Season Over For Maicer Izturis?


According to an email blast from the Jays, an MRI on Maicer Izturis has revealed a complete tear of the lateral collateral ligament in… whichever knee it was that he injured yesterday on the dugout steps in Baltimore. He’ll get a second opinion, but if the first diagnosis stands, he’s looking at a 4-6 month recovery time, and essentially the end of his season.

Izturis had already been stealing all kinds of playing time from supposed “regular second baseman” Ryan Goins, and in the field looked a world away from the 2013 he spent as a hapless defender and, per FanGraphs’ WAR, the worst player in baseball. He’d had a nice little meaningless streak at the plate, too!

Did that mean he was destined to get over-exposed as ol’ Gibbers vainly tried to wring every ounce of value from him possible even after the bat cooled? Well… it’s shitty to say such a negative thing like that on a day that is surely one of the worst of his professional career —  and probably incorrect to suggest that over-exposure can even exist in the way we normally conceive of it on a club that is routinely running Ryan Goins and Jonathan Diaz out there — but… probably?

I don’t mean to be negative on Izturis in a moment like this — shit, I praised him in a Game Threat last week for so far looking much more like the guy the Jays thought they were getting — but there are way too many people in my Twitter feed right now who are frightened about the what this loss means. Uh… it means Goins and Diaz sharing time at second once Reyes is back, which is damn close to what everyone thought was going to be the case two weeks ago. People are similarly mentioning Stephen Drew as a possible replacement, as though two weeks ago they wouldn’t have barely struggled to bother shrugging their shoulders at the idea of Maicer’s possible loss. (Not that Drew isn’t still a very good idea, but this alters that how?)

It was great that he helped out and looked decent for a couple of weeks, but the expectations don’t change after 13 games. Not on the potential of Izturis being good, not on Goins being bad. (Of course, you already entirely expected that Goins wouldn’t hit, right?)

Is this good? Of course not. But there is Goins, there is Diaz (who I think has earned the lion’s share of playing time, despite being the right-hander in the potential platoon), there is Munenori Kawasaki and Chriz Getz and Steve Tolleson and, if you want to move even more pieces (like Brett Lawrie) around, Andy LaRoche and Juan Francisco. This team is rife with replacement-level depth, and this injury means no more today, because Izturis looked back in form, than it would have if he hadn’t had two hot weeks at the plate coinciding with not looking useless in the field.

Don’t get me wrong, I was OK with the Izturis deal at the time, because it looked like he was possibly at a low ebb of his value and had been a nice utility piece in the years previous. Last year proved that he could go a whole lot farther south than I expected, but there was certainly a higher ceiling there than we saw. It’s just… we didn’t expect anything out of him. We got a nice bonus of a couple hot weeks, and that’s great. Yet the slash line had already dipped to .286/.324/.314 (Kawasaki over 289 PA last year: .229/.326/.308), the WAR had fallen by half (from 0.4 when I wrote the Game Threat linked above to 0.2 today), and the defence was never going to look as good as what Diaz or Goins will provide. It’s… it’s fine.

I mean, it sucks for Maicer and his teammates and all that, and it was great to see him looking better than what we remembered, but let’s not anybody act like it isn’t insane to think he was going to keep producing a quarter of a win every two weeks — a half a win per month, or 3 WAR over the course of the year. The difference between having him or Kawasaki as the utility guy isn’t just practically negligible, it may end up being net positive. Relax.

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  1. So NOW they’re gonna go get Stephen Drew, right?

    • Haven’t you been paying attention, the Jays don’t have the money to sign Drew.

      Also, since he’s not Latino, there aren’t enough players willing to restructure their salary in order for the team to sign him. (probably a bad joke)

      • While not a lot of money, if he is out for the season, would insurance not pick it up? Thus freeing up $$$? I know it’s like 20% of Drew, combined with the $6k we saved from Wagner, we’re almost there.

    • Frustration that this will never happen was my first reaction to the news.

      But if you think about it, it’s for the best. The only way we’d get him is if we go long-term and blow the competition away with a contract that would become an albatross as early as mid-season.

      And if he does become willing to bite the bullet and eat a short-term deal, it’s tough to imagine him picking us. We have an active two decades+ playoff drought, and a playing surface that he would surely view as a negative given his injury history.

      I’d say chances of Drew being a Jay are somewhere between slim and none.

    • yeah, maybe drew will sign for the $6250 they saved when renewing neil wagner this year.

    • No,

      I’m pretty sure they can sign Stephen Drew if they wanted to.

    • no.

      since it is after opening day we can’t put a qualifying offer on him anymore and get a free draft pick for next year….

  2. Fair analysis Stoeten. And I am all for the team to wait things out to see how a combo of Goins, Diaz, Kawasaki or Getz plays out a second base.

    Pressing the panic button and calling Scott Boras right offer Drew a deal as the June draft deadline approaches would be foolish.

  3. Nailed it, Stoets.

  4. Yep, as of today he had a 81wRC+, an .029 iso, and a .323 BABIP So despite the “good” start, he’s not exactly an all-star.

    I think I might actually be ok with a Diaz/Kawaski platoonish thing at second. Maybe not a straight platoon in the traditional sense, but a 50/50 or 60/40 split. If the Jays think Goins is a potential MLB starter, they might want him to go down to Buffalo and play everyday.

  5. It’s a shame for Izturis, especially since he was looking better than last year.

  6. Were people actually freaking out about this? If so, no wonder your patience runs thin by times.

  7. God dammit. I know that he is not a three WAR player and would eventually become overexposed as time went on due to our startling lack of MLB ready middle infield depth but I mean…..god dammit.

    • I heard most teams stopped insuring. Its not worth it. The 40 man roster is your insurance. If you had 40 cars the insurance cost would easily buy you a new one and more if one got damaged.

  8. Is Drew enough of an upgrade at 2B to warrant the price Boras will ask?


  10. Seriously, how the fuck did he get hurt?

  11. I cannot envision the Jays forfeiting a draft choice now after all the fucking around they did all winter. Plus it’ll cost 11m+ and they can get Kawasaki to do it for free and that seems to be the way they are thinking on a lot of issues as we have discussed at lenght in the past fortnight.
    Personally, I’m with theposter who had mentioned badgering AZ and maybe given their shitty start we can wrangle some kind of deal for Grigorious who they have sent to the minors. Probably not but that guy would fit the bill and from a Rogers stanpoint he is perfect- he makes fuck all.

    • Time to talk to Colorado about Josh Rutledge.

    • What kind of players would AZ want for Didi?

      If their season keeps trending down maybe they would be more inclined to sell off older players. but this guy is 24 years old, doesn’t hit arb till 2016!

      • Good idea, we are a dozen games into the season, I am sure they are looking to unload young, controllable assets.

  12. in other news, Brett Anderson is out with a fractured left index finger. out 4-6 weeks. obviously it was a freak injury, but maybe it’s a good thing we didn’t go down that road.

  13. Nick Franklin.

    In my Jays fantasy world we traded for him a long time ago.

    Come on AA. We know from previous experience the Mariners love AAAA shitbags and relievers. We’ve got a few of those laying around.

    • Franklin? Giddy up!

      Seattle may feel like they have a shot in their division this year. Texas is fighting injuries, no Josh Hamilton for awhile in LA and Oakland pitching seems more human this year.

      Come on Jack Z. Whadda you need bro?

  14. You’re right. This doesn’t really change anything. We had about 5 or 6 interchangeable shitbags for 2b/utility IF. Now we have 4 or 5.

    But for everyone who says they are OK with a platoon of any 2 man combination of the afore mentioned shitbags….. you guys can fuck right off.

    We had the worst projected 2b in the league before this injury. That’s a massive hole in a “win-now” lineup that Rogers has the money to fill. No one should be OK with that.

    I’ve been a believer that this team can be competitive….. But just because it actually looks that way after 2 weeks doesn’t mean Rogers didn’t screw the Jays this year.

    What did Stoeten say in a post a couple weeks back? The Jays may succeed “in-spite” of ownership? 2b will be a microcosm of this in 2014.

    • fuck right off yourself, The season is almost 10% over and the team is in first place, try getting over it and cheering for the team. Look around you, there’s a ton of teams with players the quality of our 2B situation getting everyday at bats. Did you see the infield of the fucking YANKEES last night? Are you aware of how much money they spend? Do you think that might tell you something about how much Drew is looking for, since he’s not currently a yankee?

  15. Or maybe it won’t. Maybe this team will go firing along above .500 for a couple of MONTHS not weeks. Then we add if needed. However if Rasmus has a bad Hammy you go fill the offensive hole in your lineup. With the best option available at the time.
    Drew for 3/42 ??? He and Boras can fuck right off.

  16. Archer getting torched by the O’s. As Buck and Tabby are fond of saying, the division’s gonna be a dogfight this year.

  17. Lookout B.Phills hitting .327 for cincy

    • Yeah, nasty.

    • yeah, but…how many RBI’s?

    • Seriously though Phillips would really solidify the team. Great defensively and the Jays lineup would be up there with the best with him and the potential of Lawrie, Rasmus. Reds are not doing well, maybe they will try for a mini rebuild and Phillips will run his mouth and they sell him off at a discount. Maybe package around Jansenn, Happ, Goins wouldnt add too much payroll. And then try to trade Sierra plus for a solid fast backup right handed CF and the team really looks strong and deep.

  18. This isn’t too big of a deal if Kawasaki/Diaz are used properly at 2B.

    But good lord get Goins the fuck off the roster.

    Even great glove bench players need to hit a little.

    At this point replacement level out of 2B would be a small victory as pathetic as that is:

    • It’s a damned if you do damned if you don’t scenario and it shouldn’t have been this way. See what I did there? I used up interweb ink and basically did nothing just like the Org. this off season.

      • Maybe AA can trade Happ & Rogers for the equivalent of a 2nd round pick and use the prorated $7 million on Drew.

        Might be able to (marginally) upgrade the team without panhandling Rogers…

  19. Watching the Atlanta game and Santanna is pitching great. He’s got 11 K’s and gave up 1 solo home run over 6 innings. Both games he started he’s pitched well.
    It’s still early but he might be the guy the Jays’s will be sorry they tried to hard ball.

    • The Jays tried to hardball Santana???? What Bizarro world do you live in? They agreed to a deal with him and he backed out. Some hardball.

      • They waited until his value was at his absolute lowest before attempting to sign him. What would you call that?

      • They tried the waiting game hoping for a deal. There’s nothing wrong with that but it bit them in the ass when Atlanta had a pitcher go down. An attempt to sign him earlier would have had him pitching for the Jays.
        Did the Jays think they had him with a verbal agreement at the 11th hr …yes… do I blame him for telling the Jays to go fuck themselves….no.
        I’m sorry if you just woke up but it’s been a long and trying winter with only one move.

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  21. Shit happens, sucks for izturis though, he actually looked like the player we signed 2 years ago .

    I just seriously hope they stop the goins experiment . At this point a Kawasaki and Diaz platoon sounds okay.

    Obviously I don’t think goins is this bad, but if he’s working on changes it might be easier to work on in buffalo

  22. Maybe he has Mercury’s poisoning…..

  23. On the plus side, our injuries this season have mostly hit players at positions not quite as key as last season’s injuries. Reyes is vital, obviously. But Janssen, while awesome, and would be good to have back, isn’t as key given our deep bullpen; Izturis is but one of many similarly talented players we have at 2B; and Happ probably wouldn’t have made the rotation even if he stayed healthy. Our injuries so far have been less catastrophic than last season.

    • probably wouldnt be the worst thing in the world to trade janssen now. best time would have been last year to trade him, but next best time is as soon as possible.

      There are some teams with serious bullpen issues already, maybe we can get a team to bite. Santos, cecil and delabar could all handle the late innings.

      • fuck that, at no point do you want this team to try and win???

        • pastlives, you’re such a tool.

          trading a redundant player for something else to help the team in other areas, is trying not to win?

          get a grip on life pal

      • Probably have to give him some time in the bigs to show he’s back and healthy.But yeah, it’d be nice if they could use some of that bullpen depth to address other areas of concern.

        • Just looking at the Cots website, if they trade Happ and Janssen for perhaps a near-ready, decent prospect they could free up money to sign Drew. Not entirely sure how the injury insurance thing works but if that covers Izturis’ deal that works out to $12.2 million.
          Don’t expect it to happen, and doubt it’s anywhere near as easy as I make it sound, but I don’t want to face the outside world today so I’m dreaming up these crazy ideas.
          Also, it’s sad to have to think this is the way the team has to operate. But…Rogers.

          • It’s definitely not easy, GM’s would be legimiately concerned that Happ and Jansenn are injury prone, not to mention happ has only 2 years of barely league average performance. Janssen is good, but he’s a closer and he isnt kimbrel, chapman or Kenley jansen, he doesnt have that much trade value especially at less than one year of control left.

          • Trade Happ and Rogers for something? It wasn’t more than 2 weeks ago that everyone was freaking about the depth of the rotation and now we’re trading two guys that can step in as starters.

            Why does everyone have such a short memory?

    • And they’ve done reasonably well without Reyes. Which is quite a good sign. Obviously we are only a couple of weeks into the season so there’s plenty of time for things to fall apart, but what I find interesting is that the first game was basically a distillation of everything that went wrong last year–bad start, errors in the field, injury to a key player, listless bats–but instead of carrying on that way they picked themselves up, shook it all off and started all over again.

      In other news, JPA is batting .083…

  24. I forgot about getz. Based on track record, he should be the starter. Not that thats a good thing but goins is beyond awful. Or have a kawa-diaz platoon which is similiar to a getz-diaz platoon most likely.

  25. Cheer up dudes, Kawasaki is back!

  26. I was hoping that perhaps with the insurance money the Jays will get for his contract he could be used towards an MLB caliber second baseman.

    • If this does in fact trigger an insurance clause, then that nets the Jays less than $3M. Won’t do it alone.

  27. AA was on the Jonah Keri podcast yesterday (which annoyingly, you can’t subscribe to individually, you have to get it as a Grantland podcast).

    Nothing earth shattering, although he did discuss how they have to evaluate how players will respond to playing on turf, and that Stroman’s closer than Sanchez.

    • Thanks for the find.

      It’s such a difference hearing AA so relaxed talking to an interviewer who is both fair and competent.

  28. Where’s Jim Negrych when you need him?

  29. Hopefully this fills the “big long-term injury” quota for 2014.

  30. While we’re distracted by the Izturis stuff, the Jays have once again gone back to an 8-man bullpen. Just when I thought Gibbons was becoming comfortable using his bench players as pinch hitters in appropriate situations, we now have a backup catcher who can’t hit and will probably only see playing time when Dickey is pitching, one of three backup middle infielders who can’t hit and will likely be used off the bench for pinch-runner situations, and a backup outfielder who can’t hit, albeit small sample size, with splits that don’t really make him an ideal platoon-mate for Lind.

    • 1. Few back up catchers in MLB are expected to hit.

      2. Jose Reyes is a due to return in the next week, so this middle infield thing is temporary.

      3. Both the Twins and Indians have all RH starting pitchers. So Lind is going to start every game.

      4. Gibbons has shuffled the order to JB,Lind,EE so LH relief pitching will have to be used with that consideration if they choose to focus on Lind late in games.

      5. The only two players really worth pinch running for on the Jays are Dinner and Lind. Pinch running isn’t always needed and in this case a contingency is only needed for 22% of your line up.

      6. Despite recent success, Hutch, McGowan, and Morrow need to used cautiously, at least for the April.

      7. this all could change in 3 to 7 days. AA shuffles the roster a lot. I expect a change after the road trip.

      • ’3. Both the Twins and Indians have all RH starting pitchers. So Lind is going to start every game. ”

        Didn’t realize that. Good news.

    • Yeah, the bench is a bit of a mess. Sierra’s clearly a better hitter than he’s shown so far, though.

      It’s gonna get very interesting when Janssen returns.

    • This is really frustrating. The 8 man pen – especially with how rested everyone is now since they’ve gotten deeper starts lately is so brutal. To carry redundant long relievers whose main contribution would be to chew up innings in an already lost blowout when you don’t have anyone who can legitimately play CF and no real bat to enter the game off the bench.. lets just agree that this is the most bluejays thing to do at the moment.

      • I think having no one that can play center is a bit overblown,
        I actually find it the easiest to play of the 3 spots,
        definitely easier reads,
        just no one that can play it at an above average level…. who the fuck has someone on their bench that contributes at an above average level.

      • You can’t bank on Hutch, McGowan, and Morrow going deep into games.

        You can hope, it’s looks like it could trend in that direction, the off days in April certainly assist in achieving the desired result…. but you can’t bank on it, at least not till the end of April.

        These “redundant long relievers” are part of the team pitching depth. Ee\very team in MLB would be wise to have depth. The circumstance of options and contracts means these guys are stashed at the back of the pen, not in the minors, but you can;t dismiss the inevitable importance of keeping these guys around.

        Melky played CF in NY and KC. Jose played CF in winter ball for Licey. Long term starters? no, but fill ins?, Absolutely.

        Let’s just agree that having a default setting to shitting on every move this team makes is the DJF thing to do.

        • I never said we shouldn’t have a long man. Why do we need 3? That is redundancy unless you’re suggesting that Hutch McGowan and Morrow will all implode in consecutive starts. Planning for that rather than the possibility that you might need a center fielder (especially given Rasmus left the last game) or a bat for later in the game is dumb. You can rationalize an 8 man pen if you choose to. You can argue that every team needs pitching depth – fine. Why don’t other teams go to an 8 man pen then? Because its over kill.

          Saying that Melky or Bautista are options in CF is crazy. Ya they can play there for an inning or two – especially if no one hits a ball to center.. but There is a need for someone who actually takes reps there to back up Rasmus.

          • Ernie if there was a proper back up for every position, the roster would be way fuckin bigger than 25 men. the most likely scenario the jays would need help during the course of a game is long relief, in my opinion, one AA and i seem to share.

            • Who is arguing for a backup at every position? Why would you hijack my position and hang it way out on the extreme?

              I’m arguing against having 2 (!) backups at long relief!

              Right now you have Kawasaki, Thole and Sierra as the bench which includes Diaz and Goins as starters. That is horse shit.

              Bautista and Cabrera both give a good effort but are negative value fielders. To say that they are legitimate replacements at CF for any length of time is not tenable. Sierra – don’t even go there.

              • You make it sound like it’s Dioner Navarro out there in CF. Melky and Jose are both experienced outfielders who can handle routine plays. You can’t have plus defenders manning every position every damn game.

          • An 8 man pen works for this team due to it’s current circumstance.

            1. Three starting pitchers are being brought along cautiously due to health concerns. That’s a lot!

            It is not unreasonable to have an extra arm in the pen as contingency for the use of both the starters, and the pen for the first 3 to 4 weeks of the season.

            2. Redmond, Rogers and Happ could all play an important role this season. Pitching breaks down, it’s a fact, so having a layer of depth before rushing prospect elopement is of value. I don’t see how you don’t value this more?, especially after last year.

            I wish these guys had options, but they don’t, so AA is doing his best take it work.

            3. 2013 Melky in CF is crazy, Post tumour 2014 Melky in CF temporarily is not.

            Plus you assume Rasmus is not going to play this week. Only the Jays know the answer to that, and guess what…. they are the ones who made this roster move.

            4. 8 man pen are not used by most teams because most teams don’t have the MLB ready journeyman SP depth, and most teams don’t have a starting line up that has the potential to either mash or be decent 1 thru 6.

            • Rogers can go to waivers (I’m sure he’ll make it through, he’s been garbage so far), and if you send down walden and Wagner once Reyes, Janssen and happ comes back, there goes the 8 man with depth to spare (2 long men in Happ and redmond)

            • 1. What indication do we have so far that would indicate that Morrow, McGowan and Hutch need to EACH have a long relief pitcher as backup? Again – I’m not arguing against having a long reliver. But with this bull pen very well rested and all of the three aforementioned starters showing no serious signs of faltering I don’t see why 2 of Redmond, Happ or Rogers wouldn’t be plenty.

              2. I’m not arguing against the idea that Redmond, Happ and Rogers all could play a significant role in the season – especially considering there are 5+ months to go. I’m arguing against needing them ALL now. Even sending down Wagner would be prudent. It doesn’t have to be one of them – but since they all play the same role that is used only in blowout situations and Wagner is dealing – I’d prefer it to be one of them. Especially since they aren’t the only guys in the org who can do that role.

              3. Melky has a career UZR of -31.6. which includes -24.8 as a CF. He looks better than last year but don’t kid yourself he’s not a real option at CF for any extent of time. I never said Rasmus wouldn’t play. I only said that in order to have redundant long relief depth they’ve chosen to have no other competent outfielder who can play CF in case Rasmus is indeed hurt.

              4. Most MLB teams don’t use an 8 man pen because it leaves them with too many arms in the bull pen, and not enough coverage in the field. It has nothing whatsoever to do with the dearth of AAAA arms available to clean up blow out loss starts. This is especially the case when the 3 bench players you are carrying have almost no offensive capacity to speak of.

              • In response to #3:

                Melky’s career UZR/150 in CF is -7.5.
                Rasmus’s is 1.7

                Over the course of a full season, that’s a difference of 9 runs. That’s not insignificant (nearly a full win), but over the course of a 15 day DL stint for Rasmus, it’s a difference of somewhere under one run. Even if Melky needs to play CF for a couple of weeks, it isn’t likely to hurt the team much at all. I’d be interested in seeing which teams have better options than that to bring in as a backup for a top defensive player.

                • How about Rajai Davis last season for this team? Just in this division I can say that the Red Sox, Yankees, Rays all have multiple players capable of playing CF who are better than Cabrera. Off the top of my head I can think of the Tigers, A’s, Braves, Cardinals, Nationals as good teams teams that have competent backup center fielders – or players who can shift over.

                  Again – I’m not saying Melky can’t pass there for a few innings here or there but to keep 3 long relievers puts a lot of pressure on the Kawasaki, Thole and Sierra – not to mention a guy like Melky who has to play a tougher position.

              • 1. We have no indication, but the Blue Jays internally do.

                2. They may not be the only guys that can do that role in the org, but they are the best. You are right, Wagner is dealing, so keep the best performing talent on the MLB roster.

                3. See Philbert

                4. You have to stop looking at these guys as mop up relievers, and think of them as the 6th, 7th, and 8th starters on the depth chart. They are here at the expense of the bench for three reasons…

                A) Be insurance For three heath risk starters tip they build up (this could be one week or two, or 6 we have to wait and see).

                B) Be a buffer between the development/promotion of the Sanchez, Nolin, Drabek and Stroman.

                C) Be a buffer for a pen that was overused early last year.

                These three points far outweigh the use of one bench spot in the short term.

      • When jansenn comes back, I fully expect rogers to be put on waivers the way he is pitching now. He’s probably the easiest person to make it through after Jeffress was sent down.

        • Hate to say it, but it will probably be Neil “Options” Wagner.

          • Sad but true.

            He’s done a fine job since he came on the scene last year.

            If AA can find a window in the next few weeks to sneak Roger thru waivers then hopefully we can have the best talent on the MLB roster.

            • Maybe if the jays blow up Hughes like we did with Jiminez, and then send rogers in to give 2 more back to back homers we can put him on waivers tonight.

      • I agree. When I was a kid (in the late 80′s), I remember 5 man bull pens. Having 6 was considered avant-garde. I think the Jays had about 5-6 bullpenners during their World Series years.

  31. Macier getting off to a good start and then having a season ending injury is exactly the same as tupac dying while he was still on top of the game.

  32. From Rays Index, this is the Rays rotation at present:

    -Jake Odorizzi (flu) or Enny Romero if Odorizzi is still sick
    -Wednesday: David Price (possibly in his final season with the Rays)
    -Thursday: Erik Bedard (was a free agent who couldn’t find a big league job 3 weeks ago)
    -Friday: Cesar Ramos (was a relief pitcher last week)
    -Saturday: Chris Archer
    -Sunday: Jake Odorizzi (hopefully)

    And here are the injured starting pitchers:

    -Matt Moore (out one year, will have Tommy John Surgery)
    -Jeremy Hellickson (out until mid-May after elbow surgery)
    -Alex Cobb (out 4-6 weeks with oblique strain)

    • Just for completeness sake:
      Chris Archer (got lit up for 7 runs on 12 hits over 5 innings against the Orioles last night)

      Im not one to take a lot of joy in other people’s misery, but it feels kinda nice to see the Rays pitching staff falling apart a bit. A staff that has been rock solid for a long time, and some how has managed to avoid any big injuries.

      Could spell trouble for that team, and by extension, the franchise in Tampa .. but whatever ill take it

      • It is of course only mid april and their lineup is still intact as ever, but it’s definitely nice to see them stumble a bit.

      • The franchise in tampa is in trouble regardless of their pitching staff lol

        Even when they are winning division titles nobody come to their games

    • Must be some kind of organizational problem.

  33. maybe they should look at trading some relievers for a middle infielder that can at least hit .250ish?

  34. damning by the faintest of praise

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