(We don’t actually talk about soccer, save for 20 seconds at the very end.)

Now a little something to kill time on a Monday afternoon: it’s an actual, shit-you-not real edition of the DJF podcast!

And today we’ve got just Drew and I, with @John_Noon on the ones and twos, but no one filling in for the hopelessly disinterested Wally Pippp as our fourth Horseman of the Anthocalpyse while we discuss positivity, good times, Brandon Morrow, the Dutch, sacred cows, and more!

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Many (most? some?) mintmusical interludes courtesy Toronto’s own Optical Sounds, who recently released Psych Pop 2, their second free-to-download compilation of outstanding tunes from local psych- and garage-influenced artists, plus friends of their great collective. Be sure to check them out online and buy every single fucking thing you hear at their site!

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  1. No mp3 link?

  2. What about the Buffalo shuffle? Goins on home stands, and Kawasaki on road trips?

    Re: Howarth, He’s actually a giant prick in real life.

    • Apart from being ridiculous, not a thing they can actually do very easily. (Guy has got to be down 10 days each time he’s optioned, unless he’s coming back up as an injury fill-in.)

      • Good point on the 10 day, but a quick scan go the sched shows a lot of at least 9 game road trips and home stands (with a travel day to make it 10).

        It’s kinda doable.

        Plus Diaz can be rotated in depending on if there are RH starting pitchers lined up.

        Not ideal, but if they want the D of Goins, but he really struggles at the dish it could be a short to medium term solution.

    • Say it ain’t so. Jerry Howarth is a saint, right?

      • Sadly, no.

        • Can you explain?

          • I’d like to answer you, but ultimately my information is second hand. It wouldn’t be right to throw out details that I wasn’t there to confirm, that said I believe it.

            It’s not some deep dark secret that he has or anything like that, it’s just that the guy is a jerk,. Confirmed and brought to my attention by some in the Rogers mix.

            I only mentioned it to begin with because he gets this sainthood tag which is really far from the truth.

  3. A little early on the Morrow concern.

    The lack of innings is an issue, but the SO rate is actually at a career high in 2014.

    The walk rate is still under 4 at 3.7. He was at 3.0 in 2012, so not a terrible difference.

    That with the overall build up story from a “scary” mystery injury that fucked up 2013 and I’ll say that it’s trending well.

    • He looks pretty similar to 2010/11 Morrow to me. Which is pretty good.

    • His peripherals look good: 10.53 K/9, 3.66 BB/9, 3.04 xFIP. Velocity is up too.

      I’d be more concerned with Dickey, personally. He’s having serious trouble throwing the knuckler for strikes.

  4. It’s still really early for xFIPs and the like. One great start (or one bad one) turns them goofy.

  5. Good show. Glad to hear some props to Bautista.

    I mentioned a week or two ago that Jose’s classic move is to get a walk and a HR. Feels like every other day you look at the box score and see “1 for 3, HR, BB”. I said it seems like he’s done that 100 times.

    Then some genius here went on baseball reference and figured out it was 95 times (plus another 1 or 2 since I think).

    Anyway I’m guessing that’s a Jays record that he already has.

  6. Great podcast. I love that someone finally brought up Jerry and his love of a “good Christian” I cringe every time he brings that up on the air.

  7. A+

    Bonus points for references to: Easter Monday, Penetang being a dump, black metal and Jerry’s ‘good Christian’ garbage.

    • It’s the home of Phil Marchildon and the Howard brothers…and one of the worst winter carnivals in the world.

  8. Just a note: Jesus rose on Easter Sunday. Easter Monday is just an excuse for teachers and bankers to have a day off.

    • totally disagree !! (coming from a church goin catholic and a teacher)!!! its a big day in my golf sched

  9. Enjoyed the podcast. One complaint– I was listening to it while running and was going up a hill when you made the comment about Esmil Rogers warming up 4 times in one game (“put away wet”) which made me laugh out loud and lose momentum on the hill.

  10. Good Evening, Jays Intellectuals,

    Penny for your thoughts on this article regarding our not-so-beloved former pitcher, Mr. Josh Johnson:

    To those of you who don’t click, the article is by a Padres blog writer, advocating that the Padres pick up Josh Johnson’s 2015 4-million dollar team option now…nothwithstanding the fact that he may be done for 2014. The crux of the argument is that you shouldn’t rehab someone who will wind up plying their trade against you.

    What say ye?


    • What a gig.
      Collect 13M last season…pitch in 16 games, win two.
      Collect 8M this season…never throw a pitch.
      Have them argue about extending you and give you MORE money – because, you know, the last two seasons off might just be a blip in a possibly meteoric career.

      Sign me up.

  11. A solid article on Mark Buerhle

    I think jays fans are only beginning to appreciate how good buerhle has been throughout his career.

    His velocity could drop another 2-5 points and I think he could still pitch into his early 40s. He’s a throwback to old school pitchibg. Last seen in Glavine and Maddox.

  12. The Jays are playing the Orioles and Red Sox this week, I think they need 3 long relievers lol

  13. Big series (you know, relatively speaking) starting today. Here’s hoping!

    • meh it’s not that big, just don’t get swept. Would be nice to see Dickey go 7 innings at least but ya we’ll see about that

      • I’d argue that a series against a division rival is always a big deal for as long as your team is trying to contend. In this case it’s against the team that is only one game back of ‘our team’ in the standings.

        Wins now are just as valuable as wins in september.

        That said it is, of course, not “must win” because that’s kind of silly.

        • Baltimore is a very competitive baseball club.

          Tilman could be very good this year, and the other guys just have to be decent (which they’ve all show to a degree in the past) and allow the offence to do it’s thing.

          I’m glad the Jay are getting 6 games out of the way with Bmore in April, before they get on a roll.

  14. Yeah, would be nice to make a statement in the AL East.
    One that doesn’t evoke images of Caspar Milquetoast.

  15. I’ve been waiting to talk about snider…i’ll just juimp the gun

  16. Can anyone recommend another baseball podcast that is similar to the old “Getting Blanked” format of every day, profane baseball talk, that is a fun/insightful listen? Is there anything even close out there?

  17. Stoeten sounds as fucking stupid as he looks large and pathetic.

  18. And…. based on the need to criticize people based on their appearance I’ll wager you’re quite pathetic.

    Maybe lonely too.

  19. Jays claim Darin Mastroianni from the Twins. Finally someone who can function as a 4th OF. looks like he’s ticketed for AAA to start though

    • It could be an interesting fit.


      CF able

      Speed off the bench

      Decent ability to get on base in the minors

      Known commodity to the org

      Tick tock Mr. Sierra.

    • He had a nice year in 2012, but apart from that looks like a lighter-hitting, right-handed Anthony Gose? Not to mention 5 years older.

      • Is there a lighter hitter than Gose (not named Ryan Goins)?

        To me Mastro looks like the perfect 4th OF. Effective on defense and on the bases with a chance to not embarrass himself at the plate. Far enough removed from prospect days that the Jays won’t have to worry about the development consequences of him not getting full time ABs.

  20. Looks like Ivan Nova is out for the year.

    Not the best NYY starter, but if his decent innings are replaced by shittier innings, or by adding work load to the pen, or forcing the other starter to pitch more than they would have other wise to save the pen, etc could bode well for the Jays.

    • In theory yes it would bode well for the Jays. Never discount the Yankees though. Remember 2 years ago, they lost CC Sabathia. Everyone wrote them off and they still made the playoffs. Last year, they had to endure a rash of injuries including Phil Hughes (right arm shitiness) and were in it until the last month.

      • Agreed. They have too many resources to ever discount.

        Their starting pitching looks really, really good this year, I’m just hoping for any chink in the armour as a Jays fan.

  21. Stoeten: thanks for the Optical Sounds/Psych Pop 2 link.
    That’s some good stuff right there.

  22. Mark “Staff Ace” Buehrle is a GOLDEN GOD!

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