A good, old fashioned doubleheader! Uh… y’know… in snowy Minnesota in April.

The Jays and Twins have been snowed out today, meaning that R.A. Dickey and Dustin McGowan will both be pitching tomorrow, with Dickey presumably taking the regularly scheduled 1:10 PM ET start, and McGowan going at 7:10 PM ET in the game we’re all going to be far too drunk to remember the end of.

What, you’re not getting drunk all day and watching baseball? I thought I knew you.

The current forecast for Minneapolis, according to the Weather Network, has a high tomorrow of 5°C with a low of -2°C. Fun!


Image of Barry Davis’s “view” of Target Field via Barry Davis.

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  1. Siiiiick game yesterday. Fucking blue ninjas like the cold weather.

    I have been pleased so far this season. It’s early, but what do you guys think?

    • Plenty to be positive about, of course everything could unravel pretty quickly with a couple more injuries, but I say enjoy the ride while it lasts!

    • Yeah, I feel the same. It’s early, but I feel pretty good about the Jays right now.

      The rotation looks like it may actually be passable if they are able to avoid too many injuries, Bautista looks like good Bautista, Melky looks like good Melky, Dionner is a massive improvement on JPA, Defence looks fantastic, bullpen looks fantastic.

    • ninjays

  2. Surprisingly pleased as well

    • I’m happy but I’m not banking on anything right now. At least it’s a better start than last year. They look more like a team and the defence is stronger.

  3. 19 degrees Celsius right now in St. John’s, but back to winter again this weekend… Been a crazy winter.

  4. Is there an MLB rule that will allow teams to add an extra player or two for double headers? If not that bench is going to suuuuck.

    • Pretty sure you are now allowed to have one extra player for DHers

    • Google tells me that teams can add a 26th player for both games of a doubleheader only when the doubleheader was scheduled with more than 48 hours notice… which doesn’t help in this case.

    • It works both ways though–an eight-man bullpen for a double-header will be nice.

  5. Can they postpone both game to Friday and have a triple header? Ridiculous how these teams don’t accommodate my vacation schedule….

  6. Well, I guess it’s movie night with my wife tonight.

  7. Why didn’t they build a retractable dome in Minnesota?

    • I’m not complaining. The Jays have owned at this ballpark since it was built.

      • I didnt realize we had such a crazy record at target stadium till yesterday. Of course it mostly has to do with how the twins have sucked since Target stadium was erected, and nothing to do with how stadium is magically attracted to the Jays, but it’s still fun seeing our team win

    • My guess: They don’t have an extra quarter-billion lying around.

    • $$$$$


  9. I refuse to wait until tomorrow to get drunk.

  10. That was fast. Jerry Howarth on the radio this morning was all ‘it’s a clear blue sky with a slight breeze’.

  11. Well, here is 4 to 5 minutes of baseball/comedy diversion for tonight


  12. this reader has a chem final today and freedom after that

    epic day drunk #2 coming up!!

  13. If you close your eyes a bit and squint you can pretend we’re playing in October!!

    • If you can see the Twins in October when you squint, you should contract your eyelids out to DeBeers.

  14. Holy shit snacks, in the words of Texas Ranger Earl McGraw, “I think I’m gonna get tanked tonight.” In celebration of getting annihilated all day tomorrow!

  15. Good thing they got an 8 man pen.

  16. Lind got his wish!

  17. Who the fuck puts a domeless baseball stadium in Minnesota? Put a roof on that thing already.

    Bitter because drinking is not possible, and because R. A. “The Princess” Dickey’s ultimate feel pitch is 0.00001% likely to work a 0 degrees.

    • You’re supposed to stay positive or eveyone gets upset.

      • You’re just supposed to not be a fucking tool…and nobody gets upset, they just call you on it.

        • Moi?

          Yeah, I don’t think that ever happened.

          Unless you just mean in general.

          Still, though, it doesnt need to be so serious. You should relax.

          • no i mean in general lol, people get called out for the slightest bit of stupidity on here. Personally I find it weird to be negative right now given how competitive the team looks. Cheer up, people!

    • Actually, it’ll probably be significantly warmer in the afternoon vs the evening tomorrow… So that’s a potential mini-positive for dickey

      • Is there a site that shows a pitchers splits according to game time temperatures?

        There’s a split for almost everything else.

        • Well – Dickey shit the the bed in Detroit last year when it was freezing cold, but then he was also having his back issues, so maybe no correlation.

          I’m just grumpy today – wanted to listen to the game during a long drive, and now I’ll be stuck with Roger Lajoie or some fuckwit like that.

  18. Now I’m reeeeeaaaaaally considering getting a jump on the long weekend with a sudden 24 hour flu tomorrow.

    • You could jump in your car and listen to the first game on the radio and start driving towards Cleveland.

      It’s about a 5 hour drive, by the time you get there and check into a hotel you could find a bar and get shit faced and watch the night cap.

      Sleep in until 2pm, have lunch, then head to the ballpark to watch the game. Drive home on the holiday Monday.

  19. Guess I’ll catch up on COSMOS tonight.

  20. Fuck domes regardless of the weather. It they can do it in Cleveland then they can do it in Toronto and Minny.

    That’s baseball. And fuck the Trop too. The ONLY place that deserves a dome is Phoenix. That place with sizzle a donkeys ballsack faster than bacon on a frying pan.

    • Florida gets one hell of a lot of rain during June-July-August. Plus Tampa has a remarkable amount of afternoon thunderstorms with lightning strikes, hence the name of the hockey team. Tampa and Seattle basically have to have domes.

  21. Yeah, but what do I get drunk watching tonight now? This is bullshit, bring back the metro dome

  22. Arrrgh dies this ever suck. Finished exams, almost completely in the bag, and thengoddamn game isnpostponed. GuessnILl have to stay up drinking allllll night.

  23. seems like a weird question, but when was the last time the jays played in wrigley field?

  24. so the jays are in first place,
    if they still are after this road trip, do you think they’ll announce – ladies and gentlemen, your first place, toronto blue jays

  25. So we DO get a 26th man? Though I guess it’s our 24th man that can actually play..anyway, overall this doubleheader looks to be for the best for the Jays, was kinda looking forward to watching the game though…

  26. Is sportsnet playing a game worth watchin in lieu of the the jays tonigh

  27. Hey, it gives Lind and Cletus a chance to get an extra day off.
    Mind you, it boggles my mind how those guys can be full of aches and pains after..what, 10 games?
    But then again, I sorta strained my back reaching for the chips and dip last night while watching from the LazyBoy.

  28. Just looked up our former catchers stats. Very early and very few AB’s but a -31 OPS+. Now I just feel bad.

  29. Anyone watching the countdown on sne? Audio for it is terrible, good thing that fucking sexy ivanka is hosting.

  30. Gibbons is calling everyone a dirtbag. ha

  31. Gose is getting the call for game 2 tomorrow.

    • so Colby unavailable for both games then. makes sense given the higher risk of injury in the cold.

      injuries are starting to pile up, although at least it’s generally been non-serious stuff for role players, Reyes and Colby excepted.

  32. Anyone heading down to Cleveland town this weekend?

  33. So per the collective bargaining agreement, a 26th man can be activated for a double header if one is scheduled more than a day in advance.

    what does that mean? 24 hours?

    so based on that, we can roster a 26th player for both games or just the second game? or neither?


  34. Anyone else watching this terrible, terrible White Sox/RexSox game?

    If Boston loses this one their mojo could be screwed for at least 5 days.

  35. Fuck me, as I write this in Maui (humble brag) it’s 11:27 pm. Which means although I have a litre of rum on board I’ll need to get up at 7am to watch the first game.


    • Ahhh Smasher, you dog…it’s been 10 years since I’ve been to the islands and one of the best vacations I’ve had.
      I will try to think happy thoughts of you while I’m chained to this hell hole.

  36. Damn you, Smasher…we better win.

  37. should be a good day at the bar Saturday afternoon…nets v raps at 12:30pm & jays v Indians at 1pm…

  38. Was just looking through some stats by position. It kinda sucks that Yan Gomes became one of the best catchers in the game.

    • Shrug. I’m happy for him.

    • Still a pretty small sample to be making such claims on. Good for him if he keeps it up, and good for Cleveland for seeing something in him nobody else did (save for the same Jays fans who think everyone who comes up and gets three hits in his first couple of games is a budding superstar, of course).

  39. Annnd this just in.
    Jannsen shut down due to lower back pain.

  40. lineups posted
    (cant believe im saying it but) screaming for need of Gose

    • True, but Rasmus is Dhing so apparently his hammy is not field worthy but hitting okay. Which does not make an OF of Seira, Melky and JBats have to band together forever hopefully.

    • I’m surprised they wouldn’t give Gose the start in CF with Sierra on the bench considering it’s a righty starting for Minnesota anyway. Gose is eligible to play in both games, right?

      • Apparently he can only play for the second game

      • Just from what I’ve read here on the rules,It seems that the roster can only be expanded for a double header 24 hours after it was scheduled.
        That would make him available for the 2nd game only.
        But I’m just guessing, from what I’ve read so far.
        If I’m wrong,don’t hunt me down and shoot me.

  41. At least every team in the AL east is facing the same injury problems the jays are. That’s a nice switch. It does seem the jays want to win the injury war. What’s that? Cobb out? We will raise you an izturis. Napoli broke finger? Here’s a lind

  42. That looks like the Radisson in front of Target field there, ya.

    Is it reasonable?

  43. Lawries at bats are just awful.

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