Game Threat: Jays @ Cleveland

So… yesterday sucked. Obviously. But you want to know what sucks more? Listening to fucking hopeless idiots trying to make a mountain out of two losses on a 162 game schedule for a team currently at .500 who everybody figured would end up somewhere about ten games above or below .500 by the time all is said and don’t. Yeah, Gibbons left Dickey in a batter or two too long and it bit him. It happens. If it helps inform the manager in making a hard decision the next time he contemplates having Dickey on a shorter leash than he believes the pitcher would like, then there’s some positive there. Way more negative than positive, but still. Also, as much as the little pisspantses rushing to Twitter to vent about Noah Syndergaard don’t want to hear this: it’s early. There is no reason to think that Dickey won’t get better than what we’ve seen. Look at what he did when healthy in the second half of last season, and in 2012. These four games haven’t looked good, but they don’t undo that (you whining fucking morons).

And last night’s game? Yeah, it was a bullpen meltdown of epic proportions. Yeah, you could nitpick Gibbons for taking Delabar out too early, or pretend like Santos wasn’t trying, or something, in order to justify all the little negativity you want to hurl through your TV and computer screens, but… I dunno… maybe try being a goddamn human being for once and recognize that the Jays tried to hold a lead with their two best relievers and it just didn’t work, which is a thing that happens sometimes. Look around you: most people can actually do this just fine, and just because your insufferably fucking whiny voice is loud enough doesn’t mean you’re not kinda dumb as shit and blind to what a little child you’re actually being. OK?

Now let’s never speak of it again.

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  1. Best pitcher name ever?

  2. Kawasaki walks, another reliever burned, here comes Jose

    Goins begone

  3. Kawa making it tuff to send him back. Think it will be Diaz tomorrow

  4. Did Jose just grab his fucking back?


    Pour a double!

  6. Good K.

  7. Another K.

  8. Fuck yes!

  9. Put the boot on the throat for Zaun, Santos!

  10. Seriously, get Santos the fuck out of there. Looked good after the leadoff double but…

    • Seriously?

    • keep Riggs out of Here … what a downer … just watch and see what happens instead of gagging on your shit in between

      • Lol fuck off and stop your crying. Ignore my comment and move on you joke.

      • Understood the 9 strikeouts leading to a high pitch count, but I don’t think he’s striking out them on 1-2 counts, by my observation, he is striking out quite a few guys after 8 and 9 pitch at bats, in 3-2 counts, with a few foul balls. When he is so deep into the count, he increases the chance of giving up a walk (3.6/9) and the strikeout (10.8/9). Maybe Im just trying to explain the high K/9 from a pitcher without much movement or swing and miss type stuff, from my eyes anyway.

  11. Santos, by the Sweet Baby Jesus.

  12. YESSSS!

  13. Way to go Eddie!

  14. Just kidding!

  15. Happy for Santos. Got some redemption after last nights tough loss.

  16. Ladies and gentlemen, the save statistic.

  17. I thought that was a game winning hit right there.

  18. Phew!

  19. If that was a playoff game I don’t think I would have survived.

  20. Jesus.
    Can’t ever make it easy, can you?
    Still…I’ll take ‘er.

  21. Seriously we have to beat the fuck out of any team where the fans wear “Keep the Chief” hoodies and chant “USA USA”…

  22. Shouldn’t even get credit for a save there. Holy moly.

  23. Well that was stress-free…

  24. Thanks Edwin

  25. Hutch was dealing. Love this man

  26. winning games like this feels good … the snake bite feeling of the past year or two sems to b lifting

    The Twins are the or one of the most patient teams and have to be given credit for not swinging last night.

  27. Boners up, everyone.

  28. 1 run game win, everybody.

  29. I will gladly take a W for that. Terrific ball game. Closer than it had to be but …
    Everyday this team stays above .500 is a win

  30. Thank goodness that 2-3 DP with the bases juiced didn’t cost them. Second straight game now that’s happened.

    • Wasted opportunities suck, but on balance you’d rather have opportunities than not have opportunities.

  31. +1 to Dan. I’m just glad for every win at this point. Whatever happens, this April is better than last April.

  32. pretty gutsy performance by Santos. he won’t give in to hitters even when he’s behind in the count – gotta tip your cap to that to that kind of confidence. and of course Edwin deserves a steak and a 6 pack for stopping that rocket that would have lost the game.

    good win all round – Hutch was good, bullpen was good, the bats kinda sucked but they did enough, and it’s not like the opposing pitcher was chopped liver.

    • Considering how much trouble Masterson seems to cause the Jays, it’s nice to get a win during his start…

    • Kipnis’s discipline in that AB was stupendous. No idea how he laid off those sliders.

      • I simply wouldn’t have swung at anything. Santos was having great difficulty locating his fastball, and his sliders usually end up outside the zone. It’s why Santos gets into trouble.

  33. I had an anxiety attack “watching”
    the bottom of the 9th on my mlb app

  34. Kawasaki sent down

    • I can’t believe Ryan Goins is still on a Major League roster.

      • To be fair, he’s looked somewhat competent lately.

        • I also think there’s something to be said about his D on the turf at home

          • I guess it doesn’t help that whatever range Reyes once at SS had is completely gone. Still, I don’t think Goins’ glove makes up for him being an easy out. IMO, a Diaz/Kawasaki platoon is the least garbage option at 2B.

            • Thanks for disrespecting pretty well everyone.

              • You’re welcome. Feel free to heap tons of respect upon the crap 2B options to offset my disrespect of their amazing baseball abilities.

            • I tend to agree with you LS. I think Goins’ D is not really enough to compensate for a bad bat. Then again, I think they are all kind of interchangeable at 2B. This guy hits a bit better and defends a bit worse…this other guy is the reverse.

              I do think it’s smart to field the best possible D at 2B now that Reyes is back at SS. So…Goins I guess

            • Diaz/Mune is better.

              Thing about AA that irks me though. When he sets his mind on the “path” he gets very stubborn about changing it. He decides that he’s going with certain players and is resistant to changing his mind lest he lose face or something.

              • From what I observed last year (even before the ankle injury) Reyes really can’t play short anymore. He’s a complete liability in the field. Goins’ and Diaz’ defense are a necessity with Reyes playing. I completely support them hanging around knowing they won’t hit.

                With Lind out and the weather being cool, I’d hope to see Reyes DH Goins and Diaz start in the field. It will help hamstrings, and starters who pitch to contact.

                • It’s an intriguing idea. Don’t you think they’ll DH Francisco though?

                  • Start Francisco…I fear that’s what they’re going to do. Having watched Beuhrle’s great start to the season, I sense that it wouldn’t have been the same without the strong D behind him.

                    Reyes’ bat could be a nice shot to the arm for the offense, and it’s important to give him an opportunity to play the field and give Francisco some at bats. Sunday’s game is followed by an off day and has Brandon Morrow starting. Odds are this might be a day when less pressure is put on the Jays’ shortstop. It would also provide an opportunity for Reyes to get an extra day’s recovery. I’d be more tempted to play him in the field on Sunday, and let Francisco DH then.

    • Juan Francisco up, Reyes off the DL, Izturis to the 60 day DL are the other moves.

  35. Big win to stop the shit-storm.

  36. LOL, Stanks bullpen imploding hard. Happens to everyone.

  37. Every team has a freak game like Minny get away from them. We learn from it and move on. At least we know we will not see that bad an inning the rest of the season.

    • Actually we don’t know that. Shit happens. But a good win the next tme out can be a great remedy.

      • I agree that we don’t _know_ that…but no one can remember ever seeing anything that bad before, so we can pretty fairly guess that.

        It’s like when Fernando Tatis hit 2 grandslams in one inning. We didn’t _know_ that we’d never see that again…but we were pretty sure…

      • An 8-walk inning? It was a total grease fire.

        I’d like Happ off the team and it will have been worth it.

  38. One (unexpected) word on this season so far: “Entertaining!”

    Gotta ride it & enjoy it, we’re fuckin’ due.

  39. Just so I’m clear…Stoeten is fine with how long the starter was left in, how long Santos was left in and the fact that Cecil didn’t throw a pitch in that debacle? Sorry, that’s not nitpicking. That was *not* handled well. And then the next day? I get the “put him back on the horse” philosophy, but the luck involved in not throwing that game out the window is considerable. Say what you will about the role, but Santos can’t close. Not 1-run ball games anyway. He’s just way to erratic.

    • Did I miss something or didn’t Santos do his job? The Jays won right?

      • Santos got out of it but he stopped throwing his fastball.

        He will get eaten alive throwing nothing but sliders.

      • Was talking about the game mentioned in the post. Meltdown game. And even of the game you referred to: if ‘lucky to get away with it’ is your idea of doing the job, i feel for your boss.

  40. I’ll tell you what Andrew… give me a number. How many games does Gibby have to blow with terrible decisions commit before I can legitimately call for his firing for being the incompetent manager I believe he is?

  41. Although I am pleased with Hutchison’s performance to date, I am not sure about his long term success as a starter. His pitch count is always very high. It seems to me he gets deep into counts with a lot of hitters, and they do seem to foul off a large percenatage of his pitches. I think that’s why he has such high a high strike out rate per 9, and yet also a high walk rate, a lot of hits and a lot of pitches per inning. His fastball is awfully straight, he really has to develop a change or maybe curveball, something to disrupt the hitters timing, as well as pinpoint control. Mind you he is very young and he could very well develop these, but as he is now, I don’t see him consistently making it through the 6th, yet alone the 7th inning. This was just an observation, didn’t look at any numbers to justify or rebuke this thought.

    I posed this question 2 weeks ago. Want to see what everyone thinks. If you can only sign one, do you sign Melky for 3 years and 30 million or Rasmus for 5 and 75. My choice would be Melky. I am not sure I want to commit that amount of money and term to Colby. Professional hitters, like Melky, Jose, Edwin and Lind are what make an offence work. They execute a plan, make the pitcher work for everything. at 10 mill per season, I don’t think we can afford to say no.

    What’s the long term answer in centre? Can you afford to play Gose there? Maybe Gose’s bat is a manageable liability if we upgrade the bat at 2nd and 3rd. Everyone is probably on the same page with respect to Goins but how long can we afford to carry Lawrie’s bat.

    • In defense of Hutch… he is working on the changeup. He threw it a few times last night but he doesn’t have enough separation in velocity between the change and fastball yet. It will get there. Refining that pitch will go a long way to his success.

      And of course striking out 9 guys in 5 innings will lead you to a high pitch count. Chaning speeds more effectively should lead to more weak contact and shorter ABs.

      • Yep, he’s still only 23, by no means the finished product yet.

        The stuff is there, though. He looks to me like Morrow with less velocity but better command.

    • FYI, Rasmus saw 4.16 pitches per plate appearance in 2013 — good for 14th in the AL (min. 450 PAs). He’s at 4.11 so far this year. The bit about “not making the pitcher work” is just inaccurate.

      People get too hung up on strikeouts. It’s part of his game. Defensively elite CFs with that kind of power are just so valuable. I’d extend Colby over Melky any day — but of course, doing both would be ideal.

    • What’s the long term answer in centre? Can you afford to play Gose there? Maybe Gose’s bat is a manageable liability if we upgrade the bat at 2nd and 3rd.

      Melky Cabrera needs to be extended immediately. For what it would cost to extend Rasmus I’d let him walk. Ownership has enough money to extend then both and they’d be fucking idiots not to approve it, but in terms of what the budget is realistically likely to be, I guess I’d rather have a hammer like Melky in left. How long has this team searched for a consistent bat for LF?

      If we had a platoon partner to go with Lind and a second baseman even capable of putting up 1.0 WAR on the season, you can survive with Gose batting ninth playing center.

  42. The Score needs to pick up some keen young intern to open weekend Game Threats…

    • It would take Stoeten about ten seconds to post a new thread.

      He must be in line at Aunties and Uncles.

    • Wait for when the world cup starts.
      He actively looked for people a few years ago.
      Maybe he’ll do it again.

  43. I thought that was gone. But 2014 Melky triples where 2013 Melky gets to first…

  44. The Indians are very 2013 Jays-like right now…

  45. Brohio is having a bad 1st inning so far.

  46. Dinner getting the job done, again.

  47. Alright Beuhrl, get out there and Beuhrl.

  48. I may be high, and it might be because the jays already have a lead, but I love Buck and Tabby. Who the fuck cares? I have two cats that are sisters and lets go blue birds!!!!!!

  49. Nice to see one less scrub on the left side of the infield.

  50. God it would be so beautiful if Reyes lasted the rest of the season

    • Preach!

    • He’s a Sportsnet puff piece of spending a spring training with Tim Rains away from stealing 20 to 25 bags.

      We easily forget that this guy between several injuries has become an elite (eye test) defender at 3rd in only a handful of years. I’m sure a decent chunk of his time was also spent learning 2B as well.

      Baseball is a hard game with so many things to work on. Hopefully if he can have a good 2014 with the stick he can move on to base stealing next.

  51. Sit down and shut up Swisher you fuck…

  52. Yes!

  53. It would be nice if Lawrie became a better base stealer. God knows he’s fast enough.

    • I’d be happy if he became a better base RUNNER.

    • He’s a Sportsnet puff piece of spending a spring training with Tim Rains away from stealing 20 to 25 bags.

      We easily forget that this guy between several injuries has become an elite (eye test) defender at 3rd in only a handful of years. I’m sure a decent chunk of his time was also spent learning 2B as well.

      Baseball is a hard game with so many things to work on. Hopefully if he can have a good 2014 with the stick he can move on to base stealing next.

  54. Welcome back Reyes!

  55. Great piece of hitting by Reyes there

  56. So not Goins!

  57. Jeez everybody was fiesty here last night.

    • To be fair, the usual negative dickheads waited just until the Santana homerun, disappeared, and then came back in the 9th.

      I understand legitimate frustration, but there’s this particular contingent of posters on this site that are only happy when the Jays are losing so that they can tell us how right they are. Fuck those cockless asshats…

  58. I’ve added bandwagon Raptors fan to my Resume today.

  59. Well that discussion of OBP made me dumber…

    I already drink heavily. I don’t need help with that Buck and Tabby…


  61. Goins

    Even a blind squirrel finds a nut.

  62. I’m already tired of hearing Tuck and Babby talking about how freaking wonderful Reyes is. Don’t get me wrong, I like Reyes and have liked him for a long time ( I thought we should have gotten him when he went from Mets to Marlins). But he’s not God’s gift to shortstops and sometimes I even wonder if his high-energy-look-at-me-dance-and-smile-for-the-cameras-in-the-dugout might be a bit distracting.

  63. Another great DP. Good scoop by Eddie!

  64. copied and pasted from the gameday ‘scout’:

    Mark Buehrle has thrown 80 pitches but has plenty left in the tank, with his fastball sitting at 82 over the past 10 pitches.

  65. Why do I have a feeling assholes are still going to be talking about that Twins shitshow in August? Get over it, fucktards. It’s already in the past.

  66. Such a treat watching beurhle do his thing so far this year. Very very early cy young candidate, but if he keeps this up 18-20 wins with a low 2 era could be very possible.

  67. Dinner!!!

  68. Don’t worry – I’m not commenting because I’m waiting for something negative + horrible to happen. I just don’t have anything of value to contribute. Not that this has stopped me in the past. Just trying extra hard lately.

  69. That clip was oddly disturbing…

  70. Buehrle games are my favorite this year. He is well on the way to pitcher of the month and a possible late-career Cy Young award.

  71. In other happy news, Sean Nolin today threw 6IP, 0R, 3H, 1BB, and 7Ks at Pawtucket.

  72. Buerhle > Darvish

  73. Buehrle another start, another seven innings of shutout ball.

    .and he was the poison pill of the Marlins deal.

    • Like when we were forced to accept EE in the Rolen deal. Sweet.

      • Yeah, where’s Zach Stewart now?

        • Buerhle won’t keep this up to this level but you can’t underestimate the value of a guy that throws shitloads of quality innings year in and year out and never gets hurt.

          • Doesn’t fall down the dugout stairs, doesn’t injure his hand making a smoothie.

            • I’m a total goober, but I’ve made many, many smoothies + never injured myself a single time. Maybe I should get a job doing this.

          • He was really good in June, July, August last year.

            Why can’t he keep it up?

            • What? 30-0?

              • Um, no, not that,….. I meant effective pitching over serval months, or perhaps the entire season.

                That said, I could see a low 3.32 ERA and 18 Wins (if that stat is important to you).

                • That’s what I was saying though. He won’t pitch shutouts every game but he’s be better than most. 18 wins and low 3′s sounds about right.

  74. If you’re a Raptors fan, you may want to switch over.

    • What’s amazing is that a basketball game might start before a baseball game and end after it…

      Classic Buehrle

  75. Bob Ross baby!!

  76. Here comes Rogers with two on and nobody out.

    Time for a drink.

  77. Holy fuck what a slider.

  78. Eat shit, Swisher.

  79. Nick Swisher is the devil and Esmil got him!

  80. Quick hook, IMO. If Dale Scott hadn’t missed the strike Buehrle threw at 2-0, he is still in the game.

  81. Cheers Esmil, all is forgiven

  82. I hope that at least partly answers those who insist on screaming DFA Rogers.

  83. That said, good inning by Esmil. I’d give him or Cecil the 9th.

  84. Boy did I have a weekend.

    Tldr wearing a dress to the bar is a great way to meet women

  85. Another fantastic game by Buehrle.

    I had a thought the other day…not that I want it to happen, by any stretch. But if we HAD to (i.e. the team completely implodes and several key players demand trades) in a hypothetical scenario…..we could have one of the more exciting rebuilds in recent memory.

    With player salaries rising so quickly, combined with the continued stellar play, some of our so-called unmoveable contracts (Reyes, Buerhle) have probably become above water, and of course our below market contracts (Bautista, EE) become even more ridiculous. They could get a whole slew of really good, really close propects if we blew this thing up.

    EE, Bautista, Reyes, Beurhle, even Rasmus and Melky…..could bring back a pretty sexy collection of prospects.

  86. Really good game today. That felt great

  87. Yay!

  88. Might be my favorite game of the year. This is why we watch or listen to the ballgame!

  89. Buehrle is unreal.

  90. buehrle might win the al pitcher of the month no?

    • He’s got to be in the pole position right now, but a lot could depend on the start against Boston

    • He’s got a chance, but Darvish and Pineda are right there, with Gibson not far behind. At this point it could go to any of them; I think Darvish is the slight favourite over Buehrle right now, but it all depends on how he does his next start.

  91. I cannot BELIEVE Gibby sent Rogers out there for a 2nd inning — see what happens????


    Never mind. Pretty solid pitching & managing.

  92. Nice win, gives us a fighting chance for the sweep.

  93. If Tampa beats the Yanks tonight, we’re back in a tie for first.

    Also, we’d need to lose the next TWELVE straight to maintain last year’s pace. Man, 2013 Jays sucked out of the gate.

  94. Should have gone with Mark right from the get go. RA 4th starter at best right now. JB quietly getting his BA over .260. Holy fuck how good could we be with a few more timely hits. Great to have Reyes back out there, changes the pitches for everyone.
    Fuck ya lets sweep this up and head back home 6-3

  95. Yeah. It’s just so relaxing for us when the team doesn’t have the worst record in baseball. It was a great game and Buhrle’s been terrific. And Boston beat Balto which helps us. Now if TB can beat NY that’ll help us some more.

  96. Buehrle is the Jays saint of this season so far. It’s fantastic what he’s done to start the year.

    He’s pitched incredibly well and allows the bullpen to rest and be ready to mop up the messes of the other starters.

  97. Still early, but perhaps the bloom is off the Grady Sizemore rose; 1 for his last 18 and only 1 BB in those last 19 PAs (plus a .503 OPS over the last 7 games heading into today)

    • My ideal season would be for Grady to put up an .800 OPS in 500 ABs and the Red Sox finish last in the East.

  98. Great win. That was like an old Maddux special.

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