Minneapolis is still shaking off the snow from yesterday’s storm, so… let’s play two games of outdoor baseball!

Though actually, that sort of is one hell of a way to tell winter to go fuck right off already, eh, ya fuckin’ buncha snow, and as you can see from this tweet by Barry Davis of Sportsnet, the Twins’ grounds crew has made Target Field look downright playable. Which… that’s a good thing, because we’ve got two games of baseball to get to. So settle in, settle up to the bar, try not to get too dismayed by some of the scuttlebutt that will follow, and keep it together long enough to so something relatively productive during the window between the 1 PM ET game and the 7 PM ET game. We’ve got a day-night doubleheader on our hands!


Sure, the bullpen is humming along without Casey Janssen, but this is still not great news: Brendan Kennedy tweets that he’s taking a step back from his rehab assignment, and will be shut down for a few days. I know he’s not a big velocity guy anyway, but the reports of him being 86-89 in his last outing weren’t exactly encouraging, and don’t necessarily make this surprising.

Gregor Chisholm first tweeted that it was a “sore lower back” that was behind Janssen’s shut-down, however Scott MacArthur later tweeted that it is an abdominal strain, which was later repeated by other sources as well. (Gregor has clarified that it’s sort of both: “it’s technically strained lower back/ left abdominal muscle. It’s on the lower left side of his body.”)

Kennedy adds a quote from John Gibbons that backs up the tie in with the velocity issues: “It’s not like it’s a lot worse, but he doesn’t feel comfortable enough yet to start cutting it loose.”

Gregor also tweets that Jose Reyes is now expected to rejoin the Jays on Saturday in Cleveland, not Friday. Fortunately it’s not because of a setback, it’s because of “crap” weather (according to a tweet from MacArthur) and the fact that they would have liked him to avoid the day game after a night game anyway.

Colby Rasmus is back in the lineup, as you can see below. Though, because of the cold weather and the ailing hamstring, he’ll be at DH for game one. And he won’t be in centre for game two, either, as Anthony Gose is with the club — though, as Barry Davis reminds us in a tweet, as per MLB’s rule about using a 26th roster spot for doubleheaders, he’s only available for the 7 PM tilt. Rasmus would have played in the outfield today if conditions were better, says Gibbons, according to a Brendan Kennedy tweet.

Davis also tweets that Adam Lind says his back feels better — “I’m functionable,” he told Brendan Kennedy — though he won’t be available today. He’s still hopeful he can avoid a DL stint, though, so that’s alright.

Kennedy tweets that Gibbons says if someone gets up in the bullpen for game one, he’s probably not going to be available for game two. MacArthur notes that Gibbons’ game one bench consists of Dioner Navarro and Jonathan Diaz.

MacArthur: Security guy checks my bag: “Today isn’t the day to bring in anything malicious. Nobody’s going to be here anyway.”

Ben Wagner tweets that it’s also a doubleheader day in snowy Buffalo. He adds another Bisons tidbit: Marcus Stroman’s 21 strikeouts are tied for the most in all of triple-A baseball.

TV: Sportsnet

Next game: Tomorrow, 7:05 PM ET, @ Cleveland

For those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app.

And now, the game one lineups… 

Toronto Blue Jays

LF Melky Cabrera (S)
2B Munenori Kawasaki (L)
CF Jose Bautista (R)
1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
DH Colby Rasmus
3B Brett Lawrie (R)
RF Moises Sierra (R)
C Josh Thole (L)
SS Ryan Goins (L)

RHP R.A. Dickey

Minnesota Twins

2B Brian Dozier (R)
1B Joe Mauer (L)
3B Trevor Plouffe (R)
RF Chris Colabello (R)
LF Jason Kubel (L)
DH Josmil Pinto (R)
C Kurt Suzuki (R)
CF Aaron Hicks (S)
SS Pedro Florimon (S)

RHP Kyle Gibson


Image via @BlueJays.

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  1. Are you guys serious? I’m not sure if you’ve ever pitched in the cold, but it’s not easy. Never mind minus fucking Minnesota fifty.. But yeah, blame Gibby and the bullpen.

    • (It’s because they don’t understand baseball…just Internet message boards…)

    • I don’t know, after 30 years as a fan of the game, I think I understand baseball pretty well. It’s cold, but World Series games are often pitched in cold weather. 4, 5 Celsius is not unheard of and it usually favors the pitchers. It’s worse to hit (note the Twinkies got ONE hit throughout that whole debacle). No excuse for this.

      • No. THAT I agree with. The cold isn’t even that relevant to me. What I mean is the way one epically bad outing is used as some kind of evidence for how bad Gibbons and the BP are. That’s a fundamental misunderstanding of baseball…

        • True dat. I’m not a Gibby supporter, but I had no prob with his bringing in Santos when he did. I’ll say one thing for ol Sergio tho: He can be lights out, but when he fails, he does so SPECTACULARLY.

  2. Perkins showing that it’s actually not that hard to throw a strike.

  3. One of the ugliest innings I’ve ever seen in all my years of watching this team. 6 runs on one hit, 3 wild pitches, 7 walks. Not pretty, but it’s only one game.

    • Exactly right Barfield. That totally sucked, and there are literally no conclusions that can e drawn from that inning…

      • They come back and play another day is what they do. This game is done and you get over it quick. Hate to say this but this likely won’t be the last meltdown you see from this team this year. It’s only April. It becomes a serious concern if this starts happening more frequently but I don’t think it will. The Birds have been playing really hot D lately. The kind of defense expected when you think of the errors from last year and the chip they should have on their shoulders to improve from that. Getting Janssen back will help the bullpen immensely.

  4. Do they seriously call Greg Zaun the “manalyst”? Christ…that’s worse than a 8-walk inning…

  5. “Lots of walks tonight…from both teams.”

    Thanks guys.

  6. Hutch needs to go deep in the game tomorrow

  7. How about they get DeRosa back to bitch slap the Bro-tastic eyeblack off Lawrie’s face?

  8. Buck sounds seriously rattled.

    • Listen for him to develop some serious PTSD tomorrow night. Buck’s been in the shit…he’s SEEN THINGS. Things he can’t unsee…

      …We all have…


  10. Well… let’s hope they put this behind them before the narrative begins.

  11. Anyone know AA? If so, let him know that I’d be willing to get paid millions not to throw the ball over the plate like Happ and Santos.

  12. I’m confused by all of the “It’s the conditions! The conditions!” Are the Twins playing in different weather?

    • Agreed. People say the same when complaining about cheap homeruns @ Yankee Stadium or wherever. Both teams play in the same ballpark…

      • Maybe Buck forgot to tell us that we were actually playing holograms. The Twins are in Florida. They just thought we could handle it because Canada’s team or whatever.

        • Weather in Minnesota is probably worse than weather in Toronto. Under a dome. Ergo the Twins are tougher than the Blue Jays.

  13. Can everybody just take a deep breath and step back from the edge of whatever panicky, whiny abyss you find yourself staring into? It is one inning in one game. It doesn’t really tell you anything about the rest of the season. It is baseball, crazy shit happens (probably more often when it is fucking cold).

    • The crap rotation and the scary possibility of a mid-season fire sale are valid reasons to get worried about early losses.

      • Scary?

        If it’s broke, fix it. I’d prefer a midseason fire sale to a team that treads 5 games under .500 and doesn’t net any prospects in return. But let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.

    • I’ve been saying that again and again JL. You’re spot on.

      As a fan, I absolutely hated the way that inning went. As someone with a rudimentary understanding of sample size, I know there is nothing evidentiary or predictive in what we just witnessed.

      It sure did fucking suck though…

  14. Oh y’all thought the Jays were going to win 3 series in a row? Y’all must be new

  15. although the way it happened is insane, I have to say that the Jays deserved to lose this series…the starters completely shit the bed, and if you knew beforehand what their lines were, you would absolutely believe that they would lose at least 2 of 3…even to the shitty shitty twins…

    and fuck you Happ…this clown actually gets a sourpuss when he is asked about being in the bullpen…every dollar he gets from the Jays is stealing…please AA, just cut a cheque and flush that piece of shit…

  16. ok i literally can’t, I love the jays and i love baseball, but who needs this??? who needs to settle for this shit just because you were born in this area?

    • You’ve got so many choices Erik:

      Change sports.
      Change teams (29 choices!)
      Change locations (an embarrassment of choices.)
      Change your attitude, and suck it up (for one fucking day.)
      You choose.

      • change teams obviously, was that not clear? how many years you wanna say one more day for? like really

        • even offers me the convenience of making it cheaper to watch another team, and i don’t have to support some shitheads like rogers that way

          • Don’t worry. No matter what team you choose, there’ll be a message board where people will call you out for being an idiot…


        • Me?
          I’ve been on the boat since 1977.
          I’ll stay on the boat until the day I die.

          But you?
          By all means pick the cheapest option.
          How very telling, you piece of shit.

          • see what’s lost on me is how that’s impressive to me that you’ve stuck with this shit for so long

            • i’m glad you feel like you’re winning or accomplishing thing

              • just because your definition of best option depends on where you were born doesn’t mean someone else’s opinion is wrong

            • I strongly suspect that you’ll never ever figure that out.
              It will be your loss, my friend. (And I also suspect that you already realize this.)

              • maybe man…it sucks that your biggest passion is baseball and the team you’re supposed to cheer for is so consistently depressing and run by a bunch of pieces of shit…who is young enough for this, you know?

                • Me?
                  I’m a geezer, but I’m also young at heart.

                  Fairy tales can come true, it can happen to you
                  If you’re young at heart.
                  For it’s hard, you will find, to be narrow of mind
                  If you’re young at heart.


                  And if you should survive to 105,
                  Look at all you’ll derive out of being alive!
                  And here is the best part, you have a head start
                  If you are among the very young at heart.

                  It must be sad to be you.

                  • personally i’d consider it sadder that someone doesn’t know when to cut their losses and move on with their life

                    • Cut their losses and move on. Its a fucking sport, if the Jays losing causes you so mich anguish, then be a fan of every current seasons projected winner and have fun being that guy.

                    • The heart wants what the heart wants, man.

                      You need to ante up a heart to comprehend this, however.

                    • i know its a sport, like my life isnt over, i know its hard to believe but people are able to have opinions on sports and not be a loser, but it’s kinda weird that people are supposed to support a team because they were born there and not pick a team thats not run by both morons and greedy assholes

                    • I suggest cheering for an NL team. You won’t feel like a complete sellout. I like the Reds and Dbacks

                    • They are not SUPPOSED to; they CHOOSE to.
                      There’s a world of difference.
                      I have lived in the west of Canada for more than to 3 decades.
                      I’m hardly a homer.
                      I’m simply a fan. A fan of the team. The owners are neither here or there in that calculation.

                    • Ya ya just had to blow some steam, where better than the Internet…tell me that wasnt the most brutal thing you’ve seen in a loooong time

            • Get the fuck out. Im sure the Yanks would love to add another prick to their fanbase

              • why would i pick the yankees? neither would you…you can make a choice between being a derpy yankees fan and dragged around as a jays fan

                • btw i’m fucking drunk and need to blow some steam, i’ll wake up a jays fan, but FUCK lol

                  • You’re not the first nor the last to go through the ups and downs of being a fan of the Jays.

                    Welcome back on the boat.

                    Jesus, that was one ugly inning.

                  • Wake up a fan. Please.
                    Because nothing you’ve written says that.
                    Being a fan means you take the good with the bad.

                    I’ve loved this team since I was old enough to kick dirt on my moms cleats.
                    I’ve seen the Jays clinch their division live, in the Dome, twice.
                    I was there for the t-shirt giveaway for most fans in a season.

                    You’re either a fan or not. You can hate how they are playing but don’t be a cunt.
                    Go Jays.

            • I feel like last night almost broke the monkey army. Rally the troops, Hutchison, you’re bringing us back from the ledge. Playoff march starts today.

  17. nooooooo

  18. fuktard wilner said gibbons has nothing to blame for this loss. yeah using wagner and cecil for 3 outs in this fuking cold weather? did anyone really expect that santos would pitch well in this cold weather? wilner can come up with an excuse for everything.

    • Yeah. Gibbons should be fired for using his two best relievers to get the last six outs with a two-run lead…

      Maybe you should be manager!

      • You really think Delabar is better than cecil? I think that is debatable in general and definitely untrue thus far this year.

        burning cecil for one out was not good use of the pen.

        Not blaming gibbons for this loss, but burning cecil for one hitter, when he can get right handers out very handily, was short sighted.

        • Sure, Cecil should gone more than one batter and personally I don’t think Delbar has the control to be the best high-level option, but it’s hard to blame Gibbons for Santos’s inability to throw strikes when Santos has been generally good so far.

          And Happ was basically the only option left afterwards, although both him and Rogers are garbage and the team’d be better off DFA’ing their sorry asses.

          Now, if Santos keeps shitting the bed and Gibby still goes for him, that’s another story.

  19. so what is the point in having happ and rogers on this stupid team if you are afraid to use them with a lead? way to go alex

  20. The good news:

    Kyle Drabek went four innings, struck out four ..and walked ZERO!!!! yeah..!!!!

    bad news:

    he also gave up 10 hits, 7 runs, and 3 homers.

    • That is very bad news… good news is that I already gave up on him

      • Same. Drabek will never start a significant game for the Blue Jays. It’s a shame but it is what it is. Maybe a September start to see what he has but if he ever pitches meaningful innings, it will be as a reliever.

    • I was rooting for Kyle but I think he is done.

  21. One bad game does not a season make, but anyway you look at it, its not good.
    Its like if your kid fucks up, you don’t say hey you have a long life who cares? No you get pissed off and tell him that was bullshit. Same with tonight. The one game will not ruin the season, but it was still bullshit and fans have a right to be pissed off.

  22. I would also like to blame poor man’s ninja alex for not handling the dh well at all. Knowing that rasmus and lind are mia, we needed an extra pitcher. Could easily have put lind on dl or sent thole down and called up jenkins for 1 game. Or even released sierra who it seems has no future here anyways so what is the point in hiding him.

    • I don’t think it much matters so no sense getting too wound up. The team will be better than last year. Around the 500 mark all season but not good enough for playoffs.
      Rogers it seems with this new CEO guy is pinching pennies and wont get off their wallet. until they do in a big way the team will remain mediocre. not terrible but not good either. Just good enough to keep the ratings, branding and Rogers advertising high enough. Other than that why would Rogers care? To me it doesn’t seem like this new CEO guy is into the Jays much.

  23. It sucks that these two games were the difference between being tied with the Yankees for first place, and being .500. It also sucks that we weren’t able to make ground against a team as weak as the Twins. Ultimately, what can we do, except cross our fingers for tomorrow?

  24. two guys who you trust reasonably well to take care of business when it counts have total meltdowns at the same time. there’s no explanation for it, there’s nothing anyone can do about it. had nothing to do with bullpen management. there’s nothing anyone can do when your closer and setup man turn into Ricky Romero and Rick Ankiel.

    it was awful to watch, even embarrassing in a way, but it’s done. Let’s quit the bullshit about feeling disrespected as fans – nobody cares. Anyone who’s ever played any sport at any competitive level knows how awful it feels to perform like that, but it happens.

    the great thing about baseball is that they play again tomorrow. 8 – 8 ain’t bad considering no Reyes, and for the most part the performance of this team has been encouraging – improved pitching, improved defense. If they can stay relatively healthy, i think they can hang in this division and play some meaningful games down the stretch.

    • Losing that one game that way people could get over easier if they didn’t get fucking romped a couple hours earlier and their supposed ace is shit and not as good as the 5th starter.
      Im glad the Jays are better this year than they were last year but they are still not good enough and that pisses me off.
      Fucking Dickey always has an excuse.

      • Meh… Dickey will get better. He’s not an ace, the mistake is thinking he is one. 200 innings of 4.00ERA ball is a reasonable expectation. If Gibby had a quicker hook in his last two starts our evaluation of his pitching would be totally different. He’s given up 8 of his 16 ER on the season in the last inning of his last two starts

  25. Wow that was the worst double header I have ever suffered through. We lost in two extreme embarrassing ways to what should easily be a lesser team. Don’t worry though, small potatoes will akwardly push his favorite prose and bore us to death about it all. So all good right ?!

    Gibby needs to go. This experiment never should have started its second round in be first place. Nice enough guy, but doesn’t have the faculties toeae a team properly. He’s a good assistant or bench coach at best.

    • You’re right, Gibby shouldn’t have walked those guys.

      • No no, he’s clearly managing games so well and has zero impact. You got me there!

        • Gibby brought in his best reliever at a crucial moment in the game, the guy just didn’t perform. I suppose he should have known that Santos was going to blow it?

  26. I hadn’t seen this yet, I think this is from Tuesday’s game.

    A new entry in the annals of Munenori Kawasaki interviews:

  27. Thank god my broadway blue shirts won game one against philthy or I’d be a lot more pissed at last nights jays gm.

  28. What the Birds can salvage from the wreckage is that it didn’t turn into a meltdown-blowout.
    That would have been awful if the Twins started to pile on more runs and the bullpen couldn’t stop them. Anyone remember Canseco pitching for the Rangers against Boston? The thought of Gibby waving Bautista in from fright field to take the mound to close out a blowout is a scary thought. Bautista probably throws a few more strikes though!

  29. Navarro wasn’t exactly super-duper at blocking those balls in the dirt from Santos, he was just sort of waving his glove between his legs instead of getting all the way down.

    I, of course, would never consent to having someone throw a pitch at me that hard but I expect better from a pro. Shades of JPA.

    • Yeah goes both ways. DN could have done a little better job of blocking those balls. Santos’ breaking ball wasn’t working. Should have tried to locate the fastball rather than trying to command the breaking ball. Rather have the ball put in play as opposed to giving away runs from pitcher/catcher mistakes.

  30. My concern right now is Lind and how long he’s going to be out. Another promising start and now his back flares up again. He’s his own worst enemy like any other major leaguer who tries to play through the pain. Let’s all hope he’s not out of the lineup for an extended period.

    Here’s my advice to Diaz and Goins. Be extra patient at the plate. It’s ok to take a pitch or two and work the count. Do your best to put good wood on the strikes when you see them coming.

  31. Even having to put Diaz and Goins out there shows you the Jays are not good enough.
    Like really? Diaz and Goins?

    • Who else can they run out there? It isn’t like a trade will be made for a SS with Reyes on the 15 day DL. Besides, ever look at the 2B options out there? It isn’t exactly overflowing with offensive dynamos.

  32. I think the “Its early in the season” “Its a long season” good will was all used up last year.
    But to be fair, not much more than 500 is expected out of this team anyways right?

  33. Anyone else despise this article?

    So basically Griffin is stating that the Jays’ ownership will never have the will to win and go through a full rebuild. Instead, we get to enjoy mediocrity for the next two decades. FUCK YEAH!

  34. I’m glad I didn’t watch either game yesterday.

  35. The blood has been mopped up at Target Field and the Jays are in a new city. Hutch will erase the memories of yesterday that the alcohol could not.

  36. What happened to the Morning After posts?

  37. I’d rather they blow through a season’s worth of unmitigated fucking ineptitude in one game, rather than spread it out over the season.

    Let’s hope that’s the last of that.

    • It was one blow out game and a second game comprising of a bullpen meltdown of historical proportions.

      Back to back? It fucking sucks.

      I am sure the Jays are glad as fuck to be in Cleveland today. That sentence alone speaks volumes, in so many ways.

      Silver lining is that Reyes should be back tomorrow. Oh, and that JA Happ has no business pitching high leverage innings.

      Delabar and Santos are big boys. They will bounce back.

  38. That’s the spirit AEP, they should be ready to wreak havoc on those poor Cleveland Indians.

    • Looks like they’ll have to do it without Lind.
      He’s not in the lineup.
      Have seen nothing official, but assume
      Gose was sent back down.

  39. At least Deadspin noted the second game meltdown.

  40. according to twitter jose reyes will play saturday due to this:
    For all those asking, the plan was set yesterday for Reyes to return Sat. Gibbons didn’t want him playing night game/early game #bluejays

  41. I feel like last night almost broke the monkey army. Rally the troops, Hutchison, you’re bringing us back from the ledge. Playoff march starts today. Go Jays.

  42. Did Stoeten blow his head off or something?

  43. Can’t believe I’m actually finding Zaun’s analysis of Santos’delivery insightful.

  44. Masterson always fucks us.

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