Game Threat: Jays @ Cleveland

So… yesterday sucked. Obviously. But you want to know what sucks more? Listening to fucking hopeless idiots trying to make a mountain out of two losses on a 162 game schedule for a team currently at .500 who everybody figured would end up somewhere about ten games above or below .500 by the time all is said and don’t. Yeah, Gibbons left Dickey in a batter or two too long and it bit him. It happens. If it helps inform the manager in making a hard decision the next time he contemplates having Dickey on a shorter leash than he believes the pitcher would like, then there’s some positive there. Way more negative than positive, but still. Also, as much as the little pisspantses rushing to Twitter to vent about Noah Syndergaard don’t want to hear this: it’s early. There is no reason to think that Dickey won’t get better than what we’ve seen. Look at what he did when healthy in the second half of last season, and in 2012. These four games haven’t looked good, but they don’t undo that (you whining fucking morons).

And last night’s game? Yeah, it was a bullpen meltdown of epic proportions. Yeah, you could nitpick Gibbons for taking Delabar out too early, or pretend like Santos wasn’t trying, or something, in order to justify all the little negativity you want to hurl through your TV and computer screens, but… I dunno… maybe try being a goddamn human being for once and recognize that the Jays tried to hold a lead with their two best relievers and it just didn’t work, which is a thing that happens sometimes. Look around you: most people can actually do this just fine, and just because your insufferably fucking whiny voice is loud enough doesn’t mean you’re not kinda dumb as shit and blind to what a little child you’re actually being. OK?

Now let’s never speak of it again.

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  1. Exactly. It’s early. Cleveland sucks.

  2. Don’t sugarcoat it Stoets.

  3. Wow that was a beautiful third strike.

  4. I’m sensing some frustration here, and … wait, give me a minute. I think yes, it’s some misplaced anger at life in general. Psychic Sonia sees all.

  5. What’s shallowness?

  6. So, because there’s no evidence in support of your daft hypothesis, you’re going to call Stoeten names? Sounds like you’ve mastered statistical inference.

  7. Bigger issue to me was the fact that our manager, formerly praised for his bullpen use, somehow managed to use his FIVE best relievers before the end of the eighth inning. Might have been nice to have Cecil or Wagner in reserve in that 8th inning, huh?
    No, the manager doesn’t walk the batters. But the manager decides who throws which pitches. And when two of your best relief pitchers are burned in the seventh inning, you’re leaving VERY little room for failure. And if the only alternative to Steve Delabar in the 8th inning is a 5-out save from Santos, you’ve made a BIG miscalculation.

    • Not calling for Gibbons’ head but that was far from his finest hour for sure.

    • You could make the argument that Cecil could have handled the 8th or that Wagner could have handled another batter in the 7th. I don’t know that I’d disagree. Leaving the 8th to Delabar and the 9th to Santos is entirely defensible in a close game, though. Obviously it turned out really badly, but it’s not clear to me that it’s a priori wise, for instance to have Wagner deal with a lefty to close out the 7th.

      IIRC, the stat weenies want you to put your best reliever in against the best opposing hitters whenever they come up in a tight game from the 7th on.

      • But leaving the 8th to Delabar and the 9th to Santos without ANYBODY left to back them up in case…y’know…they have control problems. You’re gambling bigtime.

        • Happ and Rogers are still alive. He was trying to win the game. Yes, it blew up in his face.

          • And when was the last time either Happ or Rogers put up an ERA below 4? (I looked it up, it was 2010).

            You burned five premier relievers before the end of the 8th inning. That’s a miscalculation.

            • Wow, a small miscalculation by a baseball manager?

              Get the fuck over it. Nobody’s not acknowledging it wasn’t a well managed game, but the hindsight bullshit is just so ridiculously easy. Why not accept the world as it is a little more? Giving no manager any margin for error before going full wank-off into nitpicking against him? Sounds like a real fun way to approach a sport with constant wrong guesses on managerial coin flips.

              • I’m not saying Gibbons is responsible for the loss, nor am I saying that this was a big deal. Just – you just said it yourself – it was an AMATEUR managerial move,. So was conceding second base that same inning on two separate occasions (didn’t turn out to be a factor, but still a DUMB move). And for my money, DUMB moves and BAD bullpen management have become the norm around here.

                And for the record. Even if they had won, they STILL would have been dumb moves. Just ones that worked out in his favour.

                • No, it wasn’t amateur, you fucking fool. No, they are not the norm, you fucking fool. Yes, they were bad moves.

                  But you know, what, I’m actually being cordial by suggesting that they’re remotely close to as bad as you think they are. They, of course, were not. Delabar in the eighth, Santos in the ninth, two run lead, Happ still available — what’s the problem exactly? That they didn’t win and you need to justify your rage about it by finding someone to make at fault for that? Garbage.

            • No, that’s a poor result. A miscalculation is when you do something that you ought to know, a priori, will have a poor result. You haven’t convinced me that Gibby’s management of the bullpen is a miscalculation.

    • Bullshit. He had Delabar and Santos for the 8th and 9th. Whats the problem? You want him to keep someone back in case they shit the bed?

      They had bad outings. It happens. Blaming the manager is the hight of dumbfuckary

      • Yes, that’s exactly what I want him to do. If he had done it, the team might have won. I don’t see why that’s difficult to understand.

        • In the 7th inning, the manager does not know in advance what will unfold in the 8th or 9th innings. He used Cecil to get a lefty out who could have tied the game.

  8. Um, 2 of the jays best relievers walking 6 and blowing a lead is categorically *not* characteristic of this team’s bullpen. Absolutely not.

  9. Hey Stoeten.

    You might come off as less of a giant fucking asshole if you didn’t insult EVERYONE that reads your fucking blog because of a percentage that chicken littles.

    • Meh, I think he acknowledged that, that group is the minority. This is a quote from the post above.

      ” Look around you: most people can actually do this just fine, and just because your insufferably fucking whiny voice is loud enough doesn’t mean you’re not kinda dumb as shit and blind to what a little child you’re actually being.”

    • Only idiots are insulted.

      • I’m not insulted. I just think it’s sad that he slips into arrogant angry hipster all too often.

        • See the comments above. Maybe actually read the post you’re supposedly offended by before you start hurling misplaced insults.

    • He didnt say EVERYONE – do people even read the post?

  10. D-fence!

  11. We need Hutch to go deep tonite as the starters were basically crap in Minny. Remember last year, we had to use the bullpen for what seemed 4-7 innings damn near every night. I think Hutch can do it.
    Good play by EE there at 1st

  12. Just two losses? Fine. Happens to everyone.

    Two losses like that? To a team that is supposedly pretty bad? Not so much. The way the pen blew the lead was horrific. The fact that R.A. Dickey hasn’t looked like an ace pretty much the entire time we’ve had him, and is turning in starts which aren’t befitting of a four is also disturbing. The fact that we’ve already had so many injuries isn’t great either.

    Lets not get crazy here. The season isn’t lost. This series isn’t the worst thing that has happened to Toronto. But it was bad. And if you can’t beat the Twins, and you lose like that, it only natural to assume things won’t be better against Boston or New York (or pretty much any other team not named Houston). Yes, we shouldn’t go crazy, but yesterday was crazy bad, and isn’t the best indication for this season. Putting it any other other is kind of stupid.

    • Pens are going to blow up every now and then.

      It is the absolute shit-tier starting pitching that is worrisome.

    • “Only natural to assume”

      If by natural, you mean really, really, impressively dumb.

      • Come on man, every single projection, analyst, and statistician picked Toronto to finish last. They have to outplay that projection. They’re not a first place type team where they can play badly and you can say “it doesn’t matter cause we know they’re good”. If anything, we know they’re not so good. If they play badly, its an indication that they are living up to exactly what was projected.

    • They can, and did, beat the Twins, so the rest of your argument is shot.

      • Bigger picture bud. They list the series. And if you don’t believe that two games mean anything, why are you countering with their performance in just once game?

        • You wrote down an argument. That argument relies on premises that are false. Your argument is therefore bullshit.

        • The “if you can’t beat XXXX” stuff is such utter horseshit, though. Last year’s Astros — last year’s Astros — won games against every team in the American League. Making grand claims about what it means to be able to or not be able to beat any give team on any given night is not a sound form of analysis, no matter how hard you close your eyes and wish.

  13. Masterson not the guy I like to see on the bump when the Jays need a little pick me up to end this mini shitty streak.

  14. Normally I agree with what you say Stoets, but your rant was very Wilner-esque.
    I now demand that you and Wilner appear in the same room, in order to dispel any Janet-is-also-Michael-Jackson type rumours.
    And yeah, like someone else already commented, it did pretty much sound like you insulted everyone. But hey, we’re not here just for the $16 beers, so that ok. I still love you.
    Now, go Jays! Destroy these Indians so I can enjoy my Walmart frozen pizza with a smile on my face.

  15. Did we not get to bat in the 2nd?

  16. Atta boy Eddie.

  17. Stoeten just pointed out facts. Someone once said ‘the great thing about facts is you can agree or disagree, but they’re still facts.’

  18. Was worth the wait for this. Idiots.

  19. The Cleve looks like fucking Sarasota after Minny.

  20. Win and the narrative changes.

    Let’s go.

  21. Without a comma in your username, you’re the asshole.

  22. Masterton is a guy we always seem to hit weak ground balls against. Rest of the league does Ok against him . we just seem to stink with him. Hopefully we can turn it around. Be nice if EE could whomp one-he’s fukin way overdue

  23. FUK

  24. Good change by Hutch to Gomes there-f’d him up good. C’mon Bats let;s go FFS

  25. “…somewhere about ten games above or below .500 by the time all is said and don’t”


    Also, yes to all of that other stuff.

  26. Nice job Melky.

  27. I am quite enamoured with the Melkman.

  28. Goins has to go first to third on that. What the fuck man, challenge the defense.

  29. Fuck Kawasaki batting 2nd.

  30. That was nasty from Masterston.

  31. Masterton at 35 piches-in 3rd inning /WE got about 3 pitchers who do it quite regularly-for one inning

  32. Time for EE to make them pay.

  33. There is nothing characteristic of any shallowness or holes, you fucking child. They were bad games. Get your fucking pacifier out.

    • One might say “close your ears”, Stoeten. You’ll get better results that way, instead of attempting to ridicule the thousands of fans who see yesterday as bigger than just “a bad couple of games”.
      You’re fighting a losing battle here.

      • Those people deserve ridicule, so they’ll get ridicule. Believe me, I’ve learned enough about fans and human nature over the years to understand that it’s a losing battle I’m fighting, but so fucking what? That’s a reason to stop ridiculing the ridiculous?

        • Of course the problem is that you have no logic, no facts and no evidence at all that you’re right and those thousands are wrong.

          • Of course I do. The fact that you don’t like the truth doesn’t make it wrong, silly child.

          • Whoa, Trollee McTrollerson, recognize your hyperbolic behaviour and settle down.

            Using phrases like “he always does X, he sucks” in lieu of, say, empiric evidence is, by definition, being an idiot.

  34. EE has to stop impersonating JPA_ we need his fukin stick

  35. Its early, its early, its early. Until its too late.

  36. Calm the fuck down, fukstik.

    Take two bottles of merlot and call me in the morning.
    Not too early.

  37. SP- Having barley sandwiches tonte to be followed by Pizza soon enuf. Might explain my jitterrnish-I don’t know ho to spell it. Hutch lookin good spuds-hope he can do it all year, we need to catch some ligtening , instead of coal, for a change.
    Forweard Soviet 9Ooops watch out for Ukraine

  38. Nice shot Rasmus.

  39. Good poke by Bama boy- need someone to score him. Anybody know if he is doing “dingers for dough”,with Bob Baneerman this year?

  40. night_manimal, are you there?

    Your boy done good.

  41. nice wild pitch there.

  42. A well placed dribbler by Lawrie-I;ll take it

  43. All right, Laurie and Ramsus combine to score a run.

  44. Yes! Sweet! Dimed!

  45. That should be enough for Hutch.

  46. Tell Sierra to swing when the pitch is dead red FFS

  47. Sierra just ain’t cuttin’ it. He really doesn’t have any stand out skills. Reminds me of Eric Thames but worse.

  48. wor the count Ryan-work it

  49. well at least he burnt 7 pitches

  50. Even without the Minnesota turtleneck Goins looks like my aunt.

  51. Daniel Norris alert: looks like he had another strong game last night. Four no-hit innings, two walks and six Ks. Totals this season: 15 IP, 3 BB, and 17 K.
    Is a promotion to AA on the horizon?

  52. I maintain baseball was best in the 80′s: starters could still go the distance (125 pitches), bullpens had five men, and Dave Stieb and Nolan Ryan were bosses.
    Fuckin’ spray charts and pitch counts are for wankers.

  53. Hutch bends, but doesn’t break.
    Good for him.

  54. I know its early but hutch is looking good. I think hes been the biggest positive surprise on the team so far

    • Except for trying to go inside on the left handed hitters he’s looked good. They’ve been hitting that inside fastball though.

  55. hutch lloking like a vet out there. Hope we can get a couple off masterton

  56. Melky is a hitting macheen.

  57. I guess Melky’s tumour was fukin him up good last year. Like I said, he keeps this up and round about June they better think of extending him somehow

  58. So when reyes comes back, goins goes to aaa and kawa is the starter? Right?

    • Doubtful

    • Nobody knows yet. Not necessarily. Would seem to be the right move, but we haven’t seen Muni on the turf yet either. The gap defensively may not be the same size as it looks from these few games.

      • Really dont get the misplaced faith in goins to even be a league avg hitter. Kawa can put up a really good AB and that alone makes him much more valuable than goins. This lineup needs more of that.

        • I don’t think anybody thinks he’s going to be a league average hitter, not even the Jays. He’s there for his defence — and on that point there is definitely a difference.

  59. More bat shit calls by a home plate umpire. Don’t know why u can’t use replay for BS calls like that. Thats 2x now as the same call was made on Kratz last week-FUK!

  60. this is why Kawasaki can’t hit 2nd. Melky gets on and immediately you have to give up the AB with a sac because he’s such a good DP candidate

    • You don’t have to do anything of the sort.

      • well you dont have to, but with a career .218/.304/.278 hitter who doesn’t strikeout, puts almost 60% of his balls in play on the ground and doesnt have plus speed, it might be one of the few situations where the bunt is not a terrible call.

        Rasmus or Navarro would be much better choices

    • I agree that kawa should not be hitting 2nd but dont get your premise.

  61. Masterson really owns RHB, doesn’t he?

  62. I wish we didn’t bunt after melkys gets a hit every time

  63. Canadian Jesus needs to get on with the miracles and quit swinging that carpenters wood.

  64. FUCK you SANTANA

  65. Pretty excited to see Juan Francisco hit in the Rogers Center. He is going to hit some bombs.

  66. Why didn’t AA get a 2nd base upgrade again? What a genius he is

  67. Diid anyone think the Blue Jays would actually win this game?

  68. Why go back in there after Santana smoked the previous pitch foul?

  69. ugh… prototypical bloop and blast. all of a sudden indians hitters look very dangerous.

  70. Too bad, Hutch was having a great game.

    • He Had a great game.
      It’s a shame.
      The hitters need to get hitterish, the sooner the better.

  71. Some disturbing trends from Delabar. Since the AS breqak last year , up to which he was lights out with an ERA of 1+,he has had an ERA over 4 and has started walking a lot of people and falling behind batters. Hehad arm problems late last year and he just doesn’t seem that effective to me anymore. Anyone else feel that way?

  72. Good start by Hutch. 0 walks and 9 strikeouts? Fuck yeah. If the Jays lose this, blame it on the hitters. Or the bullpen, I guess there’s still plenty of time for them to fuck it up.

  73. Sierra looks absolutely lost against Masterson.

  74. Moises looks complete shit.

  75. I hope the Jays stop wasting a roster spot on a corner OF that can’t field or hit.

  76. Melky!


  78. Melky the best

  79. MUNE!

  80. The Melkman looks like he’s going to be a true treasure to watch this year.

  81. Clutch hit by KAWA. Thank goodness they took Masterton out for us

  82. “Life is short, so why not just enjoy the game?”
    ~~~Munenori Kawasaki

    Why not indeed.

  83. Looks Like Diaz will be the infielder sent out as they left kawa in there. But, yeah, Sierra should me moved. Maybe convince him he is sick, and put him on the DL for awhile

    • Sierra, at least at this point is dead weight.

      Gose brings so much more except being a righty off the bench.

  84. Great play Gomes.

  85. This shows signs of becoming quite interesting.

  86. Sooner or later they’re going to pay for pitching around JBats.

  87. Edwin!!!

  88. There just might be some real character showing through here.
    Fingers crossed as usual.

  89. Clutch by EE there-way to go eddieee

  90. Took the dog out to do his business and missed the Kawasaki hit! Go Blue Jays!

  91. Someone tell Buck it is called an “error” not an AIR..FCUK sake

  92. Christ we come up with different ways to fuk up a rally-Jeezus

  93. It’s always been their Achilles Heel – the inability to put their foot on the opponent’s neck and just bear down when they’ve got them on the ropes.
    As Zaun said on McCown today – they should have 4 more wins…but they can’t, and it’ll keep them a .500 team.,
    Nice productive out there, Dioner.

  94. I feel bad for the pen. They are getting overworked big time. The starters are not going long enough.

  95. Nice K.

  96. Way to get out of that inning.

  97. I think cecil may just be the best reliever they have. If santos continues his wild pitch binge, try making him the closer.

    • Goggles is great, but let’s not give up on Santos.
      He must scare the opposition more than he scares us.

  98. Fuck. What have I been missing? Twitter led me to believe the season ended last night…

    I thought I’d have to drink with the TV off…

  99. nice 36ft fastball there by wagneer

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