Minneapolis is still shaking off the snow from yesterday’s storm, so… let’s play two games of outdoor baseball!

Though actually, that sort of is one hell of a way to tell winter to go fuck right off already, eh, ya fuckin’ buncha snow, and as you can see from this tweet by Barry Davis of Sportsnet, the Twins’ grounds crew has made Target Field look downright playable. Which… that’s a good thing, because we’ve got two games of baseball to get to. So settle in, settle up to the bar, try not to get too dismayed by some of the scuttlebutt that will follow, and keep it together long enough to so something relatively productive during the window between the 1 PM ET game and the 7 PM ET game. We’ve got a day-night doubleheader on our hands!


Sure, the bullpen is humming along without Casey Janssen, but this is still not great news: Brendan Kennedy tweets that he’s taking a step back from his rehab assignment, and will be shut down for a few days. I know he’s not a big velocity guy anyway, but the reports of him being 86-89 in his last outing weren’t exactly encouraging, and don’t necessarily make this surprising.

Gregor Chisholm first tweeted that it was a “sore lower back” that was behind Janssen’s shut-down, however Scott MacArthur later tweeted that it is an abdominal strain, which was later repeated by other sources as well. (Gregor has clarified that it’s sort of both: “it’s technically strained lower back/ left abdominal muscle. It’s on the lower left side of his body.”)

Kennedy adds a quote from John Gibbons that backs up the tie in with the velocity issues: “It’s not like it’s a lot worse, but he doesn’t feel comfortable enough yet to start cutting it loose.”

Gregor also tweets that Jose Reyes is now expected to rejoin the Jays on Saturday in Cleveland, not Friday. Fortunately it’s not because of a setback, it’s because of “crap” weather (according to a tweet from MacArthur) and the fact that they would have liked him to avoid the day game after a night game anyway.

Colby Rasmus is back in the lineup, as you can see below. Though, because of the cold weather and the ailing hamstring, he’ll be at DH for game one. And he won’t be in centre for game two, either, as Anthony Gose is with the club — though, as Barry Davis reminds us in a tweet, as per MLB’s rule about using a 26th roster spot for doubleheaders, he’s only available for the 7 PM tilt. Rasmus would have played in the outfield today if conditions were better, says Gibbons, according to a Brendan Kennedy tweet.

Davis also tweets that Adam Lind says his back feels better — “I’m functionable,” he told Brendan Kennedy — though he won’t be available today. He’s still hopeful he can avoid a DL stint, though, so that’s alright.

Kennedy tweets that Gibbons says if someone gets up in the bullpen for game one, he’s probably not going to be available for game two. MacArthur notes that Gibbons’ game one bench consists of Dioner Navarro and Jonathan Diaz.

MacArthur: Security guy checks my bag: “Today isn’t the day to bring in anything malicious. Nobody’s going to be here anyway.”

Ben Wagner tweets that it’s also a doubleheader day in snowy Buffalo. He adds another Bisons tidbit: Marcus Stroman’s 21 strikeouts are tied for the most in all of triple-A baseball.

TV: Sportsnet

Next game: Tomorrow, 7:05 PM ET, @ Cleveland

For those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with theScore app.

And now, the game one lineups… 

Toronto Blue Jays

LF Melky Cabrera (S)
2B Munenori Kawasaki (L)
CF Jose Bautista (R)
1B Edwin Encarnacion (R)
DH Colby Rasmus
3B Brett Lawrie (R)
RF Moises Sierra (R)
C Josh Thole (L)
SS Ryan Goins (L)

RHP R.A. Dickey

Minnesota Twins

2B Brian Dozier (R)
1B Joe Mauer (L)
3B Trevor Plouffe (R)
RF Chris Colabello (R)
LF Jason Kubel (L)
DH Josmil Pinto (R)
C Kurt Suzuki (R)
CF Aaron Hicks (S)
SS Pedro Florimon (S)

RHP Kyle Gibson


Image via @BlueJays.

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  1. not to be a poopy pants – but I think I read Stroman and Sanchez are at 5BB/9 as well so yeah

    epic day drunk day though so who the fuck cares – good thing there is a break, nap time, between the ganes

  2. I need a beer.

    I know they can get retro-DL Lind if need by, but with a short bench already, why not just DL him now and call up Johnson or Francisco?

  3. Great to see Cletus back, and good news about Lind!

  4. Lind is “functionable”

    Does MLB test for Dank?

  5. Functionable. Also George W. Bush-like in its awesomeness.

  6. Anyone see how many people are at the game so far?

  7. Oh great, it’s another ump with a tiny strike zone.

  8. encarnacion looks cold and unhappy

  9. Why would you swing if you’re the twins?

  10. Dickey pitching reminds me off the end of the movie The Rookie, when he loses his fastball at the end, and tries to get guys out with a softball slo-pitch.

  11. Whew!

  12. “It’s all about focus today”

    - Buck Martinez

  13. Never in doubt. Dickey’s going to throw a 250-pitch no-hitter.

  14. Cy Young strike

  15. Pretty hard to throw many more pitches than that in just one inning and still come out of it unscathed.

  16. If every count goes full all game we might make it straight through to the 7 PM game.

  17. Let’s play some snowball.

    I think the Jays should play at BMO field next week just to reminisce about the old Exhibition Stadium. Bench seats and birdshit. Fergie Oliver is throwing out the first snowball.

  18. One thing I’ve noticed this year is the Jays are getting a lot more lucky breaks going their way.

  19. Minnesota weather drinking game;

    Drink every time:
    Buck refers to the weather as “Minnesota Vikings” weather.
    There’s an error or a slip and fall.
    They show a fan in a t-shirt/shirtless.
    Buck/Tab comment on the snow that was on the field.
    Buck or Tab talk about how important it is to “get a grip on the baseball”.

    Think I’m gonna be drunk by the second game.

  20. Touche.

  21. Does the cold weather increase defensive errors?

    I mean, it makes sense.

  22. why in the hell isn’t Sierra bunting

  23. Why the fuck didn’t he bunt

  24. I think I have officially given up on any hope that Sierra might not be a useless shitbag.

    • He did hit the ball hard.

      • Did he? I’m stuck at work with no feed or radio – just Game Day. Still though, I’m not basis this off of one AB. He almost always looks terribad at the plate, and always looks terribad in the field. It’s too bad that Gose couldn’t play the first game, because I’d rather only have his glove than have Sierra’s glove and bat in he lineup.

    • I talked myself into him over the spring. But I’m very rapidly talking myself out of him now. Just looks overmatched.

  25. no reason not to be playing small ball there. Porky Pig hates smalll ball

  26. Maybe Gibby thought it was too early for small ball?

  27. Nice play by Kawasaki there.

  28. Kawasaki gold glovin’ it.

  29. Oh, it’s the UCL story? Never heard that one before.


  31. I’m watching the Twins feed. Apparently Kyle Lowry now plays for the Jays AND the Raptors.

  32. Dickey’s pitch count is eerily reminiscent of Morrow on Tuesday.

    • I was watching that game at the bar and I was like, “wait, why the fuck did they pull Morrow?”

      If Dickey can get into the sixth I’m okay with that.

  33. 44 pitches in 1 2/3rd innings. Great.


  35. Fun fact: in 2007, A.J. Burnett started 25 games for the Blue Jays. He threw 110 or more pitches in 13 of those games. The most memorable of those was surely the 130-pitch affair against the Devil Rays on June 7 at Rogers Centre. 37,000 attended on a Thursday afternoon to watch two teams under 500. Burnett struck out 13 batters.

    So Gibby: time to save the bullpen a little?

    • also, Matt stairs went yard

      • Box score I’m looking at says Stairs went 0-4. It was Rios with the dinger. I was mostly interested in verifying my impression that Gibby used to let the leash out on Burnett when he was on, because today kind of feels like one of those days.

        • I was guessing,
          I went to a burnett vs the rays game way back, and he dominated them,
          i was buying a stairs jersey, and some guy was chirping me for it, then he went yard and i believe they wont like 1-0 or 2-1 and he got shipped out to philly a few days later.

          • That was July 28, 2008. Another good effort by Burnett. 1 unearned run and 10 Ks over 7 innings. That was a good year for Jays pitchers.

      • Not that one. I went to that game and I think it was in September

  36. why are the twins even taking bats with them to the plate?
    they all look like they’re doing everything they can to walk

  37. Lind, use a rigid foam roller.

  38. Smasher is in Hawaii right now trying to such in the bubbleguts and stroll the beaches like a spry David Hasselhoff.

    What a douche.

  39. Colby is raking

  40. Colby is in the groove right now it seems

  41. 56 pitches apiece. The modern-day pitcher’s duel.

    • Pitches weren’t counted at the time, but Nolan Ryan used to face 40+ batters in a game. There was one in 1977 where he threw a complete game against the Blue Jays, walked 9 and struck out 13. Probably broke 200 pitches that day.

  42. Just watched a Brett Lawrie highlights video that I stumbled onto on youtube. As much as he’s kind of a moron, he’s also all kinds of awesome. I’m glad we have him.

    I want to go punch cars or something now.

  43. Phew

  44. 0 Runs

    just say’n

    • You can’t expect that you’re going to score a lot of runs versus the Twins.

      • In this weather, who knows?

        I’m just saying that despite Dickey’s long day so far, he hasn’t given up a run :)

  45. This Gibson guy is no slouch, 2-0 and less than 1.50 ERA…

  46. Thole doesn’t look half bad this year.

  47. It’d be nice if Thole flashed some of that .350 OBP guy we expected.

  48. Perhaps Goins shouldn’t be asked to hit-and-run anymore. Perhaps.

  49. Oh Goins.

  50. Ugh.

    Hit-and-run with a swing-and-miss hitter up and a catcher running? Straight out of the Tabby playbook.

  51. Can we please stop doing hit and runs with a batter who has massive troubles making contact?

  52. i despise hit and runs. leaves your hitter and runner totally defenseless, and Goins has enough trouble hitting without being asked to make contact on pitches in the other batters box.

  53. I dont like it because Thole Cant Run and Goins doesnt make a lot of contact. Thats a bad combo to hit and run. Bad combo.

  54. Goins is pathetic. Now that maicer is done for year can aa please get off his ass and sign drew. We may have a contender on our hands the way were pitching.

    • It`s been said and said again. No money at all for AA, had to go hat in hand to try and get Santana. Also the Blue Jays do not deal with Boras. You want Drew to sign here, convince him to drop Boras.

  55. We did that earlier when Navarro miraculously stole that base. Hit and Run with Navarro (slowest guy in the big leaugues) and with Lawrie up, who at the time was in like a 1-15 stretch. Why Gibbons? Fuck Sakes Why?

  56. Muni’s your hit and run guy. That alone should push him ahead of Goins in the pecking order.

    • When Reyes returns a Muni/Diaz left right platoon could be decent. They both take a ton of pitches. In a world of pitch counts burning 12 to 15 pitches on the 9th hitter helps overall.

      • Totally agree. Muni may not hit for average but he works the count and that has real value. Plus he can lay down a bunt or move a runner with a productive out. Love the bat control.

  57. Serious question: I know we’ve kind of disproved the value of the sac bunt (although baseball has been slow to catch up with that logic). What’s the modern consensus on the hit-and-run? Effective strategy in the right situation or dinosaur baseball?

  58. Who is Kyle Gibson and how does he have a 1.10 ERA?

  59. On gameday it looks like Dickey is getting squeezed. Does it look that way live?

  60. Going to buy beers right now. Let’s get Dealing Dick some fucking runs eh

  61. Time for Dickey to stop DIckeying around.

  62. Okay, that’s enough for the Dickster today.

    • He’s been throwing more than 50% “fast”balls this inning.

      • Can’t through the knuckler for strikes and the Ump was doing him no favours.

        The cold seems to have got him.

        • On the 2 run double, game center showed 2 pitches in the zone that were called balls. Dickey followed those up with a meatball right down the heart of the plate but it’s almost hard to blame him.

  63. Gross.

  64. 112 pitches, and Dickey seems to have mostly abandoned his knuckleball. Need to pull him.

  65. bad day for dick

  66. This dude is unwatchable

  67. Dickey will be the boat anchor around AA neck. Horrible

  68. Time to load up the Dickey excuse gun.

  69. Well, that was predictable.

  70. Good thing we have 3 long men in the BP……….Redmond finishes the game FTW!

  71. Oh well, let’s go offence!

  72. what an ace!

  73. Suck a dickey. Awesome dude. Fucking hate him as a pitcher.

  74. Another outing where he was in good shape through 90 pitches and then ends up getting pulled at 110+ after giving up another handful of runs.

    I’m not saying he should have been pulled at 90 pitches. But it will be interesting to see if these coincidences grow into a trend.

  75. What a fuck shit stack that was.

  76. Syndegard

  77. On a side note, we gave up two top prospects for a guy who can do what every SP available in baseball can do. Give a nice start once every 4-5 games. Am I wrong?

  78. Gibby needs to have a shorter leash with Dickey
    When he goes he really goes

    Dickey’s one win came when Gibby pulled him early and he was pissed
    Get used to it Dickster

  79. Colby would have caught that fly off the wall imo. Sure glad the Jays aren’t paying Dickey ‘ace money’…

  80. Dickey was close today. He’ll get better.

    • ???? The only thing keeping him from walking a dozen guys was throwing a ton of fastballs…and he still managed to walk 5 guys. and His fastball isn’t exactly good. What was promising about that start lol

      • His knuckleball was dancing, and had hitter fooled. He was around the strike zone, but just missing. He’ll come around
        but I think he needs to mix in a curveball or his fastball to be more effective.

        • Was unable to catch the game. Was Dickey’s knuckled dancing at all? Fuck, 5 walks today.

          Is he throwing anything else? What happened to his 84 mph FB? Or his change or knuckle curve? Haven’t been able to line up any time to watch his starts so far , except his decent one against the Skanks.

          Dunno, but playing baseball in Saskatchewan weather ain’t easy for finesse guys like Dickey.

          Hopefully Lambchops can put together a decent outing.

          Dickey effect! We need it tonight boys!

  81. did Tabby just say Redmond was a groundball pitcher?

  82. Just checked the score at work. I wish I hadn’t. Let’s go bats!

  83. When has a knuckleballer been the Ace of a staff? Any staff. I know the Niekros had some good seasons, Wakefield too, but they were never their staff’s Ace. This trade was a baaaaaaad move.

  84. hey where’s ernie witt,
    are you still upset we have so many long relievers?

    • Go easy on him, he make a decent point about having a better bench, but as we see today the starting pitching is by no means stabilized yet.

  85. things went off rail after that shitty hit and run

  86. There is a trend emerging here……

    It appears this year that the 3 time thru the order these MLB hitters are getting comfortable with the knuckleball.

    So i recommend that unless the Jays give him a good lead, or if Dickey looks exceptionally good, that they pull him after 18 batters.

    I know the double header is kind of an exception today, but moving forward, the Jays need to do what is best to win games, and might as well put that 8 man pen to work.

  87. I know you want to save the bullpen here, but Dickey had clearly lost it after that infield single. Meh.

  88. Enough of Dickey apologists. Send Thole down use Kratz, better hitter.
    Dickey doesn’t get to decide his personal catcher anymore, doesn’t make a shit bit of difference who’s catching him, he can’t deliver.

  89. Guys, come on. RA was totally ready to pitch last night and would’ve thrown a great game. It’s not fair to expect him to pitch well in an afternoon game!

    Or maybe he took his day off and watched Captain America and was so disappointed he couldn’t locate his knuckle ball. Whatever the excuse is, I’m sure it’ll be air tight.

  90. Who is playing Dickey in his movie?

  91. If he was facing a good team, he would have been out of this game <2 innings. Can't find the strike zone, then throws meatballs.

  92. Ok, time to take advantage of the error.

  93. Trading for Dickey was the biggest mistake the pseufto – ninja did.

    This is why AA is the lowest paid GM in baseball.

    Scott Kazmir would have looked great in our rotation .

    • Because what we really need is another starter with a significant injury history. What we do need is to give Dickey a short rope in the spring. The knuckleball obviously doesn`t work in cold weather, at least that`s probably going to be the reason for today`s blowup. So he gets two goes through the lineup and then bring someone else out. If were going to go with the big bullpen, then use the big bullpen. Of course I`m basing this entirely off his late season push last year when the knuckleball seemed to fly better.

  94. Nice rally guys

  95. I blame the parents

  96. This is epic.

  97. Stoeten – Easy to be negative now, but seriously, Jays have to start treating Dickey like a 5th starter until he shows otherwise. Fuck reputation.

  98. Can’t stand Dickey. Not last year, not this year not ever. Can’t believe we traded for this goof. Shitball NL knuckleballer yeah that will work in the AL NOT.

  99. Is Dickey the new JPA? Discuss.

    • if this keeps up, maybe, but JPA didn’t have an MVP to back him up.

      Dickey still out pitched a lot of guys in the NL

      His April numbers sucked in 2011 too

  100. Overreact much people?

    Dickey’s a pretty solid bet for 200 innings with an ERA around 4.00. sure that’s not something you deal two top prospects for, but how is that different than dealing prospects for the right to pay Mark Buehrle $18mill this year and $19mill next year.

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