  30. I went out to do some yard work in the second inning. Was hoping Jays were doing OK. Heh. This is an old fashioned ass whuppin.

  31. This pleases me. I am pleased.

  32. Its games like these and days like these that make the game so much fun.

  33. buck just said that jays get phil hughes on tuesday. should be fun too

  34. They bring in the lefty AFTER Lind gets on base? lolwut

  35. I switched to the Masters for a few minutes. Why is Rasmus out of the game?

    • didnt say. but he didnt look injured. maybe to just get bats a few reps in centre and let sierra play a bit

  36. this lineup looks formidable if you ask me.


    • Minus Arencibia, this is how AA drew if up last year. Not so bad if they all stay healthy.

      • who gets sent down when reyes comes off DL?


        (i know thole is unlikely to get sent down due to the princess RA..but he should be an option)

      • Arencibia was a cancer in every way. He made the pitching staff much worse and was a completely useless fuckstick at the plate.

        Navarro knows how to move runners.

    • Loads of potential to be sure. If the bullpen and defense hold and the starters are merely okay, I think we are looking at a postseason berth

  37. So let me get this straight? The Rays have lost ANOTHER starter? Boston’s closer might be injured? I didn’t know Blue Jay-itis was contagious.

  38. that pitch to jose for the three run bomb was dead center btw

  39. Remember when Brian Matusz was supposed to be a top prospect hahaha

  40. its amazing how navarro has an obp below 300 yet he’s eons improvement over jp

  41. get navarro outta there. He’s worked hard.

    Really earned the first spot at the post game buffet

  42. Orioles dont care anymore. Nice work Davis. Haha, I forgot how much fun this game can be.

  43. Nothing like Baltimore and crabs, Buck

    Nothing like it

  44. Bautista is the Halladay equivalent of hitting.

    doc was the delicious pitching combo of ground balls and strikeouts.

    jose is the combo of walks and dingers.

  45. Games like these are perfect for Rogers. Eat up some outs..and who gives a fuck what he does or what is done to him.

  46. Esmil Rogers…yeah

  47. Weird, Rogers gave up a homerun. That never happens.

    Does Happ replace Rogers?

    • Janssen should replace Rogers. We don’t need an 8 man pen.

      • Won’t Happ end up in the pen?

        So do Rogers and Wagner go for Janssen and Happ?

        Oh and Rogers gives up another one.

        • Not doing himself any favours.

        • If it were up to me, I would just designate Happ. It doesn’t matter if he wants to refuse it and become a free agent. He’s not even one of our top options anymore if one of our starting 5 goes down.

          But I’m fearful that AA will keep Happ and send Wagner down.

        • Someone’s going to get hurt at some point during the season. Happ probably becomes a starter then. Not sure what they do right now, though…

          • This is the only reason I advocate for holding on to Happ.

            I feel like in the long run a healthy Happ is better than Redmond and Rogers, which are the only other starter candidates.

            Morrow or McGowan are the most likely candidates to miss time and you need something. Stroman or Sanchez seems premature.

  48. Blue Jays leading the league in balls gobbled up.

  49. if davis had to hit one out this series that was as good a time as any

  50. Chris Davis hits his first homer of the season, makes the score 11-2. “This is Birdland”

  51. little insight into my life:

    I can not for the life of me figure out how to make this shower work

  52. So… maybe there’s a reason Esmil Rogers is not part of the starting rotation.

  53. Esmil Rogers…double yeah

  54. Ishmael

  55. Ismell Rogers

  56. Seriously, the little switchey thing that makes it go from bath time to shower time is nonexistant

  57. Goins isn’t looking nearly as fucked at the plate as a couple days ago.

  58. Fuck it, I found the bubble bath.

    Its about to get super relaxing up in here

  59. Soon, on Sunday Night Baseball with the Stanks and Sux, when they inevitably show the AL East standings, the audience will see the Division-leading Toronto Blue Jays and the discussion of how they pitched well against the Orioles, the same Orioiles team that scored 21 runs in 3 games against the Yankees pitching staff in the prior series. Perhaps they may also mention the offense is leading all of baseball in HRs (tied with WSux) and had a 17 hit attack.

    C’mon Dan, do it for your hometown!

  60. It kind of angers me to see Esmil wear #32.

    • Yeah, I would think the Jays would lock that number down given Doc’s history with the team.
      Even Winfield wore it better than Uncle Esmil

  61. Jiminez looked like shit.

    his fastball was sitting high 80′s.

    his change up was not a factor, often thrown well off the plate.

    he is back to walking dudes at an insane rate.

  62. I’m concerned that Buck seems to genuinely believe that Ryan Goins batting average should be respectable.

    • It won’t matter once Reyes is back, especially if the bats have come out of hibernation.

      • Agreed. It just speaks to Buck’s baseball IQ that he thinks Ryan Goins is something. + not something bad.

  63. Sooo, just to be clear, problems closing out series last year means a winning percentage pretty much bang on with their season record?


  64. Lind stroking his beard like Pai Mei.

  65. Yay!

  66. Well that was a rather enjoyable good old fashioned ass kicking.

  67. Not a fan of the spirit fingers salute the outfielders just demonstrated. The jumping thing is marginally better.

  68. Gameday Scout: Esmil Rogers had Jonathan Schoop down 0-2 but could not put him away.

    That gameday scout is so insightful.

  69. Are people still bitching about Ubaldo? The guy is flat-out terrible.

  70. So when Reyes is back you have to figure Diaz has played his way on the team, right? Goins to the bench, 7-man bullpen?

  71. Through 13 games, Jays 2nd in AL East in Runs Allowed (Rays with 43, Jays with 47), and the Jays will likely have the highest Run Differential (after this Reds clubbing of TB is done)

  72. Girl on JaysTalk:

    “Dickey a veteran. If things are tight in the 6th, he needs to know when to pull out”

    Unintentional comedy, everybody!

    • Thanks for the link. This paragraph got me thinking:

      Added a second director, “I could probably give you 20-25 names who could go in the back of the first round to second-round range. It’s deep in that part (of the draft) this year.”

      It seems like it might have been a good year not to give away the second-round draft pick for someone who may only be a marginal pitcher. (Especially a certain someone who signed for 4/50…)

  73. Kawasakitime

  74. Maicer to the DL, Kratz optioned to Buffalo, Kawasaki recalled, J.A. Happ activated from the DL, to work out of bullpen.

    Goins-Diaz-Kawasaki has to be the lightest-hitting middle infield ever constructed in the game.

  75. SSS. But they look a fair bit better and more like a team than last year with substantially the same players. The pitching looks better as well. Some of that is likely because they have a real catcher behind the plate instead of the world’s largest 4-year-old.

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