Sunday Threat: Jays @ Orioles

Tough loss last night, no doubt, though the instant, drunk, Saturday night nitpicking of bullpen management, baserunning, outfield positioning, and the throwing up of arms and batshit posturing like this team can’t hit can pretty much fuck off and die. Other than that nonsense, though, it was a hell of an entertaining evening of baseball, and not too far unlike what you’d expect to see from a mid-April night game in Baltimore. OK? Relax a little. Act like you’ve done this before.

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  1. I know this might be a weird thing to say given the loss yesterday, but is anyone else encouraged by this? The pitching, I mean?

    • To a degree I suppose I am but Dickey is still infuriating.

      • I understand why you are frustrated with Dickey, I just understand why you choose to look at it that way.

        The guy had a horrible start, an amazing start, and a start where he was solid, but then ran out of gas near the end.

        How can one be infuriated by this? It be trending well.

        The one thing that could be worth bitching about (which was touched upon in the podcast) is that unless he’s totally baffling a line up, maybe pull Dickey in the 6th, or wait till the 7th if there is a decent lead.

        The third time around the order appears to be hurting him on teams the are hanging in there with the knuckler.

        Hopefully, since Gibbons isn’t desperate for innings this year like he was for last year, he’ll have the wiggle room to make the best call.

    • Yes. Morrow, Hutch and McGowan have collectively looked better than I expected

    • The shifting is even more encouraging to me than the pitching. I get that Diaz and Goins have nice gloves and all, but it’s awesome how often they are being positioned so that hot shots up in the middle go right to where they are already standing. It makes Rivera and Gibby’s stubbornness on shifting from last season all the more maddening. I wonder what changed for them to suddenly embrace it. A directive from above?

      • I think that Diaz play is one of the best I have ever seen. Dude did not even start his throw until he was in the air off of his back foot. He needs to play every day, for the next six games, then fade back to obscurity.

    • Yes. Very encouraged.

  2. So is Happ in aaa for good?

    • I am encouraged that we are NOT hearing Happ’s name at all. I really hope we don’t get to that place where we need to call him up.

  3. Still holding a wildcard spot, yesterday’s in the past, go jays

  4. Agreed about the hand wringing over all those topics, Stoeten, but one indisputable fact of last night’s game is that that home plate umpire was absolute dogshit.

  5. Total non-sequitur here, but does anyone know if Robbie is still serving in his vague PR front office role this year? I can’t recall any gratuitous shots during the homestand.

  6. Zaun Cherry is fired up and is already shaking his head without having said anything. This is going to be riveting.

  7. What anger could’ve been thrown towards the bullpen? Using our “long reliever” (who was a starter less than a month ago) into a 4th inning? God forbid he has to make some long relief; and hell 1 run in 3.1 from todd redmond? Take it and run lol it’s not his fault the offense couldn’t score. These people need to stop watching a sport like baseball, it’s only conducive to increased stress and poor long-term mental health.

  8. Lawrie does seem really handsy at the plate.

  9. Delmon Young is hitting second and playing left-field today. I like the jays chances

    • Young’s got a good history against Buerhle.

      .357 avg, .987 OPS across 42 at bats.

      Actually, the whole damn Orioles lineup seems to have a good history against Buerhle.

  10. Brisco:

    The pitching has been encouraging. The good two-week stats are leading the league in Shut outs (3), 5th in Ks (109, and in only 108 innings). BUT, the big, troubling number that continues from the last couple of years is the Walk number. Jays at 44 BBs which is much highers than any division staff.

    Now, perhaps that doesn’t matter. Last year Jays were 13th in BBs and the John Farrell, strike-throwers and (choke, cough, cry) WS winners were 7th last year (with 24 more walks, or 5% higher than the Jays)

  11. One thing that seems bothersome early is the Jays’ seemingly poor grasp or execution of the Replay Review. The failure to challenge the Goins pick-off a couple of games ago and the two poor decisions to challenge on plays that seemed inconclusive at-best (last night’s was the 2nd that I remember). For a club that seems to employ a lot of “eyes” on the game and had one of the larger coaching staffs for the last couple of years, this should be cleaned up right quick.

  12. Anyone else having problems with the Rogers Jays anywhere thing? It works fine on my iPad, but God forbid I try and watch it on my computer, then apparently I’m not a cable customer. Rogers themselves haven’t been able to figure out why, just wondering if anyone else has seen this ?

  13. “Saturday night nitpicking of bullpen management, baserunning, outfield positioning, and the throwing up of arms and batshit posturing like this team can’t hit can pretty much fuck off and die.”

    C’mon Stoeten,Don’t sugar coat it,tell us how you really feel.

  14. Let’s go Buehrle.

  15. Expected (negative) pitching regression more than offsets expected (positive) hitting regression. And honestly not sure how much hitting regression you can expect anyway. EE should be better, but Melky will cool off, so those will offset each other. Lawrie is what he is at this point; he’s not going to get significantly better. Rasmus is always going to be hot and cold. Reyes returning will help, if he’s healthy, but he won’t be the difference between 1 run a game and the 5-6 they’ll need to win most nights.

    Bottom line, I don’t think it’s too early to say it’s probably a .500 team at best, likely closer to mid-70s wins, especially when guys start getting hurt. Will be thrilled if they can prove me wrong though.

    • I’m idiotically clinging to 87 wins because… well, I don’t know.

    • You don’t think the hitting will improve significantly? You think Lawrie “is what he is” and that’s a .100 average hitter? You think Rasmus is “hot and cold” (this is true). But right now he’s just cold, so he should improve, right? Bautista and Eddie will likely pick things up, melky may cool a bit, and Reyes will be back in a week or so.

      I can’t believe this needs to be said, but this lineup will not hit .200 all year…

  16. Colby!

  17. The crowd was so quiet, I thought it went foul.

  18. Half way to Possum Junction!

  19. How much will Melky really regress? His healthy seasons since 2010 his lowest average is .305, and if you agree BA is dumb and want OBP his lowest is .340, and currently sits at .327. The power will certainly dissipate, but this is what Melky is as a hitter really. Lawrie is hitting .100, i’m going to say that raising his average .150 points is not only signifigantly better but entirely plausible and likely. Rasmus hot and cold? So are most major league baseball hitters. Charlie Blackmon is not finishing 2014 hitting .500, because he will go cold. Just like lawrie will not finish at .100 because he will get hot. (or simply average? lol) Plus, Home run cletus. lol

    • Point is, if it’s the offence on this team you’re down on, you probably shouldn’t bother watching this team at all then since it’s all down hill from there lol

  20. Nice hustle

  21. OriLOLs again!

  22. The Rookie hazing picture for Ryan Goins and Jonathan Diaz should be a each of them standing in Mark Buehrle’s pants (Diaz in the right leg at SS and Goins in the left leg at 2nd)..


  23. C’mon Donair, put some garlic sauce on it.

  24. Hopefully Joey Bats is watching the heads up base running lol

  25. Dinner vs Ubaldo.

    Jays biggest offseason pickup vs the Orioles biggest offseason pickup.

  26. Yikes

  27. If every pitcher threw 85 from the left side, Young would look like a pretty good first overall pick.

  28. Got my Ouija board board out…… trying to summon the ghost of Bob Ross.

  29. Nice pitching match-up in Buffalo today: Sean Nolin vs Red Sox Allen Webster

  30. Can we just get rid of goons already and get Kawasaki in here?

  31. Bottom 3 look shitastic.

    • The Diaz AB was decent. A quiet out, but he made Ubaldo burn 6 pitches to accomplish it.

  32. Bob Ross Lives!

  33. Another incompetent whiny bitch post by a useless fuck. Bring back Parkes.

  34. Alex Cobb of the Rays with an oblique strain. Brandon Morrow-like strain? Hellickson, Moore and now Cobb perhaps out for a while? Some league-regression in health perhaps.

  35. How ’bout another Cletus?

  36. How bad does Lawrie have to get before he doesn’t play?

    Every broadcast they cut to Lawrie (after strikeout) talking with Seitzer and we get Buck telling us how Seitzer is holding court and giving tips etc. I am not blaming Seitzer, but let’s not kid ourselves on the effectiveness of this. I can only be fed so much shit.

  37. Ugh. Please change this replay system. Instant challenge or move on.

    • That took 20 seconds. What’s wrong with that?

      The umpire gets a pat on the back for getting it right.

      Jose doesn’t get pissed off and moves on with the game.

      This is a good thing.

      • It slows down the game when the manager comes out and stalls on every single close play to see if it’s worth challenging. Then if it is, the bigger delay starts as the ump review happens. Granted, that was one of the faster ones I’ve seen. But I don’t think teams should have an advantage umps don’t have.

        If they see something that the umps don’t, then challenge it immediately. But if you just know it’s pretty close and have to stall while relaying to someone slowing something down on video, I don’t think that’s why replay was added.

        • The goal is to get it right, and get rid of useless arguing. So far so good.

          If they gotta tweak it to get it faster, absolutely, but the system is in it’s infancy, give it some time.

  38. was bautista not running hard from the jump? how else do you get thrown out on that?

    his horrific baserunning continues.

  39. Is there a stat besides steals that measures base running ability? I’d like to be able to see Bautista in comparison to other players of his skill set, see if he only fails the eye test cuz we remember the bad or if he’s legit a below average decision maker…

  40. Pure opinion, but I think Gibby HATES jogging out there to make any challenge. He seems embarrassed to have to go out there.

  41. Have no fear boy-os for I am here now. Expect winning to commence immediately. Immediately-ish, rather.

  42. I hope someone GIFs that segment of Adam Jones down the first base line blowing a bubble with his gum

  43. Sean Nolin perhaps not ready for prime time; he gave up a 3-run double to Mike McCoy

  44. Fuck!


  46. Squeeze please.

  47. Diaz looked like he didn’t know what was happening.

  48. Diaz almost needed a ladder for that bunt.

    Hilarious but well done.

  49. We couldn’t bunt at all last year, and this average chump squeeze bunted a pitch higher than his head?!?!

  50. Good thing that Diaz didn’t pop that up.
    EE was already home before he got out of the box.

  51. Lawrie swings like a crack smoking epileptic.

  52. Awesome job by Diaz. Tough pitch. He hung so long that Encarnacion almost ran him over at home

  53. Hallelujah!

  54. Ubaldo looking like nothing special.

  55. Here come the boo-birds.

  56. Man. I wish we could get a quality arm like this Jimenez kid in our system…

  57. Izturis not in the game due to left knee sprain.

  58. The more times they show that bunt, the more impressed I am.

  59. Cletus has those long Devo style strides. Covers a lot of ground.

  60. #extendcolby

  61. “Happy zone”

  62. I think someone reminded Cletus that he’s in a contract year.

  63. Goatboy

  64. Is it acceptable to make jokes about how AA was too cheap to sign Jiminez, or is it too early?

  65. Based on what I’ve seen today Baltimore can keep Ubaldo. He sure doesn’t look impressive at all.

  66. I really don’t get some of the opinions by popular twiiter feeds.

    From an hour ago.After the 1st inning.

    Sports Bar Heroes ‏@SportsBarHeroes ·50 mins
    Short Leash on Buerhle today?

    Like, for real?They hear one stat from Buck and Pat,then opinions start flying.
    Fuck me, does anybody watch the game?

  67. Told family, friends and the woman that I was super busy this afternoon but i’ll have all of you know that I’m sitting in bed at noon with my one true love… My growler – filled with Captivator Doppelbock

  68. Buehrle just shook?

  69. Ubaldo is a shitballer . . . we never NEEDED this turd . . .

  70. Where are all those people who said they would never watch another game because the Jays didn’t sign Ubaldo? I get the frustration, but he was never the answer.

    • I suspect Santana is equally underwhelming. The fact of the matter is that the “best FA pitcher available” is not necessarily a great pitcher.

  71. Delmon Young gold glove

  72. Raise a Red Bull to you good sir.

  73. RBK!

  74. BOOOOOM!!!!!! 40 TIME!!!!

  75. Gives you wiiiings

  76. WHAT!?!?

  77. Lawrie just is what he is at this point. Right fuckheads?

  78. Wow lol Lawrie woke up

  79. Brett pimpin dat shit

  80. Ubaldo officially sucks, Goins hit the wall off him.

  81. Bretzky’s Back, Back Again

  82. Wow Jiminez looked ugly out there. So glad they didnt sign em.

  83. Signs you should probably be done for the night: you give up a hit to Goins.

    Also: Goins went 1-for-2 tonight, with a walk.

  84. We should have another run if that moron ball girl hadn’t fielded a fair ball.

    • They both scored anyway.

      • Was not aware of that. Listening to Jerry and Joe in the car. I beg your pardon.

        It was still a horseshit thing to do. She should have been thrown out of the game.

  85. Goins dents the wall and Showalter practically sprints out to yank him.

    When you get crushed by Goins you.are.done.

  86. When Ryan goes yard, will the call be “Goins, goins, gone?”

  87. So… Lawrie with another HR. Two games in a row, right? Do we have to wait until he hits four in a row like Melky before sending him down?

  88. Loving the Melkman

  89. Holy fuck Melky.

    This sure answers all the offence criticism.

  90. If only Stilson was up right now, that’d be an awesome pitching duel. Josh Stinson vs John Stilson.

  91. Only the Jays can find a way to have 10 hits and all their home runs be of the solo variety.

  92. Cletus is a triple shy of the cycle.

  93. Here we go, with the seeing eye singles and the scoring of runs.

  94. Colby having himself a game!


  96. Cletus on fire

  97. Yay for hitting. I like it very much.

  98. Kittenface…can I call him that anymore?

  99. Buehrle quietly pitching another nice game.

  100. Time for Edwin to join the fun

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