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Adam Lind has a bad feeling about his back after crossing the plate in Tuesday’s win at Minnesota


Adam Lind left tonight’s win over the Twins in the seventh inning, after moving quite gingerly after crossing the plate on Moises Sierra’s ground out, on which Joe Mauer inexplicably chose to take the out at first base rather than coming to the plate, allowing a run to cross. On the TV broadcast Drs. Buck and Pat were hopeful, based on the fact that Lind remained in the dugout for a while, and didn’t look like he was laboring too terribly, that it was mostly a precaution or something that wouldn’t require much time off.

Not so, according to the reports coming from the clubhouse following the game.

In case those tweets don’t make it quite clear enough, this doesn’t sound good. Mind you, not multiple-months not good, but certainly like something that could require a DL stint, as was required in 2011, when he missed 24 games with back trouble, and 2012 when he missed 29.

If you recall — and I only barely did, though Scott MacArthur was kind enough to confirm via tweet — Lind and Encarnacion were flipped, positionally, at the last minute before Sunday’s game (Scott’s original tweet here), which was due to the back injury at that point.

Brendan Kennedy quotes Lind as saying that he hasn’t felt pain like this in his back “for years.” Ugh.

Hey, but at least Jose Reyes is coming back soon, right? Right???

We’ll keep you posted on any roster moves, should they happen — and with the Jays’ already stretched bench, it wouldn’t be surprising if they felt they had to do something quickly, just to avoid playing shorthanded, however, it also wouldn’t necessarily be surprising if they waited, given that the forecast for tomorrow doesn’t look great, and they may get an extra day to figure out what to do here — and… um… we’ll also remind you that Dan Johnson is hitting .242/.366/.545 so far at Buffalo this year… so… that’s something, right? Right???

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  1. Say it ain’t so!

  2. Kendrys Morales.

  3. Everybody out of the boat!

  4. Hmm, those tweets don’t sound that terrible to me. Even with a DL stint, a few weeks off — and factoring in the game he’d sit against lefties — wouldn’t be catastrophic.

    Napoli’s injury though — ouch.

    • Its not just the time missed though. He had terrible years while the back was acting up. Look at Melky with a bad back and a good back.

      I hope for the best but this could spell a shitty year for him if it really is like a few years ago.

      • Nonsense.

        Lind’s years in the wilderness were hardly down to a couple months on the shelf with a back injury. The change in production coincides with a change in approach, and actually, he remained strong against RHP throughout those years, he was just being used poorly, and all the PAs against left-handers — who he cannot hit — dragged down his overall numbers.

        • Bullshit.

          Andrew no longer cares whether anything he writes is the least bit accurate. He is now in love with the persona he has crested for the 12 year old boys that idolize him while he spews utter bullshit like this.

          Lind had a great 2009, followed by poor 2010, 2011, and 2012. In all of those years he had FEWER plate appearances against left-handed pitching than he did in 09. What really happened was not the bullshit Andrew has written. What really happened was his numbers against right-handed pitching sagged and he was used LESS often against left-handed hitters as a result.

          Does Andrew even read anything before he posts this shit?

  5. I’m pretty sure the baseball gods put the Jays names in a hat and pull them out every few days to decide who’s going to be injured now

  6. Can we at least wait for a proper prognosis before freaking out

  7. Dan Johnson is 33 and has fairly neutral splits.

    Juan Francisco is 6 years younger, decent splits against righties but can’t hit righties at all.

  8. Anyone remember Jesse Chavez?

    Oakland converted him to a starter and he’s got a 1.35 ERA through three starts at the moment.

    Gotta say, I never expected that.

  9. Certainly doesn’t sound good.

  10. Nick Franklin pulled from game at AAA…hoping for a possible trade. come on down baby!

  11. Ugh. Just when things were starting to look up for the offense. Macier, Rasmus (hopefully not for long) and now Lind.

    I guess I was talking some comfort in seeing teams like Tampa, the Skanks and Boston have injury problems while we remained relatively healthy.

    Not doing anything with the pitching was bad enough but having no decent depth positionally is going to be brutal.

    Would be so nice to slip Morales and Drew into the Jays lineup right about now, oh well, AAA scrubs time it is. At least we don’t have the Vegas skewed numbers leading us to have high expectations this time around.

    I wonder if they might recall Gose first so they don’t have to play Jose in CF instead just so they can be careful with Rasmus. They could probably get away with DHing Rasmus to give his leg more care.

    • Then again they could call Johnson/Fransisco and Gose up if they send Wagner back down after tonight.

  12. No real 4th OF, no capable single 2B (Diaz/Kawasaki platoon is tolerable), and not even a half-decent bat to stick at DH if Lind goes down. Fuck. They really need that extra bench spot at least.

    Is Esmil getting close to a DFA once the regulars get back? Reyes replaces Goins. Janssen replaces Wagner. You hate to lose him for nothing even if he kinda stinks but do you really need him, Redmond and Happ in the pen while the bench is fucking horrendous?

    • I think they might drag out Janssen’s DL assignment a little longer in light of the positional injuries. If Rasmus’ leg is worse than they are saying, how long do you want Jose playing CF?

    • They have a 4th outfielder in Gose, they just want to get him everyday AB’s before handing him his bench spot.

      and can you name another american league team that has a good back up DH option?? half the teams don’t even have one good DH option.

      • Too late to get David Cooper back? Lol we could trade them Esmil back for him and watch him turn into an all-star reliever.

    • I think they’d try to trade Happ before D’ing Rogers FA.

  13. Juan Francisco has a 1.174 OPS so far too.

    At least if he has to go on the DL the drop-off between Lind and Johnson/Francisco isn’t huge. It’s not like if Colby goes on the DL, then they’re fucked.

  14. Why not put Lind on the 15 day or rasmus and bring up gose. Seira has had some reps at 1b and he and jbats can give encarnacion rest. Otherwise if rasmus is that bad put him on retroactive 15 day DL and still bring up hose. Although offensively he’s a black hole he would give strong d and allow seira or jbats to play some first.both of which have done it with minute reps.

  15. Yeah, i was going to say, Juan Francisco looks like he could be a platoon DH and also play third in an emergency. The danger of having both Lind and Rasmus not on the DL is that you’d go into today’s game with a bench of Navarro plus whoever doesn’t play in the SS/2b mix.

  16. if the goal is to keep the short term fixes in house then AA has a lot of thinking to do on who gives the best my mind they should put both Rasmus and Lind on DL if the results on today aren’t any better…promote Gose for Rasmus and i guess either Francisco or Johnson for Lind.

    Morales and Drew still FAs…pass that hat around

  17. didn’t complete my thought but Morales is a switch hitter and he does have decent splits vs lefties and righties…if Lind says he hasn’t felt this since 2009-2010 then yeah it could be a long season for him…make the call Alex

  18. Dammit Adam, see what happens when you start skipping yoga?

  19. If Lind is DL’d, the team should be able to survive as it is for a month. Edwin can stick at 1B full time. DH Navarro when Dickey is on the mound. Against Lefties you can DH Reyes because he could use some time off. It would basically take 1 play a game that Diaz/Kawasaki/Goins make that Reyes wouldn’t have made to balance out losing Lind for that game (read Jeff Sullivan’s article at Fangraphs yesterday!).

    Then ya, give a few at bats to Dan Johnson or Juan Francisco or Moises Sierra. Might even mean that Gose makes an appearance on this team as a valuable bench player. I like Lind a lot and it’s a bummer, but don’t start fantasizing about Morales.

  20. Get that man a chiropractor and a yoga mat.

  21. whats boras’ phone number?

  22. LOL! Lind to the DL again? Nobody could have seen that coming. The guy is made of fucking glass. I have been super pleased with the Jays this far, but without any depth their holes will soon be exposed.

    • Played in 143 games last season. Not sure how that makes him made of glass. He had two years prior to that where he suffered from injury but the two years prior to that he played 150 games in each.

      It sucks to lose him, and it sucks that its a familiar injury but its not like he’s Dustin McGowan.

  23. Sign Morales NOW, if only to do it before Boston gets him to replace Napoli and his yucky looking finger

  24. They were willing to have the players defer money for Ervin. Can’t imagine this happening again. I think they would not replace Lind with such a potentially expensiveFA that has no defensive value. Add Boras to the equation and it is not happening.

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