They’re ballplayers, it’s an off-day, so let’s not make more of this than what we need to — plus, the Jays would have landed in Minneapolis last night, so they’re on Central time, too — but this is some pretty funny stuff from the Jose Reyes’s Instagram. What could possibly have been going on?? I’m sure any flu-like symptoms will be cleared up before the Jays take on the Twins on Tuesday night.

Reyes, who has left the team for Florida, and will  explains:

Buenos Dias my people yo sabia que me extrañaban pero y que fue se fueron en sentimiento XX XX XX XX XX XX XX UNO no Es guachiman XX XX @encadwin @ellembo @joeybats19 tienen que paral

Google translate warps it pretty good, but you get the idea… mostly:

Good Morning my people I knew but they missed me and was feeling left in XX XX XX XX XX XX XX Is not ONE watchman XX XX ellembo @ @ @ encadwin joeybats19 have to stud

Er… like I say, mostly. For those wondering, El Lembo is Moises Sierra. And each double-X is a smiley face (WordPress is dumb sometimes).

So… yeah. At least a little funny, right?


Crotch grab in the direction of @JordyRamone for the heads up.

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  1. Since i took the time to google it, thought I’d share that El Lembo is Moises Sierra in case that wasn’t common knowledge.
    El Lame-bo is more like it. Amirite?

  2. What’s Edwin doing calling at 3:17 am? He needs his beauty sleep.

  3. Does Bautista get 200 walks this year? I know we can’t expect a home run every other game, but the way he is seeing the ball I really think he could get 162 walks or more.

  4. Drunk Jays Fans, meet Drunk Jays.

  5. They were obviously calling him because they are excited to have Kawasaki back.

  6. Nothing wrong with warming up for the World Series victory party. #FirstPlaceJays

  7. 3am? They must have actually found a hot stripper in Baltimore and were so excited they forgot the time.

  8. Or getting off plane in Minny.

  9. One thought comes to mind.

    If your going to go out with the boys, you better get up for work with the men.

  10. Obviously with all these tightly wound Latinos this team isn’t going anywhere.

  11. Completely off topic but did anyone else see this little gem from MLBTR yet?:

    “After signing a minor league deal in the 2012-13 offseason, Blue Jays right-hander Neil Wagner earned the pro-rated portion that deal’s $525K salary while in the Majors last season. However, Toronto’s pre-arbitration pay scale called for just a $506,250 salary in 2014, as it is based on service time rather than performance. Agent Jim Munsey and Wagner refused the deal, giving Toronto the freedom to renew Wagner’s contract at $500K if they wished, which the team did. Said Munsey of the ordeal: “It’s, obviously, disappointing that they cut Neil’s pay after such a good season last year. And when we didn’t agree to the pay cut, they cut it further in renewing him. Hard to cheer for that. … The rules allow the Jays to reduce his pay. They also allow us to talk about that at arbitration.” MLBTR’s Zach Links recently looked at teams’ calculation of pre-arbitration salaries.”

    • They couldn’t have given Wagner 25k and kept someone happy?

      • I dunno how to feel about it. The businessman inside of me understands 100% why this was done. However the Jays fan inside of me is kind of sick about this for two reasons:
        1. Further evidence of purse string tightening
        2. Pissing off an agent and/or player at little relative cost is not very forward thinking

        • Agents playing stupid games get burned. I bet this was because they were pissed off that the agent brought this up over a matter of 19k.

        • They gave Wagner a pay cut? Of all the people who deserved one in the last 20 years, they stuck it to WAGNER?

          You know, I thought this team was cheap when they let Delgado walk in 2005, but this is even worse, though the numbers are on a different scale.

          I was glad they didn’t go after Jimenez. I didn’t really care about Santana. But cheaping out to the tune of $25K to teach Neil Wagner a lesson? Just because they could? Are you FUCKING KIDDING ME?

          What a bunch of cheap-ass fucking losers. This organization is a goddamn joke. It’s fucking clown baseball. They’re going to spend $25,000 licensing walk-up music. They’re going to spend $25K on some paid intern to put every one of Wagner’s pitches in a searchable database. They’re going to spend $25,000 getting the R.A. Dickey bobbleheads to properly implode when left outside.

          I know that in Beeston’s day, $25,000 was a year’s salary to the starting centerfielder of the Birmingham Jim Crows, but this is what happens when your team is purchased by insipid cretins coming over from a business in which they have a monopoly. Why not screw Wagner out of a few thousand bucks, what’s he going to do? Cry about it? Ho ho ho! Who gives a fuck if we come off as the Baseball Cincinatti Bengals? What a joke.

      • I don’t understand why a different result was expected.

        • Wagner will be 36 at BEST by the time he has enough service time to be a free agent. It’s a dick move but you can see why the Jays wouldn’t care what he thinks.

          • For a team that talked big about “treating players right” in the past (e.g. McGowan), this is a pretty shitty move.
            I mean, I don’t want to blow it out of proportion, but it’s just one more bit of fuel to the rage fire.

          • Wagner will be 36 at BEST by the time he has enough service time to be a free agent. It’s a dick move but you can see why the Jays wouldn’t care what he thinks.

            Agreed. It really does come down to the fact that his agent screwed up, but if this team unearthed arms like it can unearth ways to look awkwardly cheap, we’d be the Cardinals.

            • Nice!

            • I do side with you though (solid rant)…forget even 25k, they could have paid an extra $6,250 to match what the agent turned down. This amount of money has nothing to do with being cheap or ‘gaming an agent’, it just makes the Jays look like shitheads.

            • @ICJ

              I think your follow-up comment is even funnier than the original rant! Well played…

            • Holy shit. You’re on a serious roll. Keep it up, dude!

      • I understand that if you make the exception for this guy, then how do you face all the others that you stuck to the letter of the law with?

        Then everybody expects the same exception and freaks out when they don’t get it.

        Certain points you have to draw the line on.

  12. I’m surprised that they let Moises know Reyes phone number.

  13. I think it’s cute they call each other late at night. I picture EE, Sierra, and Bautista in pink nightgowns circled around their cell phones giggling uncontrollably.

  14. I’d love to be the pizza delivery guy going to their room at 5. Wicked tip and wicked story.

  15. Did anyone else catch this tidbit? From Griffin’s article:

    “Dickey has let me know that my column suggesting it was his decision because he pitches better at the Rogers Centre with the roof closed than at the O’s hitter-friendly home ballpark is inncorrect, that manager John Gibbons brought him in to ask him to pitch on that day to break up the two righthanders, Brandon Morrow and McGowan, who had been struggling, that such a move would save the bullpen.”

    Say what you want about Dickey, but I believe he’s honest. Stoets, you may need to rewrite your op-ed on that decision. Plus seems to have worked out well for everyone involved…except Dickey.

    • Didn’t Dickey throw a 1-hitter there once? Griff’s a good man but his writing has been getting worse lately.

    • Other than Brendan Kennedy, I can’t think of a Star columnist that I like, especially now that Cathal Kelly has moved to the Globe. I tried to get through a Rosie di Manno article and had to stop after 2 paragraphs.

      Lately, I have found Griff’s writing an unsubstantiated pile of crap.

      • Don’t worry, no one can make it more than half way through her intro anyway. Just be thankful you didn’t slog through the other 46 paragraphs of flowery and wildly inaccurate pseudo-prose.

  16. Please tell me someone else just heard Jerry on Tim and Sid referring to Kawasaki’s “Joy de Voie”

    Amazing. Loosely translated as love of veal perhaps?

    Also, Time is impressed that after 13 games nobody has “run away with” the AL East.

  17. My fat cat has a cell phone

  18. Mais une fois les 15 jours passés, je me sens très bien: normal, forte moralement et je ne pleure pas comme avant.

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